10 December 2021

Hardly A Barrel Full Anymore

Michael Nesmith has departed the coil mortal.

Just one Monkee remains.

The Monkees were a staple of my after school TV for years on the local UHF channel.

We thought it was delightfully new.

Our parents rolled their eyes at the 15 year old shows on syndication.

Come to think of it, my five year old mind really liked the Adam West Batman where my parents also rolled their eyes.


  1. Well crap. I was just showing my nephew all my old models I built. My favorite has always been the Monkee mobile. Damn I'm getting old. Guess I'll dig out the old Monkees albums tonight.

  2. Yeah, unlike most models, that one rolled. Ahh,but the acres of cement that covered the dirt at Houston Jetero,now Bush international, caused Greens bayou to flood every summer, which left water marks about three feet up in my house. The dresser where most of my models sat went to pieces and the glue didn't keep them together. I got home from grandpa's farm and mom had a coupla grocery bags of plastic pieces for me.. My almost complete collection of Weirdo models, A B 25 and the Monkey Mobile, phht..
    Interesting story how they came to be.
    IIRC it was Nesmiths mom who invented WhiteOut, and died because of the chemical exposure.


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