05 December 2021

Alec, Oh Alec

Mr Baldwin, if you were lowering the hammer, you had to have pulled the trigger.


  1. But.. but... but.... some Greek-philosopher-guy says Dancing Monkey Boy isn't responsible for his actions because he's too stupid. Now ask me which one is stupid and the answer is "Yes."

    That comment though, Balwin-monkey-boy knew the term for hammer. Which means he had some idea of how guns worked. And the pointing wasn't during actual filming, but when he was copulating around. So he did it, he should own it. But, well, he has all the star status and the support of idiots within the gun community so, yeah, he'll most likely skate

  2. And, curiously, he missed the camera, the camera shield, the camera operator and nailed the woman who had been grieving him about lax safety. Sounds like "aiming" to me. Especially since there was no need to cock the revolver for the set-up work in the first place.

  3. The fact he feels no guilt about the shooting tells me everything I need to know about Mr. Baldwin.

  4. From what I've heard the camera shield that was supposed to be there wasn't. Anyone behind the camera is supposed to be behind that shield. It isn't there to protect the camera, it is there to protect the camera operator and anyone else back there. If the shield had been there, it would have greatly slowed or even stopped the bullet which would have either prevented injury entirely or it would likely have reduced fatality to only injury. The shield is one of the layers of safety that were supposed to be in place that weren't. Likely because Alec Baldwin was cutting corners. There is no reasonable way you can look at this incident and say that Alec doesn't bear significant culpability.


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