05 December 2021

Plus 88

Today is the day that Prohibition ended, marking the termination of the Federal Government's attempts to meddle with what Americans put into their bodies...



  1. i see what you did there lol...panzer guy

  2. Heh, not to mention the intentional, clandestine, poisoning of a select group of the US population. Done "for their own good"...
    Wandering Neurons

  3. Yeah,.......But.
    I've seen th remains of an Emergency Department after a druggie went ballistic and a friend of my neighbor died after a head-on with a longtime drunk, so I am not convinced of the wisdom or letting people imbibe whatever chemicals they want.

    Besides, the Brandon morality police seem to want to put hooch detectors in all cars. One more expensive toy to fail. I hope for a better approach to staying alive.

    1. I have the solution. Let them die.

      Yes, it's harsh, but saving people from themselves rarely works.

      Drunk driving? Anything you do while intoxicated is FIRST DEGREE. You planned on doing that because you got drunk before doing it. Hang a couple of drunk drivers for vehicular homicide and the instances will drop precipitously.

      The people who're not deterred by the increase in punishment are write offs as humans anyway, so let them die or rot in prison.

      You want to, personally, take responsibility for and try to save one of these lost souls, you go for it!

      The problem is forcing your moral position on the topic of saving people from addiction, and the aftermath, as a government problem to solve.

      Things really take care of themselves after that.

      I have to admit, The Church has a much better track record than Government because they can attach stipulations and provisos which can be tailored to the individual without regard to "fairness".

    2. What you said, Angus. Taking whatever proves intent to do stupid, so, yes. Treat anything in one's system as an enhancement. After all, they do it for guns and stuff.


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