04 August 2021

That Would Have Been Interesting

With Lavender Linda in the back and a sack full of prescription meds for The Boy in the passenger seat...

Marv and I returned from Walgreens.

I realized that a standard question from a traffic stop is "are there any guns or drugs in the car?"

"BOTH!" would be my reply, since there weren't any illegal versions of either in there with us.

Then it hit me: Linda has a Freedom 15 resin lower with no serial number.

While it's perfectly legal, would a cop know that?  How long would we be delayed while he tried to run the serial that didn't exist?

An academic question because I don't drive in a manner that attracts police attention.

1 comment:

  1. I've been stopped by the cops when carrying my re-enactment equipment. "Got any weapons?" is always an interesting question, seems they don't think swords and spears are weapons. Silly them.

    As to drugs, when I pick up my wife's from the pharmacy, I am extra-specially careful. And even in our house we don't dump one almost pill bottle into a new pill bottle because that will get you a felony or get looked at with a really hairy eyeball. Stupid rules.


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