05 November 2016

Police Violence

Something interesting has happened in my county.

Our Sheriff, has long stated that there isn't much police violence at all, and all of it that there is has been fully justified.

His department long resisted calls to allow third parties to examine the evidence to determine if that is true.  This resistance was clumsily given in a way that made it seem like they were hiding something.

It made people, such as I, who are naturally suspicious of the government rather more suspicious.

I have had dissonant moments with our deputies.  They always seemed polite and professional when I dealt with them.  They really seemed to care when The Boy decided to go walk-about and we needed his "at-risk" butt back home.

Well, our Sheriff invested in body cameras.

Complaints against the deputies dropped through the floor and what violence remained, being fully documented, now shows that it's fully justified.

Gee, like the Sheriff has been telling the truth the whole time!

This might be true of most places, in fact.  All the cops have to do is open the heck up to their citizens and show them it's true.  That thin blue line closed ranks stuff breeds suspicion not trust.

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  1. I'd like to say that about our county LEO's. But I can't. Worked with them. Watched them FU. Watched them Intimidate me, and for the last time I might add. But there's a big problem around here, and the quality (I.Q.) of the LEO's is a big part of it. I actually tried to become one, but I wasn't willing to cover for them, and they weren't willing to hire someone smarter.
    Watch your 6.


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