14 December 2021

Definitely The COVID


The far more pedestrian "didn't drink anything which wasn't a diuretic for two straight days."

Turns out if you get REALLY dehydrated you can convince yourself, via panic attack, that you're having a heart attack.

Racing heart rate, sky high blood pressure...

The rational part of my brain says, "you're dehydrated."

The lizard brain, on the other hand, can see the glowing green streams of the neurons and doesn't wait for them to be processed and analyzed before pulling the "HE'S DYING AND TAKING US ALL WITH HIM!" lanyard.

Oh and that only sleeping two hours a night for the past three years finally hit hard.

18 plus hours in bed and I just feel like shit.

1 comment:

  1. Two hours a night or two hours total a day ? I normally sleep 4 hours a day, but often times nap right after supper for about an hour or so. But I'm sorta old (nearly 60) so anytime my ass hits a comfortable chair, I just wilt. I do use a CPAP though, that helps A LOT !!



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