11 December 2021

What Am I Doing?


Well, for one thing, I'm not shooting up random intersections.

Keeping my guns in their safe and holsters?

Advocating that people who shoot up random strangers get punished?

Punishment like this:

Lock 'em in and let 'em starve.

Regardless of race, denomination or gender.

The constant focus on GUN violence rather than IMMORAL violence distracts from the ultimate solution to the problem.

But distractions are needed to maintain the narrative, aren't they?


  1. Should they be locked with their lawyer and Representative?

  2. Oh, if only we treated alcohol-related violence as if it was gun-violence...

    1. Wait... We do! Violence and death is all alcohol's fault. Unlike with guns, though, society looks at alcohol and 'Tee-hees' and often lets the alcohol user get away with literally murder because, tee-hee, alcohol.

      DUI murder is considered 'enhanced manslaughter' if it's even prosecuted. So one can literally get blottoed and drive through an intersection and kill people and get off with probation, time served, community service and a fine. And the user will be back on the street drinking within months at the most. Go to an intersection and let your gun blaze away, killing someone and...

  3. On a similar note, I have often considered the possible beneficial effects to society if graffiti "artists" were stapled to the wall next to their "opus".

    I was thinking it would allow the people of the neighbourhood to throw things at them - rotten fruit, feces, etc, but then someone suggested lawn darts.


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