31 December 2012


I got a watch in the mail today.

I giggled.

I am fascinated that there really aren't womens or girls watches with this theme.  Brony only?

Thanks Anglave!

29 December 2012

Letter To The Congress Critters

Rubio and Bilrakis got this.  (Gus' was altered slightly to reflect him being a representative).

Your fellow senator, Dianne Feinstein has introduced her wishlist of a gun ban.
I find it completely unacceptable, not one thing on the list is OK. 
Any compromise is the proverbial moving my fence 100' into my neighbor's yard and calling moving the fence back 50' a compromise instead of the theft it is. 
Please stand against this where ever and when ever you can. 
I have a couple of suggestions for "compromise" if you'd like.  Removal of short barreled rifles and sound suppressors from the NFA.  Repeal of the hughes amendment.  Repeal of 922r.  Every time they remove something in the name of compromise, add one from my list.  I am sure you can find other suggestions on any gun board. 
Thanks for your time.

Nelson got this.

I am contacting you to urge you to oppose Sen. Feinstein's gun ban.  It doesn't have an S number I can refer to yet. 
The legislation, again, will not change what happened nor will the proposed legislation have affected it. 
It is useless for its stated purpose and only has the effect of angering the populace who see that it's useless. 
Thank you for your time.


I just noticed that the "contact us" form no longer has "Gun Control" on the drop down.

It was there last month...

Off The Res

Jon Gutmacher thinks that we should require an NICS check for private sales.

I'll put on my tinfoil hat and declare that all helicopters are black under the paint!

He's also saying we should go to an FFL for the transfer too.

Cowardly child killer Glittershine STOLE his guns and murdered the owner.  A NICS check would have helped here.

Cowardly fireman killer felon in possession Glittershine had a friend take the NICS check for him and make straw purchases.

I'm not a lawyer nor did stay at a budget hotel last night; explain to me how eliminating anonymous private sales and making everyone go to an FFL for a NICS check would have changed the outcome of either atrocity?

Bueller?  Anyone?

How many times have the authorities been caught retaining that information longer than is allowed?

Do you believe that it's really destroyed?

I can't be certain and I don't entirely trust the people answering the question.

As long as I can make an anonymous purchase and sale they cannot know with any certainty that they've rounded up all the guns.

Once again we have to remind everyone that the 2nd amendment has FUCK ALL to do with crime.  It's all about keeping our politicians honest and in fear of armed retaliation to their antics.  If Mr McThag has a NICS check for a private sale on 21Jan2013...  If confiscations start the federales will come by and ask what I bought that day even if the FFL doesn't have to put it in his book.  If I don't have anything to show them they'll want to know why there's no NICS check recording my sale.

THAT is why we don't want to do this, even if it means that there's going to be some extra crime and some extra death.  It's part of the natural manure of the tree of liberty.  And it does suck that the world is not a perfect place.

When you fret about the callousness of saying that I am willing to let children be murdered to have a bit of extra freedom I have to remind you that it would take 1,198.88 YEARS at the 2010 rate of 14,180 murders per year to catch up with Nazi Germany.  Nearly twelve centuries!  And Hitler barely dents the scores of Stalin and Mao.

I do not care that such a holocaust is unlikely in the US.  I want such a holocaust to be IMPOSSIBLE in the US.  It is impossible as long as the government has no sure way to know they've accounted for even a small fraction of useful firearms.

Making all transactions run through a government approved licensee (whose license can be revoked nearly on a whim of a government apparatchik) increases the number of firearms the government can likely track.  That makes it unlikely, at best, but NOT impossible.  The people in charge have not shown that they can be trusted with the information, so I don't think they should have it.

How's this, Mr Gutmacher, we don't let violent criminals out anymore?  That would have stopped Cowardly fireman killer felon in possession Glittershine and his accomplice.

28 December 2012


I was looking through my old records and found my arms-room cards.

DA Form 3479, Jan 82.

There are three of them;

M1911A1 Cal .45 Pistol, 1005-00-726-5655, Serial # 1164935
M16A2 5.56 Cal Auto Rifle, 1005-01-178-9936, Serial # 6300574
Bayonet Knife M7 w/ scabbard M10, 1005-00-017-9701, no serial number.

I can't believe I still have these.

Thanks to the internet I now know my mind was playing tricks on me.

My issue 1911A1 wasn't a Remington Rand, it was a Colt made in 1944.

My issue M16A2 was also a Colt, but forty years newer!

Atheist Good Wishes

Because losing your mom sucks and if it can be avoided by thinking good thoughts I give them unreservedly.


Somewhere there's a contract.

Someplace on that contract it spells out exactly who supplies what to whom, when and for how much.

Somewhere in that block of text will be penalties for failing to deliver, assuming that either party to the contract is not stupid, naive or both.

That brings us to Dick's v Troy.

Dick's Sporting Goods has refused delivery of Troy's rifles.

It could be that Dick's had a "bail at will" clause in the contract.  If they did, then Troy was naive to do business with them.  If there is no such clause then Dick's owes Troy for the rifles.  They don't have to sell them in their stores, but they do have to pay for every one the contract stipulates they bought.

Otherwise they're in breach of contract and the penalty clauses kick in.  Dick's could very well decide that paying those penalties is worth more than the cost in dollars.  Again, Troy is foolish if the penalties are not more than the actual cost of the guns.

The customers who bought these rifles during the black friday sales are a murkier case.  Most of those sales have a "limited supply" clause in them that makes it first come first serve and if demand exceeds supply, you get your money back.  Some states have more stringent "rain check" rules on sales; but most consist of a refund when the item is genuinely unavailable and it doesn't normally penalize "discontinued" items.

An angle that might be pursued is the $800 rifle can no longer be procured because of a dramatic change in the market.  Dick's sales promise incurred an opportunity cost on the customer who would have otherwise bought such a rifle before the shift in prices.  Conceivably Dick's could be on the hook for the difference in price between the rifle they are refusing to accept from the manufacturer for sale and the price of an equivalent in addition to paying a refund.

That would take a clever lawyer, but I am sure there are such out there.

27 December 2012

More Of The Same Please

Looks like loosening gun control either lowers the murder rate or has no effect on it.

I say this because as more guns have gotten into the everyday citizen's hands, the death toll has fallen.

I won't make the correlation / causation mistake.

There are definitely more guns.

The murder and non-neglgent homicide rates have been trending down since 1996 or so.

That means that more guns reduces the murder rate.


Something else is driving the rate down and more guns don't affect that rate.


More guns really do cause more murders, but it's insignificant compared to the other factors driving it down.  (This one is least likely since the rate of gun ownership has increased so dramatically that if there was any connection between more guns =  more murder it would show up and it doesn't.)

And that's it, really.

None of those three scenarios calls for increasing gun control.

h/t Angrymike

The Great Waldo Pepper

It's one of my favorite films.

I first saw it on TV for the noon-time matinee when I was a little kid.

Being an aviation buff from a ripe young age, it instantly appealed to me.

Recently it became available on iTunes (I've never been able to find a copy of the DVD).

A couple of things I noticed.

The wings on a Fokker Dr.1 are cantilevered.  The outer struts are basically decorative and were added to salve the fears of the Luftstreitkräfte.  Kessler's losing of those struts and one aileron should not have been fatal.

The movie concludes in 1931 and notes that Pepper dies in 1931.  I don't think that the character really died.  I think his "death" was faked and he started over under an assumed name.  Pepper had been shown having a willingness to lie and assume other identities.  Why not take advantage of flying over the hill in a "damaged too badly to land" airplane and sink it in a lake or something.  They show about ten crashes where people survived in the film, one more is believable.


While I am amused at some people's sudden discovery that they'd prefer to be armed and cannot buy the gun they want now for anything resembling a reasonable price...

I regret I don't have any parts to sell to help out the people who have been wanting one for a long time but have not had the means.  Things going stupid expensive didn't help them in the slightest, if it was too expensive at $500, it's damn sure too much at $1,000.


Gun control is not my neighbor moving the fence 100' into my yard, then when I complain moving the fence back 50' and calling it a compromise.

Gun control is my neighbor stealing my car and offering a compromise of paying for gas to use the car they just stole AND THEN BORROWING MONEY FROM ME!


I no longer have a Facebook account.

I got sick of the endless boring details of the various sports collectives and being told that if I didn't hit "Like" I was responsible for dead babies in the Congo.

Not to mention the rivers of tears and blame that were assigned me for not being a vocal bastion of liberal group-think.

The Lovely Harvey kept her account.

Something interesting is happening.

Many of those people who were excoriating me for failing to be a liberal are now making inquiries through Harvey if I would be willing help them pick "the right gun" and teach them to shoot.

Some have even asked if I have any guns I wanted to sell.

Sell?  I am a gun collector accumulator!  I don't sell guns!

I've lost so many in boating accidents that I hold the few that remain dear.

I would sell some, but I don't have any that are surplus to my wants.  I've sold a couple in the past that I've deeply regretted and that makes me reluctant to sell any more.  The two I most regret is the US Property marked Remington-Rand M1911A1 my dad gave me and a pristine Brazilian M-1908 DWM Mauser.

I've replaced all of the other regretful sales, but it would have been far cheaper to have just retained the original gun.  The replacements are often not quite the same gun.

My Entrèprise receiver L1A1 was replaced with a DSA SA58.  Inch to Metric, kit to factory.  The metric gun actually fits me better though.

The Anaconda was replaced with a different Anaconda.  Both were .45 Colt, the new one is 6" and the old 4".

I could be a collector.  I've discovered I am interested enough in Mosin-Nagants thanks to my two Finnish acquisitions that I could try my hand at collecting those.  It doesn't hurt that only the Kiv/27 on that list is particularly expensive.

26 December 2012

Must See

Ever read a single review and KNOW you have to see a film?

Spike Lee says Django Unchained is disrespectful to his ancestors?

Where does the line form?

I'll pay good money to see that just on the off chance that buying a ticket causes him physical pain.

Why do I feel this way?  Something about a film he made about US soldiers in Italy...  In a famous event where the (famous) unit in the film was very involved in the situation but in reality had never been near it.

And the depiction of the Italians disrespected MY ancestors.

Suck it, Spike.

25 December 2012

If Only

You know what would have stopped the murder of those firemen?

Make it illegal for a felon to purchase, own or possess a firearm.

That'd make it all better.

Oh wait...

Slang Gun

Tam once (more than once?) described Armscor's 1911 products as "Philippine Slag Gun".

What's the derogatory slang term for Imbel?

Video Games

I am not much of a video gamer.

It's because I suck at them.  Any competence I have with a given game is through long hours assaulting a learning curve to me that's quite steep.  That curve seems incredibly intuitive to my friends most of the time.  Being the last one to "get it" is discouraging and quite often I find myself getting good at a game just in time for everyone else to quit playing.

I do, however, know a lot of people who game.  A decent hunk are also gun owners (a couple are gun owners because of me).

I noticed that none of them went insane and shot up anything, um, ever.

I game too, but I do flight sims and table-top role-playing.

I had a mild case of PTSD coming out of the military.  It would have been fine if I'd been aware of all the programs the Army and VA had to help me out, but I didn't avail myself of them until I was a wreck.  It took a long time to get back on an even keel and even longer to fix broken relationships from my destructive behavior.

I've never gone out and murdered anyone.

I've mentioned before that I was bullied for a long time in junior high and high school.

Except for a couple instances of fighting back against the bullies, there was no violence from me during that time, let alone a fatality.

So, let's add all this up.

Bullied in school.
Gun owner.

Based on the narrative I should be out there killing a crowd every couple hours, huh?

Or you've missed a causative factor while making correlations.

Once again I am sick of being accused of being something I am not because I share a superficial characteristic of a criminal.  Aren't you the same people telling me I shouldn't judge people by the color of their skin?  I ask because I see a lot of criminals in the crime blotter who are black, and if we're going to go on superficial similarities from now on...

Do you feel stupid yet?  You should.  Can you bring your sign next time so everyone knows not to listen to you?


I'm Mister White Christmas
I'm Mister Snow
I'm Mister Icicle
I'm Mister Ten Below
Friends call me Snow Miser,
What ever I touch
Turns to snow in my clutch
I'm too much!
He's Mister White Christmas
He's Mister Snow
He's Mister Icicle
He's Mister Ten Below
Friends call me Snow Miser,
What ever I touch
Turns to snow in my clutch
He's too much!
I never want to know a day
That's over forty degrees
I'd rather have it thirty,
Twenty, then Five, then let it freeze!
He's Mister White Christmas
He's Mister Snow
He's Mister Icicle
He's Mister Ten Below
Friends call me Snow Miser,
What ever I touch
Turns to snow in my clutch,
Too much.
Too Much!

I'm Mister Green Christmas
I'm Mister Sun
I'm Mister Heat Blister
I'm Mister Hundred and One
They call me Heat Miser,
What ever I touch
Starts to melt in my clutch
I'm too much!
He's Mister Green Christmas
He's Mister Sun
He's Mister Heat Blister
He's Mister Hundred and One
They call me Heat Miser,
What ever I touch
Starts to melt in my clutch
He's too much!
Thank you!
I never want to know a day
That's under sixty degrees
I'd rather have it eighty,
Ninety, one hundred's a breeze!
Oh, some like it hot, but I like it
REALLY hot! Hee hee!
He's Mister Green Christmas
He's Mister Sun
Sing it!
He's Mister Heat Blister
He's Mister Hundred and One
They call me Heat Miser,
What ever I touch
Starts to melt in my clutch
I'm too much!
Too Much! 

Tragedy and Video Game Violence

H/T The Rott

24 December 2012

Christmas Eve Stuff

Did our traditional Chinese dinner then a tour of the neighborhood and surround's Christmas lights.

Milk and cookies for "Santa".

Merry Christmas!

The most secular religious holiday in the world!

Something that can unite Christians, Jews, Shinto and Atheists in an open display of gift giving and social interaction must be special.

23 December 2012

New Dottie

Displaced is the Anvil Arms lower and the Spike's Tactical Florida Home Town Forum lower in its place.

No real reason, just playing dress-up with my bARbies.

Check Your Mail

I am still getting email advertising from places that are out of stock on the very things they are advertising.

They should really fix that.

Wrong Tree Wayne

There are about 12 million Call of Duty players out there.

There are over 10 million World of Warcraft subscribers.

Let us assume that Glitterface Twinkleshine was driven by his love of WoW to begin his rampage.  That still leaves over 10 million subscribers who didn't wig out and kill anyone.

This is exactly the same thing as blaming the guns.

Do the right thing, Big Media.  For the children?

What we don't need is laws banning broadcast and publishing of certain items.

What we don't need is a different deodand to blame.

Unfortunately there's definitely a causal relationship between the media's reporting on these events and the next Mr Twinkleshine.  I don't propose we force the media to do what's right.  I propose they step up like decent human beings.

For the childern, Big Media, for the children.


It occurs that the way the media reports on such things in a way that aggrandizes the shooter is very similar to yelling fire in a crowded theater.  They often cite that as a limitation on the first amendment while calling for limitations on the second.  Except that prior restraint was shot down more than once by the Supreme Court.

What I'd like is for the media to recognize that the manner of their reporting, in order to score points against the pro-gun side is having the result of creating the very thing we both wish to stop happening.  Assuming that they really do wish to see it stop.  The cynic in me thinks they are perfectly happy to have these slaughters so they can continue to score their talking points against guns.

22 December 2012

It IS A Cunning Hat!

Merry Chrismas (Early) from Marv.

Here's A Thought

Glitterface Twinkleshine was only able to kill so many children because they were concentrated in a small area by a STATE MANDATED AND FUNDED elementary school system.

Let's ban target concentration facilities.

It's for the children.

Also very likely that the school was a union shop.  We can say that unions caused this too, can't we?  Unions are well known for attracting violence.

Bonus Godwin!

You know who else was into concentration facilities?  Hitler!

Before And After

New GURPS Lecture!

GURPS Third Edition came out in 1988.  Fourth Edition in 2004.

We played it for all 16 of those years and we had a lot to unlearn when the new version came out.

How ranged weapons work, particularly firearms, was changed pretty dramatically.

First: Semi-Automatic Fire

In 3e you took your skill level, added bonuses for aiming, bracing, etc then subtracted penalties for range, recoil, target movement, bullet shyness, flinch and buck fever.

Our shooter's skill is 12.

Lets take three shots with an M16A1 at a man sized target at 50 yards.

Skill 12 + Acc 11 + Braced 1 - Range 9.  Recoil is a -1 and does not apply to the first round fired.
First round; 15 or less.  Second; 14 or less.  Third 13 or less.

Let's make it a combat situation where the other guy is firing back and you know you have to make that shot!  That adds in bullet shyness and buck fever.  Both are -0 to -10 penalties, GM decides.  I'll rule that they're -5 each this time.

Skill 12 + Acc 11 + Braced 1 - Range 9 - Bullet Shyness 5 - Buck Fever 5.  Recoil is a -1.
First round; 5 or less.  Second; 4 or less.  Third 3 or less.

Harsh!  We'll have Fuzzygeff come along and calculate the probabilities for landing a hit at all there.


Most of the lingo is the same.  There's no longer a bullet shyness or buck fever.  All shooting is now assumed to be under stress where the 3e assumption was at the range.

You now take skill level add bonuses for aiming, bracing etc and subtract penalties for range and movement.  Recoil is a completely different mechanic.  For each "Rcl" your roll exceeds the chance to hit, you get an extra round hitting!

Skill 12 + Acc 5 + Braced 1 - Range 8.  Rcl 2.
To hit with 1 round you need to roll a 10 or less, two round on an 8 and three round on a 6.

It's worse than at the range and better than under mid range stress penalties.

Second: Automatic Fire

The rough formula is the same 3e except we now break the weapon's rate of fire (RoF) into "bursts"  You make as many 4 round bursts as you can then the remainder is a less than 4...

The M16A1 has a RoF of 12*.  The asterisk means its select-fire.

Let's fire the whole 12 at our target!  It works the same as semi except we're rolling for each burst instead of each bullet and recoil applies to the first burst.

Skill 12 + Acc 11 + Braced 1 - Range 9.  Recoil is a -1.
We get three 4-round bursts.  Initial chance to hit is 14 and we look up how many shots hit on a table based on how well you roll.  Miss by 1 is 1 hit, hit by 0-1 is 2 hits, hit by 2-4 is 3 hits and hit by 5+ is 4 hits.  Second burst rolls against a 13 and third against a 12.

Now let's apply our stress modifiers.

Skill 12 + Acc 11 + Braced 1 - Range 9 - Bullet Shyness 5 - Buck Fever 5.  Recoil is a -1.
Changes our rolls to 4, 3 and 2.  Two is normally impossible, but since a miss by one is a hit, we'll let them try.  Also note that missing by 10 or more is a critical failure!

I want to point out here and now that Buck Fever and Bullet Shyness were among the most unpopular rules my players encountered.  Having your damn epic chance to hit whittled down to ammo-wasting pissed them off.


Exactly the same mechanic as before!  Same mechanic as semi-auto except we get a bonus to our hit roll for firing 4+ rounds per turn.  In this case +2.

Skill 12 + Acc 5 + Braced 1 + Rapid Fire 2 - Range 8.  Rcl 2.
To hit with 1 round you need to roll a 12 or less, two rounds on an 10, three rounds on a 8, four rounds on a 6 and five rounds on a 4.

When you consider the stress modifiers, a 3e character can only hope to land five rounds as well!  The 4e character is far more likely to hit at all.

Third: The Snapshot Penalty

3e guns have a stat called "Snapshot" (SS).  An M16A1's SS is 12.  What this number means is if your chance to hit is 12 or less there's an additional -4 penalty to hit.  This penalty is erased by aiming (which also adds the Acc bonus).

Skill 12 + Braced 1 - Range 9 = 4 which is less than 12 so another -4 bringing our chance to hit below 3; so no chance to hit!  Notice that we don't even have the stress mods on there?

In 4e you simply don't get the Acc bonus.

Skill 12 + Braced 1 - Range 8.  Rcl 2.
To hit with 1 round you need to roll a 5 or less, two round on a 3.

Finally: The Beaten Zone

Automatic fire is normally used as an area weapon not a point weapon.  Machine gunners fire into what is called the beaten zone.

It's a lozenge shaped area where the bullets are going to pass through standing men.

In 3e they mention all that and don't help you with defining it.

So the GM gets to decide the area affected and the player starts rolling.  Since it's not aimed fire at all, and the chance to hit 6 or less.  You roll that for each round at each target in the area.  Our M16A1 has a RoF of 12 and lets say there are 6 bad buys in the zone.  72! rolls!  Actually it could be less.  If a bullet hits something, you stop checking to see if it hits anything else.  It takes forever and is a bookkeeping irritation of the first order.

This is the only rule that got more complaining than the stress modifiers.

4e replaces that tedious process with "suppressing fire".  Same rules chances to hit as with normal automatic fire, except your effective skill can't be exceed 6 (8 if from a mount like a tripod).  RoF 9 or less attacks everything in a fan two yards wide at the target's range.  If you have RoF 10+ you can add an additional two yards per 5 shots and you have to put at least five rounds into each zone.  RoF bonuses apply normally.

Dumping all 12 shots into one zone.
Skill 12 + Acc 5 + Braced 1 - Range 8.  That's 10 or less which becomes a 6.
Skill 6 + Rapid Fire 2.  Rcl 2.
Roll for each target in the zone.
To hit with 1 round you need to roll a 8 or less, two rounds on an 6, and three rounds on a 4.

Spreading into two zones... Six into each.

Skill 6 + Rapid Fire 1.  Rcl 2.
Roll for each target in the zone.
To hit with 1 round you need to roll a 7 or less, two rounds on an 5, and three rounds on a 3.

There's still a lot of rolling, but it's a lot less.  6 rolls for six bad guys instead of 72, plus the zone is better defined.  Downside, it attacks anyone in the zone, friends included.


I've read a couple of times since Glitterface Twinkleshine shot up Sandyhook people asking if our gun freedoms are worth the death of x number of children.

Yes.  Yes it is.  It's the cost of the freedom in our nearly broken society.

And we have the capacity to bear such costs because we already are bearing those costs without comment.

We are free to own and operate motor vehicles.  Yet when an accident kills a child, or several, we do not hear months of hue and cry to ban assault cars that can transport more than two children.

We are free to own swimming pools and hot tubs.  Drowning kills more children than guns (if we're honest about the term "child").  Shall we ban water?

We bear the price in blood for cars and large containers of water.

Why not guns?

What's different about guns?

The "paranoid conspiracy" version is that banning pools and cars has no increased level of control over the citizens attached to it.  Ban guns and you may rule as you will without fear the citizens will murder you in your palace.

"Give redress to our grievances, Tyrant, or you shall die!  We have a portable spa!" just doesn't have the same, uh, edge.

Guns are weapons.  Pools and cars aren't.  I guess that makes them scarier, but they are actually less deadly than water and vehicles.

Reality Check: Are calls for stricter gun laws really about guns

H/T to Angrymike and The Feral Irishman

21 December 2012

Gotta Love The Media

This story is breathlessly reporting about how Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) and Representative Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY 4) have introduced bills that will ban high capacity magazines.

I found the bills they were referring to.

McCarthy's H.R. 308 introduced on 18JAN11 and  Lautenberg's S.32, introduced on 25JAN11.

Both have been languishing in committee for nearly two years.  We've had an ELECTION since those bills were introduced!

They did not put these bills up in response to Colorado or Sandy Hook.  They are taking advantage of the crisis to push their agenda.

We gunnies are well familiar with Frank and Carolyn.  They've introduced bills like this since the AWB expired.

It's sad, really, it's always the same Congresscritters and always the same verbiage.

Holy Crap!

Wayne La Pierre has been possessed by my father's father!

Damn kids and their vidya games!

Quote Of The Day

[I] hate to break it to you, but when nearly six hundred people get murdered a year in beautiful Gun Free Chicago, that’s not my people doing the shooting.  Larry Correia

A Thought

Gun sales have been steadily increasing for years now.

The industry has been steadily upping production capacity.

The panic was still able to deplete all available supplies!

Happy Mayan Y2K!

Sometime today the Mayan calendar rolls over.

It did it at least once when there was still a Mayan society to care.

Guess what didn't end then either?

Truth In Advertising

One of those stupid talk shows had Mike talking about the guns we need to eliminate.

He mentioned, "advertised as being able to take down an airliner at over a mile."


Where was this ad?

I'm a gun geek.  Especially military guns.

I don't recall seeing this ad.

The ads where the maker is touting the ability of their arm to kill aircraft are by makers of things with seeker heads and rocket motors.

He'd better not be talking about a Barrett either.

Being the kind of geek I am I'm aware of what kind of damage a .50 cal round will do to an airplane.  It took lots of hits to take out teeny little German fighters in WW2 or North Korean MiGs in Korea.

A modern airliner is likely not going to be taken down by a person with a Barrett unless it's a golden BB shot (and a .30-30 would suffice in that case).

So, Mike, where was this ad published?  Until you do I'll just have to maintain that you're lying; like when you claimed you were a Republican or like when you said you'd abide by the term limits...

More Realizations

Compare these two.

For literally decades I have been a staunch advocate of the M1911A1.  All of the changes made in 1924 were for the good and there was no reason to go backwards.

I was wrong.

I find I prefer the longer trigger and flat mainspring housing.  The reliefs behind the trigger may not matter, but so far all the 1911's I've fired have had them.

The smooth grips on the Springfield are much narrower than the checkered diamond style on the Colt, and that makes it easier to get at the magazine release.  Other than that, I am OK with the Colt's grips and the checkering certainly will improve my grip.

The sights on the Colt are far better than the Army standard ones on the Springfield.  I bought the GI model specifically because it was such a good clone of the gun I carried while a tank crewman.

This leaves me in a quandary.  I want a 1911 in .45 that isn't like the gun I carried in the Army.  That means I'm going to be spending more money, don't it?

Anyone got a less than $1,500 plan for such?

It is also amusing to note that every .38 Super 1911 that Colt made from 1929 until the Model 1991 was in the 1911A1 form; only the more recent guns have reverted to the older pattern.

20 December 2012


I just realized a couple things.

First, I seem to like the alternative round in a classic design better than the original.  6.8 in an AR and .38 Super in a 1911.

Hi!  I am McThag and I'm a heretic.

Second.  The new Colt has no magazine safety and no loaded chamber indicator.  It has a firing pin block, but other than that it's the same level of dangerous as a made in 1912 gun.

There's only my wits and prudence keeping the gun from going off unintended.

And I like it that way.

Two of my .25's have magazine safeties and I just cannot help but think that "feature" is asking for an accident to happen.

.38 Super Range Report

Took the new Colt to the range.

Not an endurance test or anything, just 50 rounds of Magtech's 130gr FMJ.

Seven yards, one magazine each at the 8 and the 9.  The last five in the box went into trying to make a smilie face.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with it.

There is a LOT more muzzle flash from .38 Super than .45 ACP.  I'm not sure how to describe the recoil.  It seemed like it took a lot less time, but wasn't harsh or abrupt at all.  Not snappy like The Lovely Harvey's .357 SIG.

Most importantly I LIKE shooting this gun.  Looks like I'm going to have to start stocking up on ammo because hardly anyone carries it locally.

19 December 2012

Further Comparison

.38 Super v .45 ACP.

What I gave here was a comparison of ball ammunition.

Who carries that anymore?

In GURPS terms for hollowpoints you up the damage type one step and add an armor divisor of 0.5.

So the .38 Super damage changes from 3d-1 pi to 3d-1(0.5) pi+.
.45 ACP changes from 2d pi+ to 2d(0.5) pi++

As I mentioned before pi+ increases damage that makes it through the armor by 50%, pi++ doubles it.

With an armor divisor of 0.5, they aren't punching much armor.  0.5 DOUBLES the DR of the armor and gives a DR of 1 against unarmored targets.

Average die rolls (3.5 per die) against someone in a t-shirt:

.38 Super lands 9 points raw, -1 for the "bonus" DR, so 8 penetrates plus 50% so 12 points of damage.  That's a major wound and a HT to remain conscious for the average person.

.45 ACP lands 7 points raw, -1 for the DR, 6 penetrates doubled gives 12...

Again they're nearly identical.

Neither will make it through that DR 6 vest on average, but the 38 Super has a chance.  Since that DR is doubled I need a roll of 13 damage or more to do any to the target.  Since the range of damage is 2-17, there's at least a chance of penetration.  Best roll, five will penetrate and be upped to 7 points of damage to the target.

What about 9mm you ask?

2d+2 pi becomes 2d+2(0.5) pi+.  9 on average, 8 gets through, 12.  Same situation as 38 Super with the armor.  Spread of 4-14...

I suppose I should be fair and add .40 S&W to the discussion.

.40 is 2d+2 pi+ for ball.  Unarmored target, average roll: 9, upped to 13 (I'm spotting a trend in handgun stopping power...)
Our DR 6 target: 9, 3 penetrates, 4 done.
Hollow points; 2d+2(0.5) pi++: 9, becomes 8, upped to 16!
Against DR 6, no penetration on average.  Range of 4-14, up to two could penetrate so there's a very small chance of getting 4 to the target.

Here's another view...  I'm often fascinated that a simple role playing game compares favorably with real world data.  Pic snagged from here:


I was at one of the larger gun store/ranges yesterday buying some .38 Super.

It was quite a different tone than in 2008.

In 2008 there were plenty of rifles on the wall and while ammo was scarce, there was some.  The people buying evol black rifles were talking about how the prices of such had spiked during the Clinton ban.  They were investing.

Yesterday, though, the mood was grim.  The only black rifles on the wall were ones that crossed the $2k line.  They had an FAL and a couple of SCARS.

Even the wall of unwanted bolt actions was dented.

No scopes for under $500 left.  No .223 unless you were buying a gun.

These people weren't buying expecting the prices to rise and thus sell at a sweet profit.  These sales were to people who have the grim look of folks expecting to NEED such a weapon.

I've seen this look and behavior before.  When we're expecting a hurricane around here, people do this.  Except with a hurricane there aren't near so MANY.

The people buying are not hunters or gunnies but everyday folks.  Many of them were buying their first gun.  Many were very shocked to discover that Hillsborough County had decided to add the optional three day waiting period for long gun sales.  I they pick up their guns on Friday.

The waiting period was the fun part of people watching.  More than once I overheard something to the effect of, "for something with no laws restricting it, there sure are a lot of legal boxes to check before you can own one."

Happy Birthday!

This gun was made in Spain the same year I was made in Iowa!

We also have similar intrinsic values!

Idle Mischief

Got some Buckyballs!

So I made a dodecahedron Icosahedron!

18 December 2012


Reading S Weasel and she mentions that the children were just props in that pathetic shitheel's little drama.

This is very true.  Who those children were as individuals did not matter even a bit to that loser.  What mattered was what they were, defenseless children whose deaths would get the media to report about what a monster he was to grant him the gratification he couldn't achieve on his own.  Literally objectifying them.

Lo and behold, he isn't the only one!

The media and the anti-gun politicians are using those poor children in the exact same way to advance their agenda.  They don't care who those kids were as individuals.  All they care about is what those kids were, defenseless objects destroyed by their most feared deodand.

At least we publicly condemn the pathetic shitheel.

The victims were tiny people though.  People who depended on others to protect them and keep them safe.  People who were failed by the system and policies that some are wishing to apply in a "more but harder" fashion.  There were heroes that day too.  Teachers and staff who bodily placed themselves between the shitheel and their charges.  They too are people and they gave the final measure in their duty.

Blaming the deodand and not the shitheel cheapens their sacrifice and mocks their heroism.

Size Comparison

Left to Right:

.25 ACP
.380 ACP
.38 Super
.45 ACP

Also, having fun playing with the supermacro setting on my camera.

On Bullies

The anti-gunners are bullies.

Trust me, I know from bully.

An important part of your response to bullying is that it be immediate.

If you back off and give them some time they come back worse and if you respond in between attacks they point out YOUR bullying.

The silence from the NRA is giving them this time.

Being respectful to the dead is nice, but we didn't break the moment, they did.  Being silent after that is taken as acquiescing to their position.

I know we all want to do the right thing, but we also don't want to be the nice guy who finishes last.

My LIttle Pony

Prancing ponies down the years.

1903 Pocket Hammerless

1908 Vest Pocket

1908 Pocket Hammerless

Detective Special

.45 ACP Mk IV Series 80

6" .45 Colt Anaconda

.38 Super Government Model
6.8x43mm R652 Mid-Length

Proof Of Point

Name a single shooting AT at gunshow.

One person murdered at a gunshow will suffice.

I don't think such exists because we'd be hearing about it every day to justify closing the "loophole".

Of note is most gunshows here in Florida are gun-free zones.  No loaded weapons allowed, even for those with toter's permits.

It's a ridiculous rule, how long do you think it would take you to get what you needed to get into action?

And that's why there's never a shooting at a gun show.  Ten seconds after that shot the whole place would have that zip tie cut and a round chambered.

17 December 2012

The Insane

Reading up it turns out our shooter was, indeed, a violent sociopath.

His mom knew.

Where was dad?

Probably got sick of it and bailed.  Because there's nothing that can be done but some ineffective meds (which they are damned good at not taking).

My son is borderline.

He's 19 and almost 290 lbs.  Strong but uncoordinated.

Effective IQ of around 40.  Great with all manner of puzzles.  No impulse control.  Micro-seizures.  Violent outbursts nearly at random but especially when denied a want.

And we're on our fucking own.

We pay the doc out of pocket.  His meds are covered by medicare.

And we watch him like a hawk!  You have to.

His requirement for 24/7 supervision precludes us being a two income family.  Only this year have we placed him in a school that specializes in people like him.  We were on a waiting list for six years.  Then we had to wait another four for the county schools to admit they wouldn't do anything for him and transfer the funding they get from the state to the special school.

It is heart breaking to do what we have to do.

Almost 100

My Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless was made in 1913.  It was in very bad shape when I bought it, so I had it refinished.  I think I came out well, but the roll marks are very faint from the polishing.

It's companion Pocket Hammerless is a 1908, made in 1926.  The original patina is fine by me.  This one came with a kind of bonus feature, an original two-tone magazine!

The silly camera introduced that curve to the slide.

Damage On The Nines

GURPS is kinda granular about damage...

Here's a listing of 9mm damages to illustrate.

.357 Magnum; 3d pi. (2d+2 pi in a snubby)  Avg. 10 (9)
.38 Super; 3d-1 pi.  Avg. 9
.357 SIG; 3d-1 pi.  Avg. 9
9x19mm; 2d+2 pi.  Avg. 9
9mm Browning Long; 2d+1 pi.  Avg. 8
9x18mm Makarov; 2d pi.  Avg. 7
.38 Special; 2d pi. (2d-1 pi in a snubby)  Avg. 7 (6)
.380 ACP; 2d-1 pi.  Avg. 6
.38 S&W; 2d-1 pi.  Avg 6

Why Not 9mm?

More GURPS gun trivia!

Why not 9mm for your character?  Start here.

We'll stay retro and Browning and use a Browning HP to compare against our 1911's.

The HP is lighter than both 1911's; 2.4 lbs.  Its magazines are the same weight as the .45; 0.5 lbs.

Those magazines hold 13 rounds though!

Rcl is 2, same as .38 Super.

Damage is 2d+2 pi.  (2 x 3.5) + 2 = 9 points.  Same as the .38 Super on average.  The spread is different.  9x19 gets 4-14 of damage, .38 Super gets 2-17.  But we're looking at averages here.  (Potentially the .45 does the most damage against an unarmored target with a spread of 3-18).

Because the average damage is the same, everything I said about .38 Super here applies to 9mm, but with 4 more shots before you run dry in a lighter gun!  126 points of damage per load.  42 through that DR 6 vest from before.

If the setting allows, change that HP to a Glock 17 and you get two more shots and half pound lighter!

All three guns have the same RoF so comparisons of total damage are perhaps unfair.

With 7+1 rounds the .45 gets two turns with 3 shots each and one with two rounds.  The 9+1 of the .38 Super will have three turns of full RoF with a fourth turn getting a single shot.  13+1 gives four of full rate and a remainder with two.

All three guns reload in 3 turns.  To fire 14 rounds the .45 will need 9 turns (reload turns being 4-6).  The .38 Super also needs nine (with the reload happening in turns 5-7).  The HP needs 5 turns.  A Glock also needs five turns, and has four shots left!

Fine, I'll Hop On This Meme

Why are you blaming me?  I wasn't there.

Why are you blaming my guns?  They didn't fire a shot that day.

Why aren't we blaming you and your policies?  I know you weren't there, but your policies were.

I am sick to death of reading about people being killed for a lack of shooting back.

First shot fired a 0935.  First medical attention rendered at 1000!

How many lives lost because the police, being a reactive body, needed to take valuable time to figure out what the situation was?

How many lives would have been saved if a teacher with a now slung carbine could meet the cops and EMT's at the door and say, "got 'im; we have wounded; this way..."  Let alone the lives saved if the killing had been interrupted by the killer being killed.

So, Charles, Dianne, Mike...  Your ideas and policies murdered those children.  How do you feel about that?  Are you proud?  Will you brag about the laws in Connecticut that were identical to the '94-'04 AWB?  Will you point out, with pride, how a not-even-ephemeral line on the ground banned firearms from entering the school?

Will you mention that, "Connecticut statutes contain provision that allow law enforcement officials to pre-emptively seize a person's firearms without a warrant or court order, when they have probable cause that the person may either be mentally unstable or intends to use the weapons to commit a crime."?  Y'all are normally thrilled to violate people's 4th Amendment rights, where were you?

I wasn't there.  I didn't do it.  I didn't do anything that could have stopped it.

That's still better than you.

I didn't facilitate the situation and have long maintained that gun-free victim zones just get people killed.

16 December 2012


Except how TV, Congress and the President behave how is this a "national" tragedy?

It's tragic, but it doesn't really have a direct impact on me.  I don't know anyone slain or anyone who knows any of the dead.

I feel sorry for their loss because I am human, but this was not a national event.

It was a local event.

A local resident attacked and murdered other local residents who happened to have the misfortune of living in the same area as this shit-heel.

But that doesn't make it national.

Forcing it to be national will only prolong the pain these poor people are feeling and a federal response to such localized atrocities never makes it better.

All Roads Lead To...


Comparing my two 1911s in game terms.

They're nearly identical except for damage.  The .38 Super gun is slightly lighter (2.6 lb. v 2.8 lb.) and loaded magazines are likewise slightly lighter (0.4 lb. vs 0.5 lb).

Next the .38 Super gets 9+1 shots where .45 ACP gets 7+1.

Lighter, more shots?  All win so far.

Next the .38 gets a Rcl number of 2 vs .45's 3.  That means more rounds will hit on given roll.  Say I need a 15 to hit.  Average to hit roll is a 10...  that means we make it by 5.  That means that with our RoF of 3 that two rounds of .45 will hit but all three of the .38 will.

How about damage?

.38 Super does 3d-1 pi, .45 ACP does 2d pi+.

With ball ammo...  3.5 pts per die average:

.38 3d-1 pi = (3 x 3.5) - 1 = 9.5 points which we round down to 9.
.45 2d pi+ = 2 x 3.5 = 7 points, BUT pi+ gets modified up 50% to 10.5 or 10 points.

So far 45 is slightly ahead per shot, but 38 gives a potential 90 points per magazine against 80.  If we hit in the proportions listed in the Rcl example that means that all ten shots will hit with 38 but only five from .45 (90 v 50).

There are lots of stories about .38 Super being developed to penetrate car doors and body armor in the late 1920's.  The Elliot Wisbrod Armored Police Vest gets a DR of 6 against pi attacks.

That changes things a bit.

.38 is average of 9, minus 6 so 3 makes it through to the victim.
.45 is average of 7, so only 1 penetrates the armor and the 50% modifier only raises the damage to 1.5 which is rounded back down to 1.  Now we're to 30 points against 8 from a full load (50 v 5 from our example).

So, the discerning GURPS pistolero in 1929 will want himself something in .38 Super!


Watching The Hunger Games, I wonder why District 9 doesn't win every year...

15 December 2012


Mr Harris, being the generous soul that he is, has bought me the bestest combination Birthday and Christmas present evah!

It's a Colt Government Model in .38 Super!  I've been lusting after one of these for quite a while.

Better pictures to come.

I now see why people pay extra for Colt over Springfield.  The trigger is so very much better.

Edit: Better Pictures

Colt Series 80 Gov't Model v Springfield Armory Model 1911-A1 GI
The Colt is far more in the pattern of an M1911 than an M1911A1, quite unlike the Springfield.  A couple of things that kinda surprised me handling it.  The long trigger and the flat mainspring housing I expected to bother me, but they don't.

After all of the horror stories I'd read about the series 80 lockwork I expected the worst.  It's quite good.  An extremely clean and smooth break and much lighter than the Springfield.


As it compares to another 9mm 1911 style gun.  In this case a SIG-Sauer P238 in .380 ACP.

Ms Hathaway

Wear some undies next time.

That will save you from all that devastation.

Also; in front of a mirror, do a vigorous version of The Twist, if anything flops out that shouldn't: change outfits.

Your choice of dress (or undress) created the situation and you've been a celebrity long enough to know what those cameras are looking for.

File it under "don't give them the opportunity".

Happy Birthday Mom!

I miss you.

14 December 2012

Preventative Vs Punative

You will never dissuade someone with the threat of punishment if they determined to die in the process of committing their crime.

The Secret Service has stated this for decades.

40 Years

Forty years ago, Challenger boosted from the surface of the moon to rejoin with America.

We have never returned.

We sacrificed the capability to the war on poverty.

I blame you for the moonlit sky and the dream that died.

Do Not Believe The Lies

Connecticut has banned having a loaded firearm from being on school grounds since 1992 and closed several loopholes in 1998.

Therefore it is impossible for this to have happened.

Additionally it is illegal in Connecticut to commit murder.

Since what "happened" is illegal and the method "used" is illegal it is therefore impossible that this heinous crime occurred.

Oh, wait...


Connecticut has an Assault Weapon Ban!

And for the record, not a single one of MY guns fired a single shot in this tragedy and I refuse to be punished for the actions of others.

13 December 2012


I have crummy timing.

Erin was bragging on her Mosin while I was slammin Bubba.

THIS Bubba.

Know What I Love?

I just love articles talking about budget builds that top two grand.

I loathed in Hot Rod and I loathe it in guns.

Technically they are correct, they stuck to a budget.  So does the DoD!

But when they present "budget" as synonymous with "affordable" my hackles raise.

$1,700 for the AR.
$300 for the 4-rail free-float.
$200 for iron sights.
$500 for the red-dot.
$300 for a magnifier.
$200 for a white light.
$400 for an IR laser!!!!
$400 for furniture for that AR.

$4,000 for a "basic" "budget" AR?

Are you kidding me?  That IR light is useless without some sort of night vision, and that's $300 for a Gen 1+ if you want one that reviews well.  Another $4,000 for the good stuff.

Some of these guys even go so far as to say every AR needs a suppressor.  Add at least a grand plus the stamp for that!

Did the reader survey come back saying that most of their readers are doctors, lawyers or investment bankers?

Some of us aren't rich and don't have the ATF giving us guns.

How about a real budget build?

Like a basic KISS iron sight gun?

LIke a $500 kit plus a $150 lower?  With a $75 detachable carry handle because the front sights came with the barrel.

That's a budget gun!

And nothing about it precludes the owner from upgrading it with any of the nice to have items listed in the "budget" build.  In fact it's likely easier to budget those items if you spread them out over a longer period of time.

Batman On Bronies

40 Years

Forty years ago this very minute, Gene Cernan removed his foot from the surface of the moon and returned to the interior of Challenger.

He said:

I'm on the surface; and, as I take man's last step from the surface, back home for some time to come — but we believe not too long into the future — I'd like to just [say] what I believe history will record. That America's challenge of today has forged man's destiny of tomorrow. And, as we leave the Moon at Taurus-Littrow, we leave as we came and, God willing, as we shall return: with peace and hope for all mankind. Godspeed the crew of Apollo 17.

He was the last human to set foot on another world.  It has been forty years since.

How very sad that is.

12 December 2012


Reading at Cold Fury.

My dictionary defines tyranny as:  The government or authority of a tyrant; the office, tenure or system of administration, of an absolute ruler called a tyrant.

Tyrant is defined as: An absolute ruler; a sovereign unrestrained by law or constitution; a usurper of sovereignty.

Neither definition undermines Mike's position nor supports Ladd's.

I'll add:

Fascism: Any program for setting up a centralized autocratic national regime with severely nationalistic policies, exercising regimentation of industry, commerce and finance, rigid censorship and forcible suppression of opposition.


Like another union, once it has been voted in, there is no opting out.

Seems fundamentally unfair to force people to stay who so earnestly wish to leave.

More Statistics

I just noticed something about the gun statistics.

If crime was directly related to the number of guns that are legally owned then there should be a direct correlation between the UK and Florida for gun crime.

FL, 17,385,430 people 4,249,430 to 15,299,178 guns.  24.5 to 88 guns per hundred persons.  883 murders.  548 with a gun.

UK, 63,142,700 people, 4,162,675 guns.  6.6 guns per 100 persons.  722 murders.  19 with a gun.

If guns cause crime then Florida should have 3.71 to 13.33 more gun murders and it should line up exactly.  The UK has a gun murder rate of 0.03 gun murders per 100,000 persons.  Florida has 3.15.

13.33 times 0.03 is 0.4; not 3.15.

The overall murder rates per 100,000 persons is 5.08 for FL and 1.14 for UK.  Florida has 4.46 times the rate that the UK has.  That's in the 3.71-13.33 range, but that breaks because hardly any murders are committed in the UK with a gun.

Florida has 105 times the rate of gun murder than the UK and just 4.46 times the overall rate.  We have at least four times the guns, perhaps more.

I picked Florida for the comparison because that's what Mr Clarkson used and I live here.

What about other developed nations?

Switzerland?  About 8,000,000 people.  45.7 guns per 100 persons.  3,656,000 guns.  0.58 gun murders per 100,000 people (1998).  Their rate is not half of the US (88.8 guns per 100 ppl) it's also not eight times that of the UK.  Switzerland has an overall murder rate of 0.7 per 100k.

Russia?  143,300,000 people.  8.9 guns per 100 persons (Hey!  Similar to Jolly Ole!)  I don't have the numbers for gun murders, but the overall murder rate is 10.1 per 100,000...  Oops.  That's WORSE than the US!  Double the murders with 1/10 the guns!

Canada is a developed nation, right?  35,005,000 people.  30.8 guns per 100.  10,781,540 guns.  0.76 gun murders per 100k.  Overall murder rate 1.6 per 100k.  Overall rate is very similar to England, isn't it?  Culturally similar people too.  Six times the guns and ten times the gun rate.

I am starting to see that making guns available means murderers will use a gun not some other weapon.  But I am not seeing how having lots of guns around makes it more likely you'll be murdered; note that the Swiss have a lower overall murder rate than the UK and almost eight times the firearm density.

This is just like suicide.  The means does not determine the why.  Put another way, they've decided WHAT they are going to do, the HOW follows from what's available.

The World Ending

I think that the world might very well end on Dec 21, 2012.

It's a FRIDAY.

Ending on friday would rob us of the weekend.  That's how the universe gets its giggles.

"Looking forward to the weekend?  Fuck you!  End of world!  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

The world would never end on a Sunday, thus sparing us from Monday...

11 December 2012

Banned In Iran

I used to have readers in Iran.  I mentioned them here and here.

Perhaps I am banned because those readers weren't happy with the present regime?

15 Questions For Atheists

If you really want to see them and responses, hit up Bing or Google.

I'm an atheist because I can't find the divine in anything I see.  Sorry.  I could accept that God made the world exactly as it appears, age and everything, via some miracle; but the scriptures I've read contraindicate that.

However no single agent made me doubt Christianity more than Boak Desmond (not sure how to spell his name).

He confronted our satan worship weekly at the ISU Memorial Union for almost a year.  We were playing table-top role playing games like Twilight 2000 and Traveller.  But to him they were all Dungeons and Dragons and therefore satan.

What he became was an object of ridicule for us in his fervent attempts to save our souls from damnation via six sided dice.

One confrontation is vivid.  We were doing our normal thing when he started and FuzzyGeff announces to the room that he'd recently discovered Faith too!  Desmond was overjoyed!

The joy was short lived as Geff led him down several points where their faiths agreed and the joy was destroyed when Geff exclaims, "Isn't it wonderful to be held to the bosom of Odin?"

"Odin?" Boak says?

"Yes!  May he strike us dead with lightning if I am lying!"

Geff delivered that line with such conviction that Boak actually glanced at the ceiling and looked nervous.

We also never saw him again.

Happy Day

I got me a genuine Finnish Army sling for my Kiv/39.

The seller on ebay was in Helsinki, Finland appropriately enough.

I love how the description had all sorts of dire warnings about it being used and surplus.  Underpromise, over-deliver.

Included in the package was even a friendly note.  I'm still smiling about that.

Small Arms

I was watching a video on YouTube.

Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear was talking about "The Gun".

It's an hour long and it covers the entire span of gun history, so you know that tons and tons gets skipped.

He closes with a comparison of gun crime rates between the USA and several places in Europe.  Florida has 600 deaths per year, he says and indicates that it's more than the rest of the developed world combined.

Like most europeans he's missed something important.  The rate of ownership.

These are mostly 2010 numbers.

Florida has 3.15 (548) gun murders per 100,000 people.  The UK has 0.03.

Florida had 7510 NICS checks for firearm sales per 100,000 people.  Florida has a population of 17,385,430.  What that means is if all those sales were the FIRST gun ever sold to anyone in Florida there are 1,305,646 guns in Florida.  That's 2,382.6 guns to get a single murder.  Oh, there's a lot more guns than that in Florida.

In 2001 the Washington Post did a survey and got 24.5% of 4,454 Floridians to admit they owned a gun.  2000 census says there were 15,982,378 in Florida around that time.  If the poll's rate is consistent with the population that means there were 3,915,683 guns in Florida. If that rate stayed steady there are now 4,259,430 guns in Florida (24.5 guns per 100 people).  And that's STILL not all of them!  Many people own more than one gun, lots own many more than one gun.

4,259,430 guns, 548 murders.  It takes 7,773 (legally owned) guns to get one person dead illegally here.

How about the United Kingdom and its paltry 0.03 GUN murder rate.  19 murders with a firearm

England and Wales have 6.2 guns per 100 residents.  Scotland has 5.5.  Northern Ireland is 21.9!  England has a population of 53,013,000 and Wales is 3,064,000 giving us 3,476,774 guns.  Scotland has 5,254,800 people and 289,014 guns.  Northern Ireland has 1,810,900 folks and 396,587 guns.

63,142,700 people, 4,162,675 guns (219,088 guns per murder with a gun; WOW).  6.6 guns per 100 people total.

BUT United Kingdom had 722 murders in 2012.  That's 1.14 murders per 100k people.  The United Kingdom does not and never has counted the activities of terrorists as murders, we do.

Florida pulls a 5.08 per 100k people rate on overall homicide.  883 murders, 548 with a gun, 335 (1.93 per 100k) with something else.
The UK has gun registration, so those totals are likely correct.  Florida doesn't so we have to extrapolate the gun population from other data.  Florida added 1.3 million guns to the supply in 2010.  That's the norm and we've been doing those kind of numbers for the last five years most certainly.  That survey where they got 24.5% to say they had at least one gun in the house?  It's nearly certain that many gun owners lied and said no.  The national average is 88 guns per 100 people.  If we apply that number to our population we get 15,299,178 legally owned firearms and it takes 27,918 guns to get a single murder.

Why yes, Mr Clarkson, you're more likely to be murdered in the United States.  Yes, you are more likely to be murdered with a gun.

We've got nearly 4x the guns by raw numbers and just 5x the murder rate.

And what does this all mean?  Correlation is not causation.

Statistics are slippery things.

The UK is 94,525.53 square miles.  Florida is 65,754.74.  The UK has 7.64 murders per 1000 sq-mi; Florida, 13.23.  See, Florida isn't quite twice as deadly as the UK!

The average annual temperature in the Capital of Florida is 67.55˚ F.  London is 51.78˚ F.

Florida has 13.07 murders per degree, UK 13.94.  SEE!  Cold kills!

The real answer isn't the guns, or the geography or the mean average temperature at the capital.  The answer is cultural and demographic.