13 December 2021

Fauci (Among Others) Might Want To Look Up Some Important Concepts

Inspired by this bloviation.

The most important concept our would be rulers need to absorb: Consent of the governed.

That consent is being withdrawn, slowly and quietly, across the nation.

It's rapidly approaching "fuck this shit!" levels in a lot of places.

The next most important concept the would be rulers need to grasp is: Information cascade. 

East Germany and The Soviet Union encountered these ideas the hard way and they had a lock on communication that the internet overloads and mainstream medial can only dream about.

The last concept I will bore them with today is: Punctuated equilibrium.

Western Civilization runs on that last one.

It endures all manner of bullshit then suddenly, seemingly all at once, it reasserts its norms.

People who cannot live under those norms have some rough sledding coming.

But all I know is history.

One final thought.


  1. I haven't read that poem since high school- sure seems 10 times more powerful now.
    Johnny Gee

  2. Silly optimist.

  3. I wonder why Fox is always 'access denied' on my pc.

    But, yeah, when you've lost the PTA mom crowd, you've lost it all.

  4. Hey Angus;

    I remembered a line from the movie "Excalibur", the people is the land and the land is the people" and our "betters" have forgotten that little nugget and think that they can rule by imperial fiat.


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