26 December 2021

Years Of 1911

My first encounter with an M1911A1 was in the file cabinet my dad had in the basement.

I think it was more hidden from my mother than me.  I was, maybe, eight when I found it.

Years passed and I forgot that pistol.

My next encounter was in the Army in 1987 and we trained on them in OSUT then I was issued one at my line unit in early 1988.  Serial number 1164935; just in case you run across it.

When I got out I was all into 9mm thanks to the game stats from Twilight: 2000 and GURPS.

However, the gun I'd found in that file cabinet returned to my life.

In March of 1991 my dad bribed me to visit him by offering me that Remington-Rand M1911A1.  I managed to hang on to it for a very short time and ended up trading favors to get it back just to swap it for my Glock 21.  I regret all this horse trading and will keep that Glock 21 to my grave just to underscore my stupidity.

I, briefly, owned a stainless AMT Hardballer from September 1993 to November 1995.  I never warmed to it.

I didn't own another 1911 until December 2006 when I got a Springfield USGI.  I hung onto that one until I got my CMP M1911A1 and let it go in May 2019.  There's no room for two nostalgia purchases and a genuine USGI gun supplants a new made gun from Geneseo, Illinois.

The next 1911 is a Colt Gov't Model in .38 Super that I got in December 2012.  I've modded it a bit.  I put a short trigger, arched mainspring housing, ivory grips and arched mainspring housing with lanyard loop in it since.  It's a tack-driver and I can no longer bring it to the bowling pin shoots at Florida Firearms Academy.  I beat the guy with a Glock 17 and red-dot!  TWICE!

The CMP M1911A1 entered the fold in February 2019 and it still resides in the gun safe.

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