24 December 2021


I have to admit that The Expanse show has been extremely influential in my envisioning of science fiction settings.

The first place it hit was in my mini-campaign with JT and FuzzyGeff.

Traveller Interstellar Wars is set in a future where the UN takes over Earth very much like it has in The Expanse.

Another setting I'd love to play in and/or GM is SJ Games Transhuman Space.  It's a very similar setting to The Expanse already, just lacking that miraculous Epstein drive.  Genuine hard sci-fi.  That and the transhuman part which is very much like Ghost in the Shell (the manga not the movie).

Imagery creeps in.

It makes me really wanna put the screws to Marv and get him to dip his toes into role-playing.

I think he'd enjoy himself once he figured out what it is.

More players makes it more likely to actually play.

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