30 November 2016

Pilot Shortage

The Air Force is short pilots.

I'm going to suggest some heresy to help them.

A huge hunk of the prerequisites you have to have before applying to be a pilot are purely administrative and are intended to make the pool of applicants smaller.

Like being college educated.

Chuck Yeager wasn't.

If you're not getting enough inflow because of your administrative requirements, it's time to change them, because they've got fuck-all to do with the actual work of flying the plane.

The next piece of heresy is to suggest that we divide the AF into administrative, command and flying tracks.

There's guys who just wanna fly.  Let 'em!  The AF says they have a retention problem, how much you want to bet that a huge hunk of the issue is guys who want to fly aren't getting hours because they're spending most of their time doing administrative things or have to pay lip service to wanting promotions and command to keep flying (knowing that promotions and command will ALSO end their flying days).

There's scads of people who'd make poor pilots but great administrators, and there's no real reason for them to be officers or have command authority.  But it would take a massive paradigm shift to recreate technical positions for enlisted and making warrant officers where education is needed.

The US mil hates warrants.

Not Interchangeable

Wurds meen sumthing.

Interchangeable is compatible in both directions.

In the case of NYPD,
The gun, as designed, can hold 17-round magazines — two more than the Glock 19. But the NYPD had the manufacturer customize the Glock 17s to carry only 15 rounds so it would be consistent with the interchangeable Glock 19 magazine.

This phrasing got Tam all excited to see a Glock 17 slide on a Glock 19 frame, the Mythical Glock 19L.  She understands what interchangeable means because she's not a journalist!  Wait.  She is... because she gets paid to write... um...  Maybe it's the degree process that makes them forget there's this thing called a dictionary.

She discovered that they are not getting customized Glock 17's, they are getting customized Glock 17 magazines!  Customized to only hold 15 rounds.

Because a full capacity Glock 19 holds 15.

Just in case one of my French readers doesn't know...

The Glock 19 is a slightly shorter in length and height version of the Glock 17.  Making it less tall meant it lost two rounds of capacity against the parent gun.  But since all of the other dimensions remain the same, the Glock 17 magazines still work in a Glock 19; however the reverse is not true because the base-plate on the shorter Glock 19 magazine hits the mouth of the magazine well before it's seated and latched.

Thus not interchangeable.  The word they're looking for is compatible.  Glock 17 magazines are compatible with the Glock 19; but not vice versa.

Apparently the NYPD cannot... nope I don't have a clue.  I don't think I want to contract the madness required to begin to understand this.

Their officers seem to get it by the way they're ridiculing the idea.

A suggestion for the NYPD.  If you'd reverse your policy on selling guns to the unwashed citizenry you could offer to exchange one issue gun for another at nearly no department cost.

By the way, flatfoot, they're fucking you on that price too.  $525 for a new Glock 17 when the department gets them from Glock at less than $400 each wholesale under the blue label program?  Whose pocket is that lining?


In a Facebook conversation that Erin asked me to attend...

I'm flailing around trying to explain to a friend of hers about rifling twist and the AR.

Because there's lots of variables I'm hopping around trying to cover each in turn when someone else chimes in with, "A given bullet stabilizes at a particular RPM. The RPM is a function of the twist rate and the muzzle velocity. More velocity equals more RPM. The practical gain from more velocity is pretty minor compared to the gain from a faster twist though."



It's all about the revolutions.

Still need more maths than I have to calculate how many you need.

29 November 2016

Actual Measure

5.11 Tactial Purse loaded with 9x 30-round loaded M16 magazines (180x M855 ball, 90x 68gr SMK), S&W M&P 9, 2x 17-round M&P 9 magazines (115gr Hornady FMJ), 1 liter of water.

9.10 kg or 20.06 lb.

Loaded with 6x 30-round loaded M16 magazines (180x M855 ball), S&W M&P 9, 2x 17-round M&P 9 magazines (115gr Hornady FMJ), 1 liter of water.

7.65 kg or 16.87 lb.

The lighter load is much easier to bear on one shoulder.

28 November 2016

Retro OCD

Got the aftermarket entrenching tool today.

The handle is WAY too short to play the role.

I briefly resumed my hunt for an M1951 combination entrenching tool when I stumbled across a tidbit I'd missed.

The reason that the M1951 is so darn scarce today is it was only ordered and manufactured on a limited as-needed basis between 1951 and 1953 as the supplies of the M1943 were expended.

If you hit ebay looking for M1943 entrenching tools you're going to find many many MANY with a 1945 date stamp made by the Ames Company, and they made 11 million of the darn things!

So, for Vietnam, you would most likely be issued an M1943 because most of them were still around, and still are today it would appear.

The M1943 entrenching tool soldiered on until 1969!  At that point ALL wooden handled entrenching tools were replaced by the now-familiar (1968 developed) tri-fold that is still issued today.

Speaking Of Body Cameras

One of the local deputies got attacked (for reals) by a dog.

In the close quarters confusion, she shot herself while shooting the dog.

Here's wishing her a safe recovery, even if she's a digit short.

I'm willing to bet they didn't cover this in the academy.

Mutual Of Omaha's Child Kingdom

h/t Feral Irishman

If We're Racists One And All

You'd think the tone of our reporting of a spike in minority gun purchases would be negative.


We're thrilled that "they" have decided to join "us" in owning a firearm!

The more the merrier and unlike what the media says, we're not racist as a whole.

I think they make a causation/correlation error with (white) racists and guns.

Every white supremacist I've ever met was a gun owner.

Hardly a single (white) gun owner I've met is a racist.

Being a racist might cause gun ownership, but gun ownership doesn't cause racism.

Part of the reason that we gun owners are thrilled to have minorities buying guns for their defense, even though many of them are citing a fear of hate-crimes, is we know we're safe from their owning them for this reason.

We're not out there doing hate-crimes.

Gun Free Zone? Check.

Another mass shooting A mass stabbing in a gun free zone.  But it was, by law, a knife free zone too.

How many will it take to get some common sense carry laws passed?

27 November 2016

Define Entrapment

The talk on arfcom about Dale Monroe dredged up something else for me.

I've repeatedly read stories about how the feds have approached people and, in effect, convinced them to break the law.

Apparently this includes running child porn sites!


Randy Weaver's path to Ruby Ridge begins with a fed encouraging him to saw off a shotgun.

How many fake bombs has the FBI provided to terrorists now?

I've always wondered if the criminal they're catching could have managed to do the crime they were being arrested for without the assistance of the feds who go on to bust them.

In the fake bomb cases:  Did the suspect know how to make a bomb prior to being approached by the feds?  If yes, did they know how to accumulate the materials to make that bomb without the feds providing them?  If the answer to either of those questions is no, then would they have been placing a "bomb" at a target?

I recall that Mr Weaver was not selling a sawed-off shotgun, he was approached by someone who wanted their shotgun sawed off.  Even more fun is it appears that what transaction in that weapon or weapons was intended to help the FBI re-infiltrate the Aryan Nations, that'd be blackmail if it wasn't the feds doing it.

I wonder how many fewer crimes there'd be if the FBI, DEA and ATF stopped running stings.

Mr Monroe

Does Dale Monroe, spotter to Lon Horiushi at Ruby Ridge, work for Troy Industries?  Troy Defense?  Troy Asymmetric?

Googling "troy industries dale monroe" gets many hits for the hiring of Mr Monroe at Troy Asymmetric, but only the one that says, "Good afternoon. Dale Monroe has not been affiliated with any division of TROY in any capacity since August 2013. Thank you for asking, TROY" (from Arfcom and dated 23DEC14)

Mr Monroe was either hired or put on retainer by Troy Asymmetric in August of 2013.  Troy was defending their decision to hire Monroe as late as 26AUG13 on their industry forum on Arfcom...

Here's the problem.

With as large a backlash as they got from customers over this, why aren't they bragging they terminated their relationship in every forum they can reach?

Weaponsman mentions other problems in the past with Steve Troy.  Troy dissembled about the hiring of Jody Weis, for example.  They also tried to claim that Troy Asymmetric was not part of TROY.

Which inserts doubt in my mind if they really fired Monroe.

If Troy Ind./Def./Asymmetric has terminated their relationship with Monroe I'd be happy to spread the word.  But I'm going to want some proof.  Like a contract termination statement or something of that nature.

PS: I don't get the stylistic need to put your name in all caps.  TROY and GLOCK both do this and it makes me wonder what the acronym is...

Book End

Abe Vigoda and Ron Glass in the same year.

The rest of the Barney Miller cast had best watch it.

What Does Baffled Mean?

Marv is baffling!

Marv has begun work on his 5.56 suppressor for his 10.5" AR.

He's making a Maglite body style suppressor from a much reviled solvent trap kit.  The baffles start out life as automotive freeze plugs that are dented and expanded with an hydraulic press, then the holes are drilled using a drill press and the guide that comes with the kit.

All up it will weigh about 14.8 ounces.

I've bet him a coke that he has a baffle strike on the first day, but I hope to pay rather than collect.

26 November 2016

¡Arder en el infierno!

Fidel Castro has finally joined his bestie Che in the warm embrace of Satan's abode.

Let us give thanks!

And 2016 started off so bad...  It's ending quite well.

Tactical Purse

The 5.11 Tactical Purse.

The bare essentials are 3.7 lb.

1x Glock 17 Gen 2: 2 lb.
2x 17-round Glock 17 magazines (loaded): 1.2 lb.
6x 30-round M16 magazines (loaded): 6 lb.
1x M9 Bayonet: 0.9 lb.
1x Compression bandage: 0.1 lb.
1x Canteen with 1 liter water: 2.7 lb.
1x First Aid Kit: 1 lb.

Out the door agains the zombies with: 17.6 lb.!

Alternatively, and more likely given that The Lovely Harvey and Marv will be toting them as well:

Replace the Glock with a High-Power.

1x FN-Browning HP: 2.4 lb.
2x 15-round HP magazines (loaded): 1 lb.

That changes the weight of the grab-bag to 17.8 lb.

Replace the Glock with a S&W M&P 9.

1x M&P 9: 2.2 lb.
2x 17-round M&P 9 magazines (loaded): 1.4 lb.

That changes the weight of the grab-bag to 18 even.


I discovered the magazine pouches hold 3x 30-round USGI magazines each.  That adds 3 lb. to the package.  But ups the ammo carried from 180 to 270 rounds.

20.6 lb. with Glock.
20.8 lb. with Browning.
21 lb. with S&W.

If I decided to carry Dottie instead of Kaylee:

The 27-round 6.8 magazines weigh 1.4 lb. so that would add 3.6 lb. to the package with 9 magazines or 2.4 lb. heavier with the 6 magazine load.  Because of the reduced capacity, ammo carried is lowered to 162 or 243 rounds.

6x magazine:

20 lb. with Glock.
20.2 lb. with Browning.
20.4 lb. with S&W.

9x magazine:

24.2 lb. with Glock.
24.4 lb. with Browning.
24.6 lb. with S&W.

25 November 2016


ALICE or All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment gear is a lot lighter than the M1956/1967 hybrid...

The bare LBE is 4.2 lb.


6x 30-round M16 magazines (loaded): 6 lb.
1x M9 Bayonet: 0.9 lb.
1x Compression bandage: 0.1 lb.
1x Canteen with 1 quart water: 2.3 lb.
1x Tri-Fold Entrenching Tool 2.1 lb.

For a total of: 15.6 lb. chaffing the back of your neck because of poor yoke design!

PLUS: to be equivalent to the M1956 kit I showed before:

1x M12 Holster and twin magazine carrier 0.6 lb.
1x M9 Pistol 2.8 lb.
2x 15-round M9 magazines (loaded): 1 lb.

Grand total of 20 lb.

Almost There

Got my extra-long set of suspenders today!

Except for the pattern '51 entrenching tool I have a complete set of period web gear for 1968+!

I firmly agree with many vets that the H style of suspenders from the M1956 Load Carrying Equipment and M1967 Modernized Load Carrying Equipment far superior to the Y style suspenders introduced with the All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment (ALICE).

I would prefer to replace the M1967 first aid pouch and butt-pack with the M1956 items, but there's no great hurry.

Update: This kit without ammo, bandage, bayonet, bipod, canteen, cleaning kit, magazines, or weapons tares in at... 6.3 lb.

1x M1911A1 (loaded): 2.8 lb.
2x M1911A1 magazines (loaded): 1.0 lb.
8x 20-round M16 magazines (loaded): 4.8 lb.
1x M7 Bayonet: 0.7 lb.
1x Compression bandage: 0.1 lb.
1x M3 bipod: 0.6 lb.
1x Canteen with 1 quart water: 2.3 lb.
1x M1943 Entrenching Tool 2.5 lb.
1x M1951 Entrenching Tool 2.3 lb.

For an all-up weight of: 21.1 lb. hanging off your shoulders and waist.

Go West Anachronism Man

The modern music on a player piano is a real treat in Westworld.

But something is getting me.

The automatic ejection on a Winchester 73...

... that still needs the action worked!

Yaaaaaaay Hollywood!

The Huge Divide

While I am enjoying my "agreeing to disagree" victory lap (thanks for the perspective on that guys!) I noticed that the argument often boils down to a simple situation.

If I get everything I want, the other person will not be forced to change anything.

If they get everything they want, I would be forced to change everything.

I will even concede that isn't entirely true, because for me to get everything I want, they'd have to stop trying to force me to change everything.

There are things in this divide that are sometimes fascinating.

They cannot drive and advocate public transportation.  That's fine, but they seem to feel that I am obligated to pay for it.

Why?  I have a car, I don't require it.

But, shall we talk about those costs?  The local bus service wants $40 a month for an unlimited ride pass.  Seattle wants $62 for the same.

My car insurance is $340 a month.  When do they start subsidizing MY transportation costs?  I also spend about another $100 on fuel.

Why isn't that monthly pass more like $400 then?  Then I wouldn't have to subsidize a product I'm not using.


If the entertainment media wasn't in the tank with the rest of them...

Every interview with a dancing monkey who said they'd move out of the country if Trump were elected would start with, "Why the fuck are you still here?" and not move on to any other question until it was answered.

Since these interviews tend to be done in rapid succession for the dancing monkey, they'd be hearing that question a lot.

It would drive them to... well, something worth filming.

24 November 2016

Some Fascinating Reading

Seems that NFATCA has been just as cozy with ATF as everyone expected they were.

An excerpt (Ms Carlson's reply is above the original message):

Carlson, Krissy V. 
From: Carlson, Krissy Y. 
Sent: Thurs July 07, 20110:4AM 
Subject: RE: Prosecutorial actio
Hi REDACTED,I am not aware of these 16 active cases. Let me see what I can find out and I will share with you whaI can.
Krissy Y. Carlson Division Chief Firearms and Explosives Industry Division
-- -Original Message- --- 
Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2016 10:37 AM 
To: Carlson, Krissy Y. REDACTED 
Subject: Prosecutorial action
Krissy, Hope you're doing well. I know that REDACTED is already pursuing this action so I apologize for the duplication of effort. While I was attending the Orchid Advisors conference iAtlanta someone from ATF, can't remember who, mentioned that ATF had about 16 active caseinvolving prohibited persons acquiring NFA weapons through a trust. As you probably know have personally know that this was one of the primary reasons that ATF had been in a panic aboutrusts. Everyone, including ATF, needed to find a way to clean this up. I knew three years agATF had at least one case but was looking for more information on this type of problem. ThNFATCA has been hammered for saying that we needed to prove that trusts and prohibited persons were a problem resulting in 41F. I need a little help either directly or indirectly tprove to everyone that trusts, were in fact, being abused. I don't care about names as much anumbers that are worth mentioning to all of the naysayers who say wscrewed this whole thing up.
Thanks for your helpREDACTED
REDACTED is apparently someone at NFATCA, and they requested that their names be redacted from the ATF's response to Stamboulieh.

I repeat from my post here from January 4, 2016; seven months before they queried ATF:

People who are forbidden to buy an NFA item used a trust to obtain one?  NAME ONE  just ONE and not just "I saw someone".  Name their name.  Link us to the arrest.  Link us to the news story.  You can't, can you?  Because it didn't actually fucking happen, you lying piece of shit.
Busted is the phrase we use here.


NFATCA assured us they'd seen trusts buying stuff, in person.  Yet cannot produce a single name and the ATF they're cozy with doesn't know about any either.  We need to not do business with people opposed to our interests.

23 November 2016

The Path

The twisted path that leads to no longer bothering with a friend comes from Facebook.

Thanks Facebook!

Facebook has an alert system that lets you know your friends are writing replies.  Often replying to a conversation you're not involved with.

In hindsight, I foolishly clicked on that [Your Friend] has replied to...

It led to her reply to a conversation that started off talking about the election and what idiots people were who weren't liberal Democrats.  But the thread led to subthreads where the participants were getting ever more specific about whom was an idiot.

The portion that set me off was how stupid, bigoted, racist, homophobic and misogynist that ALL straight white male gun owners in the south are and how much better things would be if we were all to die.

I clicked the unfriend button and stopped talking to her at that point.  In April.

The wonder of it all is she didn't seem to notice that I'd stopped talking until just the other day.  She sent a "hey what's up?" message in hangouts.

I tried to explain to her that she was being offensive, that I was offended and that (just maybe) she should say she was sorry.

But she doesn't understand.

She's got a right to her opinion.  I should have known she didn't mean me.  The people she was hating along with are actually nice people.  She'd feel bad if I shit-canned a 30+ year friendship over this.

We should agree to disagree.

You will note that she doesn't refute her participation in the five minutes of hate.  I chased her in circles for a long while to discover that she does really think that all white males in the south are uneducated, stupid, bigoted, racist, homophobic and misogynist breeders (except, apparently, me).

Agree to disagree?

Well, I disagree.  Vehemently.  If for no other reason because the crowd she's treating with wishes me dead.  There's just no space to agree to disagree in here.

And this "agree to disagree" thing really pisses me off, because I can remember who I was before whom I am today.

I was sexist.  I was racist.  I was homophobic.  What happened?  I met a woman who wasn't all the things my bigoted mind said she should be.  I met a black man who wasn't all the things my bigoted mind said he should be.  I found out one of my best friends was gay and he wasn't all the things my bigoted mind said he should be.

I made the connection that if there is one example that breaks the stereotype, there must be others.  Once that exception had been found, it broke the monolithic grouping and made them individual people.

I am disappointed in her behavior because she was one of the people who helped me see the people I was bigoted against as people.

Now I see that, like all Liberal shibboleths, that it's just fine to hate, as long as you hate correctly.

Education Bigotry

Since I've shitcanned yet another liberal friend...

One of the things she said, "When I think Southern, I think Alabama, Missippi and Lousiana, who trade the lowest education rate and highest preganancy rate back and forth."

Spelling mistakes in the original, by the way.

I see she's got her money's worth from her bachelor's degree from Iowa State...

Despite the lack of education, all three states have vibrant industries ranging from textiles, steel mills, automotive assembly and ship yards.

So what if they're reproducing?  Lots of that work is union work, and well paid.  They can afford to have families!

But they don't have college degrees so none of that matters.

It's really ironic that she also sneered, "[S]ome Democrats are ivory-tower whiney babies too."

Maybe because I was a drafter (a non degreed profession) and worked between the degreed engineers and the non-degreed shop that I know that formal education isn't the entirety of learning.

I know three people working in computer programming who don't have bachelor's degrees, by her definition they're uneducated.  Two of them live in the south too.

My dad worked for Motorola setting up chip-fabs with just an associate's in mechanical engineering, but lots and LOTS of on the job experience.  But he's uneducated (and porked out five kids with two wives), so worthy of scorn.

Something I've definitely noticed from her and her friends is a total lack of understanding of people who're outside their little bubbleworld.  I've definitely had to censor what I say around them, but they don't around me.  They love the phrase, "agree to disagree," which near as I can tell, in practice means I have to be silent while they insult me.

I'm fed up with it.


From a judge Obama appointed, no less!

Yet another thing that was done with a phone and a pen that's undone for lack of power to actually do it.

This is excellent news as it might remove the people under The Lovely Harvey from the clock-punching limbo they've been under for a few weeks.

You Had One Job

My little ammo carrier for my J-Frame speed loaders has died.


It's given years of faithful service.

It's also interesting that I can openly carry this ammo pouch and not the gun, but it'd be pretty obvious that I have a gun if someone recognized it.

Ever.  At least nobody has mentioned recognizing it.

A shapeless blob hanging on a belt could be anything in this day of magic elf boxes.

22 November 2016

S * C * H * A * D * E * N * F * R * E * U * D * E

What's that spell?

Way back in February I noted that Cockbite Rat-Fuck Son-Of-A-Bitch The Honorable RINO Miguel Diaz de la Portilla's district got rezoned and District 37 would go Democrat.

Well, it did.

To yet another latino named man, Jose Javier Rodriguez (D) formerly of the Florida House of Representatives.

That means that his cockbite rat-fuck son-of-a-bitch ass is no longer chairman of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee and there's at least a chance that we're going to get some advancement on open and campus carry now.

At least the bills have more than a snowballs' chance in Miami of seeing a real vote.

Now I just need a really crappy holster with zero retention where the gun will often just fall out!

Just for pictures at local eateries!

^^ I kid.  I will need me a couple new holsters if we get open carry.

The Lovely Harvey will no longer be barred by law from carrying at work if we get campus carry.

21 November 2016

2016 ATF Pic

I give thanks for alcohol, tobacco and firearms.

Good News Everyone

The Canadian Immigration and Citizenship web page is back up!

So there's no excuse for your acceptable, satisfactory, bearable, tolerable, pleasant, wonderful, fortunate, lucky, successful, cheerful, delightful, excellent, shameless, good, nice, blessed, happy, respectable or other antonym of deplorable ass to delay your emigration any longer.

I do wonder why none of you said you were moving to Cuba, a nation you've often said you admired.

General Practitioner

In the hoary days of my youth in a modestly sized town (about 6,000 people) in Iowa, before I moved to Ames...

When we needed to go to the doctor, it was a small office with a single doctor.

This doctor was not the only such practice in this smallish town.

The staff was his secretary/receptionist and a physician's assistant.

That's it.  Three people and a clientele of about 1,000 patients of all ages.

My mom's income was just slightly above the point where a (newly) single mom with two kids would get government assistance, and we didn't have health insurance.

Yet we were able to afford to go to the doctor.

I've looked around and this sort of practice is gone.

The smallest I've been able to find still has 15 people working there.

This leads to some sickening comparisons.

The 15 person staff is servicing the same number of patients as the 3 person.

The secretary/receptionist at the GP way back had no medical training or certifications.

All 12 of the non-doctor positions at the 15 person practice have at least a medical assistant degree and certification, and you cannot work at an office without it.  Most of them also have a specialized certificate/degree in medical billing and encoding.

What changed?

Laws and regulations mostly.  Thanks to all that increased regulatory overhead, you need five times the personnel and three times the doctors to treat the same number of people.  On top of that, the front office people need to be trained in skills they will never use.

This is akin to requiring the receptionist at a law firm to pass the bar so they can be hired to answer the phone.

No Good At It

I am often amused at my friends who thank me on Veteran's Day and say that they'd have made awful soldiers themselves.

Like I was a good soldier or something!

I was not a good soldier.  I will admit it.

I was the kind of troop who shined in the field and tarnished in the barracks.

It drove my tank commander and platoon sergeant nuts trying to motivate me.

The thing is, I have too much negative motivation about cleaning my room, mowing the lawn and picking up after other people.

Left to my own devices I trend towards nocturnalism.  The Army is a decidedly morning person on post, but loves to play in the dark in the field.  Which military environment aligns with my interests again?

A problem with a peacetime army is hardly any time is spent in the field.  Even some of our "field" time was under normal post schedules; like almost all of gunnery.

A really hilarious thing to me, now, is the person I've become would be a far better soldier than the person I was when I enlisted.  The irony that it's likely because I enlisted that I am this person is not lost on me.

20 November 2016

Dying To Know

Before the Trinity test, they set off 100 tons of "TNT" to calibrate the instruments to be used in the actual test of Gadget.

But it wasn't actually TNT.

There's footage filmed of them setting up the test, and it's COMP-B.

COMP-B has an REF of 1.4 compared to TNT's 1.0.

That's important, because the blast did 6dx1058 cr ex.  If we assume it's TNT that would only be 6dx894 cr ex.

For reference, Gadget (20 kton) did 6dx12,649 cr ex with linked 6dx8,222 burn ex rad sur.  You'll have to look up how "burn ex rad sur" or burning explosive radiation surge works in your own GURPS books because to explain it here would surely violate copyright.  The linked damage is the EMP and heat blast.

19 November 2016

Death By Character Generation

OG Little Black Book Traveller had an odd rule during character creation.

You gambled for your stats, like every other game, then proceeded to the Prior Service Table

Where you gambled to enter your chosen service by rolling a target number or higher on 2d6.  If you failed, you rolled 1d6 to randomly select a service.

THEN you rolled to survive your term of enlistment!

If you lived, you check to see if you've earned a commission.  If you have, you then check to see if you've been promoted.

Then regardless of rank and promotion you roll 2d6 to reenlist.  Reenlistment is optional, but if you roll a 12, you're involuntarily reenlisted.

Then you're back to the survival roll... rinse... repeat.

Since the only way to acquire skills is to successfully serve enlistments, you're encouraged to keep going as long as you can.  Successful terms also give rolls on the mustering out benefits table, another inducement to keep rolling.

Most services have a 5+ on 2d6 to survive.  Marines have a 6+ and Scouts have a 7+.  All of them have a high-stat bonus of +2 with the stat varying depending on service.  So if your Intel score is 7+ you get a +2 to survive in the Navy, meaning you need to roll 3 or higher to survive.  Scouts want an Endur of 9+ to get a 5+ roll to live through it.

I mention scouts because they get two skills per term instead of one.  This made them popular.  Scouts also had a chance to get a Type-S scout ship as a mustering benefit.  More terms is more chances to win!

I've lost several promising characters during this process, before I ever got to roll for that elusive scout ship!  Plus, more than once I rolled the 12 on reenlistment to then roll a 2 for survival.  Did I mention my dice are very, very average?

GURPS, on the other hand, is a points based character generation system.  You pick and choose your stats and skills.  Everyone starts with the same number of points, so you can take disadvantages to gain more points to spend.  Having one arm, for example, is worth [-20].

It just gets me to wondering:  What's the point value of Died During Character Generation?

And GURPS has enough values that you can stat-out a corpse.  Sessile, mute... I leave it as a challenge to the reader to make the corpse template.

18 November 2016

More Bactine

Found here http://elevenbravotwenty.blogspot.com/2016/11/short-term-results.html

Out For Anodizing

My 80% 100% M16A2 clone lower is at the finisher's for anodizing.

Pretty sweet!

They warned the anodizing guy is behind and it could be after Thanksgiving before I get it back.

A whole week, give or take?

Isn't it odd how when someone says it will be after a holiday your mind makes it seem like it will be a lot longer than it really is?

After Thanksgiving?  That's in NOVEMBER!

Uh, it's November now...

Here's my sign.

Molon Labe Indeed

Michael Shannon wishes death on us all.

Well, Mr Dancing Monkey, I wish starvation on all (what is it)...

Yeah that's the card I was thinking of.  When you talk to the other 13,999+ people in the unemployment line you be sure to tell them we stopped buying tickets because you wanted us dead.

I can live a rich, normal life without ever buying another movie ticket, turning on the TV, buying a DVD or downloading a film.

How long can y'all go if half the nation stops buying your product?

How long can y'all go if even 10% of them decide that illegally downloading the product of your work is the morally correct decision?

Got A Good Buzz Going

Should I...

A.  Threaten to kill the president and dare the Secret Service to come and get me?


B.  Sober the fuck up?


C.  Put on the headphones and enjoy some tunes and the buzz?

Well, since I'm not the CEO of PacketSled, I think I will choose C.

Pink Floyd should do well.

17 November 2016

Speaking Of Paracord

I made 70 of these things for the "kids" at Challengers Bowling League here locally.  The Lovely Harvey now runs it and The Boy is a participant.

I bought the cord I got based on the vendor coming up first on Amazon, having Prime eligibility, price and colors.

I got this stuff.  Dakota Gear™ Genuine Type III 7-Strand 550 Paracord; in Electric Royal Blue and Sexy Silver Gray.

It is, according to the package:

1/8th inch diameter.
Proudly made in the U.S.A.
7 twisted inner strands.
Resists abrasion & tangling.
Break strength 550+ pounds.
Will not rot, mildew or fade.
100% polyester (as good or better than nylon).

This is a great example of the milspec not always giving you what you want.  Why?  Because the milspec calls out material in addition to performance.  This cord could outperform genuine, milspec compliant cord, but would be rejected because it's polyester instead of "[N]ylon yarn in the manufacture of the cord shall be a bright, high-tenacity, light-resistant and heat-resistant polyamide prepared from hexamethylenediamine and adipic acid or its derivatives."

My color choices are outside milspec too, even if the things were made from the approved nylon!

Of course, the cheapest of cheap Chinese cord would have sufficed here.  Max load expected is about three pounds for the biggest bottle we've seen someone try for this.  The cheapo carabiner probably would fail before the cord at any rate.

I got snippy about the anodizing thing because it's performance I am looking for rather than adherence to the milspec.

In fact, the vendor I selected is uses a non spec process that exceeds it in performance.

Occasionally, milspec is a barrier to improved performance just because it's so difficult to amend.  But that difficulty was built into it, to prevent it from being changed on a whim for no performance advantage.

On Saudi Arabia

It's got to be tough to realize your country only exports oil and terrorism and America isn't interested in either.

- User Undefined on Arfcom.

Regional Party

I've read a couple places that the Democrat party is being slowly reduced to a rump regional party.

Something to bear in mind is there's a metric fuck-tonne of people in those regions.

I'd hate, in victory, disenfranchise them as fully as they would disenfranchise me.

'Tis best if the Feral Federal Government were stripped of it's extraconstitutional power so that neither side can exert ruinous effect from afar on the other.

They wish to be ruinous locally, they can have at it.  I think the founders were OK with that.

My only caveat would be that they have to adhere to their own regional constitutional limitations and to be aware that the 14th Amendment does force the Bill of Rights down everyone's throat, not just the Feds.


Been calling around attempting to get someone to do a Type III Class 2 (black) anodizing on my M16A2 clone lower.

Hardly anyone can do the hard-coat that Type III is.

Lots of places obfuscate by attempting to sell me Type IIB Class 2 by saying it's in accordance with MIL-A-8625.

I happen to have a copy of that!

3.4.2 Type II and IIB coatings. Type II and IIB coatings shall be the result of treating aluminum and aluminum alloys electrolytically in a bath containing sulfuric acid to produce a uniform anodic coating on the metal surface. Heat treatable alloys shall be in the required temper obtained by heat treatment, such as -T4, -T6, or T73, prior to anodizing. Type IIB coatings. Type IIB coatings provide a non-chromate alternative to Type I and IB coatings. Unless approved by the procuring activity, substitution of a Type IIB coating where Type I or IB is specified shall be prohibited. 
3.4.3 Type III coatings. Type III coatings shall be the result of treating aluminum and aluminum alloys electrolytically to produce a uniform anodic coating on the metal surface. Type III coatings shall be prepared by any process operation to produce a heavy dense coating of specified thickness on aluminum alloys (see Unless otherwise specified in the contract, purchase order or applicable drawing, Type III coatings shall not be applied to aluminum alloys with a nominal copper content in excess of 5 percent or a nominal silicon content in excess of 8.0 percent. Alloys with a nominal silicon content higher than 8.0 percent may be anodized subject to approval of the procuring activity. Heat treatable alloys shall be in a temper obtained by heat treatment, such as -T4, -T6 or T73, prior to anodizing.

When you ask, "do you properly adhere to section 3.4.3," they start equivocating start saying that Type II is good enough.

Except it isn't for the hammer, selector and trigger pin holes.  Type II just isn't resistant enough to wear for even casual use for very long.  You'll end up with an oval hammer hole in short order.

I have found a place that can actually do the work and is willing to do it!  Road trip tomorrow morning!


My little blog is as popular in France as it is here.

I am quite shocked because what little French that's here is so bad as to make a Quebecois blush.

Am I the only one seeing this, or is it that I've pulled a Jerry Lewis and become a blogging genius?

Quote Of The Day

There are many regulations with employment level triggers: this regulation (or law) applies only to those firms with 10 or more employees; or 20 or more employees; or 50, or 100, and probably more. DOUBLE those numbers, particularly the smaller ones. Laws that apply to firms of 10 or more now apply only to places with 20 or more; 20 becomes 40; etc. This would immediately allow small businesses to grow, and doubtless many would do so. We know that the laws are not vital in the sense that workers cannot live without them, because we permit it for firms of say 19 employees; adding a 20th would greatly increase costs, which is why the business doesn’t grow. Etc.; surely the point is obvious. This could be done on the first day of the new Congress, passed by both houses and signed by the President; and it may well have a dramatic effect on the growth of the economy.

J. Pournelle (Yes, THAT J. Pournelle)

Buy A History Book

I am enjoying the comparisons of the present political situation with other historical events.

Like the Civil War, brought about because a Republican was elected to end slavery.  Hint: The Republican won and slavery ended.

Like the Great Depression, which is a veritable litany of government interference which prolonged and worsened the economic situation.  What party held the white house?  Republicans?  No...  Whigs?  No...  Democrats!  They control both houses of Congress too.

Like the Civil Rights Movement.  Where southern Democrats maintained the worst of the Jim Crow laws.  It was a Republican who integrated the schools, by the way.  Never mind that Martin Luther King was, likewise, a Republican.

But lets add some stuff of our own.

Let's talk about national malaise.  Democrat in the White House and Democrat majorities in both halves of Congress.

Or the Vietnam war.  Victory thrown away because the Democrat controlled Congress had to punish Republican Ford for his pardon of Nixon.  Yes, Virginia, we'd had Vietnam won.  Look it up.

And speaking of wars...

We're still at our stop points from WW2.

We're well South of our stop points in Korea.

We sold out South Vietnam.

Iraq is still fucked.

Afghanistan is... well no shame there except for going at all.  As long as there's two Afghanis, there's a blood feud.  But we went with the silly notion that we could affect some sort of long term change without standing on their necks for generations and not letting them raise their own kids in their image.  Of course, if we went back today, killing anything that moved and claiming the right of nyaw aw badal they'd at least grok what we were about.

16 November 2016

Customer Service

I ordered a set of XL M1956 suspenders from Moore Militaria.

VG condition:

I respectfully disagree over this assessment.

I called to express my disagreement and talked to the owner (he answers his own phone).  He indicates that there's a description that warns me of the state of things.

I cannot make any browser on any of my machines show that description.

No matter, he offered to swap them out for an unissued set and was very nice about it!

It's when things go wrong you find out how good a company is, not when things go right.


Dear Democrats,

That we voted for Mr Trump should be a clue that accusations of racism no longer carry the veto power they once held.

You're going to have to prove actual hate crimes now (like in court and everything), not just make the claim.

Thank You
The Voters.


I have a suggestion!

New Senate rule:

The filibuster was appropriate for the august body the Senate was prior to the 17th amendment made it a smaller, longer termed echo of the House of Representatives. 
The House has no filibuster, so shall the Senate be without.

They want the filibuster back, I suggest repeal of the 17th amendment.  They wish to keep it House 2.0 then they can live with all the same rules.

15 November 2016

Dakka Currie

Using the fine coconut spiced rum from Siesta Key Distillery.

The Rarest Item Is A Shovel

In putting together a set of M1956 pattern LBE, the hardest thing to source is the frakking entrenching tool.  I have an M1967 carrier and tri-fold e-tool, but I like the look of the older carrier with the bayonet attached to it (remember, this is about appearances).

I'm using the normal M1956 magazine pouches because the stubby pouches for the M16 are a bit scarce and I don't want to use the later M1967 pouches (they look too modern even though they're period correct).

Other oddities are attempting to get a carrying case for the M16's bipod without also buying another bipod.  You can buy magazine pouches without magazines.  You can buy entrenching tool carriers without entrenching tools.  You can buy canteen carriers without canteens.  You can even buy bayonet scabbards without the bayonet.  You want a bipod carrying case, you have to take a bipod with it.

For photo purposes I've found a source of some really good looking dummy grenades too!  That'd make the project a little spendy, but far more amusing.

14 November 2016

If They Come To Us To Be Evacuated They Are Refugees

"Donald Trump is going to deport all teh gheys!"

Deporting someone is sending them back to their home nation.

Kicking someone out of their home nation is called exile.

Therefore, "Donald Trump is going to exile all teh gheys!"

Even that's not true, because some of teh gheys are foreign nationals, and they would be deported.

Exile most of teh gheys?  Not very catchy.


After listening to one of Harvey's tiresome liberal friends go on and on about how Trump is a rapist.

I replied, "well we elected the person who was JUST a rapist then."


Has it really changed from the less evil to the less criminal?

Yeah, it has, but I don't think we elected a rapist... well not recently... it's happened before... dammit.

Erin's Back!

I found the "I Support Erin" image that had become corrupted on the sidebar and have restored it to its place on my blogroll.

I was once asked how I could support someone like Erin.

I've always been able to be friends with people who're somewhat different from me, I have friends who are infantry.  Trans seems kind of minor compared to grunt.  :D  I mean they WALK to war.

13 November 2016

Floridaman Is An FFL And Voted For HIllary

He brags about it on TTAG. (This is what it takes to get me to link to Robert Farago,  ICK)

UPDATE 22JUL18: Link to Wayback Machine Archive because they tried to memory-hole it.

The wretched hive of scum and villainy that is Arfcom says that FirearmConcierge is David Tom of Going Quiet out of Melbourne, FL.  No link.  Some allege that SubGuns confirms his identity.

I am sure that others can confirm or deny that these are the same person.

I, for one, am glad that I discovered this before buying anything from him.  Short term profit weighed against long term liberty is not a good bargain.

I hope that he goes out of business from the lack of business.


A gimlet, made with white rum instead of gin.

And it's a double quadruple!

I drink for the government.

Break Out The Bactine

Celebrities and Progressives Are Totally Confused About Why They Lost America

That, my fine readers, is a burn.

Do Try To Chill

To the LGBT community...

What will happen to your rights will be the same thing that happened when the Republicans had control of both houses of Congress while George W Bush was president.


The worst you can say of those days is there was a lot going on about marriage.

Neither side is showered in glory over that.  Both sides talked past each other and refuse to acknowledge the other side had a point and their concerns could actually be valid.

Neither side is good at compromise on this issue.

What little noise I am hearing about LGBT rights is really of the "special" rights category.  Frankly nobody deserves those.

People have rights.  All people should have the same rights.  I ask again, are you people?

If so, I want you to have the same rights and legal protections I have.  I refuse to accept that you deserve more rights and better protections.  I will fight to elevate you to my level where I have more, if you will do the same.  Because if you don't, I will also fight to drag you back down here (but never less than me).

Still...  The passage of marijuana legalizations in the same election as a Republican president and Republicans keeping Congress... the normal paradigms might not apply any longer.  I really don't think most people have a problem with LGBT.

Most people do have a problem with being talked down to and dictated to.  The bathrooms is another place where you're talking past each other again, there's some practical concerns to address here.

There's common ground to work from, find it and work out rather than stake out the extremes and work in.

Conservatives do not help matters by phrasing things in terms of abnormality.  If you want to get technical, being left handed is abnormal.  Blue eyes and blonde hair is abnormal.  We're surrounded by abnormal and we don't batt an eye (even blue eyes).  Abnormal don't mean intolerable.  Abnormal does not mean debilitating.

On the flip side, toleration is not acceptance.  Neither acceptance or tolerance necessarily mean affection.  However, something can be worked out so that everyone has the rights they deserve.  No more, no less.

The real solution to both bathrooms and marriages might be to remove government from it altogether.

If you get to marry the person you love, what does it matter what it's called?

When you have to pee, which is more important; the sign on the door or if there's an open stall?

Drinking Problem

Watching videos from Russia where drunk people are doing drunk things.

As a nation with such a drinking problem, you'd think they'd be better at functioning while drunk.


Finally a proper trailer for the live-action Ghost In The Shell.

Heck, here it is!

There's high points from the first anime movie and Stand Alone Complex.

I am cautiously optimistic.

No tachikomas (pouty face) shown yet (maybe not ever).

Lying By Omission Is Still Lying

Watch this:

I started to comment before I'd watched the whole thing...

From 1939 to 2008 there are exactly zero decisions by the Supreme Court on the second amendment. The 1939 ruling, which is misread constantly, stated that since a sawed off shotgun couldn't be considered militarily useful, it wasn't protected by the 2nd amendment; then sent it back to the lower court where the defendant had disappeared... without someone to appear in court the ruling just kind of sits unresolved. 
Prior to US v Miller the interpretation of the 2nd amendment by the Supreme Court is exactly the same interpretation that you're saying the NRA says it was. See US v Cruikshank and Presser v Illinois. While you're claiming that 2008 is some sort of new outlier in rulings, the absolutist NRA position is known as "the standard model" by Constitutional scholars, even the anti-gun ones.
The 2008 DC v Heller and 2010 McDonald v Chicago are not in conflict with the pre-1939 rulings but rather reaffirm them. 
Your 200 years of "saying the opposite" is patently false. Four out of the five times the 2nd amendment has been before the court it has affirmed an individual right to gun ownership and possession. And the third time, which is often cited as a gun-control victory, essentially says the right is restricted strictly to militarily useful guns. 
Were it not for the 14th amendment, you could argue that the States and localities could restrict gun ownership, and this is the real meat of the McDonald decision.

But then I watched more than the opening statement.

I think that if I quoted Adolph Hitler as selectively as this guy cherry picks his points in history I could prove that Hitler loved Jews.

It's so very frustrating because while nothing is exactly a lie, the truths are strung together inaccurately to make a lie.

This Is A Fascinating Idea

State Constitutional Convention

It makes you wonder if the Stupid Party didn't accidentally find a truffle like a blind pig.

Worst Use Of The Word Literally

Goes to a someone FuzzyGeff heard saying, "Trump is literally Hitler!"

Snowflake, the only person who was literally Hitler was Adolph.  He's long dead even by Space Nazi's on the Moon standards.  Assuming, of course, that you mean Der Führer des dritten Reiches, Herr Adolf Hitler.  There were and are other people named Hitler, there's a documentary about it!

Even so, Donald Trump isn't any of those people either!

He could be just like Hitler, figuratively Hitler, etc... but cannot literally be Hitler.

A Quote Going Around

Liberals spent 40 years disaggregating U.S., until finally the largest cohort in the country chose to vote as though it were an ethnic group

--John Podhoretz

12 November 2016


President-Designate Trump released a position paper on gun-rights.

"BACKGROUND CHECKS. There has been a national background check system in place since 1998. Every time a person buys a gun from a federally licensed gun dealer – which is the overwhelming majority of all gun purchases – they go through a federal background check. Study after study has shown that very few criminals are stupid enough to try and pass a background check – they get their guns from friends/family members or by stealing them. So the overwhelming majority of people who go through background checks are law-abiding gun owners. When the system was created, gun owners were promised that it would be instant, accurate and fair. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case today. Too many states are failing to put criminal and mental health records into the system – and it should go without saying that a system’s only going to be as effective as the records that are put into it. What we need to do is fix the system we have and make it work as intended. What we don’t need to do is expand a broken system."
This worries me.

What does he mean by mental health records?

I worry because there's lots of people who've been successfully treated and are no danger to themselves or others now.  The fact that they sought and received treatment should not disqualify them from owning or buying a firearm.  Or car.  Or knife.  Or gasoline.

As near as I've been able to determine, there's no law that disbars anyone with any mental illness from owning or buying a gun.

Where the law cares about your mental health is when you've been declared legally incompetent, a court record not a mental health record.

I think we've been over this before with the anti-gun crowd.

I can think of many different methods of doing the background check that would be fine by me.  A simple go/no-go call in that keeps no record would suffice.

A published and searchable list of people banned from owning guns would also do.  Such lists are already available for employers to deny employment to felons and ex-cons now.

Or we could even go full-radical on this.  Change the laws about the forever disability given to felons.  Why is someone who cannot own a gun allowed back into society in the first place?  What other rights do they lose forever without recourse for recovery when they get a felony conviction?

Can they still speak their minds?  Can they still go to the church of their choosing?

Can they be forced to let soldiers live in their homes during peacetime?

Can the cops come and search their houses without warrants whenever they want?

Can they now be reconvicted of the crime that caused the disability now?  Can they be forced to testify against themselves now?  Can their stuff be seized without just compensation?

Can we just toss them in prison without bothering with a trial, or conduct a trial in secret.  Can we skip letting them have a lawyer too?

Can we skip the jury too?

Can we make them pay off the national debt to make bail or as a fine?  Can we sentence them to torture or dismemberment?

Before you say, "of course not!" remember, these are felons or people who've been convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence.

Or does seeing that list make you think that, perhaps, that lifetime sentencing should be served in prison alone?

Not A Disney Movie

The wisdom of Marvyn:

"I just realized what all this crying about Clinton reminds me of: They wanted her to win so bad.  And all the movies say if you want something bad enough it will come true."

How many times has that trope repeated in Hollywood?

Mind Game

In many ways, economics is a mind game.

What makes someone decide to buy something is the confidence that opportunity cost won't bite them in the ass and make them wish they'd saved the money.

It's a mental exercise.

At least for things with elastic demand.

If people believe the economy is going to get better, it tends to.

Note that this is distinct from hoping the economy gets better.

If the election of Mr Trump restores that confidence and belief, we could easily avoid the dire predictions of economic collapse.

That Mr Obama's presidency was unable to restore that confidence, shows that most people who make spending decisions were seeing through the official lies published to make the world seem rosier than it was.

But an honest assessment of how bad it is, with an outline of a workable plan to dig out can make things better and faster than hiding from reality.

I've Noticed Something

I'm reading in many places about all my various hate-filled motivations for voting against Hillary Clinton.

It's incredible how detailed their knowledge of the inner workings of my mind are.


Unless James Randi has some paying to do, they can't psychically or telepathically read my mind to determine my motivations.

The other, and rather conventional, means of figuring out why I've done something is to ask me.

They've, to date, not done this.

So what they must be doing is making assumptions or outright fabrications.

11 November 2016

Bad Memories

The defense of marriage act was signed by a Democrat, but Republicans are homophobe.

The ban on importation of complete parts kits and assembling them was signed by a Republican, but Democrats are anti-gun.

The Patriot (spit) act was bipartisan, but both parties claim to champion freedom and liberty.

You have to pay attention to them individually as well as in groups.

Veteran's Day

This is for the live ones who've left the service here in the US.

It's Remembrance Day in The Commonwealth Nations.

Do something appropriate.

10 November 2016


Just for fun I decided to put together a set of retro LBE to go with the retro AR's.

While there are some serious farbs from genuine '56 web gear you can get quite close.

Alas, the H-pattern suspenders were the regular size.  In theory, those are good for people up to 68" tall, but in my experience they're sized for someone a lot shorter than that.

X-Long replacement set ordered.

Oddly, the hardest part to lay hands on was the entrenching tool.  The wood handled one with a pick head opposite the shovel...  Ain't hardly any out there.  But I did manage to find one.

I also realized that I don't have a Helmet, Steel with Ballistic Liner; M1 any more.

This is really just for picture purposes, so I don't need a helmet.

Glug Glug Glug

Today is the anniversary of the largest sinking on the Great Lakes.

SS Edmund Fitzgerald.

Que song:

Happy 241 Jarheads!

On this day, 241 years ago, in a gay bar tavern the Department of the Navy, Land Combat, Boarding and Security Operations was founded.

Happy Birthday to the junior land combat branch.  Aren't they so precocious?

09 November 2016

I Though This Was Cute

Plus, spot the metro areas on the map!

Low Cap

The five round magazine sits flush and you can easily reach the heel-latch for it.  I'd read that this could be a six round magazine if you reverse the spring.  That did not work on mine.

The extended magazine is really a +3 since it holds 8 rounds easily.  Officially it's a 7 rounder.

Genuine VBG!  Vincenzo Bernardelli,  Gardone.