31 August 2020

Why? Is Slavery A Problem There?

California is poised to create a slave reparations task force.

I am wondering why.

I just double checked and California was a free state from the beginning and stayed with The Union for the Civil War.

Why would California have a need to compensate slaves for their servitude?

Unless we're talking about the ungrateful descendants of former slaves who took the gift of freedom and...

Did nothing with it.

Unless we're talking about the real effects from discrimination stemming from Jim Crow laws.

 But, again, why would California need to have reparations for Jim Crow laws they never instituted.

Jim Crow laws are a Southern Democrat thing.

But even Jim Crow reparations are bullshit.

Since the Civil Rights Act dozens of special carve outs have been made for people of color to give them a leg up against Evol Whitey to no avail.

Maybe there'd be a point talking about reparations from Equal Opportunity and the corrosive effect it's had on people of color.  But if we start talking about reparations for the harm done by EO, we're going to be paying out to white people harmed by losing the job to an under-qualified candidate who happened to have darker skin.

The Difference

On the left: Violence is increased until a fight starts.

On the right: Violence is applied until the fight stops.

It's the difference between a switch and a rheostat.

Overheard At Dinner

My buddy JT was lamenting how far off the reservation his little brother had gotten with regards to being a flaming liberal.

Apparently the brother was going off about all manner of Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police and JT was relating the story.

I quipped, "Tell him to be careful, people like him are getting shot for it now."

Five Branches

There is a local brewery named Five Branches.

I've been in there exactly one time and had one beer that I didn't particularly care for, but friends of mine have had better luck so I'm not writing them off just yet.

Being a bit slow on the uptake, it took me a moment to realize, while looking at the decor, that the "5 Branches" are the five branches of the military and not five branches of a tree or river.

I can be taught!

I did get the owner to flash between anger and outright belly laugh when I asked to confirm it was the five branches of the military by naming them.

Coast Guard
Coastal Artillery
Lighthouse Service

The Marines not being a branch, despite their excellent PR team.

The Air Force, having left the Army, is no longer in the military...

It's all in good fun.  The service rivalries are not very serious really.

They apparently have a wall where you can buy a veteran a drink and they move a magnet from one side to the other to show that there's a drink for a vet available.  The vet gets a buy-one-get-one deal when they come in.

Taking Up A Collection

Mr Willard has slipped and fallen and broke his leg.

I'm pretty certain he's got either limited or no insurance to pay for this.

If you hit the tip jar I will see it on to him.

We'd prefer he'd not have to sell off the gun collection (again) to pay for this because one always loses one shirt selling in a hurry.

30 August 2020

Let The Lawsuits Flow

In DeShaney v. Winnebago County Department of Social Services and Castle Rock v. Gonzales the US Supreme Court has held that government has no requirement to protect any individual.

It's commonly said that these cases establish that the police only have the responsibility to protect society at large and keep the general peace...

A responsibility they appear to have abdicated in several jurisdictions.

I wonder if a suit can proceed on the grounds that the local police failed to do anything to protect society at large or keep the general peace.

Important Safety Tip

We know the four rules.

When someone is assaulting you, your finger will be on the trigger because the gun is loaded, it's pointed at something you wish to destroy and it's right there.

Your assailant.

But you don't wish to fire because you don't want to shoot until it's absolutely certain you need to.

And they grab your gun and pull it towards themselves.

The gun moves and your trigger finger doesn't... and/or... your trigger finger will clench down as you tighten your grip to retain the weapon.

Your assailant has, in essence, shot themselves with your gun.

Dear Assailants:

Don't try to grab guns away from armed people.  You'll get shot.

I think this is what happened in the Ahmaud Arbery shooting and it appears to have happened in Kenosha at least once, perhaps twice.


Most people found positive for Wu Ping Cough weren't positive enough to warrant being called positive.

Read, not sick OR contagious.

Pure Nostalgia

Having converted Twlight: 2000 to GURPS twice, I appreciate this effort at reviving the game.

I love the (extra cost) metal box!

Six Legged Motherfucker

Yesterday while doing the down-spouts there was a sharp pain in my ring finger.

I was drilling out a rivet, so I attributed it to a bit of hot metal.

Today my finger was swollen just enough to make my wedding ring uncomfortably snug.

I just put two and two together...

There was a wasp nest in the gutter.

I think I got stung by one of the little striped bastards.

We got revenge with both bug spray and by throwing the segment they'd occupied into the trash.

29 August 2020

Legos And Home Improvement

My Lego AT-AT arrived today!

I pre-ordered it months ago, so I had to put it together the instant it arrived.

I've been after a Battle of Hoth AT-AT since I was priced out of Kenner's offering in 1982.

Once I was finished with that, I had to finally replace the down spouts on the front of the house which have been in a state of jury-rig for... mumble... years.

Fixed properly now, and just in time for some rain to test them out!

And since I didn't have to use my AK, today is a good day.

28 August 2020

Donut Operator Breakdown

He condenses the timeline pretty well, I think.

Update 2345 30AUG20:
He published an addendum to the above video with some corrections and additions.

Ruh Roh Raggy

Joe Ruby, one of the co-creators of Scooby Doo has passed on.

I got many fun hours watching re-runs of Scooby Doo on afternoon TV and Saturday mornings.

27 August 2020

Because There's A Bit Of Doubt

Click to embiggen.  Mr Grosskreutz already has the pistol in his hand during his "hands up" ruse.

He's seen drawing it earlier on the approach to Mr Rittenhouse (ignore the felon part, his worst conviction appears to be misdemeanor A for drunkenly carrying a gun).

After being shot, he can't drop it because of the injury.

The More Footage I See

This is not a race war.

75% of the assailants in Kenosha are white.

100% of the assailants who absorbed a bullet were white.

What's the phrase?  Talcum X?

Interesting Discussion And Fisk

Gene Pool Bleach

Regardless of the legality of the shoot...

The three people shot in Kenosha weren't exactly choir boys.

The first one snuffed at the car dealership was a registered felony sex offender.

Number two, the "peaceful" skateboarder liked domestic abuse.

The third guy, the "paramedic" was the only non-felon shot.

I don't think the world is worse for their passing.

26 August 2020

Race: Mutt

While I play up the Scottish side of my heritage... which is really English...

It's a long sordid story with an offer of lands and titles in England in exchange for support in some silly war and my ancestors being left with ONLY the English lands and titles when the dust settled.  The family name even changed from it.

But those folks moved to America and married.

We've a family legend of a Japanese grandparent.  I've met her.  She was OLD when my great-grandparents were merely old.  I am not sure if she's a blood relative or not.  She doesn't seem to turn up on Find A Grave or Ancestry sites...

We've got WOP.  We've got Norwegians.  We've got Germans.

If it weren't for the privacy issues, I'd do a 23&Me.

But what I want on my government form isn't "Causcasian" or "White" but "Admixture American".

It's Not All I Do

I have been reading gunwriters for as long as I've been fascinated with firearms.

I have been reading carwriters for about as long.

Both have a fascination with spending my money.

Training, classes, accessories, upgrade and replace everything.

It hit me today.

They don't do anything else.

At least they don't spend money on anything else.

Not only that, they get some of it for free or are actually paid to do it thanks to their job writing about it.

It's how they can attend multiple, expensive training seminars every year.

It's how their gun can swing with the winds of popularity.

It's how they can embrace the latest and greatest accessories which make everything all better.

Gun stuff is all they do.

It's not wrong, but it warps their perspective.  I strongly suspect that even without the paying gig writing about it, they'd still spend all their money on it.

Honestly, who else would strive to write about guns, and whom else would a magazine hire?

The thing is...

I do other things that I spend my money on than firearms and training.

Wanna know what people like me have noticed?

The cycle.

X is best, buy X because Y.

Y is wrong!  Buy Z because A.

A is wrong!  Buy R because K.

K is wrong and Y was right all along...

Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.

Over and over.

Dateline Kenosha

Rioters: "Fuck tha police!  Defund tha police!"

Rioters try to steal from actively defended place.

Rioters get shot and killed.

Rioters: "Call the police!  Dial 911!"

Pick one, leftists.  Not that you're going to like either choice.

On one hand the cops show up and enforce the law.  And you all go to jail for multiple felonies related to your rioting.

On the other hand the cops don't show up and the citizenry cum militia just shoots your stupid asses dead.

On the gripping hand, Officer the militia is actually mentioned in the Constitution (you're not) so it kinda has the right (pun) of way.  If you decide to choose sides, choose wisely.

25 August 2020

A Primer For The Creation Of Racists

When a career criminal, of a particular race gets ventilated by the cops.

When people of a particular race elevate the deceased to pillar of society status.

When these people of a particular race burn, loot and murder in response.

When nothing is done to punish the people of a particular race burning, looting and murdering.

When punitive measures are taken against the victims of the burning, looting and murdering before they can begin to put their lives back together.

When the victims of the burning, looting and murdering are punished for defending themselves.

You get racism.


But it's your bed to lie in.  Sleep well.

24 August 2020

What Happens

What happens when the police have been defunded?

When there really aren't any cops coming?

Who but we?

Ich Keine Nazi!

Dear miss Hill,

First off, you're a sportsball caster.  Only a film critic is a lower form of Dancing Monkey.

As a subtype of Dancing Monkey, your opinions on anything are at BEST suspect, and routinely invalid.

To your point that the US is as bad as National Socialist Germany?

The fact that you can compare the US to Nazi Germany and not disappear like an incriminating email to Hillary Clinton says more about your stupidity and ignorance of history than anything I can come up with on my own.

Not that you'll bother to open your horizons past whatever j-school propaganda mill indoctrinated you; White Rose.

If the US was actually under the thrall of a modern fascist or national socialist American worker's party that needed sportsball equal opportunity hires to save us from... your trite little diatribe would send you to a short show trial and a quick death.

I know j-school didn't properly prepare you to examine history or facts, but you really do need to get out more.

You're wealthy enough, I suggest a trip to Poland.  The city of Oświęcim in particular.

Most of my readers have already seen what I did there.

But, Ms Hill, if you'd like to discuss parallels with Fascist Italy or National Socialist Germany, I think you should brace yourself for how similar the behavior of Black Lives Matter and Antifa are to Mussolini's Blackshirts and Hitler's Brownshirts.

It's not me or my people trying to recreate Kristallnacht or get the Reichstag lit.

I suppose I should warn you, though I do so reluctantly because I really want to see people like you get what you deserve good and hard.  The people you've aligned yourself with are known for kinetic downsizing once the useful idiots have outlived the useful part.

The true ironic tragedy here is that you think it will be ME and folks like me who will take you to a small room with a sturdy beam and a strong wire loop.  It's your fellows who do that, not me.

You're far better off with people like me in charge.  In fact, aren't you a wealthy media persona thanks to the fact that you're living in a nation that's as bad as Nazi Germany?

I know you're not capable of answering that question.

I Suspect Bitterness

Some RINOs have decided to no longer keep up the facade and openly support the Democrats.

Yeah, Flake, we knew.

No, Flake, we're not shocked.

It's not Republicans for Biden, it's Deposed RINOs for Biden.

File Under Things I Want Cops To Do

h/t 90 Miles from Tyranny.

Order Direct

The Lego I wanted went live on Lego's site at midnight.

I was waiting to pounce!

Free shipping and a bonus kit.

Wins all around!

Considering Amazon and Target appear to be completely sold out of both kits and Wal Mart doesn't seem to have taken delivery of any locally yet, I'm quite happy to have snagged them when I could.

They were released in Europe about a month ago and those sold out in less than two weeks.

Probably to people who wanted to scalp them to the US market.


The AAT kit 75283 now shows, "Backorders accepted, will ship by September 11, 2020."  I expect the 501st Battle Pack 75280 will show the same before I leave for the VA.

Update 2:

Amazon has the AAT "in stock" with a delivery date of 12th to 25th of September.  Lego has changed to, "Backorders accepted, will ship within 60 days."

Update 3:

Amazon and Lego now show the AAT as out of stock.  This is the very first time I've wanted a set that was in this high of demand, and I'm surprised that I managed to snag one for MSRP.

23 August 2020

Stop Teasing Us

Kim Jong Un in coma?

North Korea needs a good, long succession battle that substantially weakens them and breaks communism there for good.

We're getting one in November, so why should the Norks be left out?

It's Telling

When people move from one cultural area to another for the food, but there's no famine in their homeland, you know their native cuisine is pretty bad.

It says something about Scotland that many moved south to get English food.

This Wouldn't Happen If Dick Cheney Was Still Vice President

BOTH Laura and Marco are going to miss New Orleans and look to hit Texas instead.

In 2005 I was assured that Katrina only hit New Orleans because of Republican hatred of peeples du colour.

Well, here we are almost four years into a Republican term and New Orleans hasn't been devastated by a hurricane even once.

Almost as if the party in power has nothing to do with the weather.

21 August 2020

Friend Guns



Sometimes pig's teeth compressed into a simulacrum of ivory!

These guns have SOUL!

And half of them are out of production because they cannot be made economically.

The Browning Hi-Power and the Colt Super 38 both shoot well enough that I was asked to stop bringing them to a local bowling pin shoot.  The only other person to be told this was using a slide mounted red-dot on a Glock 17.

The Hi-Power and the Pocket Hammerless are out of production.

Yes, there's a Turkish clone of the Hi-Power, but it's not finished to near the same degree as this Belgian example.  That's a testimony to how hard the corners need to be cut to make a sale in today's market; and the Tisas made guns aren't being marketed as a competitor to Glock, S&W or SIG.  They're being sold to romantics who want a steel 9mm and can't afford the eye-watering price of a real FN-Browning.

I am often torn between my love of these old fashioned steel guns and the brutal efficiency of modern plastic fantastics.

I know what I carry and it's resilient polymer rather than corrosion prone steel.

Technology marches on and it doesn't care about our emotions or feels.

I gave up on the "romance" of carburetors for sequential, port fuel injection years ago.

I even learned about metal injection molding to see where it could be appropriately used (and where it shouldn't).

I'm a romantic at heart and my feels want a full-steel gun to be better than a souless plastic monstrosity at the same or lower price... but it won't be.


Ian, Karl and Russel have a project in combination with Brownell's which asks the question, "What would Gene Stoner do if he was making the AR today?"

Fairchild Aircraft created a division which asked this question in the early 1950's...

Well, they asked, "What kind of service rifle can we come up with using all of the material advances of the past decade?" when they created Armalite.

Eugene Stoner was one of Armalite's engineers.

What would Stoner do?

Design something in 7.62x51mm NATO.

Stoner is the brain behind the AR-10 and AR-16.

The 5.56 versions are known as AR-15 and AR-18; and those are James Sullivan's.

Since the WWSD 2020 project is in 5.56, it's really, "What Would Sullivan Do?"

But neither of them would be gravitating to a 16" barrel.

5.56 does best out of the 20" tube the round was designed for, even if it's adequate from 14.5".

They might compromise with an 18" barrel (like Galil and Mini-14) but I don't think they'd go 16" or shorter.

It's a neat project, but it should be noted that while WWSD 2020 is going with a polymer, fixed-stock lower:  Eugene and James went with a folding stock when they revisited service rifles...

Glock Gen 2 Prototype!

Found this on GunBroker. (Link might be long dead, but was live at time of posting)

Their description:

"This is an interesting Glock. It looks to be a proto type of the Gen 1 with the Gen 2 style grip.Please look at the single pin in the frame."

I think this seller is confused about the Glock generations.

My 1994 made Glock 17 Gen 2 is also single pin!  Well, both have two pins, there's one in the back too.

I love how people try to make something special out of something mundane.

Quote Of The Day

In a thread asking, "Have you read Atlas Shrugged?"

"It is Russian literature, written in English." -- NuyaBidness

I think we can drop the mic on this one.

Beat The RealLive Gunwriter To The Punch

Remember me talking about oddball calibers?

Tam's only a week or so behind me.

Noble Savages My Ass

Did you know that all of the still existing Indian tribes displaced or committed genocide to claim the land they're currently claiming as their ancestral homes?

You know, places like the "sacred" Black Hills?  So sacred that the Sioux are just the 3rd of 4 people to claim it?  The USA being #4.

They moved west and did to the people already there what they whine about white people doing to them.

The Sioux still exist.  They didn't wipe the Cheyenne out, but there's at least one tribe of native American who didn't survive the Cheyenne moving into the area.

Can we talk about existential conflicts?

Almost all of the senior leadership of the US Army during The Indian Wars were veterans of The US Civil War.

Union veterans.

Do you think that slavery might have been a triggering item for these officers?

The plains Indians were slavers.


No.  ALL of them.

Hitting the neighbors to steal women and children for slaves is part of their culture.

It's a reason that several Army officers felt that genocide, though the term had not yet been coined, was the only way that peace would ever be achieved.

That peace was eventually achieved without killing every last Indian is a testimony to the compassion of The United States.

The history isn't even difficult to find, despite active revisionism being done at some universities.

20 August 2020

Playing In The Rain

We've transitioned from the orange sodium vapor street lights to white LED.

I'm having a nostalgia moment because when I was a kid we had mercury vapor street lights and those were white light.

Seeing my neighborhood illuminated in white light, and being able to actually SEE the neighborhood at night, is triggering so many memories.  Good ones, actually.

They Need A Rosa Parks

Bureau of Land Management Burn Loot and Murder Black Lives Matter really needs a Rosa Parks.

Someone who gets killed by the cops who, not only, was demonstrably doing nothing wrong when killed but also someone without a criminal history as long as my arm.

For most of the people watching the riots following the death of some career criminal we're like, "maybe the world is better off without them."

These people whose deaths are triggering these riots are NOT pillars of the community.

Maybe we shouldn't be shocked that their lives came to a bad end.  Maybe we aren't all that surprised.

I get the sentiment that every life should matter, but for your life to matter you have to actually matter to society.

Criminal lives don't matter to society, regardless of their race.

Criminal lives might matter to their friends and family, but that's not society.

A question I have asked about this is, "if they see themselves in the place of the dead criminal, why do they so relate to them?"

Is it because they're also criminals?

Let's face it, if it were just about race then it would be dirt simple to find some truly innocent people who've been murdered by the cops.

Also, addressing the racist elephant in the room.  When a black criminal finally comes to the logical end of being a violent criminal, black people burn, loot and riot.  When innocent white people are killed by the police, white people write long missives on blogs and forums.

Want racism to end?  Stop acting in a manner that's consistent with how racists describe you.

This ≠ That

The fact that a proponent of intelligent design predicted that so-called junk DNA actually has a functional purpose is not a proof that junk DNA having a functional purpose means intelligent design.

It just means we didn't understand DNA as well as we thought.

It also serves as a wonderful example that the science isn't ever settled.

19 August 2020

Reasons For Quitting Facebook

While the proximate reason I stabbed, "delete account," amounts to a rage-quit...

There's many reasons to never go back to my real-name account.  My nom-du-blog Facebook is still there.

First is the flying monkey effect.  If you're in a debate with someone about a political issue and having an actual reasonable discussion; your friends and their friends can come in and be less reasonable.  Since my "friends" never come in and stand up for me, you can see why this is triple annoying to have it happen repeatedly.

Then there's the censorship.

Then there's the chance one of the flying monkeys decides that the best way to punish me is to get The Lovely Harvey fired or dox us in some other way.

Then there's the expectation that I curtail my thoughts and opinions on a myriad of topics because they're "controversial" while having to endure the opposite position on these same topics silently from others.

I'm left thinking that if all I'm supposed to post is the most superficial and non-upsetting topics, then my "friends" on Facebook aren't at all interested in being friends with me, but a shallow, banal simulacrum of me.  They're willing to tolerate what I think as long as I'm willing to stop thinking it.

And lest one think this is a liberals problem...  I get it from the "I've found GOD! since high school!" group too.

Dig the archives here and you're going to find that I support LGBT issues and don't give a fuck that Planned Parenthood is murdering babies.  I don't have any invisible friends ghost writing books telling me how to be a better slave to them.  <-- Yes, that's phrased very inflammatorily, and with a lot more derision than I actually feel towards all y'all who've found and keep Faith in the face of so much contradictory evidence.

But you will also see that I want smaller government, fewer taxes, smaller taxes, and more liberty FOR EVERYONE.

While I don't give a fuck about abortion, I also don't think that someone who DOES should be forced to pay for it.  Especially if it's the invisible friend objection and tax money is doing the funding.

Just remember The Shitheels don't do abortions and they're devouring tax money hand over fist in assistance payments.  Abortion is cheaper and eliminates Shitheels, we need more abortion not less in this case.  I support your right to not pay for abortions, will you support my right to not pay for Shitheels?

While I support LGBT stuff, I support LGBT stuff for adults.  Not minors.  You turn 18 and wanna go through the process of having your junk cut off, have at it.  If you're 11 and think you want to change permanently, NO.  And no to your mom.  And no to gender bending drugs and hormones, especially ones which will cause hellish side effects come puberty.  Speaking of which, puberty might just change how you feel.  Puberty often DOES change how many young trans people feel about it, perhaps most.  Getting out of your home town and away from your parents often changes how you feel about it too.  I looked it up.

Willard Update

Finally got the staff at the rehab center to register that Willard cannot hear the phone thanks to many years of things what go bang killing off the frequency range the ringer is in.

He's doing as well as can be expected.

They're starting slow on the exercises, but progress is being made well enough they've told him "end of the month" for discharge to home.

18 August 2020

Ain't Gonna Win

There's a penny start auction for a Colt M1894 on GunBroker.

It's going to go for a price that well exceeds my max bid, but it's fun to be in the lead for a while.

I've no idea where one would come up with .38 Long Colt anyway.

Besides, I'd need ANOTHER holster.

Dammit I Know This One

FuzzyGeff's car has been vandalized.

The outside, passenger-side mirror has been broken off.

The good news is they're designed to break away.

The bad news is it's broken away.

It's the sort of simple work I can do in all of ten minutes once I had the parts in hand.

With the 1,600 mile distance, I have to talk FuzzyGeff through "feel" for removing the trim cap from his old mirror.

Happily, the big huge secret to wrenching is it's normally quite simple.

He's armed with where to order from and a couple of YouTube vids.

We wish him luck as he walks into a wider world.

Empty Holsters

My single action Army clone...

It can sit in either my cowboy gun belt or my M1881 holsters on its M1894 Mills belt.

It can't sit in both.

This is how I end up with another gun.

The M1881 holster is cut for a 5" Schofield as well as the 5-1/2" Colt...

Cimarron carries a 5" Schofield in .45 Colt...



I appear to be safe from this temptation purchase in light of the lack of any 5" .45 Colt guns in stock.  There's lots of 7" .38 Special examples out there, which amuses me to be able to use the .38 cartridge loops on the Mills belt, but the gun won't fit the holster.

And Nobody Noticed

I nuked my FaceBook account 16 hours ago and so far the only people who've noticed are commenters here where I specifically mentioned it and Harvey.

She noticed right away.

But there's a raft of meatspace people who don't appear to have noticed.

Their silence makes me wonder if they're sitting there thinking, "Oh thank the gods he's finally shut up!"

That makes me think that we haven't actually been friends.

I've had a growing feeling that anyone who won't keep in touch without Facebook is someone who's moved on from the friendship anyway.

I'm sad because I'd thought I was still friends with a lot of people, but it appears that we were just friends in my fevered imagination.

Plus, AGAIN, I walk away and nobody even tries to see where I've gone.


It's really depressing to see that it must be you.

I'm not worth chasing down when I walk away.

I guess if I was likeable or lovable I wouldn't have a blog, huh?

17 August 2020

Ah, The Joy Of Silence

Nuked Facebook for good this time.

One Oh Eight And An Update

Did some tinkering with the New Service.

First I replaced the grody plastic, checkered stocks with a nice set of repop smooth wood.

Then I replaced the missing lanyard loop.

Finally took some pics of the markings.

This is a big gun, by the way.  2 lb. 14.5 oz. loaded.

Everyone knows how big a 1911 is, right?

16 August 2020

For Fuck's Sake

I spent the day with Marv trying to get his Fiero from the old house to his new house.

He's spent the past week getting it ready to travel and doing most of the effort of getting it from the back yard to the side yard.

He needed someone to steer it through the narrows, and I'm just the monkey for the job!

After that it was call AAA for a flat-bed to haul it the 35 miles from there to here.

3:30PM: Start call to AAA.  Did you know about AAA's app?  You can surrender all access to your phone and give AAA remote access by simply downloading their app!
3:45PM: Someone actually picks up phone.
4:00PM: Information exchanged, truck scheduled for 5:15PM.
4:00PM to 4:25PM: Get breakfast from Popeye's.
4:55PM: Driver 1 arrives.  Assesses the Fiero with a transmission stuck in 3rd and a dead clutch slave.  Decides he's not the man for the job and calls dispatch.
5:10PM: Driver 1 tells us a lift truck with dollies is on the way and Driver 2 will be there in ten minutes.
6:30PM: Driver 2 has not yet arrived.  Start second call to AAA.  Did you know about AAA's app?  You can surrender all access to your phone and give AAA remote access by simply downloading their app!
6:55PM: Someone actually picks up phone.
7:05PM: Driver 3 is on the way, 15 minutes.
7:25PM: Driver 3 arrives.  Flails around for a really long time trying to get the truck lined up at the odd angle the car's parked at.  Marv and I manfully resist telling him to step aside and let us do it.
8:00PM: Driver 3 gets it loaded.  FINALLY.  Driver 2 has not yet arrived.

Willard Update

He's no longer in the hospital!

Sadly, he's not home yet either.

He's at an in-patient physical therapy center learning to deal with using a metal bar for a structural member rather than a femur.

Dunno how long he's going to be in there, and it's especially galling that we cannot visit him to give him shit while he cannot escape wish him a speedy recovery.

Fingers crossed, and thanks for the donations!

We Have A New Neighbor

A hawk has moved into the in-laws oak tree and perches on their roof near sundown.

He's not near so camera shy as the cardinal.  I have not seen the cardinal since Harvey reported the residence of the hawk...


15 August 2020

Space Nerd Bonus Points

What's wrong with this picture.

Shit like this is why Star Wars fans get their lunch money stolen by Hard-Science Fiction Fans.

Fucking Neck Beards!

For some reason two of the Lego sets I'm wanting have been on the ultra-hot buy list.

Target released them in stores today and they're sold out across the country...


I'm looking for:

Armored Assault Tank (AAT) kit number 75283:

501st Legion Clone Troopers kit number 75280:

If you find them in stock at your local Target, I will pay you back.


14 August 2020

Good News I Guess

A three judge panel of the 9th Circus Circuit Court has struck down California's ban on normal capacity magazines.

This upholds a 2017 ruling that the ban was unconstitutional.

The 2017 ruling allowed a very brief window where Californians could buy normal cap mags, but the judge allowed the ban to stand while California appealed.

I expect that to repeat without the brief window where sales are allowed when California appeals this to an En Banc hearing of the 9th.

Then I expect California to appeal it to the Supreme Court if they lose again.

That loss is not certain because this is the 9th Circuit and a different 3-judge panel in 2015 upheld the ban.

It's taken 20 years to get this far.  How many more?

One Night In Bangkok

The New Service has plastic stocks.

Aftermarket plastic stocks.

Smooth walnut is far more appropriate.

Ebay has several listings.

Got my tracking number.

Thailand?!?!?!?!  They're shipping from fucking THAILAND?

WTF, Over?

And with DHL.  The only shipping company I hate worse than FedEx.

PS: The bitter irony is they will probably fit perfectly considering their place of origin.

NO! Bad Thag!

I just caught myself being nostalgic for my Mini-14.

I have no idea why.

I have never been so frustrated by a rifle as I was with that thing.

I was happy to replace it with a Daewoo DR200 back in '95.

Why do I keep catching myself wanting one to play with now?

Especially since what I wanted, way back then, was a Galil?

Where, Exactly, Did You Spend The Money?

Until very recently they were handing out $600 a week in unemployment.

This was often in excess of the wages earned by the person who just became unemployed.

They paid their rent/mortgage before they lost their job.

Why couldn't they keep paying it when they're actually making more money?

With that in mind, why did we need to place a moratorium on evictions and foreclosures?

Now that those moratoriums are nearing their expiration dates, why do we care that they didn't spend their money on essentials when they were raking it in?

People Laughed

Some laughed at me when I bought the guns, but I can still get ammo at normal prices.

.38 Super and .270 Winchester are still in stock at pre-Wu Ping Cough / pre-BLM prices.

While the lack of rounds is a bit of concern, my Gov't Model was banned from two bowling pin matches because I kept winning.

I've gotten all five rounds touching at 100 yards with the Savage.

I shoot them well, what can I say?

Always keep a brace of guns in an oddball, but still produced, caliber just in case the popular stuff gets hard to find.

13 August 2020

Hush Dancing Monkeys

The more Dancing Monkey opinions I read concerning politics, the more convinced I am that you need to be intensely stupid to be one.

So intensely stupid you willfully misinform yourself to prevent intelligence from taking root.

Kind of like going to the gym to build muscles, they do exercises that preserves and maintains their brains in a state which allows their dancing monkey abilities to thrive.

She Has A Name

In case you didn't know, Lego released two kits commemorating the first Moon landing.

The first set was the entire Saturn V stack of Apollo 11.

The second set is the LEM, Eagle.

They title the second set as "NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander".

These things have so many names.

Lunar Excursion Module.

Apollo Lunar Module.

Several were given names in addition to their designations.

LM-3 Spider, LM-4 Snoopy (trivia note, Snoopy is the only intact, flown LM ascent module), LM-5 Eagle, LM-6 Intrepid, LM-7 Aquarius, LM-8 Antares, LM-10 Falcon, LM-11 Orion, LM-12 Challenger.

The Lego set is LM-5 Eagle.  Eagle is not mentioned even once on the box.  Dunno if it's mentioned in the instructions.


Long time neighbor murders 5-year old innocently playing.

Where is the media on this?

This is why when they say "Black Lives Matter" we know they mean "White Lives Don't Matter."

And they're actually shocked we're stocking up on guns and ammo.

12 August 2020

Darwin Is Always Watching

Twitter Link

Not just the gun is always loaded, but he made sure the gun was loaded before breaking

I am not entirely certain he broke rule number two, since he made sure he had a round chambered before aiming it at his junk.

Same thing for rule three.  He put his finger in there on purpose knowing he'd aimed at his junk and chambered a round.

Though it appears that he got just a half-Darwin.

11 August 2020

A Right To Die

The Black Lives Matter criminal syndicate has justified looting of businesses under two grounds now.

First that the business has insurance.

Second that the looting is reparations.

Stealing is stealing even if you've managed to shift the burden of paying for the theft from the business owner to the insurance company.

You are still thieves, Black Lives Matters.  Thieves rank very low in my eye.  So low that if we changed the laws to let people shoot thieves regardless of the physical threat they pose to the shooter I'd say, "keep shooting until the stealing stops!"

I don't care what color the thief is, but if all the people stealing are black, then all of the corpses will be too.

Don't wanna get shot, don't steal what isn't yours.  That's not a racist statement.  We shoot every thief without regard to race, sex, gender, religious belief, country of origin or previous state of servitude.

You don't steal, you don't die.  Couldn't be simpler and applies to any scumbag who thinks they've a right to someone else's property.

Claiming the businesses are insured is such a scumbag thief thing to say too.

You're simply stealing the premiums the businesses pre-paid to the insurance company.  The money isn't magically appearing out of thin air to replace the goods.  It's scumbags like the criminal syndicate known as Black Lives Matter who're the reason that businesses have to carry insurance for loss to theft in the first place.  People like you were, in effect, stealing from them before you looted the place because they knew there were thieves like you about and sought protection from them.

What your looting will really do is make the place you looted close down and raise the prices at the places that remain.  And you thought you couldn't afford it before?

Watching your criminal activity is also closing the minds and hardening the hearts of many people watching you behave exactly the way the one of the few groups who are lower than scumbag thieves, racists, predicted people of color would behave.

When someone looks at the riots and looting and makes a quick comparison to shit like "The White Man's Burden," and begins to wonder if perhaps some of the reconstruction era depictions of blacks are more accurate than they really are...

You've lost the race war already and set yourself up to be oppressed like no other people ever have been in the history of the world.  American Indians will look upon you and say, "we got off light."

Because it will be from the moral high ground you will be forever oppressed.  Insert C.S. Lewis quote here.

The boot will never lift because history will remember what you did with the glorious gift of freedom bequeathed you by 360 thousand dead white men.  A gift you squandered because you did not earn it by your own hands.

A loss you will feel more keenly because you knew freedom once and will have had it taken away.

The tragedy isn't that YOU will be returned to oppression and servitude, but that literally millions of innocent, honest and hard working people who have the bad luck to share your skin-tone will also be punished with you.

But YOU made it about race.

Good job!

File Under Only Wrong When We Do It

Something interesting about diving into American history and the Native American is how often the phrase... "History doesn't repeat, but it rhymes." ...matters.
I am reading how it was wrong (and racist) for us to force the American Indian to not use their own language, to make them feel ashamed for being Indian and to force them out of their lands.
But it's A-OK! to force white Americans to not use their own language, to make them feel ashamed for being white and to force them out of their own houses and businesses.
I'll give you idiots an honest listen once you stop being hypocrites about everything you talk about.
Bonus History Lesson! The American Indian didn't experience these things until they'd lost the war. White America has not yet begun fighting the war.
Western civ and liberal democracies tend to be reluctant to start this kind of war because it so often leads to genocide.
Not once has western (read white if you must) civilization embarked on such a war and lost. Not one time.
It's gotten bored with victory and taken its toys and gone home, but it's never lost.
Remember, we're not fighting a war with you yet. Be careful what you wish for when you poke the sleeping dragon.

What If I Am Wrong

I am writing an alternate history based on a world very similar to ours, but with common and openly practiced magic where the Indians escaped the reservations to an alternate dimension...

I am not writing a doctoral thesis on The American Indian in 1899.

That means there will be glaring errors in the history.  Glaring errors in the culture.  Glaring errors everywhere.

It's an alternate history with magic.  Those aren't errors.  Those are deliberately inadvertent changes!

I'm going to do my best not to introduce those errors, but I will not lose sleep if a miss some.

A White Elephant

Marv gave me an old caplock rifle his sister had abandoned at his old house.

It's an FIE made "short" Kentucky rifle.

Something we're wondering is what size nipple wrench to get.

I sure hope it's #11, because that's all anyone appears to sell.

For most things you do a search and can find drawings.

Not nipples.

Mine measures 0.210" across the flats.  What size nipple wrench fits that?

Marv found one of his wrenches and it's just 0.180".  What size nipple is that?

10 August 2020

Then Why Did You Ask

A friend asked me to explain my politics.

I warned her that she'd have to listen for quite a spell without interrupting.

I didn't get to finish the first sentence...

Now I know when she brings up politics just to tell her to shut up.

You no listen to me, I no listen to you.

I don't think we're very far apart politically, but she came to her position emotionally.

Very Well Said Rant

Rage against the dying of the light, Drinker!

Bonus, there's no winning by conceding to the SJW so you've nothing to lose by refusing to appease.

Somewhere Someone Is Wondering Where I Went

I noticed this morning, while checking the local ABC affiliate's news web page there were instructions on how to dial your TV to the free over-the-air broadcast if you were a Dish subscriber.

The Lovely Harvey pulled the ejection handle when the CBS affiliate went dark last week.

Local programming is a $5 a month extra.

Half of the national broadcasters are off the air because of price bickering.

So I cast about to see what else was missing from Dish...

Fox Sports stuff had been gone since September last year.  Still not resolved.

HBO and Cinemax (which I didn't pay for anyway) are down from November 2018.

They've had progressively less to offer and are unwilling to support current and long-time customers.

That might explain why they're hemorrhaging customers.

I do love the threat of my unpaid bill being sent to collections.  Bitch, please.  Get in line behind the medical offices whom were paid by the insurance but decided to send us a bill anyways.

09 August 2020

No Shit Really?

Wealth Gap is ancient.

So it's clear that the archaeology and history departments don't talk much.

Feudal systems of government focus wealth to a privileged few on the backs of workers in abject poverty.

'Tis capitalism what begins to end that and break down the gap.

Republican style democracy shanked it good and hard.

The "poor" in America live in conditions that cannot be obtained for any amount of gold or spice by even the richest king 6,600 years ago.  Heck, spices are so cheap they're not even guarded at the store.

There's still a rich and poor gap in capitalism, but the lives of the poor are really much better.  The poor lack the rich's luxuries, but don't lack in basic necessities and are still nearly awash in unheard of luxury for most of humanity's existence.

Listen To The Song Of My People

h/t Technomad

Tomorrow's Forecast

Dateline 1945: Expect morning temperatures in Nagasaki to be significantly cooler...

It's been 75 years since someone pissed us off so bad we nuked them.

In those 75 years Japan has gone from being an enemy to an ally.

The ruins of Japanese cities have become bustling centers of commerce.

The bustling centers of commerce that were American cities have become ruins...

I guess the Japanese don't vote Democrat...

08 August 2020

At The Limits

Canon M50, EF-S 55-250; f/5.6, 1/1000", 250mm, ISO 640.  Tripod, manual focus, cropped a lot.

You can just barely make out banding on Jupiter.

I can't get better with the equipment I have thanks to my gigantic pixels compared to FuzzyGeff's or a full-frame camera.

All in all, I'm happy with this because I feel like I worked hard to get it.

Go Go Self Medication

My legs have really bad days.

Really bad.

Over the counter just doesn't dent it.

Well, over the counter drugs.

Booze, on the other hand, works like a jiffy!

Booze also helps with the nightmares.

Hurray booze!

Oh, and my phone died.

Hopefully it's just a depleted battery.

07 August 2020


Not that they'll read it here...

Dear idiots.

There's no such thing as a "boogaloo movement".

You don't even understand where the term comes from.

"Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo" is the '80's film it refers to which is an unasked for sequel nobody wanted.

The "nobody wanted" is the important part.

Calling a repeat of something that nobody wants as something two: something boogaloo has been part of my vocabulary since that horrid film came out.

As to how it got associated with white supremacy?

Someone on a gun board, someone else can figure out whom, said "Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo" and the meme took off.

The important takeaway is UNWANTED SEQUEL.

The real usage among the gun boards hasn't been racist, or even desirous of a new civil war.

I've seen it used more as a short-hand for John Parker's quote from Lexington, "Stand your ground; don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”

It's tiresome to have to point out that this isn't racist, but we're going to have to explain everything to our tyrant children every little thing, every single time, aren't we?

I Already Wear Hawaiian Shirts

Apparently, posting this picture to Twitter indicates you're a racist.

One person refusing to do the National Socialist salute is racist?  Sharing this picture which is readily available on Wikipedia is an indication of racism?

Hey, idiots, learn the history of the person refusing to salute.  It's also readily available on Wikipedia.

I'm not sure how Hawaiian shirts became Klan hoods, but the idiots have long been claiming that anything they don't like or understand is racist.

They've already made it clear that merely not being racist isn't enough to keep you from being racist; and defining racism in incredibly racist ways.  They're also hinting that not conforming to their ideals will bring violence to you.

Seems appropriate to have a picture of Fascists in a crowd when talking about them, huh?

Here's one for them.

Herr Landmesser refused to participate in the salute.  Actual, real live, nazis didn't physically attack him for it.

How far have you sunk when genuine German National Socialists saluting Hitler have the moral high ground over you?

Trainwreck Transfer

He formatted it incorrectly on his blog, so I just copy-pasta'd it here.

Update: And the little piece of HTML I copied and posted here has was deleted.

Thanks Google!

So I've tried to restore it...

06 August 2020

Hand Cannon

The Colt New Service arrived from Iowa today!

It is no small gun.

The single-action Army isn't known as a small gun, and it's dwarfed by the later design.

While the finish is, by no means, pristine; it locks up tight as a drum and has a mirror bore.

Just need to get my schedule shifted around to get to the range.

Rather Warm Today What



やばい! やばい! やばい! やばい!

On this day, 75 years ago, the second highest temperature was recorded in Japan and still holds the record high for Hiroshima.

05 August 2020

What Happened To That Project?

You might note that, in recent pics, my Krag doesn't have the rear peep sight I talked about installing a while ago.

Bubba, while he did a good job converting a rifle to a deer-slaying carbine, used a commercial front and rear sight set up.

The Williams sight assumes you've still got the issue military front sight, which is much taller than any commercial blade.

The HEL-E4A project is languishing because of a lack of lathe and skill to work said lathe.

I can hire both, but I'd need to seriously clean up my drawings so that I get what I want instead of what the machinist thinks I want from the drawings I have now.

The semi-auto STEN idea got nuked by the utter lack of 922r compliance parts for an otherwise very doable project from fairly available and affordable parts.

I Wouldn't Pull That Thread

Apparently VA hospital nurses are unionized.

They're not striking, but they are protesting over the imminent end of hazard pay for Wu Ping Cough.

Almost as an addendum to the article it mentions they demand an end to the systemic racism of the system they work in.

I agree.

Reduce staffing of black people from the over 65% I see every visit to the national proportion of 13%.

Did they think we didn't notice?

This is something that will fly under the radar of the average citizen because they never go to a VA facility for anything and have no idea how affirmative actioned the places are.

It's a very union shop now that it's been pointed out.  "Not my job" is rampant.


Their slogan is, "Human lives over profit!"  Ironic as the demand more money, no?

It's always OK for THEM to profit, which they never register that every dime they get will come out of something else, and that will end up costing lives.

Remember the poor old codger who died because there was no money to transport him from one side of the building to the other?

04 August 2020

Oh Baby

If I start saving now... and all y'all hit that tip jar generously...

Damn I've got a case of the wants.

It's enough to make one a Wehraboo.

Cut The Cord

Today marks the first day in over 20 years that I do not have some sort of paid subscription to TV.

I am no longer paying Dish Network for their services.

The equipment was failing and they were disinterested in seeing that it was repaired or replaced without a substantial increase in cost through signing a new contract, despite my paying extra to "insure" the equipment against such failures.

The constant dropping of channels while they squabbled with content providers over the price was also getting old.

The NHL joining the asinine trend of dancing monkeys kneeling for The National Anthem was the final straw.

You can't subscribe to cable or satellite without some of your fees subsidizing professional sports, so the only way to stop paying for these asses is to stop having subscription TV.

Done and done.

Now we see what we can get from a Roku or similar without paying for more than the box.

03 August 2020

Be Concise

Dear YouTubers and Podcasters.

Don't cram three minutes of content into ten.

Summarize your point in the introduction.

Make your point in the body.

Repeat your point paraphrased from the opening statement.

Don't make asides that don't have anything to do with the point.

Don't tell us the story that made you think of your point BEFORE you've made it.

The supporting material isn't the body and shouldn't be presented until you've made the argument it supports.

Otherwise it's just you blabbering aimlessly.

PS: Mount your fucking microphone so the only part of you I can hear is your sleep inducing voice.

I don't wanna hear you breathing, chewing or swallowing.  None of those are part of your point, are they?

You don't aim the camera at squirrels fucking in the yard, right?  Why do you aim the microphone at something besides the subject?

And Another Thing

I pulled the ejection handle on a friendship where the friend in question was getting increasingly liberal.

That was about 5 years ago.

I find it telling that I never explicitly said, "I'm done, don't talk to me any more," I just stopped initiating conversation.

Without me contacting them, they just stopped talking.

I walked away and they never bothered to see if I'd reconsider.

It makes you doubt your value, it does.

The increasingly liberal aspect is easy to explain.

Living in a liberal college town with zero experience outside liberal college towns will do that to you.  Especially when your dating poll is liberal college students.

Their lack of follow-up contact feels more like they created a situation where I'd finally give up and walk so they could say that they didn't boot me to the curb.

I've felt this way about liberal friends before.  I've a few in my wake.

It's not their fault, it's Thag who bailed.

I am, at present, without friends in Iowa, save one, because of that liberal college distortion and zero real-world experience.

02 August 2020

Jovian Moons

Galileo saw this!  With less streaking and possibly with the big red spot being visible.

Eyes being better than sensors for seeing light and dark at the same time.

Still playing with settings and trying to resolve the banding.  The moons will not be visible when set that dim.

Best attempt so far:


You're standing there, with a bloody knife in one hand and the severed head of a hooker in the other.

There's a cordon of cops with their guns pointed at you, screaming, "Drop the knife!"

All you can think is, "Why don't they want me to drop the head?"

01 August 2020

Trying It On For Size

Listening to Ice Cube rant about the evils of The Democrat Party since reconstruction Whitey...

It occurs to me we have a new term to apply to black celebrities lecturing ME about how I kept them from becoming... uh...  successful millionaires?


So every one of you black celebrity musicians, actors, comedians and athletes:

Come down from your ebony towers and see how I'm living before you try to tell me I'm keeping you down.

Because It's So Cold Outside From The Hurricane Pulling In All That Arctic Air


 Rolled the logs over and flame is restored!

Could It Be All The Corruption

Americans have a hostile relationship with their police.

We've a deep independence streak that bridles at someone telling us what to do.

The police tell us to stop doing what we're doing.

We tend to not like that.

Even if, or especially when, we've voted to make what we're up to illegal.

This gets coupled with a deep seated feeling that we didn't vote to make what's now against the law illegal.

And this resentment is plain enough when the police are honest.

Historically, they are patently not.

Historically, they rarely are.

There've been many exceptions to the general corruption and its to the credit of everyone involved that the institutional corruption endemic to city police forces has, in recent times, been greatly reduced.

Reduced, but not eliminated.

Just enough remains to remind the cultural memory that the po po are just a state sanctioned gang.

Something the, admittedly, mostly honest police have failed to do is to convince the public that the rampant corruption of the past is in the past.

This failure is centered around a failure to condemn the "bad apples" vocally and vociferously.

This is coupled with police association with another organization that is never without corruption, the labor union.

The cops, especially the honest ones, cannot do their jobs without the trust and support of the people and communities they serve.

Once place they've consistently failed is in serving their communities.  Too often everything about them is in service to themselves with little to no regard to their communities.  Most don't even live among the places they police.

It's a Gordian Knot and most people insist we untie it rather than cut.

At present the cops and people aren't really that far apart.  We need to look hard and honestly at the thin partition between us and viciously excise the elements which placed the barriers to our understanding one another.

If we don't then organizations such as Bureau of Land Management Black Lives Matter can build further separation between the honest people on both sides.

If we don't then corrupt politicians will continue to build personal armies who enforce not the law, but the edicts of the politicians.

I doubt we will and an honest citizen will have to come to regard any cop as an enemy rather than a friend because we cannot know if the cop we're dealing with is corrupt or honest.

History, sadly, says they're going to be corrupt even if corruption is actually rare recently.

Mass Not Retained

The element to element spells transmute a volume.

Earth to Air changes 1 cubic foot of earth or stone into 1 cubic foot of air.

Mass is lost.

Energy must be lost too because that block of rock is breathable air.

A wizard did it.  Literally.

The reason I looked it up is the question of what happens when a Googoo missile ward transforms the missile into water.

220gr of cupro-nickel plated lead is 1.257ml of volume and that becomes...  1.257g of water flying through the air at 2,000 ft/sec.

Don'tcha just love how consistent I am about measurements?

That water is going to be steam really fast and going to stop pretty much dead as soon as it transforms.

But now I know how long-range rifle fire will be handled against the wards.

Look Brain...

Talking to FuzzyGeff and I can't focus on what I'm talking about.

Almost falling asleep.

Get ready for bed and it's like a cocktail of crack, meth and adrenaline for my brain.

Now I am AWAKE for no damn reason.


Got plenty of research books to pore through for Sabers and Sorcery...


If wearing masks is effective then wearing one will prevent you from sucking up the virus and everyone else can skip it.

It's not something that requires two layers to work.


There's masks what capture it and keep you from spewing it out.

There's masks what filter it out and keep you from sucking it in.

They are not what everyone is wearing.

They are not bandanas.

If a bandana is effective then one layer is just fine and you go to town wearing one while I breathe normally.

Nuke The Unions

I've noticed something reading about cops and teachers in our post Chinese Bio-Warfare world...

The teachers and police unions are giving orders to their members.

These orders are being obeyed.

It occurs to me that the teachers and the police work for the unions and not us.

It also occurs to me that if they work for the union, then the unions can pay them.

I'd rather that they worked for US and not some third party insinuated between us.