14 November 2016

Erin's Back!

I found the "I Support Erin" image that had become corrupted on the sidebar and have restored it to its place on my blogroll.

I was once asked how I could support someone like Erin.

I've always been able to be friends with people who're somewhat different from me, I have friends who are infantry.  Trans seems kind of minor compared to grunt.  :D  I mean they WALK to war.


  1. As Bill Mauldins Willie pointed out; "A moving foxhole attracts the eye."

  2. Walking, what's that? Yomp (or Tab if you must) although my personal preference was to Bimble.

    Although being honest about it I tended to rely on those airborne taxi-drivers or Bryll-cream boys to get where I had to be going most of the time.

    And yes, as Fleetwood said, I'd rather hunker down in a nice scrape rather than ponce around with a big shiny target painted/strapped on.

    1. I asked a grunt at 1-16 Inf when I was with 3-34 Ar what kills grunts. Then I asked, what kills tanks?

      Everything on the battlefield kills grunts, only a few things kill tanks.

      PLUS! It beats walking.

      It's an ancient debate... 100 years old now.

      The truth is tanks die without supporting infantry and infantry without tanks tends to be slaughtered when the other side has them. And never, ever, forget to bring artillery. Arty owns the field. Even if cannon cockers are a bit odd in the head.


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