09 December 2021

This Is Going To Be Taught In Law School

Law students will be taught using Alec Baldwin as the exemplar example of why you should order your client to shut the hell up while any case they're involved in is being litigated.

In the time since the fatal shooting of Halnya Hutchins he's gone from an ignorant dancing monkey to someone dropping suspiciously specific denials.

All by just not shutting up.

The more he talks, the more guilty he's sounding.

Not a good look for a jury, especially since he's blabbing in the public space.


  1. They had an interesting dissection of that whole mess on ABC 20/20 last night. I learned a few new things.

  2. Alec just keeps digging himself a bigger hole. But since he's a celebrity he thinks he will get a free pass.

  3. He HAS a free pass. He's golden, as long as he did not do what virtually everyone on the (gunny) web has been pontificating he should have done, that is that he should have coon-fingered it like someone on a shooting range. NOT HIS JOB. Literally. There is at least one, and usually more, people who are hired specifically to prepare prop guns for filming use. On a proper filming set, an actor who does something with the gun that isn't stated in the script will bring everything to a halt while the gun wrangler will take the gun back and check it all over again. That is a LOT of money in time/labor that the actor has pissed away by going "off script". That could be a firing offense if not a "name" actor.

    Alec is rightfully pissed at being put in this situation, and doesn't know how to deal with it. Yeah, we all would like to see him legitimately step on his own wedding tackle, but this won't be it, except from all the slop that he is getting splashed with. He IS making it worse, which is typical for leftist, of course!

    1. I would have thought he was getting a pass too, until the cops actually got a warrant for his phone.


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