15 May 2021

Speaking Of Art Acevedo

It appears that some Miami PD officers have taken some AR's from the department armory without signing for them.


I think they should have published the serial numbers.

Imagine if you'd bought an AR from your cop neighbor and are now in possession of what's been reported as stolen goods.  Wouldn't you want to know?  Wouldn't you want to do the right thing and return it to its rightful owner and assist honest law enforcement in punishing the thief?

Because I am dead certain that Art won't hesitate to prosecute you for having one of his department's missing guns despite you buying it in good faith from the person who stole it.

The most likely explanation is probably someone simply forgetting to sign the rifles out.

But... The posting of this memo, to me, seems as if quieter, "if you've got a department rifle, make sure it's signed out," efforts have met with no response with regards to the missing guns.

Don't Forget The Bennies

The average police salaries map at Fox News.

I talked about this before, I looked up my local law enforcement's numbers back in January 2020.

Pasco pays $39 to $41 thousand a year for a deputy sheriff, the lowest rank.  That doesn't seem like much, does it?

Full medical, zero out of pocket.  The value of this is jello with a nail in it.  This is, on average, a $40k a year benefit.

No employee contribution pension plan which will pay the full salary and medical upon retirement in as few as 15 years.  This is a near $100k a year benefit if you try matching it with doing the same with a 401k.

So our hapless deputy is really making $179 to $181 thousand a year.

Pasco is also well known for "grossly underpaying" the officers compared to the two counties to the south and has a retention problem because of it. 

But I've grown to expect lies from Art Acevedo.  He lies about guns, so why should we expect him to suddenly be honest about salaries?

Armed Forces Day

Today is the day we celebrate those still serving!

Happy Armed Forces Day!

There should be free stuff today for people with an active ID.

But there isn't.  Veteran's day covers them for that, but this should be as big a day too.

Bad Science

The news is spreading bad science again on herd immunity.  I too was shocked.

They mention vaccination over and over, as if that's the only immunity that matters.

You also get immunity from catching and recovering from the disease (at least from the strain that you caught).

It might even be less risky...

Worth It?

An M4 is about a loaded magazine lighter than an M16A4.

14.5" of 1:7 barrel gets you 4d+2 pi.

20" of 1:7 barrel gets you 5d pi.

4d+2 pi is an average of 16.

5d pi is 17.5.

8 magazines with a 14.5" barrel averages 3,840 points of damage before armor.

7 magazines with a 20" barrel averages 3,675 points of damage before armor.

The M4 with one more magazine makes sense in GURPS.

Cousin Pan

While humans and chimpanzees have a common ancestor... it was a LONG fucking time ago.

7,002,021 years ago long fucking time ago.

About 2 million years before Ardipithecus Ramidus stepped on the stage.

Our common ancestor was a wee little thing.

It didn't resemble either future line much at all.

But you read about people thinking that Chimps and Man diverged after HS Neanderthalis and HS. Sapiens split.

They forget that the modern Chimp is the result of as many years of evolution as us.

We've got Ardipithecus Ramidus, Australopithecus Anamensis, Australopithecus Afarensis, Australopithecus Africanus, Paranthropus Robustus, Paranthropus Boisei, Homo Habilis, Homo Eragaster, Homo Erectus, Homo Heidelbergensis and Homo Sapiens between us and that split.

Chimps have an equally long list of ancestors between the Homo and Pan split as us.

It needs to be mentioned.

It takes a lot of time (seven million years) and evolution to get a 2% differentiation in DNA.

I'm Frightened

Willard has read my M16A4 clone posts and has not, yet, mocked me.

He admits that he doesn't know where to begin, and that anything he adds doesn't really have any impact.

This scares me.

He's become numb to my insanity.

Pity is the next step.

That's Cool!

Putting a ø63.3x32.6mm cylindrical void in the body of the Energa print will, with a nylon density of 1.14 g/cm3 give it the correct mass of 645g!

Now, that's cool!

Putting that void up near the nose will also give it close to the correct balance.

Hopefully the fact that it's plastic, not metal, will be enough of a clue to keep someone from being so fooled by it that they feel the need to call ATF about the destructive device.

Because it's not a destructive device.

It's not even a projectile, really.  The stem will break apart if one were to put firing pressures on it.

It's a decorative muzzle cap!

Has anyone else noticed that pictures of live Energas are thin on the net, but pics of the training version abound?

14 May 2021

C0161 Again

I get to spend some quality time under my dash Sunday or Monday swapping out the brake pedal position sensor in The Precious, again.

This one has lasted since December 2016 and just about 50k miles.  The first one lasted from October 2007 and 121k miles.

C'est la vie.

The "good" news is this time the entire screw isn't covered in Loctite, so it should be easier than last time.

This is also the most likely culprit of the Service Active Handling Soon message from January.


I've long wanted an Energa rifle grenade for my FAL.

I don't think there's any real ones left, and the training versions are approaching "win the lotto" prices.

But JT has a 3D printer!

So I can take this:

And get to this:

And... dunno how to get from AutoCAD 3D model to something that his printer can use.  Surely there must be something...

13 May 2021

Viking Piss

Double of aquavit, two tablespoons of dill pickle brine, handful of olives, four or five dashes of Tabasco.

But Did You Know?

Playing around with the AR's and I noticed something:

The M4 feed ramps are entirely masked by the front of a Gen 3 PMAG, leaving just the barrel extension exposed.

What that means is if you're using a Gen 3 PMAG, you can use a barrel with rifle feed-ramps and an upper without the M4 ramps at all!

End Of An Era

The Army is retiring the M1128 Stryker Mobile Gun System.

While I don't have any feels for the loss of the vehicle itself, this will mean that the last variation of the M68 cannon will be gone from US service.

I tossed a lot of 105 rounds through an M68.

I Know What To Engrave!

 It will be hilarious!

Might have to change the selector markings.  SAFE / AWESOME / 20% MORE.

Lo Ma! No Serial Number!

Lavender Linda is, again, mostly a complete firearm.

The lower is a poured resin from AR15 Mold.

You will note the complete lack of a serial number, making this a (insert scary music) "Ghost Gun" woooooooooooo oooooooooooh!

Linda doesn't have a bolt carrier group, and the parts bin is much lighter.  I had not intended to make her a 6.8, but that's what parts I had.  Palmetto has bolt carriers on sale...  Sigh.

The lack of a serial number will not matter in the slightest unless I wanted to sell or give it away.  Or if it's stolen.

At this exact moment in time, this is perfectly legal.  There are some who are hoping to change that.

Considering that I've had the damn thing for over five years and have yet to sell it...  I think we can remove that motive from why I made it.

Marv and I did it because it's fun.

The AR15 Mold lower, by the way, is notably more fragile and less durable than a real aluminum one.  When it finally breaks, I'll smash it with a hammer and finish the 80% lower that's sitting in my gun safe.

In fact, I should scrape some money up and send it out to be engraved with something...  Dunno what.

After that comes the expense of anodizing (and the anodizing place makes me do a background check to get my lower back from them too).

I'm sure not saving any money making these things myself!

12 May 2021

B-Wing In The House

Despite my best efforts, I still forgot to get a couple parts ordered.  I had them on hand, luckily.

I have a sticker sheet for it coming soon.  From France of all places.

Mirror Image

Trying to figure out if the Lego B-Wing was in the same relative scale as the X-Wing led to an interesting observation:


Notice what side it's sitting on.

Here's a screen-cap from Return of the Jedi:

You can just see the cockpit of a B-Wing in the bottom left corner of the shot, just behind the Millennium Falcon.

There's another scene where this orientation is confirmed.

Right behind Lando there.

I'm going to have to completely reverse this model when the parts finally get here.


After discovering that I can feed my Lego: Star Wars habit much more cheaply by buying bulk bricks from resellers I found a snag:

The glacial pace of the USPS in states still under ReichskommisariatCOVID.

Two weeks to escape Illinois.  Two days to cross the rest of the country.

With an extra pucker traveling through gas-starved MadMaxLand Georgia.

Finally out for delivery today.

I'll finally have a Lego version of every fighter from The Battle of Endor from the 75 thousand series of kits.

The B-Wing, if I'd gone with a sealed set on Ebay is like $300.  Around $200 for complete, but used.  Less than $50 (except for the $30 pilot) buying bricks from resellers.  Prolly less than $30 if I'd taken the time to see what parts I already had in the tub.

No 14th Amendment?

I love me some conspiracy theory.

I just bumped into the idea that the 14th Amendment was never ratified.

I'm not linking to the sites discussing it, I don't like conspiracy theories enough to provide clicks.

The Wikipedia entry on the 14th does mention that the former Confederate states were basically held at gunpoint until they replaced their state governments with people who would ratify it as part of Reconstruction.

Something else occurs to me, that might be explained by historians but I didn't dig...

If a law was required to define the readmission of the CSA states back into The Union, then the south was actually successful in secession, however brief.

Skimming much of reconstruction makes me think that there's a lot of bad law from that era riding on the well paved road of good intentions.

11 May 2021


People are at the gas stations filling up cans.

Kids, the Tampa area gets their gasoline from ships.

We're not on the Colonial pipeline.

The gas is piped from Tampa to parts east.

There's no shortage here unless people neckbeard it.

Actually, we might be OK because the supplies which aren't heading to New Jersey because of the down line might be diverted here to prevent spoilage.

Learn how things work and this stuff won't surprise you.

A Prediction

If things don't get headed off and calmed down first... and I hope they do.

Someone is going to start shooting at Antifa.

They will probably shoot back.

If they're shooting at Antifa in a place where the cops are protecting Antifa and arresting (and prosecuting) the citizens whom Antifa opposes, the first shots will be on the uniforms.

Mark my Cassandra-like words.

Another prediction is that doxxing works both ways and do-nothing district attorneys will discover that when the citizenry arms up and decides slit throats they do it wholesale.

I am so happy to live in Florida where sanity is still being clung to tenuously.


A mnemomic for the homeless population that fits amazingly well from when I was a psych student or volunteering in the community...


That's Crazies, Addicts, Tramps and Out-of-luck.

The ratios were about 40%, 30%, 20%, 10%

Crazies are the mentally ill, who likely cannot be cured and will not be institutionalized.

Addicts are those who cannot, for one reason or another, get clean and stay clean.

Tramps are the people who are sane and (mostly) clean of drugs who simply don't aspire to more than this lifestyle.

The out-of-luck are what we think of as homeless if we follow the news.  These are the people who, if given half a chance, rebound and resume their place in normal society.

The comments in that link have several disagreements over this ratio.  I admit, I volunteered in my lily white community where the ratios match.  But the anecdotal evidence suggests that the ratios for other races are different.

I dunno.  I've made no observations and done no research.  I cannot confirm or refute.

Duty Cycle

Something that's intended to, realistically, exert some control on the ship-owning Traveller party is the ongoing costs of doing maintenance.

Every year a ship must put in and have annual maintenance performed or a malfunction chance is added to all the major systems.

Jump Drive, Power Plant and Maneuver Drives in particular.

Due to a book-keeping error in my Interstellar Wars campaign with JT and FuzzyGeff caused me to miss the expected duty cycle for the jump drive and the rate at which the good-ship Northern Lights was traveling.

They were jumping at twice the assumed rate of 26 jumps per year.  So they should have been putting in for their annual at six months instead of one year.

This got me to thinking about how many hours the maneuver drive has been running between overhauls.  It only takes a couple of hours to get to (or from) the 100 diameter limit with even a 1g drive.  4 hours per jump.  26 jumps a year.  104 hours between overhauls.

That can't be right since these same maneuver drives are used in system for months or weeks at a time by non-starships just traveling between planets.  Boats need their drives overhauled at the same annual rate as the mostly idle ships' drives.

I'm going to have to do some math.

Transhuman Space

The GURPS setting, Transhuman Space, is set just close enough to today that it's just barely conceivable we could play future versions of ourselves.

The Expanse has something in it that's similar to Transhuman Space... Food.

There's no cows in space.

Something that grows readily just about everywhere is fungus.  Mushrooms are a handy source of food in both settings.

Which condemns FutureThag to deep in the well.

I'm allergic to such fungus.

That means, to get off planet, I'd have to shed this fragile pink body for something shinier.  Something metallic.  Something that makes me legally not a person in some places.  Full robotic body.

One scenario I posited was winning a stupid huge lottery then getting lucky again by investing in this setting's version of Apple Stock.  Something that lets me be fabulously wealthy enough to take advantage of the advancing technology as it advances and to stay alive.

It's fun to speculate on.

Transhuman Space is a hard science setting that I really want to PLAY in, but have no interest in being the GM for.  There's a lot of published material and a lot of plates to keep in the air while the players are gallivanting.  I'll do that with Traveller, but I don't think I wanna do that for Transhuman Space...

Unless some player drops the entire thing in pdf in my lap.  Then I might consider it.

Full Stupid Clone Price List

About $300 for the barrel and furniture to convert Val from a middy 6.8 to a rifle length basic M16A4 clone.

That assumes that the $18 A2 handguards from Brownell's look good enough.  Many don't.  There's surplus out there for $20 to $40 as well.

Speaking of handguards, the USMC has changed over to the M5 RAS on their M16A4's.  This component appears to have gone out of production at both Knight's and P&S.  There's a few running around on GunBroker and Arfcom's Equipment Exchange, but that's another $250 to $350 depending on wear and completeness.

The A2 buttstock has proven difficult to find in stock too.  Rock River Arms claims to have them, but who knows...  Then there's the matter of the door, I'll bet that the RRA one comes with a plastic door.  Not sure that's correct.

Then there's the optic.  USMC uses the Trijicon ACOG TA-31RCO (AN/PVQ-31 in Jarhead speak, M150 in Army).  $1,000 to $1,200.  More than the rest of rifle when everything is added up.

A genuine long term project.

Even sadder is I don't really care for the TA-31 because of the short eye relief.  A Vortex Spitfire 3x works better for me at a much lower price ($330 from Bass Pro, not known for being the low price leader) point even if I have to deal with batteries and it being more fragile.  Plus, can't beat that warranty!

10 May 2021

Here's The First Pic Of My M16A4!


OK, no.

Gov't profile 20" barrels cost money.

Finding that little blue 1x1 and the narrow tired block-wheel assemblies just takes time.

My little 48 year old Lego set is now returned to its original configuration.

A configuration that Lego now deems "illegal" because you're not supposed to shove flats between the studs to make a 90˚ angle any more.

07 May 2021

Which M16A4?

The basic M16A4 is simply a flat-top M16A2.

But the Marines couldn't leave well enough alone and put a drop-in rail system to replace the handguard.

An M5 RAS to be precise.

All in all I'd be happier with the standard round handguards.

Then there's the delightfully expensive ACOG.  An optic that I really don't like.

Somehow, I don't think this would end up being a faithful clone.

Primary Arms' optic will suffice, I think.  I already have one!  It even looks the part if you squint and don't clean your glasses.

A Hole In The Collection

I've got a clone of an M16, M16A1 and an M16A2.

The M16A3 looks just like the A2, so... no need to have that.

But no clone of an M16A4.

Since the bright future of 6.8 SPC has dimmed significantly...

I am considering repurposing one of them to the task.  Just need a barrel.

The "Chest Thumper" Position

Incrementalism, or more clearly, compromise, is the very mechanism by which this country is being (or has been) brought down. Whether it is THE way to restore and then further enhance liberty remains to be seen, but if that is to be the case, a firm hold on the fundamental principles, as our guides all along the way, will be an absolute requirement.

Instead, what I see happening is, the “pragmatists” eventually start to believe that some compromised position is the ultimate ideal. Maybe they believed it all along. You know who they are. They’re the “pro gun” guys who work at it for years, even winning a few victories along the way, and then end up lashing out at their own for being too “extreme”, etc., just as John McCain eventually cracked and lashed out at the Tea Party types, calling them “Hobbits” in a hateful screed.

It’s a mental state, and it’s so common that I would call it “rampant”. Look into what Oregonians are now saying about a proposal to allow them to pump their own gas, for example– Many of them hate it, being shocked at the idea that they may “have to” pump their own gas! Reading some of their comments, you’d almost think that the freedom to pump gas was an imminent holocaust. They’re full-on Marxists and probably don’t even know it! Certainly they make all the standard Marxist arguments.

Somehow we tend to start loving the little cages we’re put into.

There are some who are now very proud of themselves for being adept at maneuvering through all the restrictions and requirements involved with owning various firearms and accessories. Then there are those who literally profit from second amendment infringements. The mere act of imagining all those restrictions and requirements going away, entirely, now that they’re comfortable with them and good at dealing with them, or making money because of them, will make them angry. They will turn on “the fundamentalists” and “extremists” and try to prevent them from getting their way. We’ve already seen examples, even with regard to very small incremental steps toward liberty. Some of those in the industry are benefitting from the infringements. “Regulatory Capture” is the term there, which must be fully understood. The biggest corporations benefit from regulatory capture in a myriad of ways, but mostly because it limits the entry of new competitors into the market.

All of this, by the way, pretty well defines the Republican Party. I doubt there is a Republican alive would allow, if he could make the decision alone, for the second amendment to take on its full meaning and be enforced accordingly. They would fight tooth and nail to prevent it.

And, while incrementalism may indeed be a useful tactic (I’m not saying that it isn’t), we must be very careful! It’s fraught with the dangers above, and more. And when compromise (of the principles of liberty) becomes a way of life unto its own, it is near impossible for any individual to break free of it– If and when that day should come when it is time for the full implementation of the second amendment, “the cult of compromise”, as I’ll call it, will be among your worst enemies.

Should that be the case, we can only hope for another kind of incrementalism. It’s the kind which allows a revolution to happen, one quiet retirement at a time. But if THAT revolution were to happen, there would be a critical need for a large number of “fundamentalists”, else the revolution has just failed– There will be no one left with any principles– The “pragmatists” will have seen to it, having convinced their peers that the principles of liberty are the way to certain failure, that (to use a football reference) the end zone must be avoided at all costs!

So which is it? We must all ask ourselves whether we would dash into the end zone with the football if there were a chance, or would we stop, turn around and pass the ball backward, to a fellow “pragmatist”? Or perhaps more importantly, do we even truly know what the end zone looks like anymore? Would we even recognize it, never having seen it before? Or, in the off-chance of recognizing it, would we feel comfortable stepping over that goal line, or would we hesitate, getting slammed by a 350 pound linebacker and fumbling instead? No one wants to get slammed by a 350 pound linebacker, and so it’s much safer to drop the ball first, or stay out of the game entirely and just try to live with the infringements, or find a way to profit from them.

And so there comes another question. Why should anyone keep espousing the principles of liberty, knowing that he will be attacked by both “sides”?

Regarding the charge of “fundamentalist” as an epithet;
When you want your car fixed, I assume you look for someone with the best, most firm grasp of, and even love for, the fundamentals of auto mechanics. When you want to fly somewhere, I assume you hope that the pilot has the best, most firm grasp of the fundamentals of mechanized flight, etc,, etc. Granted, your mechanic may only be doing a partial repair, or just changing your oil, but you know that if he has a full grasp of the fundamentals he’s the guy you want! Somehow though when it comes to lobbyists or politicians we’ll glom onto a clown in whore makeup, so to speak, so long as he knows a few buzz phrases and doesn’t insult us too much until after he’s in office.

Lyle in the comments here

I think he's got Miguel's number good and hard there.

Migs is extremely happy at two tiny little pro-gun bills.  Better versions died in committee, but at least nobody openly carried while fishing!

06 May 2021

Philippine Krag Short Rifle

Also known as the Philippine Constabulary Carbine.

It's an M1898 Krag rifle cut down and reworked to the stylish "short rifle" configuration that took hold at the beginning of the 20th century.  It still takes the normal US Krag bayonet, just shorter and handier.

The pictures are from this GunBroker auction (link will be dead 90 days after posting) where it just sold for $2,900.

Here's a link to something of a history of such carbines.

Things like this will matter in my Sabers and... world.  The US is dealing with the Philippines in much the same manner in my world as they did in the real world, with the added distraction of the spookholes.  My embryonic book is set very close to the transition dates where the M1903 is adopted and mountains of Krags become surplus.  A cut down version might be just the ticket to help the Sioux of Maka Tanka fend off the Googoo.  I suspect they would prefer carbines to short rifles though.

After A Long Wait

Got my new book from Headstamp!

I'm not of the opinion that a bullpup is the solution, but they're sure interesting.

My very first Twilight: 2000 character was a Brit with an L85A1.  It sure is a cool looking thing!

Of course, in 1985 we didn't know fuck all about them aside from a few pics and a glowing article in Defense International magazine.

I really wanted this book because of the depth of information on the Rifle No.9 Mk I (aka EM-2).  I latched onto the EM-2 and .280 British in gaming for a nexus character from an alternate England.  And again in a Twilight: 1955.  Then AGAIN for K'Tanga where the New Americans were making .280 Brit chambered FG.42's in the alternate Africa on the other side of the Hellgate.

Gaming isn't real life and the shortcomings (and advantages) of any gun design usually get wiped clean making stats.

Sonderkonndemer Returns

I don't understand how you can be so obtuse as to say that we've made great progress while saying we're being totally hindered by a group that doesn't even make the news.

Migs, you are literally the only person outside the events you're whinging about who even notices.

But I will tell you what, I will call Luis and I will ask him if Florida Carry's fishing fashion shows even come up in Tallahassee.

He's up there lobbying.  Every year.  For years.

Something he's never said is, "can you open carry people back off for a bit so we can convince this politicriter?"

It's only a real problem in the minds of people who're pre-offended by the idea.

Heads up, Migs, your new home is a licensed open carry state.  Don't get too afraid of the new freedom around you.  Or will you advocate that this freedom be removed because anyone who exercises it is an idiot?

This Warms My Cockles

The M60 MBT is still in service around the world.

Considering that the most common opponent will be a T-62 or T-55, the old '60 is perfectly cromulent for the job.

Even an export T-72 will have a lot to worry from the old M68 main gun.

I've a soft spot for the old girl because, despite being an 19K, we trained on them because the Army still had them in abundance and there was a decent chance that we'd be sent to a unit that still had them.

I will say that the '60 is a lot roomier inside than the M1.

Plus, getting to shoot the grease guns was a blast!

04 May 2021

Something Missing

I first saw it at Miggy's, but there seems to be a trend...

News articles talking about how black people have felt like they weren't allowed to own guns.

They didn't get that idea from me.

The more gun owners the better, I says.

Getting more variety in the demographics of gun owner is better than less.

But the thing I think is missing from the article Miggy linked to is this:

"Did you have any trouble buying your gun legally?"

I'm going to go out on a limb and say, "No, they did not."

The implication from the title "Armed Doesn't Mean Dangerous" is that they were somehow being discriminated against in their purchase.

Considering that most of the Tampa gunshow crowds are definitely of the darker complexions; the idea that someone is saying black people can't own guns is a creation of Anti-Gun minds trying to convince their base that the CENSORED are coming for them and their wimmin's.

Easy Fix

It was the starter-capacitor for the compressor that screwed my AC.

It was covered under warranty, but this marks the fifth time one of these things has croaked in a compressor I've owned.


I noticed that it was getting a little stuffy in the house...

Thermostat says 80 when the AC is commanded to 76.

Air handler is blowing air.

Fan on the compressor is spinning.

The compressor doesn't appear to be running.

Thank goodness for warranties, but I didn't need this shit today.  Not when it's going to go north of 90˚.

But I Was Told...

Listening to some anti-gun snippet that I didn't get a source for...

Did you know that the only reason that people build 80% guns is to have unregistered and untraceable firearms?

"That's why they never have serial numbers!"


Having this serial number was the entire point of the 80% exercise for me!

Andrea bears the serial number of the M16A2 my tank was issued.

And just to show that this is, indeed, an 80% gun.

But the only reason to make a "ghost gun" is nefarious?

The constant, and deliberate, misunderstanding of why many gun people are into guns is downright irritating.

Making things is fun!

But, given the short shrift writers get in Hollywood and all the accolades given Dancing Monkeys... Liberals don't seem to understand the creative impulse any more.

03 May 2021

Three Hours!

And the lights are installed!

Happy dance!

Marv did the heavy lifting of figuring out the wiring.

I did the mindless mechanical connections and mounting the fixtures.

He says, "It's always nice to do a job that the code inspector would say, 'good job!'"

Home Improvements

A long while ago...

The Lovely Harvey declared that she wanted a pair of lights to bracket the garage door.

It took a lot longer than either of us expected to find the fixtures she wanted.

However, all the parts we need are now accumulated and it's just a matter of picking out spots for the switch box and wire routing.

A Pox Of Ads

Watching videos on YouTube has become an exercise eerily similar to doing anything in Windows 3.11.

Do you want to watch a video? <yes/no>.


Are you sure? <yes/no>


Are you really sure? We have ads! <yes/no>


You've seen this ad before.  Many times before.  Are you sure you really want to skip it again? <yes/no>


We've detected that you're trying to retain the shattered threads of sanity.  Would you like help with that? <yes/no> (Yes, I know clippy isn't part of 3.11, but it fits so well...)

02 May 2021


"Too many people fail to understand that Law, Justice, and Civilization do not come from the state. And if the state refuses to support those concepts then they will be handled despite their wishes, without most of the niceties one might desire."


Day Of Silence

There are no posts for May first this year.

I've decided that I will have at least a day of silence in honor of the victims of all forms of socialism.

It's the least we can do but to remember them.

It would be better to not repeat the mistakes that lead to their wholesale slaughter, but human nature seems to want to believe that the impossible is possible, water is not wet, fire will not burn and the Gods of the Copybook Headings will never return.

29 April 2021

My Labor is $0 An Hour For Hobbies

Since I've been upgrading my Star Wars Lego fighters lately...

My B-Wing (7180) really shows its age.

75050 is more in keeping with the style of the other sets I'm displaying, but it's become a collector's item.

Then it hit me.

Lego is interchangeable.

Lego also publishes the instructions with parts list online.

So instead of nearly $300 for a complete, sealed, set.  Just over $100 including the pilot, who is the only non-standard part in the kit.  But it takes about two hours to enter all those part numbers into Brick-Owl's system and check out of the various vendors stores.

Doing a quick re-watch of Jedi surprised me.  The B-Wing is much smaller than I remembered.  It's about the same width as a X-Wing.

It'd Be My fault

I found this on Gunbroker.

It's been refinished, but still a neat piece.

I worry at how this will affect Willard since it's my fault he's got .45 Colt on his radar at all.

Ian did a vid on them too.

Also The Moon


Stuff You Can See From Your Back Yard In Florida


Musk put another constellation of Starlink satellites up and I took a couple of pics.

I continue to be impressed with the Canon M50!  I manually focused to prevent it hunting and let the auto-mode run the exposure and ISO.

Marv described what we could see naked-eye as a reddish dot.

28 April 2021


So many people have moved to Florida, they've brought another Representative with them.

It's happened before.

When I moved here in 1997, there were just 23 Representatives.

Then the 2000 Census moved two seats from New York.

Then the 2010 Census moved two seats from New York.

Now the 2020 Census has moved another seat from New York.

We're up to 28!  They're down to 26 from 31 when I moved here.

I wonder if we're going to be hearing about essential Florida is for the vital health of the nation, as we did in 1998 when NY was that much more powerful in The House.

I have noticed that many former New Yorkers are toning it way down on the, "things were better back home," because they're a lot more likely to get a, "then go the fuck back!" now than they were.

As a former Iowan, there's things I miss about "home", but they're small things and I'm doing fine without them.


As flighty as I can be at times...

There's stuff I remember that sticks.

There's a few items here and there where I remember who said what and when and it gets held until an appropriate moment to spit it back.

A spat I had with Miggy a while back had him dismissing what I was saying because I was quoting "some guy on the internet".

MiamiJBT from Arfcom was who I was quoting.

Well, MiamiJBT has morphed into Luis Valdes of Florida Gunowners of America.

Suddenly he's sanctified by being GOA's voice in Tallahassee and no longer just some dude.

By his own admission, he's not really doing anything different than he would be without GOA on his business card.

He's also the first person who reported what Marion was doing to us way back when open carry and campus carry got amended on the floor with the very same poison pill amendments rejected in committee.

But, hey, he's official now!

27 April 2021

Layers Of Fact Checking


It checks out.  CBSN hates us and thinks we suck too.


I went through the bent portion of the "wings" on the TIE/i.

They look exactly the same, but freed of the requirement to only use the parts included in 75211 they have about 10 fewer bricks and are both stronger and lighter now.

26 April 2021


Tweaking on the TIE Interceptor continues.

Today I made the front of the center section narrower, going from 6 to 4 studs, making it better match photos of the ILM models.

I know the changes are subtle, but it's a lot of fun trying to make it more accurate to its actual appearance in the films.

Finally Read It

I have finally bought a copy of a collection that has The Cold Equations by Tom Godwin.

It's a story that I'd heard of and read about but had never actually read.

It's pretty much everything I've read about it too.

Excellent piece of work, deserving of its reputation.

Same Day Installation

New water heater is installed!

Happy dance!

Something I thought interesting was the 14-year-old "General Electric" unit was also made by Rheem.

We did have an "Uhhhhhh" moment when we gave it power.  No popping, no hissing, no sound at all.

That's a new one for me and hot water heaters.

The water gets hot like it's supposed to, so I'm OK with silent.

The Future Is Kinda Neat

Since I have to have the garage open to drain the water heater, I am sitting out here.

No, I don't entirely trust my neighbors, why do you ask?

But the fact that I CAN sit out here on my laptop on a folding table and chair is very cool.

The brutal heat of Florida isn't here yet, so it's even tolerable, especially since I have a nice cross-breeze from the side door being open with the garage door.

This Surely Appears To Be Something

Linky for source.

20-843 NEW YORK STATE RIFLE, ET AL. V. CORLETT, KEITH M., ET AL. The petition for a writ of certiorari is granted limited to the following question: Whether the State's denial of petitioners' applications for concealed-carry licenses for self-defense violated the Second Amendment.

Sounds like this could mean shall issue becomes national.

Braced for extremely limited ruling that barely does anything and is widely ignored by the lower courts anyway.

25 April 2021

Why On Earth Would I Be Popular There

I am suddenly looking at a trebling of traffic from normal and it's all coming from readers in Sweden.


What on Earth am I writing that they're so eager to read?

I really don't know.

I'll try to keep it up!

PS: They all seem to be using Firefox on Macs.

Drip Drip Drip Drip

We have a leak at the lower heater element on our 14 year old water heater.

It's been a good run, time for a new one.

Since we installed this one, I think we can manage the replacement.

24 April 2021

Just Keep Tinkering

One nice thing about Lego is the ability to remove and add until you're happy with the results.

I think I'm finally satisfied.

Don't Use Your Work Addy

When making a political donation, don't use the email address provided by your employer.

The legal department, over and over, warns that employees using the work email address could be interpreted as the company taking a political stance which could affect business and relationships with vendors.

If your employer is a government entity, which is supposed to be apolitical, then using your work email can been seen as the governmental entity you work for as choosing sides in a political debate.

In either case, you're likely to be fired over using the wrong email address as a violation of policy.

A policy that you are unlikely to be unaware of.

It wasn't your donation that has you looking for a job, it was that policy.

I Don't Understand

Why is it that so many sellers on GunBroker have a no C&R policy?

CMP did the same thing with the M1911's.

What makes a cruffler unclean but a local pawn shop sanctified?

There's An Explanation But It's Considered Racist

 Check out this excerpt at NotTheBee.

I bought the Kindle edition.

Joe's Missing The Point

President Biden is under the impression that he can grant us permission to celebrate Independence Day.

I'm of the opinion that if you're looking to a government, or elected official for permission to enjoy the 4th of July you're missing the entire point of the day.

I seriously doubt that anyone will try to stop us from celebrating.

Nobody did last year.

But that was then...

23 April 2021

Greeble And Structurally Better

Update: Changed the greeble for looks.

 Updated the wing structure to be much less floppy and prone to fall-apart.

I also took the time to make the center section greeble better!

Compare to the interim design...

...and the beginning...

Maybe I'm Blind

I keep looking for the section of our new anti-riot bill which grants civil immunity for running down rioters with my car.

I can't find it.

If I'm just missing it, can someone quote the relevant section?

But if it isn't there at all, shouldn't the press stop claiming it is?

Damn My Eyes!

The flaky idea of going up to Talladega has been torpedoed by a quick check on Talladega Motor Speedway's schedule...

General Tire 200, Ag-Pro 300 on Sat, and Geico 500 on Sunday.

That made prices at the nearby hotels triple.

There's not many realistic options that don't involve a hotel stay.

Have to keep an eye on the stock of 1903A3's at the CMP Forums, Willard's terms for buying back Catherine are too steep.

Oh Baby

I've long held that the Soviet PKM was entirely too good a design.

Its only real rival in NATO was the FN MAG-58.

Poland has made a new variation of the PKM in 7.62 NATO, the UKM 2020.

I really like Polish small arms and it's a pity that a UKM will never be in my collection.

22 April 2021

Just A Nine Hour Drive

The CMP Talladega store is a mere 560 miles away.

According to one source, there's Garands aplenty, some 1903A3 and M1917 sitting there.

I happen to have the proper credentials in order.

8 Garands and one bolt gun per calendar year...


With The Boy doing Special Olympics I'm free all weekend too!

I've regretted selling my M1903A3 with a story attached since I did it and it was all from an idiotic idea that I would be getting out of .30-06.

Except For It Actually Happening Your Theory Disproving It Is Spot On

Since I've made my niche being the asshole, here we go...

Mr Chomps, at the battle of the BTR-152, shot dead the three crewmen in the vehicle.

He used a pistol chambered in .45 ACP, made three head shots and the ball ammunition punched the Soviet made steel helmets to do it.

"But what were your split times?" I asked.

"Didn't the RO asking, 'shooter ready?' and the 'MEEP' of the timer alert the crew of the vehicle?"

Mr Chomps facial expression to my questions is hilarious.

His training on a pistol, to that point, had been the standard US Army course in the M1911A1 for officers and his personal interest in going shooting because it's fun.

No 2,000 round endurance test of his Colt Commander either.

So I ask the instructorati: Have you ever, real life, applied the skills you're teaching?

Because we keep looking up gun writers and trainers and keep finding that the answer is a resounding NO most of the time.

They might be taking notes from actual engagements by others, but they've no real life experience in the subject and deign to lecture someone who's actually been there and done that.

By the way, it wasn't the training that got Mr Chomps through that day.  It's the fact that he's a remorseless killer who can make the decision to kill that guy over there.  That's not easy to train for and would in all likelihood get your ass in court over what you're trying to teach.

Because if you're actually serious about this self defense shit, you have to be in the mindset that you're going to have to kill some person to successfully defend yourself or your home.

How many rounds of 9mm is that?  Will I learn it faster using expensive hollow-points or cheap ball?  What split time before it becomes second nature?  Is there an NRA certification?

Speaking Of The Heat

A friend of mine once got convinced to come out from Arizona to Orlando to pay homage to The Mouse.

Don't have kids, they lead to stupid decisions.

Like DisneyWorld in July.

I warned him about the heat.

He assured me that he knew from heat, living in Phoenix and all.

I said the trite old adage, "you don't know shit about humidity."

Well, he nearly had heatstroke from not being familiar with the difference between a dry heat and a wet one.  The signals his body was sending him didn't communicate the message because he didn't have a frame of reference to recognize it for what it was.

Happily, all's well that ends well and once he got cooled off and re-hydrated he was all better.

Battle Rattle

Having been informed that I am not serious about self defense, by the people selling seriousness...

THEY are not serious about self defense either.

Where's your soft body armor?

You never mentioned a means of communicating farther than you can shout?

No buddy to cover your back?

Remember, we're being serious here.

Not casual.

Dedicating our entire being to being prepared to fight to the death to save our very lives to the exclusion of all other considerations.

Come to think on it, why are you outside your bunker?

Why do you even own a car that's less protected than an MRAP?

This planet, by the way, is perilously close to an asteroid field.

Considering that you already know your most likely assailant's name, maybe you should think of getting different acquaintances that you think you need the stuff you keep insisting that everyone lug around.

While we on this topic.  Two of the items on the list can only be used legally in Florida when it's legal to kill someone to stop them.  I looked it up.

I am constantly amused at the advice given from the upper midwest about what to carry and how to carry it when such means are a short trip to heat stroke here in the summer.

I think, perhaps, that some people need to get out more.

21 April 2021

The Grips

Willard, summoned, he comes with his model 29 as ordered.

"Model 29?  Do you think you can summon me and have me show up with a specified gun?  You will settle for a model 27 and LIKE it!" 

-W. Fleetwood.

They fit beautifully on this 27-2.

They also are not the same as a K-Frame.

In fact, they fit Willard's 27 so well he tossed cash at me on the spot.

Sorry, JRG and Slow Joe.

20 April 2021


All across America, a conversation is taking place.

It's taking place quietly and in near secrecy.

The topic does not bode well for a certain segment of society unless they can manage to chill the fuck out in a very rapid order really goddamn soon.

That the conversations are taking place is very significant.

Such conversations start seeking justice after being treated unfairly, but have led to genocide.

It's important to remember that pre-Victoria, genocide was Western Civ's go-to for dealing with peoples who would not be assimilated.

Consider this my Cassandra moment for the year.

That's A Lot Of Dairy

In honor of 4-20 many places are talking about The Big Lebowski.

From this I have learned of The Lebowski Challenge.

Every time The Dude imbibes a white Russian, you do too!  Same for toking a joint.

Someone has done the "hard" work of counting the number of drinks you're slamming in less than two hours.

12 white Russians and 3 joints.

That's Rick Sanchez levels of liver abuse.

19 April 2021

Who Was It Who Wanted These?

K-frame, square-butt, no-diamond, magna style.

And Slow Jow Crow in the comments said, "Are no diamond grips period correct for a Model 10-7? My grips are trashed so I might be able to help. Also considering the finish on my reimported police trade in Altamont grips would be chrome rims on a hoopti."

This style grip is still being used to this very day and would be just fine on a 10-7! 

UPDATE: I suspect that these aren't for a K frame.  I put them on the Model 15 and they sit proud of the metal all around the grip frame.

There's an 'N' embossed in the right side grip too.

These might be for an N-frame.  Need to get Willard's 29 back over here to see if they fit that.

Wrenching Is Often No Fun At All

It was easier when I was younger and in better shape.  Ain't that the story of getting old?  Getting old ain't for sissies.

It's good to know that I still CAN wrench when I need to.

With all the troubles we had with this, a shop would have been doing the, "well it took us longer than we thought..." and the $110 repair with my own (plus Marv and JT) sweat would have been a lot more.

Like $700 more if the typical shop took as long as we did.

PS: if you have a newer car rocking the OBD2 get a BlueDriver dongle.  It was instrumental in determining which wheel sensor had died.

That Was Harder Than It Needed To Be

Did one of the rear bearing hubs on Moxie today.

It'd been making noise since Halloween, so it was due, but on Friday something inside began affecting the wheel speed sensor and THAT forced me to cut short an enjoyable day goofing off with Willard.

Traction control and ABS codes galore!

Once again with a wheel hub I have to take umbrage with GM for putting the bolts where you cannot readily get at them and slathering them with enough red loctite to hold a battleship suspended in mid-air.

Oh, and you can really only get at two of them from the bottom and snake in extensions.  Like 18" of extensions.

Once you get all the slack taken out of all the extensions and the universal joint... you've used 1/4 turn.  Then I only get another 1/4 turn because I can't get the back end high enough with a floor jack to clear the ground with my breaker bar.

Happily, Marv has an indestructible 1/2" ratchet that he got when he left the Army.  8" of pipe on that thing and we could take the slack out, back up a 1/4 turn and still get a full 180° turn before hitting the gas tank.

So half a turn at a time doing chin-ups on the ratchet because rust and loctite had bonded the bolts but good.  Never mind the galvanic reaction going on down there from the steel parts against the aluminum knuckle.

It took from around 1pm to near 6pm to get it all apart.  Then from 7:30 to 8 to get it back together.

It didn't fight being put back.

18 April 2021

Rig For Red

The Lovely Harvey finally completed a project that I'd started years ago...

She'd bought me these on incandescent strings a long while ago, but the bulbs started dying and they weren't readily replaceable.

So I bought LED strings.  They were not the same size and the standards for the bulb holders between incandescent and LED are not even remotely the same.

She discovered that there was a cap you could unscrew and that let her use hot-melt glue to attach the little Corvette logos to the lights!


No Legal Application?

Reading this article on the proposed ban on suppressors...

A quote from Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ 12) stands out, "hey have no legal application, which is why law enforcement officials around the country have been calling for their elimination.

No legal application?

Well, they're not illegal to own if you've bothered with the tedious, but simple, process of getting a tax-stamp in most states.

So simply owning one and admiring it is a legal application in 42 states.

Mounting one to a firearm and shooting at the range is a legal application in those same 42 states.

Mounting one to a firearm and going hunting is a legal application in 34 states.

Maybe the perspective from one of the 8 states which bans the ownership of suppressors has warped them.

Perhaps the problem is really with illegally owned suppressors?  I guarantee you that if legally owned suppressors were a problem we'd be hearing from the usual anti-gun suspects about how the process of obtaining one is entirely too easy and should be made harder.  Well... they do that anyway, but generally get laughed at for it.

For the fucking record, I don't give a rat's ass what law enforcement officials want.  They get what I decide they get.  They are our employees and they get told by their employers what their job is.

And when they decide I shouldn't own something that I've a right to own, then I fire them.  The local sheriff pivoted hard on this very issue just before 41P went down.  There were a couple of serious primary contenders running on being a bit more NFA friendly than he was.

17 April 2021


My TIE Interceptor is officially a MOC (my own creation).

The center section of the wings was entirely too long from the tutorial that used only parts from 75211.

I have MANY more Lego than that and shortened them to where they belonged and put the roundels where they belonged too, instead of too far forward.

Also shown are Lego's only two official TIE Interceptor releases to date; kits 6206 and 75031.