09 November 2016

Out For Delivery

One of the sweetest phrases in the English language!

Got some gun parts and the carabiners for my arts and craft coming.

Included in the gun parts is a standard length factory magazine for the Bernardelli.  The extended one is cool, but it's a real pain in the rear.  I'm not normally obsessive about spare magazines for the .25 collection, but I remember more than once delaying a purchase and discovering that Numrich was out of the factory version when the Triple-K version was not well regarded.

Plus springs.

Spring wear out if you're shooting the gun.  If you're Crufflering, you can get your "new" gun with pre-worn springs.  The Beretta 1951 sure seems to have an easy recoil spring, so I'm going to try a different one.  Hate to beat the gun up for no good reason on a weak spring that's cheap and available.

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