21 December 2012

More Realizations

Compare these two.

For literally decades I have been a staunch advocate of the M1911A1.  All of the changes made in 1924 were for the good and there was no reason to go backwards.

I was wrong.

I find I prefer the longer trigger and flat mainspring housing.  The reliefs behind the trigger may not matter, but so far all the 1911's I've fired have had them.

The smooth grips on the Springfield are much narrower than the checkered diamond style on the Colt, and that makes it easier to get at the magazine release.  Other than that, I am OK with the Colt's grips and the checkering certainly will improve my grip.

The sights on the Colt are far better than the Army standard ones on the Springfield.  I bought the GI model specifically because it was such a good clone of the gun I carried while a tank crewman.

This leaves me in a quandary.  I want a 1911 in .45 that isn't like the gun I carried in the Army.  That means I'm going to be spending more money, don't it?

Anyone got a less than $1,500 plan for such?

It is also amusing to note that every .38 Super 1911 that Colt made from 1929 until the Model 1991 was in the 1911A1 form; only the more recent guns have reverted to the older pattern.


  1. Depends on what you mean by "not like"... for older, a Ballester Molina is 1911-esque. For newer, Sig makes a pretty decent version, Kimber can make a pretty version, but my experience says to be choosy with a Kimber... many of the ones that I have fooled with have had mag catch issues.

    Get thee to the gun store and futz with a few. ;)

  2. I mean easy to see sights, perhaps tritium, stainless steel... That sort of thing.

  3. Then Sig (although their slide isn't the same shape or size), S&W makes a nice version, as are some Springfields and most Colt varieties and Kimbers are pretty ... the one that have is perfectly functional. I have or have had all but the Springer... shot a few though and no complaints. Any of these can be kept under $1500... at least around Birmingham...

    For new production, you kind of have to decide which firing pin safety you like better... series 80 Colt or Schwartz... neither seem to bother me all that much.

    My stash includes Colt, Kimber, Les Baer currently. I have owned a Smith and a Sig. The Sig left just because it didn't fit all my 1911 gear. The Smith left as part of a trade that, in part, landed me a Nickle Series 70...

  4. I am leery of SIG because they could be infected with the same cancer that made Kimber spotty.

    Then there's the whole issue of the external extractor on the Smith... I don't want Zombie JMB visiting.

    I'm more in favor of the series 80 block than the Schwartz. Seems simpler and the anecdotes seem to say it's more dependable.

  5. Narrows it down quite a lot there. ;) In the earlier comments, I forgot one that I have. The Springfield EMP is a very nice little 9 in my stable. Its problem is that it has been perfect, so far, with new factory ammo but chokes pretty readily if reloads don't have the correct case length. Stuff that any of my other 9's (Sig, Glock, Browning/FN & Beretta) all chew through just fine.

    To me though, sounds like you are prime for an XSE, Rail Gun or TALO (thinking Wiley Clapp here) Colt.


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