25 December 2021

Paid Forward

Last night The Lovely Harvey decided that she needed 1/4 Pounder.

Because the traditional dinner of Chinese food had dissipated from our gullets already, we headed out to the Golden Arches.

Things went smoothly until we tried to pay.

The car in front of us had paid our bill!

That was nice of them.

So I tossed the $20 I was going to use to pay for food into the Ronald McDonald House donation box instead.


  1. Bro! You should pay for the car behind you instead. I live in a small town called Granbury (pop 6200) in N Texas, and we have been part of these "pay it forward" things 3 or 4 times now. The chica at sonic one time told us it had been going on for 35 minutes! That's gotta be 10 or 12 peeps paying it forward!


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