31 January 2013


Alexandre Dumas was black?

I thought he was French.

Turns out he was just 3/4 French.  Interestingly the 1/4 black thing wasn't such a massive deal in France in the early 1800's.

The crap you learn when watching exploitation movies that offend Spike Lee.

30 January 2013

Three Nine

My buddy Marv ordered a ten pack of USGI style magazines from Brownell's on 27Dec12.  They were listed as backordered on the day he ordered.

They arrived today.

The magazines are all marked 3-09 and 4-09.

This makes me think that the "shortage" is not supply but throughput in the ordering system.

Street View Nostalgia

I used to live here!

581 Sharon Way, Bolingbrook, IL

The window above the garage was my bedroom window.  The one to the immediate right is the upstairs bathroom.  We're looking west.

This is looking south.  The kitchen window is visible just to the right of the garage.  The tree in the foreground was about an inch in diameter when we lived there.

Looking kinda SE.  On the ground floor there's the back sliding glass door into the living room and the window to the dining area.  Upstairs is my sister's bedroom window on the southern side and the master on the north.

I am struck by how small the place seems.

29 January 2013

Wrong Impression

Lest you get the wrong impression I am an atheist.

The religious symbols of people with imaginary friends do not bother me nor terrify me.

I do not feel oppressed by a display of a manger scene in the courtyard.

I am not offended by crosses at military cemeteries.  By the way, if you're not a veteran you don't get a vote about this because you didn't pay the entry fee to the club.

I am mildly bored by invocations at school ceremonies.

I am comfortable in my lack of faith and it can survive a great deal proselytizing.

I ask to be left alone and I will return that favor.

Campaigning against organized religion is not leaving them alone and I would have to expect some push back.  Note that first word in "organized religion".  It's best to not rile them up.  Also remember what their organizations look like to us when you consider making a counter-organization.  Do you think we DON'T look like dicks when we mob up and demand religion be suppressed?

You don't feel like you have anything to lose because a ban on atheist displays of religion in the public square is, what?  And if I am banned from using the public square, why should I be required to pay for it?  Willing to shoulder that burden?  85%+ of the nation claims a belief in God of some kind.

The tyranny of the minority is the worst kind.  You should really look hard at your tactics, you sound just like the race baiters.  Many of the same allies, so it's not surprising that the methods should be similar.

I like freedom.  I like liberty.

I refuse to fight to strip those things from others on the off chance that I might have paid for a fiberglass baby or provided a month of outdoor storage for it in December.

Some Days

It just doesn't pay to chew through the restraints.

Dottie is a chubby AR.

I did some research and have discovered I can knock 6.56 oz. off her by changing the handguard from the LaRue LT-15-9 to a Magpul MOE.


Changing over to the MOE itself would be about $60.

Adding a QD fitting to replace the one that I lose from the LaRue rails is $33 plus shipping.

Adding a mount for the flashlight that disappears with the rails adds around $20 plus shipping.

Probably $125 to get the new parts and the swivel and light mount will eat into the weight savings.

The LaRue is $230 new, so I am sure I can sell it for at least the cost of the parts.

Heck, I'd swap even up!

What I need:

Triangular Handguard Cap, 0.75"
Barrel Snap Ring
Magpul MOE mid-length handguards, Olive Drab
Mount-N-Slop QD Sling Mount
Magpul MOE Illumination Kit

If someone out there with a bit of vendor pull would like to donate them, I'd be happy to give a heads up review comparing them to a YHM 4-rail and the LaRue!

28 January 2013


Do not thump The Book of G'Kwan.

Old Time Religion

At the time of ratification, the Bill of Rights; like the Constitution itself was a Federal matter.

Except for the things that were specifically prohibited in the Constitution from the states were free to do what they would.

It's a damn short list.

Under the original Constitution and Bill of Rights an individual state could ban all but their pet religion, forbid the owning of guns, quarter the state militia in their citizen's homes et cetera.

It was courts constantly finding that concerning blacks which led to the passage of the 14th amendment.

Nominally the 14th applies the restrictions of the Bill of Rights to the states.

Now the individual states may not declare state religions, ban guns and quarter troops.

Like other massive changes to government recently, the 14th was passed in a cursed hurry.

That there could be a ruling such as Slaughterhouse says a lot about how ambiguous the text of it is.

That said.

There's another problem creeping in the background because of the 14th's application of the 1st.

Godless Atheists. (heh)

Or rather, militant atheists.  Fucking fanatics as a matter of fact.

All that matters to them is to be free of seeing any expression of religion and they will damn sure enlist the government to spare their delicate sensibilities.  So much so they are definitely dictating THEIR beliefs onto the religious freedoms of others.  And no matter how tangentially the discussion brushes this topic, they have something to say with all the bitter and bile of a Klansman.

Haters are like that.

I sometimes wonder if an atheists lack of faith is so tenuous that they are worried they will become believers should they be exposed enough.

I've yet to hear a decent answer to this:  What is the difference between the court ordered elimination of all religious display and state mandated atheism?

27 January 2013

Happy Birthday!

Happy 132nd to Patent 223,898!

26 January 2013


Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?


One of the reasons the right loses is we have a couple of issues that aren't related that are all "ours".

Abortion, Guns and Homosexuals.

Two of these things are religious issues and thus shouldn't be government issues because of the 1st Amendment.

Remember that one?  It's right before the one we've memorized.  Yeah...

What happens far too often when the gun people finally gang together and vote to preserve gun rights the other two factions march like they've got a mandate to impose their religiously derived moral codes on the rest of us.

Then there's a backlash.

And the gun grabbers get their power back.

Remember the contract with America?  Remember how they promised to roll back Brady and the AWB?

I remember.

I notice that Brady is still law and I dare you to name a bill that repealed the AWB even if it didn't escape committee, because it damn sure never made the floor.

Christians, for goodness sake read your book!  If abortion is murder, God has it covered and will be punishing the murderers.  It's one of His jobs, He says so.  You aren't supposed to force the sinners to be righteous, just to show them the way; they have to choose the path on their own.  It's in The Book!  Why is an atheist the one who knows that where you don't?

Also, the prohibition in the Bible about homosexuals reads far more like a prohibition on pederasty.


Is it just me or are there a plethora of problems that stop being problems once Mr Government is not running it?

Such as teaching creation instead of evolution in schools?  It only matters as a first amendment issue if the government is running the school.

How many other things can you think of?

25 January 2013

I Don't Believe You

OK, you're banning that huge list of guns.

But the rights of hunters and sportsmen will be preserved?

Well, I've noticed how in the pocket of the environmentalists and greenies you are.

How long until there's no hunting to protect some rare species of deer tick?

Well, then nobody will NEED a hunting rifle, will they?

Yeah, pull the other one, it has bells on it!


I've been observing.

Hate is alive and well.

Unreasoning and irrational hate for the most part.

And it's surprising to find it in some of the circles where it is.

I'm not even talking about traditional hatreds of race or religion.

It's shocking the level of hatred engendered by some over another's liking of a television show.

I am talking about Bronies.

Once again I am confronted with watching someone hate someone else who is not hurting them in any way.  So, why the hate?

I am thinking that because the normal racial and ethnic hatreds are not allowed and are unstylish that those who would hate, hate that which is allowed.

In 1960's south, they'd be hating blacks.
In 1930's Germany, they'd be hating Jews.

Today, they're hating Bronies.

It's a cancer on their souls and it's all about them and very little to do with the Brony.


Reading Popehat...

Reading the comments too.

I want to comment there, but I'm a bit intimidated by the company.

About Gitmo...

We have a serious problem.

They were captured under arms.

If they're POW they sit in a prison camp until the conflict is over.  For as long as that may be regardless of how many elections we have and who wins them.  Geneva and Hague agree and was reinforced after WW2 when we got huffy about the Soviets NOT releasing German POWs.

If they aren't POW then they are non-entity and can be disposed of as we will.  You may notice that not a single German was at Nuremburg for what happened to partisans?

The traditional method is to summarily to shoot them.  Other methods have been employed to cow the local populace, but killing them outright is acceptable.

Keeping indefinitely in a decent by American standards prison is far less than death, so it's got to be OK.

Torture is another matter, but that's got little to do with holding people who were captured under arms.

24 January 2013

Took A Song

I occasionally wonder what the fuck I have gotten myself into with my my marriage.

Then I remember.

I am only half of something else.

As is she.


Weaponsman is fond of saying, "The Past is a different country."

Today I discovered, that my youth is a different person.

I've recently reread two books I've read before, but not since I was 18-20 or so.  I know that the text has not been edited because they are literally the same books I read before.

With different perspective, they are not reading the same at all.

They are better.

I am glad I did not throw my books away like so many others I've seen.

23 January 2013

Pasco Set To Close The Gunshow Loophole

Two things stand out from the news article.

First.  What gunshows in Pasco County, Florida?

Second.  They say it will reduce gun crime in Pasco.  What gun crime?  Where?

And if you have a toter's permit, no wait for you!

Theory Of Dryer Maintenance

Here's the theory.

My dryer is quite old.

The leads for the thermostat heater being plugged into the blower box thermal fuse may be thus.

When the thermostats die, they take out the fuse.

The thermostat and thermostat heater are part of a variable heat system in my dryer.  What the little heater does is trip the thermostat.  It's just a bi-metal switch in there.  What this does is cycle the heating element off and on giving allowing the temperature to be adjusted.

My theory is the thermostat croaked, and took the thermostat heater and fuse with it.

Previous owner bought a new thermostat, but not the heater.  He had wires left over and plugged the heater leads into the dead fuse and when things still didn't work, twisted the ends of the fuse leads together.  Function restored!  All better!

Bypassing that fuse is a common repair I've seen now.

It's also possible that the fuse was bypassed first and the heater was omitted later and the leads were just parked where it was handy.


I was so concerned about the dangers of having a bayonet lug, I removed it from Kaylee!

There, all safer now!

h/t Jay G.

22 January 2013

Well Worth Your Time

Read the whole long thing.

h/t Zombie Rush


A while back I had a reason to think that my life specifically was in danger.

It turned out not to be true, but the reasoning was sound.

While the perception of the threat existed I put my Glock (unloaded) in a gun-rug and that went into my gaming bag.

While gaming at a friend's house I, being a good gun owner, let them know I had a gun and would leave if it bothered them.

They said it bothered them a bit, but it would be OK if we put the whole gun-rug in a cabinet behind the GM.  Reasonably readily accessible if my fears turned out to be well founded.

We played our game, had a good time and while we were packing up to go home, I went to the cabinet to retrieve my pistol.

It was no longer there.

During a bathroom break my "friends" had hidden it further.

It was returned after asking, of course.

On the way out I said, "you will never be told I have a gun on me again."

They were genuinely confused.

"What would have happened if I'd needed it and it wasn't where YOU promised it would be?"

You lied.  You betrayed my trust.

I stopped gaming with those people and eventually stopped being friends.

I got talked into gaming with them again later, but the GM made such a screeching deal about teh evols of assault weapons I offered him an experiment.

He agreed.

I took my Mini-14 with the folding stock, bayonet lug, flash-hider, pistol grip and 30 round magazine; attached the bayonet, chambered a round, put on the safety, popped open the bipod and set on the floor facing the basement wall.

The experiment was that the rifle would not shoot anyone as long as nobody touched it.

Guess how that turned out...

Guns In Schools

There used to be guns in schools.

I had one.

When I lived in Minnesota with my dad the high school had a biathlon team.

He constantly wanted me to get into sports, preferably football.

To be in sports in my school you had to try out for and successfully join TWO teams.

That's why was the hockey goalie (4th string benchwarmer).

Dad had mixed feelings about the sports I'd chosen, but his "son" had finally gotten into athletics.  Never mind that I was taking karate and riding my bike twenty-five to thirty miles a day.  I think he meant "team" sports.

There is no 'I' in 'Team' or 'Hockey', but there sure as fuck is in biathlon!

I'm a good shot.  With the constant practice I became an excellent shot.  I am not a great cross country skier, but my shooting almost made up for it.  Almost.

But we had guns in our school.  Locked cabinet in the locker room in the coaches office.  I could even sign my rifle out for a weekend and take it home on the school bus, or slung on my back on my bike.  And I did too!

Come monday, I'd take it back to school the same way.

Remember, I was a bullied loner gamer geek.  I had a rifle, ammunition, anger and skills to hit a head at 50m after cross-country-skiing for a mile.  Yet nobody ever died.  Nobody even got aimed at.  Heck, I never even visualized my bullies as my targets.


Grampa stressed the four rules when we were playing "war" with our toy guns.

The four rules were hammered home learning biathlon because we'd be spared five minutes of time trials skiing for each of the rules we could recite.  If you've never skied like this, trust me; it's an incentive.

I was exposed to guns and taught correctly.  That's 90% of it.

All Better

Replaced the breaker panel for the drier and it's now on the other side of a fuse on the main fuse box.  That means we can make it cold at will.

Once that was done, the dryer kept popping the (new) breakers and not running.

This drove us nuts.

I think I am a victim of bubba.

The leads labeled for the thermal fuse are wire-nutted together.

The leads that are plugged into the thermal fuse are labeled for a thermostat heater.

I think it's been a miracle it worked at all.

Unplugging the fuse restores normal function.

21 January 2013


The now robust electrical system in the dryer has finally killed off the creaky old breaker panel feeding it.

The geniuses who wired the panel wired it straight to the mains buss bar!

That's not where it's supposed to be for a sub box.


It Pays To Be Handy

For the price of a multi-meter, two #2 phillips screwdrivers and a 1/4" palm ratchet and a 1/4" six point socket and a $40 thermostat kit I have restored function to our dryer.

And I had the tools on hand already, so we don't even count those as a cost to this job because they have become amortized.

A service call is $75 minimum plus parts.

I think I need a beer and a lap dance since I can now afford it!

Or just not spend the money and be prudent...

20 January 2013

Sunday Gunday

It's a 1957 Ruger Standard, also known as the Mark I.

The stocks are genuine plastic, Franzite brand.  I'd never heard of the brand, but they fit well and feel good.  With a spare magazine that came in that original box.

Check the price on the box!

I get the impression that the previous owner was the original owner and he bought the magazine with the gun.  Brand new in 1957 a Ruger Standard was $37.50.  Wow.

It's a fine shooter and was utterly clogged with gunk and still functioned.  Cleaned up now!

A .22 pistol is on my list of "guns everyone should own one of".  I made that list decades ago when I first started shooting and I only just now got around to buying one.

Other items on that list.

Pump shotgun.
Scoped bolt action centerfire rifle.
Rimfire rifle.
Semi-auto rifle with a detachable magazine in a military caliber.
Service sized pistol.

That's the minimum.  I note that I still don't have a scoped bolt-gun.  I keep getting distracted.

19 January 2013

Worse Than RINO

There's a class of Republican that's worse than RINO.

These are found in places that are VERY Democrat, like New York City, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

They are merely the not-Democrat party candidates and not recognizable as a Republican in any other way.

Most RINO are not actually Democrats with an R, these guys are.

That they keep trying to recruit these guys to run for president says a lot about how messed up the RNC is.

Chris Christie is such a Democrat in Republican Clothes.  Mitt Romney as well.  Scott Brown...  The list goes on.

I like watching Gov Christie go off on the unions in his state, but name something else about him that's remotely conservative.  Go on.  He is a creature of NJ and that means that he's totally alien to how people think in all of Flyover and most of The South.

Nothing makes the distinctions more clear than when the topic of firearms comes up.

New Jersey has an AWB.  New Jersey has handgun registration police tracking of handgun sales.  New Jersey requires a permit to purchase which is obtained in a process that is very similar to what most other states would call a shall issue carry permit, including the extensive background check.

And all that seems perfectly normal to Gov Christie.

Where he's anti-union but union goons working for the electric companies turned aside non-union linemen.

Where he's a budget fixer who demanded his share of the federal largesse with his arm around the President when his ill prepared state was found to be so.  He at least wiped his mouth and dusted off his knees before getting on camera.

What I Want

I want a pro-gun organization that lets me know what the heck is going on in terms more specific than "stuff."

You're asking for my money to fight "stuff"?


"The county you live in is violating your rights!"

Really?  How about some specifics so I can take that to the county commission meeting and ask them about it.  I'm not going to track it down and you've claimed discovery, how about you tell me what you discovered?


I keep reading, over and over, how a ban on normal capacity magazines might be acceptable.



Because fuck you.

Why else?  And your mother.

I've even posted how having smaller magazines doesn't really make much difference.

That's not the issue at all.

Once the idiots in government get the idea that they can dictate magazine capacity, then they will decide that ten is too many, then seven, then five...

They already believe this is the case and the do-nothing-don't-make-waves supreme court isn't helping.

Defective Special

I sent my Detective Special off to Cylinder and Slide to see if it could be fixed.

It can.

I got the estimate.

It's a good thing I have a couple months to save up.

18 January 2013

Gun Free Zone

It just occurred to me, on 9/11, nearly all of the victims were in a gun free zone.

The passengers and crew of the aircraft, obviously.

We tend to forget that NYFC is a gigantic gun free zone.

Not that having a gun would have saved a single soul on the ground that day, but since the media is all about pointing out irrelevancies, why shouldn't we?

A gun on any of those four planes in the hands of the crew or a non-terrorist passenger might have saved thousands of lives.

Of course, the terrorists would certainly have gotten carry permits and had guns themselves, but that law abiding people might as well lowers the certainty of their plans considerably.

"Killer" App

I think I first read at Robb's (might have been Tam) about the "killer app" of the pro-gun side being that we have all sorts of fun things to do to show the new prospective gun owners.

We have the first time at the range grin.

It's been asked, what do the anti-gunners have to counter that?  The no-gun show?  The no-shooting range?

Their killer app is far more literal.

The murderous rampage.

We get people in onesies and twosies.  They get people in groups.

Quite often we're successful in converting their captures though, it doesn't seem to go the other way very often.

Rant Chorus

Rev JD preaches.

I'm in the choir.

If we really do have a real conversation and do a full review of all the laws.

A small addendum I want to see added to the NFA.

Only firearms in their present form which violate the rules are grounds for violation.

Chuck the readily convertible.  Chuck the requirement that we silver solder on flash-hiders.

Count something screwed onto the end of the barrel as part of the barrel because it's increasing the actual length.

If it doesn't go bang more than once per pull, then it doesn't matter that there's a hole drilled right above the selector.  Or that there's a little tongue on the disconnector or a little hook on the hammer...

Or that there's a second sear on an FAL... (or a place to put it cut into the receiver.)

Let's talk about why licenses from the numerous states aren't given full faith and credit when talking about firearms.

Let's talk about how Federal laws trump local and state for everything but NFA items...


As everyone knows, a successful marriage is built on a solid foundation of deceit, lies and hate.

The goal is to never let your spouse win.

She bought me an NRA membership, fine.

I bought HER one too!

And used the Shooting USA link to save $10 doing it.

Ha HA!

Entitlement In A Nutshell

Me: I'm going to buy Steve a new house!

Dave: Wow, that's sure nice of you!

Me: Here's the bill.

Dave: Why do I have to pay for it?

Steve:  Woo HOOOOOO, NEW HOUSE!  Now I need a car because my house has a garage!

Dave:  I'm not paying for this.

Me: If you don't pay I'll lock you in prison.

Dave: You can't do this!

Me: I have guys with guns.

Dave: Who do I make the check to?

17 January 2013

GURPS Massacre Revisit

The numbers here assume that the shooter merely looks down the sights and doesn't actually pause to aim (see Sighted Shooting, Tactical Shooting p. 13).

Aimed shots take an extra second to line up and add the weapons Acc to the roll to hit, you are also making an All-Out Attack (Determined).

Let's assume that Mr Glittershine has an average DX of 10 and his mom had taught him enough to get a point in his Guns/TL8 (Rifle).  That gives him a skill level of 10.  The rifle he used has an Acc of 5.  The ranges were all less than 7 yards (-3).

So, what does that do to our round count?

A real live 20" barrel M16 has a RoF of 13, so only these first 13 benefit from the aiming.  The number of shots gives a +3.  So, 10+5+3-3.  15 or less to hit.  Rcl is 2 and an average roll is a 10 on three dice so... 3 rounds tend to hit, ten are wasted.  If he holds down the trigger and keeps shooting he loses the Acc bonus for the next round and the chance to hit drops to 10... 1 round on average, wasting 12.  If he keeps the trigger planted until the mag runs dry, a squip of 4 shots comes out the last turn with a chance of 7 to hit, which he will likely miss.  So, aim for a second, 4 hits out of 30 in three seconds.  3 second reload.  Seven seconds per magazine.

If he reaimed after each second's fire he dramatically increases the number of hits, every turn of firing becomes the same as the first turn described above.  And a tactical reload to ditch the 4 rounds left in the mag after every second burst.  Aim, shoot, aim, shoot, reload.  Seven seconds per magazine.

I've heard that the active shooting went for 10 minutes and not the entire 20 minute police response time.

600 seconds.

Full auto, dump a mag at each victim; 2,571 rounds could have been fired.  On average, 342 hits in that time.  But this is also one mag per victim, so just 86 people would be injured.  Assuming he schlepped 86 pounds of ammo to the school.  Which I don't think he did.

Full auto, reaim; 2,571 rounds could have been fired.  514 hits on 172 victims!

Semi-auto with a 30 round mag.  Skill 10, Acc 5, Range -3.  12 to hit.  Two hits on average per turn of shooting.  He liked hitting each target with at least three so lets assume two rounds of shooting per target.  Semi-auto gets a follow-up of 1/2 Acc for a second turn at the same target without reaiming (+2 or 9 to hit for the second turn and we'll get generous and assume it hits).

Six shots per victim, 3 hits (aim, fire, fire).  Five victims per magazine.  3 second reload.  18 seconds per magazine.  1,000 rounds!  500 hits, 167 victims.

Ten round magazine.  Six at one victim, three at the next, reload; Aim at previous victim, fire...  8 seconds per magazine.  Five hits and two victims per magazine.  750 shots fired, 375 hits, 150 victims.  The timing of the reload is making him aim more often so he's getting more hits per victim.

SEVEN round magazine.  Aim, fire, fire, reload; repeat.  One victim per magazine, 3 hits per magazine, 6 seconds per magazine.  700 rounds, 300 hits, 100 victims.

Notice that 1/4 the ammunition in the magazine doesn't translate to 1/4 the number of victims or even 1/4 the number of shots fired?

None of this accounts for the time spent moving between victims.

Lets say half his time is spent moving.  Notice we can still get double the actual number of victims with just a seven round magazine?

This is why we laugh our fool heads off at the anti-gunners when they propose magazine capacity limits.

Also remember that the rules of a roleplaying game segment the world into neat and discrete turns, the real world is far more fluid and faster.

Mr Glittershine reloaded far more than he needed to, I've read estimates that he left almost as much ammo on the ground as he fired.  If he'd been limited to ten round mags he would have reloaded as often, just with a whole magazine instead of dumping a half-expended one each time.


I forgot the other guns!

Bolt-action hunting rifle.  Acc is still five.  RoF is just 1, so it's Aim, fire, Aim, fire...  15 seconds to reload.  25 seconds per magazine.

12 to hit with every round and on average every single round does.

120 aimed shots in our ten minutes.  120 hits.  40 victims if he does three per victim.  Notice that we've still managed to kill more than was done with an AR in real life?

Marco Rubio

His response to email was tepid.

He's posted to his webpage though.

Since it's a press release and we bloggers are the new press; here it is in its entirety.

Rubio Reiterates Support for 2nd Amendment Following President's Gun Policy AnnouncementWashington, D.C. - U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) today issued the following statement reiterating his support for the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens, in light of President Obama’s announcement regarding gun policy in America:
“As the father of four young children, I was deeply saddened by the murder of innocent kids at Sandy Hook. In the aftermath of this terrible tragedy, I expressed my hope that President Obama and our elected leaders would take a sober look at how we can prevent such heinous murders in the future. Doing so would require addressing the underlying causes of these evil acts, and keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill without curtailing the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.
“Nothing the President is proposing would have stopped the massacre at Sandy Hook. President Obama is targeting the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens instead of seriously addressing the real underlying causes of such violence. Rolling back responsible citizens’ rights is not the proper response to tragedies committed by criminals and the mentally ill. Making matters worse is that President Obama is again abusing his power by imposing his policies via executive fiat instead of allowing them to be debated in Congress. President Obama’s frustration with our republic and the way it works doesn’t give him license to ignore the Constitution.

“Guns are not the problem; criminals with evil in their hearts and mentally ill people prone to violence are. Rather than sweeping measures that make it harder for responsible, law-abiding citizens to purchase firearms, we should focus on the root causes of gun violence and keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill.
“As a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment, I will oppose the President’s attempts to undermine Americans’ constitutional right to bear arms.”

That's An Excellent Question Doctor

Do I own any guns?

Before I answer, what is your home address?

What's your security code to your house?

Do YOU own any guns?

What?  You don't feel comfortable answering those questions?

And you're fully dressed, imagine how I feel!

Gang Oft Aglave

My vow to not rejoin the NRA has been derailed by the machinations of my wife, The Lovely Harvey.

Hard to be up on my high horse with a gift membership, huh?

16 January 2013

Full Godwin

Most of the mass shootings in the past few years have not used any kind of rifle.

In fact, most of the shooters have chosen to use a Glock.

Glocks are from Austria.

You know who else is from Austria?


I'm here all night, try the veal and don't forget to tip your server.
h/t my little brother.

Holy Crap!

There's no way to say it without coming off as racist.  There just isn't.

I was looking in the FBI expanded homicide data tables.

38.2% of the murders in this country are committed by someone who is black.
32.1% of the murders in this country are committed by someone who is white.

Seems pretty even so far, doesn't it?

13.1% of the population is black.
72.4% of the population is white (including hispanics).
63.7% of the population is non-hispanic white.

Black people murder at 5.79 times the rate that white people do.  It's even worse if you include hispanics in the white category (which I think the FBI did), 6.58 times.

Holy crap!

Gun Bans And GURPS

Mr Glittershine fired 150 rounds in 20 minutes from a semi-automatic rifle and killed 26 people and his cowardly subhuman self.

In GURPS terms the rate of fire for such a rifle is 3.  You can fire faster than that, up to double that rate but you take some massive penalties.

I was just reading that it put at least three rounds into everyone killed.

78 out of 150 hits with slow deliberate fire.  In 20 minutes.  That's enough time to fire 3,600 rounds at 3 per second if you have a 3,600 round magazine.  But he had 30 rounders.

Ten seconds to fire 30 rounds, 3 seconds to swap the mag if you don't have fast draw (magazine) or speedload skills.  That three seconds between magazines changes our total 2,769 shots.

Eighteen and change times the number actually fired.

Let's limit him to ten round magazines.  We'll even be an asshole GM and say the last shot of the mag takes a whole second long turn to fire.  So, four seconds per mag, three to swap them...  1,714 rounds still more than ten times the shots fired.

How about five rounders?

Two seconds per mag, three to reload...  1,200 rounds.  I'm sensing a diminishing return...

What about a bolt action hunting rifle with a five round magazine?  Only one shot per second now.  Three seconds per round to reload!  Five seconds to empty the magazine and fifteen to replenish it.

300 rounds.  Twice as many as were fired.

Fuck you gun banners.


Let's go all out here!

Single barrel shotgun.

One second to fire, three to reload.


Caplock rifle-musket?

One second to fire, fifteen to reload.  75 shots!  Look Ma, we finally found a gun that shoots fewer rounds than were fired that day.

Update II:

What if he'd had a real live M16 or M4?  Full auto, rock and roll?

RoF is 15 for an M4A1.

2 seconds per magazine, 3 to reload.  7,200 rounds.  That's 240 pounds of ammo and mags, by the way.

He'd also have missed a lot more.

15 January 2013

Join The NRA

As I told the solicitor on the phone in late 1997, when they called every three weeks hitting me up for money.

Stop calling.

When you repeal The Brady Act I will join back up.

You took my money to get people elected who would support my gun rights.  In 1996 there was a solid majority in both houses of Congress.

Cue crickets.

[whiny voice] But Clinton would have just vetoed anything we passed![/whiny voice]

So what, that puts it on his ass, firmly.

You fuckers have never understood the value of making the other guy own it.  You let Clinton have the plausible avenue of, "well congress never sent me anything so the voters must agree."

Make the other guy own it.

And I wait.  Still.

Want me to join short of that repeal?  Kick moderate Wayne to the curb.

Put someone to the right of Ted Nugent in there (except without the crazy uncle thing).

Ammo At Wal Mart

I have more than one friend who works at Wally World.

A couple who are not on the floor stocking shelves, in fact.

"We will not be ordering more..." with regards to ammo most likely means they've stabbed the "we're out" button on the ordering system and that closes the gate on stabbing it again for more.

Otherwise the store could end up with so much of a particular kind of ammo they'd never get it all sold short of taking a loss on it.

Wal Mart doesn't sell at a loss.  Ever.

Dear Supreme Leader

New York has just seceded from the US.  Please make note of that when targeting your first nuke.


14 January 2013


I did not grow up a member of the gun culture.

My grandparents owned guns.

My dad owned a gun.  My mother feared them and when they divorced, there were no guns in the house.

I did have toy guns in abundance and I played "guns" and "war" with my friends.

Playing war also gave start to my life long interest in military vehicles and equipment.  I began to acquire books on the topic.  Those books led to books about where the technology fit in historically then more books about more general history.

Those games gave way to table top role playing games such as Top Secret, Traveller and Twilight 2000.

Knowing about real guns could give you an edge in a game that used real guns, a few ounces off the encumbrance, a couple extra shots...  Important stuff!

I fired my first real gun around 4th grade while we were visiting Iowa from Chicago and one my uncles decided to take his son and me out shooting.  It was some kind of .22 semi-auto and we had a great time.  Mostly making noise because I don't think I understood the sights.

Still, guns were NEAT!

I had friends here and there who owned guns, but the prohibition from Mom meant a bb gun was barely tolerated.  I suppose I should clarify about her; she was not opposed to people owning guns, she was just afraid to be around them.

Those friends took me shooting and I learned a lot about the guns and how to shoot.

Then I joined the Army.

Gunnie heaven!  In 1987 the Army was transitioning from the weapons of the late '60s into the weapons of the early '90's.  I trained on both the M1 and M60A3 tanks.  I learned both the M2HB and M85 .50 cal machineguns.  I qualified with the M240 in the turret.  We got "familiarized" with the M3A1 greasegun and M9 pistol.  We qualified with the M16A1 and M1911A1.

Part of my Army adventure was an object lesson in just how thin the veneer of society was and the only way to insure your safety from being oppressed by an outside power was to be armed to the teeth.  That lesson stuck.

The first gun I bought when I got out of the Army was a Ruger Mini-14, then a first gen Glock 17.

NOW, I was a member of the culture and was suddenly struck with the fact that there were people who were working to eradicate that culture from the nation.  Then we got the AWB.

I couldn't figure it out.  What the Brady Act and AWB actually did wasn't what the proponents of the bills said they addressed.  Lies?  Why would they lie?  What was the real motive?

Remember that lesson that stuck?  Remember how I collected military history books?  It seemed a pattern was emerging and it wasn't a pretty one.

I remembered the long rambling rants of my great grandfather and how they had to flee Italy.

I see this pattern emerging again.  Interestingly I see the same damned names attached to the new spate of laws as the last time.  Will no one rid us of these meddlesome senators?

I remember "never again" and note that "again" is the culmination of the pattern.

Wal Mart

What if Wal Mart stops carrying guns?

So what?

I don't buy guns there and only rarely ammo.

I don't think of buying guns at department stores normally, like K-Mart and Sears, though they used to carry firearms.

I've always preferred to support the little local gun shop over the gigantic national chain where I could.  Where I can't, I trend towards the internet places like Brownells and Midway.

Be honest, has Wal Mart carried a gun you wanted to buy recently or has their rack been mostly populated with the bottomest of bottom end guns?  Did you notice that where it's not the entry level cheapo there's no price saving over the local shop too?

I hope they stand up to the government, but I don't expect their exiting the market to affect things much.

The local gun shop will be more than happy to pick up the slack and they generally offer better customer service as well.

I'm Just A Little Short...

This is on the Grail Gun list.  $5,000 is a lot cheaper than the vaporware gun from www.fg42.us (dead site) that was selling for $10,000 each and the $100,000 plus for a real one.

It seems to buck a lot less than the Type E I fired at an MG shoot.

I prefer the looks of the Type E over the type G, but...

Gangnam Style Hitler Ver.1 [Best Remix Version]

Monster Hog

The only gun I bought during the panic was a .22.


Sometime between 8 and 9 PM yesterday I had my 100,000th visitor!



I don't want to kill you.

You don't want to die.

I don't want to die either.

But if I kill you, I will die.

I have to.

The option to let the courts figure it out has been removed with the addition of indefinite internment.

That you are here means that there's no 2nd, 4th, 5th or 6th amendment protection.

But it's all about numbers.

Including the military there's about 4 million of you.

There's about 80 million of us.


The mythical three percent is still 2.4 million.  Just 1: 1.66667.

If just the threepers fight back they only have to take two of you with them to win completely.

There's another percentage I'd like to give you.  40%.  That's when you become combat ineffective.  When you've taken 1.6 million casualties you are out of the fight.  The numbers are back to 1.5:1

We don't go combat ineffective because we're fighting against eradication.

What if more than 3% fight back?  Parity is very likely once resistance to the arrests begin.  With a 1:1 exchange we win.

It gets worse for you.

The numbers favor the defender.  Better than parity is likely.  Don't forget, nobody at Waco thought a massacre was even a possibility.  Those were people who had stopped fighting.  The first day is a better example of how it can go for you.  1.2:1  Not even good enough to win agains the threepers.

And we just need one out of every 20 arrests to result in a fatality to make no more of you and we win.

And that assumes you all join in the effort.  That some (many?) of you aren't really part of us.

What happens if one of you is really one of us and pretends he's still one of you?  What if he spies?  What if that creates a situation where it's a lot better than parity for us?

It's all numbers and not many of us need to resist to win.

Still, WE don't want to die.  There's still time.  We need the thin lines to start talking back up their chains of command to explain the bloodbath that's likely to result from this.  Especially tell your union leadership (if any).

If we don't die, we both win.

13 January 2013

Shut Up RINO

MISTER Powell.

That's all the honorific you're going to get from me you ass kissing prick.

You are deluded.

I don't want to pay higher taxes because I think the money will be wasted.  Not because I am racist.

Edit: I also don't want to pay higher taxes because far too many "citizens" in this country pay zero to negative taxes in addition to receiving subsidies.

But, please, keep punishing me like I am a racist.  When the race war you and people like you are trying so hard to foment finally does start I will not have single pang of guilt about what will have to be done.

What have I to lose by actually becoming a racist?

Well, other than my self respect, which is something you're completely unfamiliar with, aren't you Mr Powell?


From a Naval Aviator friend:

"They've added waterboarding to SERE?  Yeah, about that point in the program you do need a bath pretty bad."


Imagine A World Free Of Gun Violence

Nope, no guns here.  All better.

11 January 2013

Still Life

Got my lanyard for my 1911 in today.  Decided to pose a pic.

I took the vintage USGI brown plastic grips that are from my dad's Remington Rand M1911A1 and put them on my Springfield just for this photo.

Got a proper OD green boonie hat with the correct brim too!

Playing a supporting role is Sabrina.

Also took a wider angle shot.

Bill Nelson's Poll

He's my senior Senator.  He's a Democrat.  He's not very pro-gun (that's as nice as I can be).

I've written to him on this issue and unlike Rubio, whose email system at least has a 'bot to send a reply, I've heard nothing back.

He has a little poll posted.

The results don't seem to be going as he'd like, I'm sure.

h/t to the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is Arfcom and to Robb who discovered that they'd fixed the counting.


I am old enough to remember when plastic meant garbage.

I am also young enough to know that has not been true for a very long time.

I remember hearing about the Glock 17 for the first time and my response was "cool!" not "heresy!"

Making the frame out of plastic seemed the logical progression.  I'd read about how tool-steel and wood had been replaced with sheet metal and bakelite in World War 2 in some German guns and it seemed to me that as materials advanced so would they be used in firearms.

The M16 is missing a lot of steel compared to its contemporaries.

I find, though, I LIKE steel.  I LIKE leather.  I LIKE wood.  I find I am willing to accept the penalty in weight that my liking brings.  A 1911 with wood stocks in a leather holster just suits me better than a Glock in Kydex.

Not that I don't have a Glock.  I like my Glock.  I have a leather holster for it too (hee hee).

I am full on into advanced materials in my rifle choice.  But I enjoy the old WW2 warhorses more.

The Glock 21 and two magazines is 4 lbs.  An M1911A1 and two magazines is 3.8.

But I get 40 shots from the Glock and just 22 from the 1911.  And it's the same ammo.

Yet I carry the 1911.  It being much narrower makes it easier to conceal and that makes it more comfortable.

I eagerly await someone to finally make a 1911 form factor gun with fully modern design and materials.

Cue cricket...

Another Interesting Tidbit

One place that feudalism does us one better (at least for the landed non-commoner) is that someone is not bound by their parent's oath of fealty.  They had to swear themselves before they were bound vassal.

We, on the other hand, are bound by the agreements our grandparents and parents made.  Involuntarily ceding our sovereignty and liberties before we were born or when we were still children.

It seems akin to being chattel, like a serf.

I've read the documents detailing the debate preceding the passage and ratification of the US Constitution and this was not agreed.

At this point I doubt there will be a reconciliation between what is law and what the constitution says.  If we get anywhere near it again, there will be literal rivers of blood and I doubt most seriously we shall attain the exception twice.

Although, we nearly did in 1865...

10 January 2013


If AR's are Barbies for men.

Holsters are shoes.

Another similarity!

In the run-up to Civil War I, we had states passing laws nullifying federal law.

Here we go again.

h/t Sebastian

The best we can hope for is a change back to "The United States Are" from "The United States Is".

I live in a state with sea ports.  Is yours landlocked?

New Old Stock

Got me a NOS M7 holster in black.

I forgot what a chinese puzzle these things were to set up.

For some reason finding a black M7 with US embossing was moderately hard.  There are perfect reproductions with USMC embossed on them, but hardly any with US.  This one is a genuine issue item, thanks Ebay!

Genuine "Lift The Dot" Snap

Cathey Enterprises, North Carolina?

The nostalgia is so thick you can cut it with a knife here at the McThag ranch.

The lanyard is supposed to be delivered tomorrow.

Scan of the official Army instructions.


Think they'll start reading those bills before voting now?


h/t Breitbart


Been shooting off emails to the congress critters.

The latest is about Alan Williams bill to rebalkanize Florida's gun laws.


Why can't we just register that what has been going on in relation to the gun laws in Florida since the 1980's has been for the good and returning to those bad old days is nearly all cost and nearly no benefit.

09 January 2013


The Constitution is a double edged sword.

It's the source of legitimacy for the federal government.

If they fail to obey its restrictions and ignore it, it's invalidated.

If it's invalid, so is the legitimacy of the federal government.

That's why it's important to follow the restrictions to the damn letter!

Sadly I find damn few people who understand that and even fewer that want to.

Some claim the want to, but we always travel down Whatif road and try to justify something that's not plainly authorized by the constitution that they feel is essential.

Explaining the amendment process just gets a glazed stare.

Too often the reply to "that's unconstitutional" is "well the other party did it first".


You may also substitute "illegal" for "unconstitutional" in the preceding two sentences.

And it's everywhere.  It's so pervasive that we're literally the frog in the slowly heating pot and we're not even aware of the pot let alone the water temperature.

The Constitution was written in plain language.  It was not written with hidden meanings for lawyers to suss out by twisting the language.

08 January 2013

Ban Full Auto Firearms...


It's always dusty when the Tachikoma's make their noble sacrifice for Batou.

Yet it never bothers me when Major Kusanagi gets her head shot.

Fall On Me Won't You Fall On Me

I've got my spite.  I've got my Orange Crush.

Let's hear it for misheard lyrics!

PS: Hey, Mike GUN!  It's a GUN and your song made me think of it!  GUN!

Who Won The Game

I don't fucking care.

As far as I am concerned it only matters to mouth breathing idiots.

I can see football as something that might be entertaining.

What's ruined football as entertainment for me is the fucking fans.

Did I see the game last night?  No, I didn't.  You can stop with the play by play recap, I CHOSE to not see the game.

blink blink

Stop telling me about the game.  I did not see it because I didn't want to and don't care one way or the other who won.  The constant chatter about the sport du jour when I know that we have something in common to talk about pisses me off.

I don't watch:

Football (except for the Super Bowl and then only for the commercials which have been going downhill for a while)
Hockey (despite playing in High School)
THE ENTIRE OLYMPICS (even the shooting portion if it's even televised)

I just do not care about sports.  I never really have and I never will.

I am a fan of motorsports but I don't go out of my way to watch it or plan around when it's scheduled.

I've decided to start talking about something that I know they don't care about but that I know down to minutiae.  Like the graduation of airspeed indicators in WW2 fighter aircraft and is using knots superior to using miles per hour...

We're Not Alone

07 January 2013

No Guns?


Bring it on.

I'm a relatively big guy.  I know how to use a sword, spear and pike with and without a shield.

I may not be an expert, but I know them at all.

Those who know nothing will be at my mercy!

Sucks to be them, huh?

Oh wait, I'm a civilized chap and I'd never go feudal on anyone.

Oh well...



Fuck you!  I gave.

I gave up owning a rifle with a barrel shorter than 16", shotgun with a barrel shorter than 18" and silencers without paying $200 and registering the gun.

I gave up buying a gun from a person in another state without going through a federal licensee.

I gave up owning a machinegun that was designed or built after 1986.

I gave up building complete rifles from imported parts kits.

For ten years I gave up newly manufactured standard capacity magazines.

I gave up all of those things in the interest of reducing crime and increasing safety.

I got neither.

I got lies.

I got deceit.

I got blamed!

Well, I am all out of give.

Crime goes down when there are more guns.  Time for the give to go the other direction.

06 January 2013

Shooty Sunday

Marv did not fire a Ruger Standard Mk 2 today.

The pistol he bought turns out to be a 1968 vintage Mark 1!

And we forgot to take a picture...

I had two plus bricks hiding at the bottom of an ammo can, so we did get to go shooting.

I don't shoot much .22 because I only have the one gun.  A Remington 341A.

Geraldine still shoots quite well.  Not bad for someone born in 1938, huh?

25 yards, off hand, standing.

While there I was tempted by a Ruger Mk1 on consignment.  Almost literally for a song.  I sold a SIG to Marv for the funding.  Because it's on consignment, the dealer has to wait two weeks for "pawn" clearance to end before it can be released to me.  It's a real nice 1957 model and shoots pretty damn good.  Even came with a spare magazine, which was marked $3.00 on the end of the original Ruger box.  Talk about vintage!

All in all I'm pretty happy with how things worked out.  The P232 was bought to be a daily carry gun that's been replaced by a P238.  It's been languishing in the safe ever since.  Marv likes that size .380 and really liked the 232 over his Bersa, so...

Horse trading is a blast and a major part of the enjoyment I get from both guns and cars as a hobby.


There is not a single round of twenty-two long rifle to be had at any Tampa area Walmart.   Looks like Marv is S.O.L. For testing his new Ruger Mark I I.

05 January 2013


On the road to knowledge I've noticed more than once that the apparent was false.

I learned the word counterintuitive.

I've also recently learned that there are things that are intuitive and obvious once you have the knowledge that are not apparent while you are learning it.

Students like to jump to conclusions.  It's also stuff that takes years to learn and absorb, so a beginner isn't going understand much of what I am trying to say at first.

This is very frustrating.

Yup We're Boned

Bob Owens asks...

Paul Revere and the other dispatch riders that April morning were cogs in a communications machine that had 14,000 militiamen marching towards the Concord Road before the sun rose on April 19, 1775.
Six hours. 14,000 men.
I want you to think about that for a moment.
Let’s be honest with ourselves. How many people could we turn out, if we found out tonight at midnight, about a threat to liberty so dire that it must be met. How many people could you get to show up with you?
We all know the ‘get out the word’ advantages we have – iPhones, landline phones, payphones, laptops, netbooks, desktops, tablets, pagers, email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, the World Wide Web, radio and Youtube channels.
How many of you could get 10,000 to show up?
How many of you could get 1,000?
OK, let’s make it real easy. How many of you could get 100 to show up? How many of you could get 10?
How do you measure the value of liberty to a society?
Do you measure it by the number of people who are willing to show up to defend it?

I don't think I could get even one.

Most of the people I might ask to come would demand such incontrovertible proof that it was happening that we'd be done for before I could convince them.

04 January 2013


At the core, science is the study of things as they are rather than how we would wish them to be.

The sun comes up in the morning because the earth is spinning, not because Apollo is dragging it behind his chariot.

The study of science topics get the suffix, ology.

You'll note that Political Science isn't an ology course.

I Keep Forgetting

Most folks don't know what they don't know.  Because of that they think they know more than they do.

If You Must

If you MUST sporterize a milsurp,

THIS is how you do it!

h/t Weapons Man

03 January 2013

Lifetime Warranty My Ass

Marv had a Kershaw Cyclone.

The assist spring broke on it once, Kershaw repaired it under warranty.

Within days of getting it back from service, it broke again.

They told him that they weren't supporting the Cyclone any more but would send him a voucher towards purchase of a new knife.

The equivalent knife in the present line up is the Blur.

Similar size. 3 3/8" v 3 3/4"
Similar blade material. Sandvik 14C28N v Sandvik 13C26
Same handle material.  6061-T6 Aluminum
Reversible clip.

All of the features that led him to purchase the Cyclone in the first place.

The $80 voucher (usable only at their webstore) was not enough to cover the price of a Blur and he ended up with a Scallion.

Shorter blade.  2 1/4" v 3 3/4"
Different blade material.  420HC v Sandvik 13C26
Different blade shape!  Yes, this matters.
Different handle material.  Glass filled nylon v 6061-T6 Aluminum.
Non-reversible clip.

It did not break from misuse or poor maintenance.  It was not repaired or replaced with an equal knife.

I am very disappointed in the customer service displayed by Kershaw.  The outcome is flavored by the three months of waiting for the first repair with no communications and then the nearly nine month wait to get a decision to cheap out on the replacement.

Marv's experience coupled with their apparent shift from American made goods to Chinese imports has really soured me on the company and I won't be buying a new Kershaw to replace my Cyclone when the day finally comes.


The Illinois Senate has decided there just aren't enough votes to pass their gun ban.

h/t Say Uncle


I guess there's still time for them to revive the damn thing so we should keep up the cacophony of defiance.

Hot Iron

Emailed Cylinder and Slide about my Defective Special.

Got a reply.  Could be the cylinder stop, could be the cylinder itself.

They said there's normally a ten month wait, but I could send it right in if I wanted to!

Shipping is retarded expensive thanks to ATF's regulations.

I hope they don't need to replace the cylinder.

When I got the gun the tip of the firing pin was broken off.  I had a local smith replace the firing pin and I noticed the cylinder issue not too long after that.  I wonder if he put something back together wrong.  I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't go straight to the range with it, but rather let it sit in the safe until the warranty on the work expired.  A whole month!

Fingers crossed!


What is three times 0.38?

86 years of history in one spot.  All Colt, all in some form of .38 caliber.  .380 ACP, .38 Special and .38 Super.

The defective Detective needs to head out to Cylinder and Slide or some similar place to be retimed.  One of the chambers doesn't stop in battery during double action operation.  It's the same chamber every time and it doesn't do it every single time.  Single action is no problem.

02 January 2013

Quote Of The Day

Deep down, he always wanted to be an interior decorator, but his father (the Smith) always expected him to become an adventurer.
So he over-compensates by resorting to force at the slightest provocation.
His adolescence was complicated by a secret relationship with the butcher's boy Bruce. The two always planned to run away together.
To a happier place where they could decorate castles and run wild through the forest, and take long walks on the beach at sunset.
But last year he and Bruce had a falling out. Over a girl, of all things.
Since then he's become more withdrawn, darker. Decorating his rooms in brick red and gunmetal, rather than the gleaming steel and crimson of his youth.
Bruce used to talk for hours about growing up to become a famous pastry and dessert baker, a cake decorator extrordinare.
Now Thack can hardly look at a cake without bursting into tears.
Even the sight of a frosted bun or a bit of fondant causes him to unleash his defensive fury in a berserker rage, concealing his inner vulnerability by lashing out at anything and everything around him.
His younger brother's 9th birthday was his last day at home. The party was... a disaster.
The party was held in the family's side yard, it was a gorgeous spring afternoon, the yard gaily decorated with streamers.
Thack went outside to wish his younger brother a happy birthday. He walked around the corner of the house, and then he saw it.
The cake.
In a flash, all his internal dams broke. The longing, the anguish; it all came flooding back. Thack lashed out in a blind rage, a red velvet haze.
When he came to, surrounded by the shredded remains of the party, nothing remained of the cake save part of the uppermost layer, sliding indecorously down the shed.
In the distance, he could still see some of the guests, fleeing for their lives.
His tears tasted like frosting.


Own Logic

The management at The Journal-News is clearly intending to murder someone, they've hired armed people.

By their own logic owning a gun or hiring someone with a gun is prelude to murder.

01 January 2013

Buy Back

Buy back?

What an insidious term for it.

The government has never owned most of my guns.

The M1903A3 and the Garand are it.  Parts of Charlotte were once an Air Force M16, but not the lower or fire control parts.

They can't buy anything else back, they never owned it in the first place.

Voluntary compensated confiscation is what it really is.

We should begin using that or a term similar to it.

Registration Always Leads To Confiscation

Maybe not today.  Maybe not tomorrow.  But eventually.

Look, they've proposed a ban...  Illinois has a Firearms Owner ID card.  You need that to buy and possess a firearm if you live in Illinois.

Who has a FOID except for a gun owner?  It will be grounds for the search warrant to see if you have any guns in the house.

Although Illinois doesn't have registration, they do make you call in every time you buy a gun and I'm not finding where they're forbidden to keep those records.

I was hoping that I really was as crazy and paranoid as everyone said I was.  Turns out I was just being observant not pessimistic.

h/t Zombie Rush

PS: This is one time I am thankful for being bounced all over the country by my dad hopping jobs.  We lived in Bolingbrook, IL from 70-79; I could have ended up there and stuck with this shit directly instead of seeing it from afar as a warning to others.

Choose Your Own Crime Stats

h/t She's A Garand Girl via NC Gun Blog


Related story.

h/t The Drawn Cutlass

For Them

Simply.  Those little unexplainable kindnesses are not for you.  They are for them.

It eases their pain.

Let them.

No further explanation of this post is forthcoming.

Dear Republican Party

As we start the new year something must be brought to your attention:

Every aspect that was banned under the 1994-2004 federal assault weapon [sic] ban will be toxic come the next election should there be any compromise banning any of the named features in a future ban.

This is not negotiable.

Not bayonet lugs, not folding stocks, not telescoping stocks, not barrel shrouds, not pistol grips, not magazine capacity, not threaded muzzles, not flash-hiders, not shoulder things that go up!

Most especially magazine capacity.

If, in the name of compromise or bipartisanship you decide to go along with a ban on such we will have to abandon you as lost.

We will primary you to replace you with an unknown quantity.  Failing that we will vote for a third party candidate.

Because the United States is a de-facto two party system, a large number of votes by gun owners for a third party is, in effect, handing the victory to the Democrats.  The election after that, we hope you'll notice and put in someone who will vigorously repeal such onerous legislation.

We hope.

Yet we despair.

Far too many times has this pattern repeated.

We need you to stand your ground.  We need you to say no further.  We need you to realize that the justifications to pass such laws are empty promises and devoid of data supporting their efficacy.

For once, do the right thing instead of just some-thing.