31 August 2021

Mox Nix

All the war materiel we left behind in Kabul?

Mox nix.

A bunch of small arms?  So what.

Some light artillery?  So what.

Some common aircraft?  Big deal.

We export this shit to just as scummy people every day under damn near the same financing terms.

It's not going to make any difference than if we'd managed to pack it all up and bring it home.

It's not like anyone here in the states would ever see any good from it.

We're not allowed to own such things as common, everyday modern small arms.  We're only allowed defanged versions.

If this kind of detritus was brought back and once declared surplus was sold back to the people who originally paid for it; I'd be upset we abandoned it there.

But if it'd been brought home, it would have either been given to the next tinpot dictator or destroyed.

I'm a mind to write my congress-creatures and tell them that maybe we don't need to buy the military new stuff if they're going to be so wasteful.

WIthout Words

You're getting GURPS minutia because I am pissed off beyond words about what happened with our withdrawal from Afghanistan and what's going to be happening here because of the unvetted importation of people who've no wish, let alone ability, to become Americans once they arrive.

I had hope for 20 years that we could create the conditions that would allow them to remain Afghans and in Afghanistan.

It was a vain hope.  I didn't really expect it to work, and I often thought that it didn't even have a chance because we kept making the assumption that there was an American in the Afghan trying to get out.

There wasn't.  There isn't.

We kept trying to impose stupid shit on them that doesn't even fly HERE, and we're a lot more open to such ideas.

I fear that a lot of good people are going to be eating a barrel soon because the question "What did I fight for, what did my friends die for?" is going to be paramount in their minds.  The answer is going to come back, "Less than we started with; because we imported a lot of them here."

How do I know bringing Afghans here to remain Afghans will be a clusterfuck?

Ethiopians remain Ethiopian in Minnesota, and it's a clusterfuck.

I am sick of America being the dumping ground for this shit and not being able to impose MY culture on these new immigrants colonists and having to tolerate them outside their little, ever expanding, enclaves while they impose their cultural norms on me.

My anger does not extend to any immigrant who learned our ways and has joined us as an American.

My Italian forbears were such.  Italians had to endure conditions not far removed from racial bigotry to become accepted as just another funny last-name in America, but they did it by melting into the crucible and joining the alloy which makes America great while discarding the slag which would weaken it.

Everyone forgets that the melting pot is a crucible and not a stew-pot.

But What About Leather?

The biggest change from 3e to 4e Low Tech is in the leather armors.

The leather jacket from the 3e Basic Set.

A leather jacket covered the arms, torso and vitals (6, 8-11, 17-18) with PD 1 DR 1 for $50, 4 lb.

It's pretty much the same for 4e (8-12, 17-18) with DR 1*, $50, 4 lb.

There's no such thing as DR 1 leather in Low Tech.

Your choices for flexible leather is:

Light leather for DR 0/1* (higher for cutting), $270, 5 lb. or:

Medium leather for DR 2/1* (lower for impaling), $150, 18 lb.

Light leather is the closer match.

Traditional cuir bouilli leather for the torso (9-11, 17-18):

3e Leather armor, PD 2 DR 2, $100, 10 lb.

4e Basic Set Leather armor, DR 2, $100, 10 lb.

4e Low Tech hardened medium leather, DR 2, $63, 7.5 lb. (lighter AND cheaper!) or hardened heavy leather, DR 3, $125, 12.5 lb.

Armor Comparison

Let's compare the some various versions of low-tech armor in GURPS.

Note, coverage of 9-10 also covers the vitals (17-18) in all editions.

3e Basic Set and Low Tech.

Bronze breastplate, covers areas 9-11 front only (torso are 9-10, groin is 11) with PD 4 DR 4; $400; 20 lb.

Steel breastplate, covers 9-11 front only, PD 4 DR 5, $500, 18 lb.

4e Basic Set, PD is dropped.

Bronze breastplate, covers 9-10, DR 4F (F meaning front only), $400, 20 lb.

Steel breastplate, 9-10, DR 5F, $500, 18 lb.

4e Low Tech

Bronze breastplate for torso (9-11) is medium plate, DR 6F, $10,000, 10 lb.

Steel breastplate for torso (9-11) is medium plate, DR 6F, $2,500, 10 lb; but is TL4 which should double the price for a TL3 character.

Bronze medium plate covering just the chest (9-10) is DR 6F, $3,750, 7.5 lb.

Steel medium plate covering the chest is DR 6F, $937.50, 7.5 lb.; which, again, should be double price at TL3 if such advanced metal is available.

3e calls mail "chainmail"

A complete shirt, covering the arms and torso (6, 8-11) PD 3 DR 4 is $300, 34 lb. including the padding.  Chainmail is PD 1 DR 2 vs impaling weapons.

4e Basic Set 

Mail hauberk and sleeves (8-12) DR 4/2* (lower DR vs crushing, * means flexible) is $300, 34 lb. 

4e Low Tech

Fine mail covering arms and torso (8-12) DR 4/2* (lower vs crushing) is $1,350, 22.5 lb.  Adding padding is a matching shirt of padded cloth armor for another DR 1*, $60, 7.2 lb. for a total of DR5/3*, $1,410, 29.7 lb.; but DX -1!

Going with Low Tech is a significant saver of encumbrance, but harder on the wallet.  The GM is the arbiter of which list the player uses.

Considering that the players almost always want an esoteric weapon only found in Low Tech, they kind of open up that can of worms themselves.

The biggest drawback of using Low Tech is you have to sit down and figure out what kind of armor you want over what hit location, and it can get VERY detailed.  It can also be quite simple.

Low Tech's big advantage, in addition to weight being better, is you can configure your armor exactly how you'd want it.

For example, a short sleeved mail shirt is very common.  This covers the chest, shoulders and upper arms (8-10, 12) but the armor only protects the arm if a 5 or 6 is rolled on 1d.  The heavy mail version is DR 5/2*, $1,140, 17.1 lb. (DR 6/3*, $1,188, 22.8 lb., DX -1, with padding)   Fine mail drops to DR 4/2*, $855, 14.3 lb. (DR 5/3*, $903, 20 lb., DX -1, with padding).

Scale armor was about the best bang for your buck in 3e.

Torso coverage (9-11) is PD 3 DR 4, $420, 35 lb.  Plus arms is $630, 49 lb.

4e Basic Set is DR 4, $420, 35 lb as well.  Plus arms is $630, 49 lb.

4e Low Tech medium scale DR 4 is $550, 28 lb.  Adding arm coverage comes to $875, 42 lb.

A short sleeve medium scale shirt similar to the mail shirt above is DR 4, $523, 26.6 lb.

You can't make the short sleeved, short shirt with the 3e or Basic Set rules!


The characters I converted from 3e to 4e and then updated their armor from Basic Set to Low Tech were straight conversions.

If the 3e character had x then the 4e character got it too.

Even if the change in point or G$ cost would make the character impossible or illegal if made new by exceeding the starting points or starting wealth.

Looking at a couple of them, I'd definitely not make the same armor choices due to costs because the starting wealth would have meant not being able to afford it.

In some cases, there's a better option for less money and, thanks to Basic Set armor being unrealistic, less weight.

The armor in Low Tech is very well researched against historical examples and you really begin to understand why some armors are so well represented in the archaeological history.  You also see why some armors are only found in Royal collections...

Still, it's great fun!

Well That's Done

Went through all my 4e characters and updated what Low Tech armor there was to the new edition's standards.

Anachronistic TL4 plate is on a couple of them at TL3, but they're from magic worlds.  With the heat spell, getting large enough blooms to make plate armor probably happens a lot earlier.

There were fewer characters that needed it than I feared.

29 August 2021

It's Not Supply And Demand It's A Conspiracy

Yes, you Facebook Chowderhead, the ammunition companies are deliberately choking production to reduce supply JUST to fuck you over.
It's people like you that prove, every day, that economics isn't being taught in schools.
What's worse, you fucking asked what incentive the ammo makers had in expanding production. I tried to explain.
But I'll do it in more detail here.
When supply goes down against demand, prices go up.
If the supply is exhausted before the demand is satisfied, you can increase the supply without affecting the price much.
What that means is choking the supply in the face of unmet demand is leaving money on the table, giving an incentive to stop choking the supply and make more money meeting the demand.
The real reason that ammo makers aren't rushing to expand production is the demand bubbles last just long enough to fuck anyone who's expanded production to meet an artificial demand spike. It's happened before.
But I think we've moved to a place where there's a large enough increase in the demand that it will remain much higher than the historical norms and expanding production will be justified.


Ida is going to bring a nightmare scenario for gas prices according to FoxNews.

Prices could go up 5 to 10 cents per gallon!

Bitch, please!

The nightmare scenario was when it went up 75 to 90 cents when Biden took office.

Oh, another dime?

That's within the normal monthly fluctuation.

A Good Socialist At Last

Ed Asner, a known dancing monkey, has finally died.


A pity he hadn't died younger, when he was just an actor rather than a socialist piece of shit.

Fuck him.

28 August 2021

Tinker Tinker Tinker

Marv, being someone who hates the motherfucker in the next lane and their goddamned AR pistol and it's muzzle blast, has decided to retaliate with a muzzle brake on his BEBoG carbine.

What that did was give us a take-off A2 flash-hider for ME to steal to replace the A1 hider on Lavender Linda.

I'd originally planned to use the A2 I have lying around, but...

One of the dangers of surplus parts is getting a part that was DX'd.  It is a lot more smushed than my photography can capture.


A retiarius fought with a net and a trident.  Mine didn't come with a net.

Lego makes a web that will do, for now.


When you would slowly close the bolt on Brenda the BEBoG carbine, it'd hang up just as the gas tube entered the gas key.

That's a symptom of a misaligned barrel nut.

This sort of thing can cause stoppages once the gun gets good an warm.

Luckily, I have the tools to properly align the barrel nut.

What I did not expect is for the barrel nut to be so overtorqued.  They went almost a full tooth past where they needed to go with it.

It's fixed now, and doesn't appear to have lost zero comparing the co-witness of the red-dot with the irons.

I will have to hit the range to confirm that, of course.

27 August 2021

Pistol, .45 Calibre, Semi-Automatic, Saddle

The CZ97 B is the new king of the horse-pistols!

Pictured with a 50¢ piece.

Actually a dime :)

It's like a classic CZ75, but bigger.

You get ten plus one shots of .45 ACP in a "svelte" 2 lb. 15.2 oz. package.

Oddly, it fits my hand very well.  It feels smaller than it appears in person; in pictures it looks a LOT smaller than it is.  The trigger is quite nice in both double and single action dry firing it.  The safety is located well and easy to manipulate.

There's a little nubbin that protrudes out the top of the chamber when there's a round in there.

Range report coming soon!

Quote Of The Random Interval

4chan should let /pol/ be read into the congressional record on condition that it’s during a joint session and we all get to watch.

Hitting The Zero Target

Aiming for one second between shots, at 25m I consistently hit a 4" target under range conditions with irons.

All-Out Attack (Determined) +1

No risk to self +1

No risk to others +1

Braced +1

Well lit indoor range +3

Known distance +3

Acc +5

Range -7

Target size -8

Net skill penalty -0

Out of 18 shots, one missed the 4" target.

That's a 17/18 hit percentage, 94%.

That means I had a 15 or less to hit the target.

That should translate to a Guns/TL8 (Rifle) of about 15.  I'm impressed!

26 August 2021

Another Treatise On Manners



Beating The 9mm With Super Powers

GURPS 3e 9x19mm stats are: 2d+2 crushing, RoF 3, Acc 3, 1/2D 150, Max 1,900

GURPS 4e 9x19mm stats are: 2d+2 pi, RoF 3, Acc 2 Range 160/1,800

GURPS: Supers (for third edition, 4th printing) gives range stats of 10 * power for the max range and 1/2D is half that.

So power 1 gives Max of 10, power 2 Max of 20, etc...

Each power level of the crushing attack Stone Missile costs 6 points.  So a base of 12 points to get to 2d crushing, Acc 1, 1/2D 10, Max 20.

Accuracy enhancement for Acc 3(+10%).

Rapid Fire enhancement for RoF 3 (+80%).

And no means of increasing the range without increasing the damage too...

To get the 150 1/2D of a Glock, you need 30 levels and will now do 30d and cost 405 points.  The max range still falls way short at 300.  Yes, that's more than twice what a .50 BMG does for damage... at the same range as a pistol...

Since halving the range is a -5% limitation, one could argue that doubling the range is, likewise, a 5% enhancement.  To get from a 1/2D of 10 to 150ish... needs to be doubled four times or +20% to (mostly) match a 9mm pistol.  Still short some damage.  +2 is a half die, so... 2.5 levels of Stone Missile?

32 points and the 1/2D range is slightly better than a 9mm.  2d+2 crushing, Acc 3, 1/2D 200, Max 400.

How about 4th edition?

You start with Inate Attack - Piercing.  5 pts/level (1d pi per level).  Acc 3, RoF 1, 10/100.

2.5 levels for 2d+2 pi.  13 points, base.

Increased Range at 10% per level needs 4 levels, or +40% to get 200/2,000 (close enough to 9mm).

Rapid fire for RoF 3 is +50%.

Accuracy will be reduced by 1 for a -5% limitation.

23 points for 2d+2 pi, Acc 2, RoF 3, Range 200/2,000.

Unlimited ammo in both the 3e and 4e cases, as a super should have.

Once again, 4th edition is MUCH simpler to work out what I wanted to do and it really underscores why we stopped trying to use GURPS 3eR for supers and went back to Champions/Hero.

Blind Persistence

Iron sights are increasingly blurry in my dotage.  BUT!

I can still get in the ballpark.

Took Lavender Linda to the range for her first 5.56 shots.

Did the 80's milspec zero at 25m with Aussie F1A1 ball.  First shot wasn't even on the paper, it went WAAAAAY to the right.  It also failed to extract.  The next two I moved my point of aim left and got it on paper, and had another failure to fully extract (got out of the chamber this time).

It was then he realized that he'd never put even a drop of lubrication on the bolt carrier group.

The remaining 27 rounds fired reliably with a few drops of LSA to ease the way.

Considering how blurry the front sight was, I'm fairly happy with it.  That's either 18 or 21 rounds at 25m just to confirm that the zero took and the gun was running acceptably.

Thanks to my anonymous donor for the barrel!


I dropped the $8 to get 3e GURPS: Supers.

It's not the 3e GURPS: Supers I used to make the 3e character with the pathetic range.

They sell you both the 4th and 5th printings which are substantially different from the 1st printing we were playing.

This is going to take some time to relearn.

One thing that didn't change from the first printing to the fifth was the shitty organization.

So Much For That Idea

I was going to do a little comparison between 3eR and 4e GURPS and Supers to show how many points it took to equal a 9mm pistol.

But I don't seem to have a copy of the 3e version of Supers.

I ain't so sure I wanna drop $8 on a pdf just for the sake of a post.

I do remember how poorly laid out the 3e book was and how hard it was to get anywhere with powers design.

Didn't Get Much Done

It seems like it takes me more time to change from task to task than to accomplish any given thing.

But getting things done is the important part, right?

I know I'm falling behind with the free ice cream.

25 August 2021

Interesting Times

Is ordering a soldier to take a vaccine a lawful or unlawful order?

Especially a vaccine that increasingly appears to offer little to no benefit with regards to the current strains.

Especially a vaccine which has a non-zero chance of serious health complications which exceed the risks of young, fit troops catching the actual disease.

I think there's going to be some lawyers with the ability to book a trip with Space-X when this is done.

OK Doc, HOW?


Worse than death?

Unvaccinated patients burst into flames or something?  Explode?  Become zombies?  Register Democrat?  Learn something about the Clintons?

Help me out here, I mean I just have a business admin bachelors and associates in machine design, we didn't cover worse outcomes than death.

24 August 2021

Lego Gladiators

Lego retiarius and either a hoplomachus, mirmillo or thracian.

Religious Objection

I've often claimed Atheism just to get people to shut up and leave me alone.

That's not entirely true.

The tenets of my religion cannot be discussed with outsiders.

Either you're a member with me, or you're not and if you are you know how to open the conversation so I know you're a fellow.

This creates constant difficulties explaining my 1st Amendment right to pursue my Faith.

But since it's a right I'm not supposed to HAVE to explain it to heathen non-believers... I am often very pissed off that explanations are expected.

But I'm prohibited by the tenets of my beliefs to explain shit to outsiders.

23 August 2021

Broke The Paradigm

There was once a time when I played Champions regular like.

In fact, I started playing THE Super Hero Role Playing Game before I became an avid comic book reader.

Because GURPS 3e, like Champions (which the Hero system is based on) is points based, and since the GURPS tool-box has all the stuff you need to make a super-hero... PLUS a Supers supplement...

It was a no-brainer to make Supers campaigns.


It was very expensive to buy a ranged attack that could out-range a 9mm pistol.  48 points got you a pretty epic 7d(3) impaling attack that only did full damage to 17 yards and was maxed out at 34!  Rof 2.  Oh and you can't use it in high magnetic fields or underwater the way I bought it.  And it needed to be coupled with 72 point gravity power.

120 points and someone with a Glock can shoot at you with impunity from 50 yards.  Not that I was scared of Glocks with 74 points of hardened DR

With the default 500 points in hand, it occurred to me that I could go very dark and not break any rules.

Make a normal 100 point character who's a sniper and toss 400 points into wealth.

Buy a bespoke .50 Cal rifle (13d(2) crushing and 2,200 for 1/2D range with a max of 7,100 yards) and pop villains as they cross into the line of fire.  Fire your shot, relocate while the round was still in flight and set up in a new location.

This made me the target of the heroes!  You didn't just KILL the bad guys.

But taking one action a week isn't fun for long.  My character escaped justice because I stopped playing him.

Then I noticed that I could make a normal 100 point character with 100 points of wealth and 300 points of Advanced and have nigh invincible technology.  And have a weapon that certainly out-ranged a 9mm pistol.


“The shopping cart is the ultimate litmus test for whether a person is capable of self-governing. To return the shopping cart is an easy, convenient task and one which we all recognize as the correct, appropriate thing to do. To return the shopping cart is objectively right. There are no situations other than dire emergencies in which a person is not able to return their cart. Simultaneously, it is not illegal to abandon your shopping cart. Therefore the shopping cart presents itself as the apex example of whether a person will do what is right without being forced to do it. No one will punish you for not returning the shopping cart, no one will fine you or kill you for not returning the shopping cart, you gain nothing by returning the shopping cart. You must return the shopping cart out of the goodness of your own heart. You must return the shopping cart because it is the right thing to do. Because it is correct. A person who is unable to do this is no better than an animal, an absolute savage who can only be made to do what is right by threatening them a law and the force that stands behind it. The Shopping Cart is what determines whether a person is a good or bad member of society.”

Noted Philosopher G. Danzig


21 August 2021

No More Ammo From Russia

So, who else makes Soviet/Warsaw Pact ammo?

I can see an export opportunity for Serbia, Czech Republic and Poland here.

I'm getting sick of these ammo bans, but I'm also OK with not sending money to nations to hate us just for the sake of cheap goods.

I'm conflicted, but I'm more upset about executive fiat bans on legal goods.

F-15 Fullly Featured And Festively Hued


Linda is now 5.56x45mm NATO and has a bayonet lug.  It is now in full violation of the (expired) 1994 (So Called) Assault Weapon (But Not Really) Ban.

I managed to break three of the four #31 HSS bits I had cutting through the nitride finish.  What a bother!

But, it's on and it appears to be straight.  Blowing through the chamber with the muzzle plugged causes air to come out the gas block, so there's that!

As you can tell from the color, this is not intended to be a serious use gun, so it can be a really crappy one for fun's sake.

However, there's nothing that leads me to believe that there's anything wrong with it.

The Assault Victim Is Home

Marv is now known to the local medical professionals as, "the turtle guy".

It was a comminuted break of the left humerus.

We think he might have rolled over the damn tortoise to get the break to go like it did.

He's got metal parts holding it together and has a plan to follow to recovery.

Plus good friends to help him out.

Caliber Conversion Kit


All I needed to order was a barrel nut, handguard cap and barrel.  Everything else was in the bins.

I think I will wait for the puddle of lead in the garage to solidify before drilling the front sight base for the taper pins.

That's Not Piss In Your Pocket

The internet went out in my entire neighborhood for my carrier.

The lengths the online chat person took to deny that it was more than just my house was actually impressive.

I got a text at 0804 this morning indicating that the outage the chat-bot denied existed had been resolved.

I learned that I can exist without the internet, but I've got some real habits about using it that I kept trying to activate while watching videos.

Like compulsively checking IMDB and IMFDB.

On the gripping hand, I'm finally watching the complete collection of The Rockford Files.

Jim Rockford's adventures, by the way, have aged pretty well.

20 August 2021

No Internet

 The whole area is down.

Emergency Room Observation

The hospital Marv went to was understaffed, critically.

One of the nurses mentioned that they went from 5 people to cover 3 shifts to just 2 because of people quitting.

Another mentioned the endless overtime and stupid "safety" mandates for their former co-worker's departures.  Implied was "meh" pay.

What we didn't see was people coming in for COVID-21 (let's be honest about designating a new mutation of COVID-19 shall we?).

Mostly it was the normal, everyday, Florida peeps.  Homeless and elderly coming in for the types of injuries that they normally incur.

Plus a salting of prisoners from Pasco County Jail for spice.

It was pretty clear that the crisis here is from a lack of staff and not a lack of space to put patients.

Visiting Marv in his room confirms this impression.  There's lots of beds, there's a lack of people to cover them properly.

Something that really made all of the medical professionals day was thanking them.  Too many people, and we watched them, treat nurses like "the help".

At The Vet With The Bear

 Our problem child, The Bear, has decided to chew a hole in his tail.

Some people's cats! 

UPDATE: The Bear is back and wearing the cone-of-shame.  What probably happened was, while fleeing from his asshole brother and the kitten, he snagged his tail on something sharp under the furniture.  That got infected and formed an abscess.  Once that started hurting, he chewed on it until the pressure relieved.

The Tortoise Is Fine


Marv discovered this little rascal on its back in his garage.

Attempting to rescue it, Marv snagged his foot on a loop of coax and fell.

While the tortoise was unharmed, Marv broke his arm.

Prayers for his swift recover.

I followed the ambulance up at 8pm.  At 0100 he was still stuck on a bed in the hall,but he'd gotten x-rayed and CAT scanned.

19 August 2021

There Go Half My "Readers"

I looked at the stats and noticed a sharp decline in page views.

Just like I looked a while ago and noticed a sharp increase.

Something or someone in Sweden, using Firefox and a Mac (many someones according to the stats) was hitting the blog pretty hard.

Today... no hits from Sweden at all.

I'm guessing that it's just people actually reading remaining.

Dry Fire Ruminations

My love affair with the S&W Model 59 begins long before I could even own a firearm legally.

I bought a Daisy Soft-Air Model 59 from K-Mart.

I had a lot of fun with that toy gun.

Daisy did an excellent job of making an homolog of the S&W.

Every time I handle it, I am taken back to The Memorial Union and hanging with FuzzyGeff and Gerber.

The Daisy is the "gun" we used to walk Ben from The Union to the ISU library, in broad daylight.  Nobody even batted an eye, not even the campus security who sped away.

The safeties are different.  The real gun's safety is cosmetic and replaced by a sliding stud on the frame of the airsoft.


The whole point of this post is my getting familiar with DA/SA pistols.

Doing dry fire drills I've managed to find a grip where the sights don't meander when I pull the double-action pull and isn't different from a good single-action pull.

I'm really liking this old gun!

Enough to carry it?

Prolly not.

But I could.  Especially if Florida ever got open carry.

Mec-Gar makes 17-round magazines for it that work splendidly, making it just a little heavier than a Glock 17 or 45 or a S&W M&P-9 with the same number of shots.

There's nothing wrong with the design at all, beyond it being complicated and expensive to make today.

Obviously, it's survived since 1975, it's durable.


18 August 2021

Blame Game

Bush II put us in Afghanistan.

Obama didn't get us out.

Trump didn't get us out.

Biden still hasn't gotten us out.

Regardless of how we got there and whatever we accomplished or failed to accomplish:  All four of these presidents DEMANDED the job.

They were not begged to take it on.

They were not forced to take it on.

They fought to get the job.  Scrabbling over all competitors to attain the position.

That means when it all goes wrong, it belongs to the current holder of the title.

Congratulations, President Biden!  You earned it.

None of this says that Mumbly Joe didn't by act and deed make the situation far worse than it could or should have been.

But he wanted to hold this position and he's getting it in spades, more so because he isn't very good at it.

17 August 2021

Someone Call Antifa

If someone is willing to cling to the landing gear of a nation's military aircraft to get to that nation, it is NOT a fascist state.

Just sayin'...

Taliban Is Rounding Up Civilian Arms

What is it about tyrannies and disarmament?

Rhetorical question, we know what it is.

It's so much easier to BE a tyranny when the populace can't do anything about it.

Oh, those "civilian" arms they're rounding up are the real deal, full auto type assault rifles not the neutered versions we're tenuously clinging to the right to own here.

16 August 2021

Sing It With Me!

Bluster on, master race; kick some ass in hyperspace;
Our space opera goes rolling along.
Shoot that smerp (what a grouch!) Drag that broad behind a couch.
Our space opera goes rolling along.
Fasten seatbelts please--
Here we go at 50 G's;
Scrape yourself up from the floor.
If this violence offends,
Burn a cockroach with your lens.
Our space opera goes rolling along!

Not a rest-room in sight! (second cluster on your right...)
Our space opera goes rolling along.
Solitaire getting dull? Something's eating through the hull.
Our space opera goes rolling along.
Batten down that stuff!
Negaspace is getting rough.
Should have camped out on Deneb 3.
Scramble eggs or scramble guts,
Just remember which is what.
Our space opera goes rolling along!

Power up! Screens aglow! Battle stations! Here we go!
Our space opera goes rolling along.
Never lose your aplomb (try an antimatter bomb).
Our space opera goes rolling along.
Well it's Crack! Crack! Crack!
All the screens are turning black.
Shoot! What the heck do we do now?
Choose another from the stacks:
Half price on all paperbacks.
Our space opera goes rolling along!

Am I The Only One?

 Nine Inch Nails logo:

New KIA logo:


Jumping Outta Airplanes Day

I would have said jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, but... we're talking the USAF here.

Happy National Airborne Day!

It is also National Rum Day!

Thank You Anonymous Donor!

Well, not really anonymous, rather they asked not to be named.

Linda will cease to be a 6.8x43mm and begin to be a 5.56x45mm.

I got the order in to Palmetto State Armory just in the nick of time too!

While confirming that I'd forgotten to get a barrel nut, I saw that the barrel I'd ordered was no longer in stock.

16" mid-length 1:7 nitrided for those playing at home.  Plus a 0.75" triangle handguard cap.

I already have the front sight base, taper pins, muzzle device, and delta-pack.

Gas tube, handguards and sling swivel will be moved from the old barrel to the new barrel.

15 August 2021

Soon To Be Just As Famous?

Pic stolen from: https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/taliban-announces-it-controls-all-afghanistan-territory-us-scrambles-to-flee-helicopters-evac-embassy-from-roof-just-like-saigon-in-1975

Whims Of Fashion

Linda is in 6.8x43mm SPC.

I'd like her to be in 5.56x45mm so I can use the purple dyed PMAGs with it..

Anyone out there need a 16", midlength, chrome-lined 6.8 barrel and bolt?

Three Position

When you have a "NUKES" position on your lower, you want your selector to be able to use it.

"But that's illegal!" you say.

Nope, perfectly legal!  If you follow ATF's guidance and file off the cam surface which would engage the tail of a full-auto disconnector.  I ordered this selector pre-neutered.

ATF also says to not have a hammer with the hook for the auto-sear, a trigger with the gap for the disconnector tail and a disconnector with a tail in the house with your AR unless you've got a Form 1 or Form 4 making it legal to have an MG.  Oh, and don't have an auto-sear either!

But any part, but the auto-sear, can be modified to use in a semi-auto legally.  Even more fun, if any part is neutered, full auto is disabled and the third position is semi-auto.  Also perfectly legal.

Now I have all three positions with my neutered, and well worn, selector!

14 August 2021

Systemic Failure To Prosecute A War

The Taliban is resuming control of Afghanistan.

There's no surprise there.

We never did do anything to kill them off, because that would have meant attacking Pakistan too.  It might have meant attacking Iran as well.

We're not good at persecuting the enemy wherever they hide.

We let them have safe harbor across a handy border.

So they always win because they can wait us out.

On September 12th we could have gotten a declaration of war from Congress and the world would have stood back from our righteous fury as we scoured the Earth for these pricks.

Lots of places had an "Oh fuck!" moment every bit as frightening as August 6, 1945 was to Japan when our military was slipped from its leash for a change.

But then it ran long enough for the idiots to come in and start nation building from places which weren't completely defeated and demoralized; just beaten around a bit.

Asking Iraqis and Afghans what they wanted in their new government instead of dictating how things would be run from now on was a mortal mistake.

Trusting America and our promises is also a mistake you only get to make once.

We'll be paying for that shit for generations.

About That Shorter Sidebar

Blogger has limited it to the ten most recently updated blogs now.

There's a "show all" at the bottom to let you see the rest of them, just in case you didn't notice.

A couple of them have been moved to the "Blogs That Used To Entertain" sidebar, just in case they come back from hiatus.

Robert Peel Would Be Ashamed

As a matter of fact, I am the police when it comes to protecting my property because the cops ain't going to do shit.

To advise me to call the police and hope is akin to telling a rape victim to "lie back and think of England."

Wanna know what I want?

Change the laws in the true spirit of "property isn't worth dying for" and let me shoot the thief from a safe distance.

I am comfortable with the moral position that a trespasser who's stealing has forfeited their life.  Does a Hell of a job preventing recidivism too!

The law protecting thieves is unjust and immoral.

And don't cop out and say, "that's what insurance is for."  Insurance rarely covers the replacement value of most things... unless you pay enough to replace them every 90 days.  I checked.

Insurance, also, does not replace the sentimental value of a cherished item; even assuming I can find an exact replacement.

Chicken Or Egg

I am not sure if the sensor is better (and it is) or if I'm just learning to light things so the sensor and its software can figure it out.

I have noticed that purple things are actually purple in the image with the M50 where they came out red or blue with the S5IS.

Canon S5IS: f/3.2; 6mm; 1/60"; ISO 80.  Looking pretty blue.

Canon EOS M50 with EF-M 15-45mm IS STM: f/4.5; 26mm; 1/60"; ISO 125.

The newer camera just does better, as it should!

I'm leaning on it being the sensor because I am merely an egg when it comes to photography.

There's so much to Grok.

Linda Has A New Look

I took the very flexy Freedom-15 resin lower off and replaced it with a Tyranny-15 lower from Palmetto State Armory.

I ordered the lower purely for the amusement value of the selector markings.

I like the look and feel of this pseudo-retro configuration.

Groupthink Blog

The sidebar got shorter.

One, in particular, seems to have succumbed to groupthink.

I think there were two moments where it could have been avoided, but the ship has sailed.

First was when they closed comments.

Second was when their blogging got them a professional gig.

It was astounding how fast the tone changed and they started to sound exactly like every other professional in that field.

Like the Hellion you knew in high school who's now a priest at the 30th reunion and he sounds like every other priest now with hardly a trace of the person you once knew.

It makes me wonder why I kept on for so long.

I should have clipped it a while ago, perhaps I'd hoped the old author would come back.  Sadly, they appear to be gone for good.

Abandoned Bookmarks

Today I discovered that Firefox still had an older version of my bookmarks saved under the bookmarks tab instead of the bar I normally use.

There was a bookmark for a webcomic I'd stopped reading because of the author's behavior during the sad puppies / rabid puppies days.

Being a curious monkey, I clicked to see if it was still updating.

It's not, the author actually got to a conclusion and ended it a while ago.


He's still blogging under the comic space.  It was this portion of his site that pissed me off before, and he keeps delivering.

No, asshole, we should not take a moment on Memorial Day to honor those on the frontline of fighting the pandemic.


Memorial Day isn't for them.

You'd think someone who wrote a military sci-fi comic would Grok this.


I am so happy I never gave him a penny and you'll notice I'm not naming him or giving his page a link.

13 August 2021

Perhaps Registration And Licensing

The mass shooter in England, apparently used a shotgun.

I am also assured that this is impossible because licensing every owner and registering every gun ends gun crime for all time.

Double plus, because England is an island, there should be no source of guns outside the borders.

12 August 2021

Have You Tried Banning Pistols And Semi-Automatic Rifles?

Clearly THIS is fake news.

I was assured that England was now a crime free, or at least murder free, paradise because they'd banned nearly every firearm.

Even more so, I was also assured that you needed semiautomaticassaultweapons to do a mass shooting.

Clearly someone is lying.

It's All About Light

A bigger, better, sensor with better glass doesn't hurt either.

My dear departed S5IS in the bedroom and relying on the flash.

My M50 with the afternoon light in the back yard.

I feel like I've come a long way in my photography skills.

I am also a purist who eschews the use of Photoshop.  While the results from 'Shopping may be superior in some ways, I don't think it's a measure of photography.

Hell, I'm old enough to remember when airbrushing was term of scorn.  Perhaps that colors my desires about taking better photos.

It Makes Me Wonder If I Have Standing

I've been cruising the older posts and I realized that I've toned down my rhetoric a lot since Florida passed its red-flag law lest hyperbole be taken as planning.

That means my first amendment right of free speech has been chilled by this gun law, right?

Who's got several thousand dollars to burn funding my legal challenge?

Not To Be THAT Guy But


These guys made so much more work for themselves than they needed to.

We used the sprocket like a windlass to drag the track BACK to the rear.

Then you should leave enough links sticking out from the road wheel that you're joining the ends halfway between the roadwheel and the sprocket/idler.

Saves a lot of drama with the track puller.

11 August 2021

It's Because You're A Misogynist

If you can't fathom that there are sound reasons for a woman to be the bread winner and the man to stay at home; you're a misogynist.

A sexist.


Not So Fast Your Honor

I hears that the Texas Supreme Court has overruled the lower court's decision about arresting the participants in the fleebuster.

I would like to quote the noted legal scholar Nelson Muntz, "HA HAH!"

The Democrats have done this numerous times to prevent a quorum, and I can see the state getting ever more draconian about making sure that state congresscreatures show the fuck up.

That Ranger who never gets farther than three feet from you the entire time you're in office?

Purely for your protection, congressperson.

AND to make sure you don't get lost on the way to the capitol building.

10 August 2021


"Any virus (or whatever it is) that turns people into zombies when they die must also affect the living - it turns them into fucking retards."

I must concur, based on all of the movies and TV shows with zombies.

FuzzyGeff Spotted It First

GURPS: Technomancer has chimera races.  They're magical beings derived from predators in the American Southwest.

The full chimera can speak with animals of the same kind.

Homo Sapiens Arachnae can speak with spiders.

Homo Sapiens Canis Latrans can speak with canines.

Homo Sapiens Felis can speak with felines.

Homo Sapiens Raptor can speak with raptors.

Homo Sapiens Serpens can speak with snakes.

Homo Sapiens Vulpes can speak with canines.

The interesting thing he noticed is when you look at the halfling chimera.

Half-Spiders can speak with spiders (just like a full chimera).

Half-Coyotes can speak with coyotes.

Half-Cats can speak with pumas.

Half-Hawks can speak with hawks.

Half-Snakes can speak with rattlesnakes.

Half-Foxes can speak with foxes.

This led him to believe that the half-chimera's magical language ability informs what the full chimera are based on.  I think I'd change the cat chimera to Homo Sapiens Felis Puma then.

I'm inclined to say that the spider people are based on red-leg tarantula.

The hawk people... Hawks are buteo not raptor.  There isn't a raptor genus.  Red Tail Hawks are plenty common.

I think they gave the wrong fox too.  Vulpes Vulpes isn't native to the manafall.  Urocyon Cinereoargenteus is.


I had a post... in my head.

Then I opened this window.

Now it's gone.

I hate that.

I'm Really Going To Have To Do It

Seeing the trailers for Apple+'s Foundation series has made me realize I am going to have to re-read that thing.

And read some of the other books too.

My 17 year old mind didn't particularly like Foundation, but I slogged through it because so many memes from Traveller came from Asimov (and Herbert, and Pournelle, and Niven, and Heinlein and Vance, and ad nauseum).

Dune was a lot easier as an adult, maybe Foundation will be as well.

Officially I am supposed to start with I, Robot.  Not sure I wanna do that.

I think I'll start with the two prequels published after I read the first three books and quit.

09 August 2021

Happy Nagasaki Day

Today the last atomic weapon fired in anger was dropped from Bock's Car.

76 years without an atomic war is a good start!


A thought occurred to me today while talking to Mr Fleetwood.

"Who invented the belt feed system?"

I appears to have sprung, fully formed, from nowhere to be used by Browning and Maxim.

Since Browning was using a canvas belt on the potato digger while Maxim's 1885 feed system patent was active, I think we can rule out the July 7, 1885 patent as covering the development.  There were patent suits flying over the M1895 and infringing on the belt patent would have been mentioned if it'd be active.

I'm simply not finding any patent that originates the belt.

I've found several that improve it or protect a novel way of making them, but not the original invention.

But, I've just been searching the internet, not doing real research.

If you happen to know, please share!

Speaking Of Funding

I would love to see an amendment that says that museums will get 20% the funding of SportsballⓇ.  That'd be a massive increase in museum funding, in case you were curious.

History is given a short shrift and is FAR more important than who managed to carry an inflated leather bladder over a line painted in the grass.

08 August 2021

People Are Ignoring It

Despite the near constant cries of "wolf!" "Delta Variant!" I am not seeing much concern out and about in the Tampa area.

Last year was totally different.

People were worried and participating in the kabuki theater of preventative measures.

Now?  People are just going about their lives without bothering to consult their "betters".

Worthless Parasite Finally Dies

Local college sportsballⓇ coach bites it at 92, sportsballⓇ fans devastated.


Why can't the rest of the college sportsballⓇ coaches die too?

Why do I hate them?

Unlike professional sportsballⓇ I cannot withdraw my financial support to the professional level's minor league.

College is where the professional teams look for talent to recruit from.

Universities pander to the draw of sportsballⓇ and import talent from places far afield of the university in question and divert resources which could be spent on what a university is supposed to be doing: teaching and research.

There's hundreds of financial studies that prove that college sports consume far more than the produce for the universities and there's reams of financials which show otherwise... published by the universities trying to justify their sports programs to skeptical tax payers.

Financials that make Hollywood Accounting™ seem honest and straightforward.

The sad fact is that the highest paid state employees in far too many states are the head coaches.

And we wonder why the quality of education is falling, it's not being properly funded and is all but ignored by the sportsballⓇ fans.

Ask one about the STEM program and its rating against other engineering schools of their HOMETEAMRARARA™ university.  Cue crickets.

I will not go so far as to say that universities shouldn't have sports programs, I'm saying that if it's so important to the fans, let them pay for it with their own money and open up the financials to ANYONE who wants to have a look at where the money is coming from and going.

Executives at Enron went to jail using accounting methodology that was less obfuscatory.

This Affects Me More Than Jennifer Anniston

My six year old tablet just died!

I got it for free when The Lovely Harvey upgraded her phone (three phones ago) and never really did much with it.

It never really suited my wants.

But it played a puzzle game I like, Hashi, so it lived in the shitter where I played that game while "thinking".


Have to go back to reading in the "library" now.


In the immortal words of Jeremy Clarkson, "Oh no! Anyway."

Jennifer Anniston isn't going to be my friend if I refuse to be vaccinated for Wu Ping Cough II Wuhan Boogaloo?

I seriously doubt that Jenny would be my friend even if I was vaccinated with all the variations of the vaccine.

The Dancing Monkey's have got to learn that they don't have anything they can withhold from me that I care enough about to change my behavior.

They exist in my world, not the other way around, and I choose to ignore them.

What they need to worry about is a situation where I cannot ignore them.

What's Hungarian For "Fuck You Commie!"?



Took the top off The Precious, grabbed Marv and just cruised around the greater Tampa area for a couple of hours.

Ogled the young girls bar hopping South Howard.

Avoided Ybor like the plague.

Broke the speed limit on Gandy.  Marv's fault, he started comparing my speedometer to the speed indicated on Waze.

Ignored several attempts to get me to race.

And just bullshitted and had fun!

A fine evening.

07 August 2021

What Beating?

Arfcom posted the following meme with the tagline, "I'd like to see you try to beat someone silly with a Surefire Scout."


My tac flashlight is more of a stabber than a beater.


I Am Sick Of The Media's Lies

Last year they called Sturgis a super-spreader event and warned us that the 460,000 who attended would be catching and spreading the disease en masse.

Because Wu Ping Cough is so deadly, it is impossible for there to be 700,000 attendees this year.

My Life Would Be Different

I made myself as a coyote chimera from GURPS: Technomancer and realized that a couple of moments in my life would be completely different thanks to the cast iron stomach of the racial template.

That rotten turkey we found on a friend's counter...  Yeah, I'd eat that!

In the real world, I about gagged...

06 August 2021

Words To Learn By

"You're born with a full bucket full of luck and an empty bucket of wisdom.  The trick is to fill that bucket of wisdom before you run out of luck."

Mark Novak

Don't Go Outside

Misophonia is a "joy".

But even more fun is my friends not listening to my explanation or remembering how it affects me.

Oh! for a malady which is visible on the outside so my friends could remember it!

I'm sick of explaining it, over and over, to my friends.

I'm sick of dealing with the people who set it off.

I'm sick of my friends introducing me to someone who's setting it off and not noticing that I am withdrawing from everything to escape the source of the problem.

When I walk out without saying anything, having reached the limits of my endurance, they're suddenly, "what's wrong?"

Same thing that was wrong 20 minutes ago when I mentioned your new friend was making clicking noises and you didn't lean over and even try to ask them to calm down.

Too Many Things

As I watch the attempt by government to force us to get vaccinated for our own good...

It hits me that you shouldn't have to force someone to do something that they want.

It also hits me that a truly democratic nation shouldn't be able to force the population to do something they don't want because the population controls the government.


How many things in your life are government mandated you wouldn't pay for if you had the option to skip them?

I know my car would be much simpler.

Happy Hiroshima Day

Today Enola Gay dropped the first atomic weapon fired in anger, second atomic weapon detonated overall.

05 August 2021

Cart Ahead Of The Horse

Mexico is suing US gun manufacturers over the gun violence in Mexico?

Hey, I have an idea!

Mexico, why don't you close the border?  That way all of our nasty guns cannot be, illegally, walked into your fine cesspool of a nation for your cartels to use on each other and innocents.

Speaking of those cartels...  I think you're going to be owing us a lot more than our gun companies owe you once we get done tallying the damage done.

And another thing...  The guns that keep showing up in vids of cartel violence, those are military.  Thanks to the Hughes Amendment, they didn't come from commercial sources in the US.  They'd have to come from police or military armories.

It's not the manufacturer's fault those guns are loose.

04 August 2021

What Would Stoner Do For Reals

The more I think about it, the more I believe that Ian and Karl are simply wrong about what Eugene Stoner would have done given the advancements in tech.

They're making a substantially upgraded AR15.

I think that Stoner and Sullivan would have been making a substantially upgraded AR18!

They did not make another design with a recoil spring in the stock or a buffer after the AR15.  Their next two military designs both accommodate folding stocks.

I think they would have stuck with the AR15 gas system though.  It's been noted that the prototype AR18 was modified from that system in favor of a short-gas system because Colt owned the patent on it.

Creating where they would have gone along this route is a lot harder than doing an AR15 upgrade.

Brownell's has come part way with their BRN180 uppers, but what to do with the lower?

I am curious if the magic done with the KE Arms polymer lower can be done again with a folder.

I don't know.  But I'd like to see.

Ich bin Jude

Seeing as I caught the Wu Ping Cough, and survived, I see no need to get a vaccination which doesn't seem to do much more than the antibodies I obtained the old fashioned, sustainable, and environmentally friendly way.

But the powers that be intend to make me a second class citizen over it.

Fine with me.

But they might wanna consider that I know who the Bielskis were before they go full National Socialist on me and make people like me The Jew.

They Make That Model Already

The Glock 45 is essentially a Glock 19 slide on a Glock 17 frame.

I like mine.

There's a thread on Arfcom where someone is describing all the changes he'd be making to his Glock 45...

The list is standard, popular, Glock upgrades; except:  Cutting the grip down to Glock 19 length.


That's called a Glock 19.  They still make those.  You don't have to modify a 45 to get a 19 because you can just BUY a 19 all ready to go.

It's not even like he bought the 45 and decided it was too long.  He's stated he intends to buy a 45 and then begin modding.

Thag not Grok.

That Would Have Been Interesting

With Lavender Linda in the back and a sack full of prescription meds for The Boy in the passenger seat...

Marv and I returned from Walgreens.

I realized that a standard question from a traffic stop is "are there any guns or drugs in the car?"

"BOTH!" would be my reply, since there weren't any illegal versions of either in there with us.

Then it hit me: Linda has a Freedom 15 resin lower with no serial number.

While it's perfectly legal, would a cop know that?  How long would we be delayed while he tried to run the serial that didn't exist?

An academic question because I don't drive in a manner that attracts police attention.


LV-426 from Alien is stated to have a diameter of 1,200 km and a surface gravity of 0.86g.

That comes out to a density of 20.45 g/cm^3!

Accounting for a skin of other materials to make the overall density lower than the primary materials...

LV-426 must be made from iridium, osmium, platinum or rhenium.

No wonder Weyland Yutani wanted to colonize the place.

Logical Outcome

Somewhere there is a landlord building a killdozer.

Count on it.

02 August 2021

PO 3.5x21P

Is Russian ACOG with a 5.45x45mm reticle.

Modeled by the lovely Tonya!

It's got a gigantic body for that wee little 21mm objective:

Very complex reticle, with two different ways to figure out the range from the target.  The left side is for a prone target and the right is for standing (Click to embiggen).  The camera was crooked, not the scope!

There's a teeny switch on the front of the battery compartment which lights up the reticle red:

Marv is selling it, just in case you're interested!  It's worth more than I have at the moment and it's really too far to the rear with the Tantal's mount.

Kitty Politics

Caught The Bear using an unapproved container for a cat-pan today.

He takes great pains to avoid the approved pan.  The other two have been seen to pounce on him while he's trapped in there trying to do his business.

So I've added a second approved receptacle for him that's separated from the main pan and with good sight lines and easy escape routes should he be interrupted.

I half suspect that his holding it in too long is one of the proximate causes of his earlier blockage.

Hopefully this will chill out the other two as well.

Range Day With A Dead Battery

Took Agnes to the 100 yard range last Tuesday to try and stretch my shooting legs.

And with a dead cell phone couldn't take a picture of my triumphant group!  It acted like it took the picture as it died, but alas...

A perfect clover leaf with a flier just two bullet diameters outside it.

Wow it's so much easier to see what you're doing with a 9x scope than 5x.

A two and change pound trigger that breaks like glass is so much easier than a creepy milspec AR.

.270 in a bolt gun thumps the shoulder with a bit more authority than an AR too.

I gotta say, I'm impressed with my Savage... and it's near the bottom rung of the non-Axis lineup too.  The package series are good guns, people just need to get unsnobbed about it not being a Winchester or Remington.

Pick One

There's two things which are mutually exclusive here.

Either the vaccine is effective OR the vaccinated people are vulnerable to people who've caught the Wu Ping Cough without being vaccinated.

Pick one.

Bear in mind if you should choose the latter, you're admitting that the vaccine is ineffective.

I think we're tacitly admitting that the vaccines are ineffective when we blame the unvaccinated and tell people who've been vaccinated to take precautions consistent with being unvaccinated to avoid infection.