07 December 2021

It MUST Be The Covid

This morning, about 9am, I started feeling really bad.

Dizzy and cold.

Called in The Lovely Harvey to take over The Boy and I wrapped up in two blankets almost convulsing from how cold I felt.  All while not exhibiting a fever that any thermometer could detect, though Harvey felt my forehead was warm.

I zonked out until 5pm soaked in sweat.

Got up, still not feeling 100%, ate, sucked down some fluids and promptly went back out until about 11pm.

Now I am sitting here doing the "your fever just broke" sweats and starting to feel more human.

I figure this MUST be Teh Wu Ping Cough Omnicon variant.

It has to be.

Nobody gets sick from anything else, right?


  1. Hey Angus;

    To paraphrase a leftie..."REEEEEEEEEEEEEE, you got sick, if you got vaXXed, you wouldn't got sick, you would have gotten sick from an UNVAXXED person.....REEEEEEEEEEEEE, You gotta get a booster, Fauci is Lord!". Sorry I couldn't type any more Bullshit and make it sound credible. Seriously, I hope you feel better, being sick sucks.

  2. Good Luck! Wound up testing positive for it, was pretty much a low grade fever and just REALLY tired for a few days... Got tested after the fever broke just to be sure before going back to the office and wound up having to work remotely for a bit longer with the positive test... Plus side, natural immunity, this time for sure? Anyway hoping that it is "just the flu" and you recover quickly...

  3. I think I had the same thing in fall of 1983.


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