31 December 2021

That Could Have Gone Better

I'm dubbing it the Polymer 40 because it's only half working.

The slide stop engages on its own.

It misfeeds.

It stovepipes.

It fails to go into battery.

It has dead trigger.

Sometimes more than one of those things at once.

Marv has gotten some advice from SoftwareJanitor and will tinker further.

This has given me an irrational desire to get a Glock 26 as close to the $435 invested in this project as possible, just to be a dick and rub in that MY gun works.

But I won't.  My Glock 26 is a Shield Plus.

And this is my last post of the year!  See you in 2022!


  1. I've never told people to buy a P80 to save money. The only way you can do it is to use bargain price parts, and those seem to require more fitment and tinkering.

    For some of us the fitment and tinkering is part of the journey. But if you want something that is just going to work... Yeah, commercial Glock is hard to beat.

  2. heh. I've made a couple of those. Somewhere in the instructions I think it reminds you several times that "fitting may be necessary" and that it might take "several hundred" rounds to break it in. A friend of mine has made several with only one of them having hiccups. I've made two, one works pretty well but the other experiences problems like the ones you describe. It may need more fitting/fooling around. I'm glad I did it but in an average Joe's hands, I think of these P80 things more as learning experiences than I do as a lower cost alternative to a store bought gat.

    1. All of our 80% (or less) experiments have been for the fun of it.

      I paid significantly more for my M16A2 lower than I could have if I'd just bought one. But I wanted specific markings and that meant going the 80% route.

      Marv has good hints to go forward with the experiment.

  3. i was reading somewhere those glock wantabes have to be broke in for whatever reason...anywho, have a happy new year...panzer guy

  4. Blue label Glock 26 is under $400 too! https://www.gtdist.com/products/guns-firearms/handguns/glockr-for-le-military/glock-26-fs-gen-5-usa-9mm-fs-3-mags-fixed-sights-blue-label-pricing.html

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  7. Hey Angus;

    Happy New Year, and you will figure out whats up with that Pistol, Your advice has been valuable with my other pistols.


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