31 December 2010

The M1911 debate

I had a long, impassioned, researched and linked post about how the M-1911A1 doesn't suck all written and ready to post.  It's still in drafts as a matter of fact.

I am not going to post it.

It will not change anyone's mind on the matter.

The original thread that was posted is clearly an attempt to stir things up by making people angry.  A troll.  We should not feed the blue trolls as well as the red.

30 December 2010

Translated from the original German, I am sure.

Manditory DUI check-point.  Hat-Tip: Jay G.

For your own good, of course.

Fuck your rights, this is for safety.

I am willing to bet that that more than two thirds of the people who will be busted in such a checkpoint will be illegally operating a vehicle without a license from a prior DUI charge.  Fix that problem first and I will consider your new fascist check points.

The next, gigantic problem we have with DUI is thanks to groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving.  Do you know why the old legal standard was a blood alcohol content of 0.010?  Because that was the BAC where most people's reaction speed and judgement become impaired.

MADD's campaign was to get harsh about punishing people caught legally drunk.  That part worked.  The number of people caught DUI went way down.  The drunk drivers did not get craftier about avoiding the police, unless you count them getting a designated driver, calling a cab or letting it get out of their system before driving.

A busy-body advocate's worst nightmare is their program succeeding; so MADD demanded that BAC be reduced to 0.008.  Lo and behold! more people got busted with DUI again!  Just like before, people changed their habits and arrests dropped back to where they were prior to the change.

MADD has advocated that we now change BAC to 0.005.  Fortunately this has not yet flown; but they are out there trying to find validity.  The only thing that shows they are right is numerous arrests for DUI; they need that to promote their new prohibition.

At present, people who are between 0.008 and 0.010 are hard to spot.  Most busts in this realm are from the officer noticing the smell of alcohol after pulling the driver over for a different primary offense, like speeding or a light out.  Remember what I said about impairment starting at 0.010?

To get more busts, they have to pull more people over who are not obviously impaired.  Enter the DUI check-point.

These are not new around here (Tampa area) the judge on hand is the new part.  What they also do when they ask you to blow is enquire about guns, drugs or other things and then decide if you are acting twitchy enough to search your car.  This is all excuse upon excuse to disregard my 4th and 5th amendment enumerated rights.  Apparently, to a modern fascist, driving on a road on a particular day at a particular time is probable cause.  I do not agree that since everyone is treated the same here that it is not a violation of individual rights, it's just a serial violation of them.

Try it this way [white robe on] "As long as we treat ALL [CENSORED] this way, it's OK?" [white robe off]

Still racist, isn't it?

When will it be time to slit throats?

28 December 2010

On Not Selling Guns to Californians

There are a few companies that don't sell firearms to Californian customers.

This upsets quite a few people, mostly Californians.

I don't think the boycott is doing anything to help the situation, but I understand the "let them sink" feeling.

What would have an effect would be a refusal to sell to government agencies in California.  Imagine if Glock refused to sell to Californian police agencies unless they would allow sales to normal citizens of the same guns.

Might just change some things.

Same goes for NY(f)C or Massachusetts.

XM Radio

My car came with a free sample of XM when I bought it.

I liked it enough to keep the service for almost three years.

In October, I decided that it was too much money for a luxury item and called to have it cancelled.  The cheery girl on the phone said "no problem" and it would be taken care of.

Just about this time, my bank sent a new debit card.  They'd decided to change from Visa to Master Card.

I had read on the Corvette Forum that the only way to get XM to stop charging a card was to get a new number, so my cancellation became an experiment.

Lo and behold!  I start getting letters and emails telling me that they were unable to process my account information because the (old) card number was being rejected.

So I called back and reminded them I had cancelled.  "We don't have a record of that call..." of course you don't.  No record of the call in October, November and I'm willing to bet December when I call, again, in January.

Every time I call they remind me I owe them for the months after the cancellation I they didn't record.  This is a classic, "not my problem when you screw up".  I reaffirmed that I am not going to be held liable for their error and will not be mailing them a check.

Someday there will be a class action suit over their business practices.  I will gladly join in that suit and collect whatever small crumb is left after the lawyers are paid.

27 December 2010

You're darn tootin' I'm angry!

Two years in a row, the registration for my car has gone up 50%.
Every year my car insurance goes up 10%.
Every year my house insurance goes up 10-15%.
Gasoline has gone up 30% in the last year.
Bread has gone up 29% in the last year.
Hamburger has gone up 22% in the last year.

Explain to me where we get "less than 2% annual inflation" from that?

The household income sure as heck isn't going up as fast as the bills and almost all of them increasing from government mandate rather than market pressure.

Semi-Auto Versus Revolver for the Beginner

Jay G has been asked about what would be a good first gun.

One of his commenters has stated the new shooter should get a revolver, because it's simpler and the 1911 is too complicated for a novice.

The 1911 is just fine for a first gun.  I watched over 200 people who'd never fired a gun before learn to disassemble, assemble, fire and clean a 1911 in less than a week.

It was called basic training (OSUT to be nitpicky)

If we'd just offer to TEACH the new people asking about semi-autos instead of dispensing "a semi-auto is too complicated for you, kid," from our Ivory Towers™ we'd have a lot more shooters.

There is nothing about the 1911 that is so complicated that a novice cannot get a functional level of skill in an afternoon.

I am not pulling this out of my rectal cavity either.  There's a reason that the police's scores improved dramatically when the change-over from wheel-guns to autos started in the '80s.  A single action semi is much easier to shoot well than a double action, making the initial shots more likely to be successful giving an more immediate reward to our novice shooter encouraging them to continue shooting rather than saying, "this is too hard," and quitting.  Leaving their "simple" revolver to gather dust in a drawer someplace.

I've taught lots of people how to shoot.  Not a single one has been overwhelmed by the complexity of the extra controls on an auto as compared to a revolver.

Most of the people I've taught to shoot I've taken to the range and let them fire a few rounds from every type I have.  Revolvers and automatics.  None of my students, save one, bought a revolver (and she later changed over to an auto when she found one she could operate; I mentioned her here).

I've watched others teaching their friends and families to shoot as well.  All but a couple of my "students" are still shooting.  A sad majority of the people taught by others are not.


Forcing the pupil to buy a gun that doesn't suit them is the number one reason; and the number one wrong gun is a snub-nosed revolver.

Why is that a wrong gun?  Double action is harder to shoot well with, short sight radii are harder to shoot well with, and lighter guns recoil more unpleasantly.  This is compounded by the super light .357's that are available.  I believe Jay calls his the "snubbie from hell".  The snubbie I carry from time to time is a S&W 640, hammerless and stainless.  It's unpleasant to fire full power loads with, but it's still more pleasant than the alloy 642 with normal .38 Special loads.

I will not take the position that a revolver is never the right gun.  A snubbie is not always the wrong gun.  I carry one!  I have just found that most people can readily learn an automatic and quickly become proficient with one, even a 1911.  Truth be told, not one of my pupils has ever bought a 1911 because they find John Browning's masterpiece to be "too damn heavy".

My recommendation to the new (handgun) shooter is:

0. Decide what you want the gun to do for you.  You may be in love with a .44 Mag that fits 1 through 3, but it's not a good choice for conceal carry under most conditions.
1. Find a gun that fits your hand.
2. Find a model of that gun chambered for "at least" .380 ACP.
3. Make sure you are comfortable firing it in the selected chambering and are comfortable with the controls.  More than once I've had the student go for a 9mm over a .380 because locked breeches have lighter springs than blow-back; making them easier to manipulate.
4. Get to the range and practice!  Pretty soon you will not be a new shooter.

26 December 2010


We have Nerf® weapons!

Mine is a mag-fed pump action modular design.

Harvey's (wife's nickname, long story) is BELT FED!  We've only managed to lose one foam dart so far.

The interesting thing about mine is the instructions include a bit on how to work iron sights.  The vernier sights are, um, optimistic.  I can crank it up so far that it looks like I am launching a grenade, and it doesn't increase the range over direct fire more than a foot.

Gun toys are the bestest!

25 December 2010

A week late to the bandwagon, but hey...

Every Question and Answer Session on an Internet Gun Forum Part 1

Every Question and Answer Session on an Internet Gun Forum Part 2

Every Question and Answer Session on an Internet Gun Forum Part 3

SWAT Sniper

Internet Gun Transaction: Typical Type: 1 Each

History made amusing.

The audio can be a bit weak, but it's worth a watch.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

24 December 2010

Christmas Eve!

Not "Holiday's Eve"!

We don't say happy holidays for MLK Day, Groundhog Day, Valentines Day, President's Day, St Patrick's Day, April Fool's Day, Earth (spit) Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Halloween,  Veteran's Day or Thanksgiving.

Unless we mean Christmas and New Years when we say "Happy Holidays!"  But I don't think we do.

Oh, but it's teh evol Xtians!  OK, we can't say Christmas because 76% of the nation is Christian, 3.9% has a different religion, 15% have no religion and 5.2% refuse to say.  Kids, this is not like saying 'CENSORED' or 'CENSORED' or 'CENSORED' or 'CENSORED'.  Merry Christmas has not ever been used as an insult or slur by a Christian.  They are merely wishing you well, why do you resent it so?  Does it burn?  No.  Are you worried that being wished a merry Christmas will somehow compromise your belief that there is no Christian God?  If so, how weak is your faith?

But I say that Christmas is as religious in the US as St Patrick's or St Valentine's days.  It's not about when Jesus was born (which probably wasn't in December because that's not when the Romans did the get back to your home village for census and tax reasons); it's about family and friends and getting together to strengthen and renew those bonds.

So Merry Christmas!

From an Atheist married to a Pagan no less!

23 December 2010

What makes a "good" 1911.

I am not going to compare brands.

We're going to assume for the sake of discussion that quality is moot.  You've chosen a brand that you like and trust.

What features are must have?

What got me to thinking about this was a link to Kimber's Desert Warrior.  It's real similar to Springfield Armory's Full-Size MC Operator.  It's got a railed dust cover, ambidextrous safety, extended grip safety, skeletonized hammer, extended trigger and more visible sights.  Everything you could need or want, right?

All I want over an issue USGI M1911A1 is sights that are easier to see.  Honest.

I know that this is a contentious issue.  But what do you like and why?  You don't get to tell someone else they are wrong; just state your preference.

Missed the point

I don't think I made my point clearly about regulatory agencies.

What they are doing is legislating, all are part of the executive branch.  That's not the executive branch's job; that's the legislative branch's job.  You know, Congress?

22 December 2010


Remember when "WMD" meant real weapons of mass destruction like nuclear, biological and chemical?

I hear a 40mm grenade LAUNCHER now qualifies (don't even need 40mm grenades for it).

A thought

I read that the Department of Homeland Security will begin to start protecting us from glow bull warmering.

Just taking it on themselves to start regulating without a law to enforce.

I see this a great deal with government agencies.

It's called mission creep in some circles.

What we have is Congress not doing their jobs and pawning it off on the agency tasked with enforcing the laws.  They make regulations that are supposed to have the effect of enforcing the law.

My favorite example is BATFE and there are oh so many examples.

Let's start with the form 4473.  Where is the law that says you have to fill this thing out?  There isn't one.  What it is for is to keep prohibited people from buying guns.  The law about that says who cannot own a gun, and you answer Y-E-S or N-O to each of the disqualifying  things.

Not that a felon would lie or anything.  Thanks to the Brady Act, we have NICS.  NICS checks to see if you were being honest with your answers.  Why do we still have the form?

If we are going to have such a thing as a NICS, we should just call them up, give them our name  and address and it should give a GO/NO-GO for the sale.  No need for a paper record at all to satisfy the law.

Next is anything having to do with the National Firearms Act (NFA).  The law says I have to pay a tax to buy or make something regulated by the NFA.  But there's no law requiring the extensive background check.  It should be send in the $200, pass NICS and collect my gun.

There's lots more.

The real solution is to end regulatory agencies altogether.

Short Barrels

Three of the AR projects I have require short barrels.

The XM177E2 is finished and has its tax stamp.  11.5" barrel with a 4.5" moderator on it, so it's actually just 5/8" shorter than 16" overall.

Kaylee (mentioned earlier) and Cheyenne (wife's retroish gun) will both be needing 14.5" pencil barrels.

Kaylee is going to be a clone of an IDF gun and Cheyenne is based on the carbine carried by SSG Barnes in "Platoon"

This is all just for looks.  A 16" barrel looks just a little too long, especially in pencil weights.

Cheyenne will have some "farbs".  The gun from "Platoon" is a Philippine R653P.  It should be gray anodizing; not black and shouldn't have the brass deflector.

Kaylee might have farbs, but with the way the IDF mixes and matches parts; I don't think you'd ever know.  There's a lot of choices for barrels, the IDF uses 14.5" pencil profile, 14.5" M4 profile and has been known to cut down an M16A1 barrel to 13" and reprofile it for a carbine gas system.

All for looks...

The overall lengths are not shortened enough to really make them all that much more handy.  The weight removed is nearly negligible.  It definitely reduces muzzle velocity.  Seems like a losing proposition.  But they will look right.  Proper proportions and all.

Perhaps in the future a 9mm AR SBR will have to be done!  At least a 10" barrel in 9mm is an improvement over how most 9mm's are.

21 December 2010

A swing and a miss!

Gov Christie Commutes Brian Aitken's Sentence

While it's great that Mr Aitken is out of jail, he's still a felon with a commutation.

Pardon is the word you were looking for Gov Christie.

Especially since the judge appears to have instructed the jury to ignore the law.

20 December 2010

Gang oft aglave

I had intended to hit the range and test a box of .45 ACP ammo from the nice people at Ammo For Sale today.

Someone committed suicide in one of the stalls at the range I am a member of.  They are closed today to allow things to be investigated.

I got a new driver's license today instead.

I am now Real ID compliant!  Yippie, skippy.  I also notice it seems to take more documentation to get an operator's license in Florida than to be elected to the presidency.  I needed the old license, a birth certificate, Social Security card, and two proofs of residency (bank statement and voter registration card).  I am now legal to drive for eight more years.  I remember when I had a choice between a 2 year and 4 year license, now they only choice is 8.

19 December 2010

Slave reparations.

It's a touchy subject.

Especially so since approximately 360,000 men paid the fullest price to end slavery.

In my mind the former slaves owe them for the gift of freedom.  From what I read, it was appreciated by everyone who'd actually been a slave.

Are there any still alive?

What we are talking about when we are talking about slave reparations are really Jim Crow reparations!

The injustice of slavery was made good by the sacrifices of the Civil War.  Paid in full.

Jim Crow started after the war.  Those laws are why we have a 14th and 15th amendments.

What you need to ask yourself is, what party passed all those laws and have they made amends?  Have they even apologized?  Didn't they honor an unrepentant Klansman when he died AFTER DECADES OF BEING IN OFFICE?

Or did they blame someone else?

This is why I am angry about the idea.  It wasn't me who harmed the descendants of slaves.  I did not vote for or support the people who did and do.  But it will sure as hell be me who's going to be paying for it, isn't it?  I don't like blame shifting.  I don't like the innocent being punished.  I don't believe that punishing me for the sins of my ancestors is just, for the same reason that enslaving someone because their ancestors were slaves is unjust.

I also don't like the precedent.  If this flies, how long before we have woman's reparations?  Gay reparations?  Irish reparations?  Indian?  Jewish?  Mormon?  The guilty got away and imposing an injustice on the innocent is nothing more than a new injustice.  Two wrongs do not make a right.


I am a firm believer in the premise that if you are going to punish me for something I have not done; I have nothing to lose by doing the thing I have been punished for.  I have to wonder how many racists are so because they'd been treated so.  The phenomenon is real, I've known several people who didn't care about homosexuals until they'd been punished for "gay bashing"; they sure as hell care now, and not in a pro-gay way.

If you are out to punish someone for injustice, make certain you get the guilty.  Punishing the innocent just gets you resentment and breeds more of what you are trying to stop.

18 December 2010


Hypocrisy: the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform.

Hypocrite: a person who indulges in hypocrisy.

I am extremely touchy about being accused of being a hypocrite.  The reason, I think, stems from failing to live up to the standards I set for myself for so long.  My behavior for a long time is what I would consider to be immoral today.  Breaking those habits was not easy and I failed a great deal.

I am not sure I was a hypocrite because I believed in the morality I espoused and recognized my failing as being wrong; and I tried to make amends when I fell short.  But my actions were not in accord with my beliefs.

I am a better person today than I was then.

17 December 2010

Teaching Gurls Ta Shoot

Since I am the person all of my friends know as "the gun guy" it's fallen to me to teach many of them how to shoot; nearly always a handgun.

I like to take my student out with one of my guns first.  If they're having some fun and want to keep going the next stop is a gun show.  Then I have them handle every single gun in the place.  I figure if they buy one that doesn't fit, they will not shoot it and then never get any good at it.

I try to insist that they pick at least a .380 ACP.  I don't think that .25 ACP or .32 ACP have enough zip to be counted on.  So far it's been .38 Special, 9x19mm, .357 SIG and .40 S&W.  Only twice have they picked a gun I would have bought for myself.

So far all but one has picked an auto, and she's a special case.  The very first handgun I ever fired was an auto, my dad's Bauer .25.  In basic training we trained on the M1911A1 and the M9.  I figure if a recruit can learn auto without trouble, than it's within the reach of most anyone.

The only time I've recommended a snubbie revolver; the woman in question has nerve damage in her "strong" hand and literally cannot work the slide on an auto.  Her good hand is her weak side, so we had to teach her to shoot with her off-hand from day one.  There's damage to her shoulder so we had to get her as light a gun as possible too.  We ended up with a S&W 642; alloy frame hammerless.  The DAO trigger was very trying for her and the recoil from standard .38 was just about all she could take.  But she put a lot of effort into it and became a fair shot after that.  She later discovered that she can work a tip-up barrel Beretta Tomcat in .32 ACP and since it's lighter and has less recoil, that's what she carries now.

So far everyone has succeeded in learning.  I am not teaching tactical shooting, just basic gun-handling and marksmanship.  Two of my students have gone on to get their carry permits.  Only one has stopped shooting.  I consider that success; more shooters are better than fewer.

16 December 2010

Name that party!

What was the party affiliation of the US President who raised an army and fought a war that ended chattel, race based, slavery?

What was the party affiliation of the US President who sent armed troops to ensure that black children could attend a previously all white school?

What was the dominate party in the former Confederate states that passed the so-called "Jim Crow" laws?

15 December 2010


Today is Bill of Rights Day!

Get thee hence and exercise your enumerated rights!

Print a hand bill.  Worship your God or Gods or not.

Buy, own or carry a firearm.

Kick a soldier out of your house, if you want to.

Lock the cops out of your house.

Don't talk to lawyers or judges.

Depend on the opinion of your peers, with a free lawyer.

Depend on the opinion of your peers over big money, more than $20!

Get out of jail, cheap.  Receive the same sentence as anyone else (likely for trusting your peers and using a free lawyer).

Do something not mentioned here.

Twice, but let your state government do it too.

PS: I miss you Mom.

14 December 2010

Catastrophic, Anthropomorphic, Global Climate Change

First, the closest star is a main sequence variable; its output will vary.  Literally by definition.

Second, because of our proximity to this star, the climate will ever be in flux.

Third, that means that while the changes may, indeed, be catastrophic, they are very unlikely to be anthropomorphic.

I've said it for years.

I note that the coldest winter I can recall since I moved to the Gunshine State is occurring right after the sun made almost no sunspots for better than a year.

Either that or what recycling and carbon crediting we did worked beyond our wildest imaginations.

I'm still betting on the sun.

11 December 2010

On being a car guy...

The funniest thing I can hear about a car is "parts are no longer available" when talking about a common, popular car.

Especially wear items.

Perhaps Ford stopped stocking them, but Autozone has them.  Betcha, betcha.  Nine times out of ten they are identical quality and cheaper too.

I'm a hot-rodder.  Parts abound!  Of course, you have to take the time to learn about your car, find out what other lines used the same part, become buddies with the local junk yard, make contact with a club or forum about your car, etc...

A good example would be the front wheel hubs on an '88 Fiero.  If you go to a GM dealer, discontinued.  Places like Autozone don't carry them.  If you are lucky, you can find a decent set at a salvage yard.  But nothing new, right?  Wrong.  If you join the Fiero Forum and complain about not being able to find new hubs, you will be directed at The Fiero Store and they will be happy to sell you new ones they contracted to be made.

The Pontiac Fiero was not a high volume production car.  The last year of production, 1988, has many items that are unique to it.  Luckily there's a cult following.

But some cars, like a Ford Crown Victoria or Chevy Malibu were fleet queens.  There were thousands upon thousands made.  Anything that's a cop car or taxi has amazing parts support from the aftermarket.

The aftermarket routinely generates better parts than OEM too.  Front steering components on my dear B-Body are in this realm.  Moog mades a "problem solver" line that lasts as long as GM claimed theirs did.

So, if you love your car, don't give up on her!  Learn how to fix it, learn where to get parts, buy some tools, and get wrenching!  You'll save tons of cash in the long run too.

10 December 2010

And yet, nobody was killed.

The FAA lost track of 132k aircraft registrations and life has been normal.   Makes me wonder if the registration was at all needed!

09 December 2010

An interesting take on poverty.

John Stossel

In the aftermath of the Kelo decision this raises some interesting thoughts.

Echo chamber, chamber, chamber, chamber...

I mentioned intractable gun decisions just the other day.

I forgot to mention the cannibal debates.

These are where people like a particular design, but feel the other person bought the wrong brand.

Tam's got a good comment thread going along those lines now.

Just makes you wanna say, "Why can't we just get along?"

My 1911 preferences are, I gather from reading some of these, odd.

I'm fine with the bare bones M1911A1.  No extended controls, arched mainspring housing, and stubby beaver tail.

About the only change I would make is the sights.  Perhaps on my next one...

The current one also serves a nostalgia role in that it's a clone of the gun I was issued as a tanker.

At any rate, I only have my personal experience to go on for this example.  Springfield Armory did a good job with it.  It's their GI model and the only upgrade I've made is a set of rosewood stocks.  It's never failed to go bang and the only problem I've ever had was the $5 magazines I bought at a gun show dropping their baseplates.

08 December 2010


I just realized that I only have one fully featured "assault weapon".

Kaylee is the only one with a telescopic stock, pistol grip, bayonet lug, threaded barrel, and a flash-hider / grenade launcher.  I have two that come close, but the muzzle devices won't launch rifle grenades and one of those doesn't even have a bayonet lug.

Do I get bonus points that the lug on Kaylee is useless for mounting a bayonet because it's too far from the muzzle?

Hey, Andy!

If [semi-auto AK and M16 clones] are, "so difficult to control, their bullets often get sprayed beyond the intended targets, striking innocent victims even when they’re in their own homes."  Then the last group of people who should have them are the police!

The vast majority of cops are mediocre marksmen.  No slam intended, shooting is a teeny part of the whole job; and it shows at the range.  If an AR is really that clumsy and random, then only a real expert should have them.  Like teenagers straight out of high school wearing baggy clothes with bad hair-cuts (like a recruit in basic training).

But wait; the AR is not inaccurate.  The AR is not difficult to shoot.  The AR is not difficult to shoot well.  Spraying beyond the intended target is a shooter problem, not a gun problem.  The .223 round is also not good a penetrating houses, that's why it's a good home defense round, one sheet of drywall tends to stop it. My house has cinder blocks and then drywall for the exterior wall.

The AK is not renowned for its accuracy, but it's accurate enough that it's still a shooter problem.

But the ATF is all about things and rarely about actual criminals.  Do something about the people breaking the laws with these guns and the problem with the guns themselves evaporates.

07 December 2010

Why I switched to Bing:

How Google commemorates Dec 7th.

How Bing commemorates Dec 7th.

Any questions?

Translation from English to English needed.

What's Brit English for "shiv"?

Hans Rosling's 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes - The Joy of Stats - ...

At the beginning of his presentation, all nations have similar wealth and life expectancies. It's not surprising that, as time progresses, that will become true again as advances propagate around the world. I think it's just a demonstration that it starts someplace and that place advances ahead of the others.

05 December 2010

Quote of the Random Interval

I am enjoying the film, "Appaloosa" with Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen.

It's a western and after the obligatory show-down the lines are:

Everett: "That happened quick."
Virgil: "Everybody could shoot!"

There's an entire body of information in those two lines.

The movie is well done, if you like westerns give it at least a rent.

Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearm

Nothing is better than a fine smoke, a single malt and a modern revolver chambered for an obsolete round.

Even if I did put ice in my scotch...

04 December 2010

Sarah Palin

I don't understand the level of hatred associated with her.

I will get out, right now, I don't particularly care for her.  There's something ineffable about her that turns me wrong, but it's not hate.

It's super easy to find every gaff she's ever made too.  Dumb Sarah Palin Quotes, Gaffes and Lies..

I think it's easy to demonstrate she's not an intellectual.  I watched a bit of "Sarah Palin's Alaska."  I couldn't watch it for the same reason I can't sit through an entire home movie.  But is she an idiot?

I don't think she is.  I think that she was definitely out of her depth during the '08 elections.  She was clearly flustered by the pressures put to her.  I don't want a presidential (or vice) candidate who can't take the heat.  Since then I have seen several of her speeches at Tea Parties; that's not a moron talking.  Yes, she's working from notes (some written on her hand!) but the content is more extemporaneous than anything I've seen from a politician lately.  She might not be my choice as a political candidate, but she's a damn good pundit, now.

The heat that was frustrating her; if the media were impartial and unbiased it would have been applied to candidate Obama and his running mate.  I would dearly love to see the gafftastic Joe "mumbles" Biden put to the same pressure.  Some of his gaffs are listed under, Dumb Joe Biden Quotes and Gaffes.

People made such a huge thing about Palin making those same level of mistakes, but there's no massive ground swell of hate for Joe Biden.  I deliberately sourced the quotes from the same site, why is Joe honest and Sarah a liar?  Notice too that a good hunk of what's presented in her listing are not gaffes at all, or lies; merely things the aggregator disagrees with.  I think my favorite quote from that link is, "'Refudiate,' 'misunderestimate,' 'wee-wee'd up.'  English is a living language.  Shakespeare liked to coin new words too.  Got to celebrate it!"  Um, she's right.  You're mocking her about it, but she's right; and she knew about Shakespeare just making up words that have since become part of the language (that's not really common knowledge).  'Refudiate,' is actually not a bad one since 'refute' and 'repudiate' are very close in their meanings.  Of course this is the same crowd that wants to ban the use of the word niggardly because it's racist.

I am just not seeing what makes people hate her.  Of course, Bush was not Hitler either.  Side note, if Bush were Hitler we'd have taken the neighboring French speaking nation (Canada) over without doing much shooting and we'd be well on our way to Brazil SEVEN YEARS AGO!

I think that's the real root here.  They hate her for the same reason they hated Bush, they're irrational.  If it was just a fringe group, it would not be such a worry, but it's the media members who are the fringe here.

I have mentioned it at the old place, it's difficult to talk about the issues when you have to spend all of your time explaining things are not as they are claimed.  It was very tiresome to keep explaining that I didn't have to like Bush to see that he wasn't stupid or Hitler.  I did not like him, he needed to veto a lot more and spend a lot less for me to like him.  But we never get to the issues, we just talked about how he was or wasn't Hitler or how stupid he was.

Go ahead, keep thinking the people who disagree with you are stupid, it means you will constantly underestimate them.

Stop thinking that because I say you are wrong about someone that means I like them.  It's your dishonesty I am refuting.  My refutation is not an endorsement.

01 December 2010

Wow, that sure did hurt.

Jay G mentioned bad gun ideas.

A friend of mine has an American Derringer Company, um, Derringer.  It's chambered in .410/.45 Colt.

I have always liked the looks of the old Remington .41 Over-Under and this looked just like one, except in stainless steel.  Of course I wanted to shoot it!

So he provided us some ammo and we got together to shoot.

Everyone fired two shots of .45 Colt.  That wasn't really too bad, it stung but it was easily bearable.

Some of us fired two more; .410 00 buck-shot this time.  It had more kick than the .45 Colt and the sting had turned to actual hurt, but not to a "I'm injuring myself here" level.

The owner and I fired two more .45 Colt.  My right thumb clearly expressed its displeasure about this and in no uncertain terms requested that I not do it anymore.  This is where the owner quit for the day, smart man.

I loaded up two more .45 Colt rounds and fired.  The first one was pretty much like the last two, "Ha! Take that thumb!"  The eighth round, however, was much worse as my thumb took its revenge by dislocating at the first joint outside the web of the hand.

I no longer want a clone of a Remington Over-Under Derringer.  Thag not dumb as look!  Thag can learn!

So, remember kids, just say no to bad gun ideas.

I have since fired a vintage Remington Over-Under in the original .41 rimfires using black-powder.  Much less devastating to the opposing digit.  Of course, I stopped at four shots this time.

Gun silliness

I am often amazed by, while I also participate in, the intractable positions about certain firearms.

Quite often there is no rational reason to take the position, nor a rational basis to defend it.

For a lot of things it comes down to an emotional decision.  We simply like something and liking it we want others to like it too.  Hey!  Human nature again.

I have my gun prejudices, I try really hard not to mock others for theirs.  If there's some factual basis for showing superiority, I try to keep it there.  Oftentimes while touting the superior feature of our chosen baby, we forget the superiorities of the other.

We also fixate on our advantages while forgetting that the gun/round we are mocking may have been intended for a purpose completely contrary to the one our favorite was.

There are also a good many of these debates where the guns or rounds being compared were designed for the same thing, and do it completely differently.

The classics are, of course:

M16 vs AK
Stoner gas system (incorrectly called direct impingement) vs piston.
1911 vs Glock
.45 vs 9mm
Auto vs revolver
Semi vs Pump
Buck vs Slug
Irons vs Red-Dot

I am sure there are many others.