03 November 2016


With several people linking to Lone Wolf's video about "How Does A Glock Work?" for some reason I am reminded of an exchange from the film Morons from Outer Space.

"How does your spacecraft work?"


"No we want to know the fundamental principles of your drive.  What allows you to exceed the speed of light?"

Very slowly, "Pedals."  "You press the right pedal and you go faster, you press the left pedal and you slow down."

That might not be the exact quote, but it captures the essence.

I've not watched the video, it's just the title that reminds me of the exchange.

"How does a Glock work?"


"No, we want to know what the cycle of operation is.  How does it fire, extract, eject and load?"

Slowly, "Trigger."  "You pull the trigger, it goes bang.  You don't pull the trigger, it doesn't go bang."

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