16 December 2021

Holy Crap That Worked!

The tire monkeys managed to get which wheel goes on what corner of The Lovely Harvey's mount when we got her new tires.

So when the temperature in The Gunshine State dropped far enough for lead to solidify, the tire pressure in those tire dropped.

This is normal.  Happens every year.

One tire is always much lower than the others.

She gets the low tire light, looks at the handy tire pressure display on the dash and is confused to find that manually checking the pressure with a an analog gauge shows the correct 35 psi and not the low 27.

Exasperated, she calls in my expert opinion.

I check the pressures with my gauge and discover that they'd swapped front to back and side to side.  LF is now RR, RF is LR, etc...

Moxie has a relearn procedure that involves putting it in learn mode and dumping pressure on each tire to show the computer which one is which.

The Nox is the same model, but different year; 2010 for Moxie, 2013 for The Nox.  Guess what changed.

The Nox needs a TPMS reset tool.

I weighed the aggravation of getting Tires Plus to relearn the sensors against buying a tool from Amazon and got the tool.  Things like this are handy from time to time.

The tool arrived today and, amazingly enough, worked as advertised!

Everyone wins!

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