29 November 2016

Actual Measure

5.11 Tactial Purse loaded with 9x 30-round loaded M16 magazines (180x M855 ball, 90x 68gr SMK), S&W M&P 9, 2x 17-round M&P 9 magazines (115gr Hornady FMJ), 1 liter of water.

9.10 kg or 20.06 lb.

Loaded with 6x 30-round loaded M16 magazines (180x M855 ball), S&W M&P 9, 2x 17-round M&P 9 magazines (115gr Hornady FMJ), 1 liter of water.

7.65 kg or 16.87 lb.

The lighter load is much easier to bear on one shoulder.


  1. You could save almost 2oz by carrying a Glock 17 instead of the S&W M&P 9!

    1. It's more like 3 oz.! But standardization and commonality... Marv and Harvey carry the S&W.

  2. You could also save almost another 3oz by using M193 ball or equivalent. :-)

    1. Kaylee and Kevina are zeroed for the longer bullets. Commonality again.

  3. I've read back posts, and probably missed it staring me in the face, but why 'all in' the 'turse'?

    Oh, I 'grock' the 'go-bag', but when it's needed (the excrement has already hit the rotary air impeller) why does everything (e.g. water) 'remain' in that less than ideal/comfortable one-shoulder only bag? (Even just pulling and attaching your water to your belt openly would begin to lighten it substantially, no? What am I missing?)

    I tend to carry a (non-threatening/.mil looking) sabre 45 (our standard patrol pack but in OG) ruck everywhere with either a (slightly modified) Fjallraven No. 1 smock and/or a set of Vanguard 'airborne' webbing (which is relatively easily 'coverable' by a jacket – I just look , slightly more – sigh! – 'rotund' than I normally do now I'm ageing) inside depending on situation with what I may need. Push comes to ('serious') shove and I add some Karrimor PLCE mag/minimi side pockets to the sabre instead of the (optional/as needed) standard pockets – for the added 'security'.

    I 'prefer' having everything 'on me' rather than in a(n especially uncomfortable) bag I 'may' put down and 'lose' (been there, got the T-shirt and a few 'more' scars to prove it).

    The ruck is, as I said, 'civvy' looking, contains all I could need and more, yet is both more comfortable and 'wearable' than a shoulder type bag and the load is dispersed immediately anyway when 'action' begins.

    So, do you intend to carry 'as is' for 'the duration' or are there options I have (patently) missed?

    Incidentally, the ruck always has an empty bladder in it because a litre is heavy but it lasts only seconds/minutes when needed. Even the option to obtain/carry more is essential in my 'scenarios/experience' (Yes, I've been left without sufficient – “I've learnt so much from my mistakes over the years, I'm thinking of making some more”).

    Just askin'

  4. For the record The Vanguard has two standard ammo pouches per side, plus four (three in less rotund sizes) utility/water-bottle pouches. So offering (potentially) carriage of 12 mags in ammo pouches (+ 4 each per utility pouch, but since I hate 'waddling' I normally forego that considerable extra weight, but it's there if needed). (Yes I get the whole .mil look of webbing but if you're openly carrying a long-arm will anyone really notice/care?)

    The Karrimor SF Predator side-pouches have two ammo (3 mags per) and an omni pouch (1 minimi hard box or 6 SA80/M16 mags) per side.

    For the loadout you have stated I would probably 'manage' with just the No. 1 smock – seriously! (you have no idea just how much kit it can hold, it was designed to replace a small rucksack after all, and I get the added benefit of not carrying clothing as an extra on top – the modification was replacing the two rear pockets with a single large one for a Jerven Fjellduken Extreme 'shelter/bivy').

  5. I'm using this bag because I have this bag. Which is also why I am using that Israeli canteen and the M12 holster.

    I've tossed it together for fun mostly. There is no plan here. It's a "let's hang shit off the bag because we can and because we just did studies of Vietnam and Twilight 2000 web gear." The bayonet is absurd. The canteen is better stuffed inside and the holster would be better transferred to a belt. But it does put everything in one grab-able lump for later rearranging that's a lot less bulky than standard LBE.

    The OCD of weighing it is for future reference to put on character sheet. My days of grab and go ended after 1.48 seconds of freefall in 1989. I walk with a cane most days!

    I can gimp along with this pack if I HAVE to, but I won't wanna!

    Honestly if I was going to rig web gear for real I'd put the ALICE magazine pouches on the M1956 rig I have. Distributes the weight better and has the same volume as the Tactical Purse. Probably ditch the e-tool, add a canteen and change to the M12 holster too.

    And I only have the ALICE stuff because the Army didn't ask for it back, and the M1956/67 kit because I'm a retro nerd and it will look cool in pictures of the retro guns. I cannot, for the life of me, remember why I got the purse. It's possible I was thinking of making it a range bag.

    1. Although I have this urge to utilize the MOLLE loops that are on the strap's padding in an absurd manner.

    2. OK, I get it now (I'm slow, but I get there eventually ... well most of the time).

      I have a 'collection' too - QM's seem 'so' lax in asking for stuff back, don't they? A full set of 58 webbing (older than I am, but from basic) on upwards (you really think I 'bought' the Vanguard?). I've a collection of 'tools' - try German and Austrian E-tools from the sixties that are on the market at the moment, or how about some BW Marine winter jackboots - just because. (Just don't ask how much allied and 'not currently an enemy' foreign forces equipment I have after 'swaps' over the years - the rumours I can fully equip a platoon are 'slightly' exaggerated ... but only slightly).

      Me too, by the way, I'll have to do the BO-boogie a few days in advance to get anywhere now - going swimming is an adventure fighting off all the kids trying to decide whether I'm Frankenstein, or just to play join the dots with all my scar tissue. I have to supply a ream of doctors notes just to get through airport security nowadays - sigh!


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