05 December 2021

Not Sure This Helps

Nazi Germany managed to get The Holocaust in full swing using bolt action rifles what only held five rounds.

Such suffices against a populace which has virtually zero guns.

The panic caused among the Nazis by a few handguns in the Warsaw ghetto uprising is illustrative of how well Europe was disarmed.

I am thinking that if the government has far better rifles than a K.98k, so should the populace.

Just in case.

Australia opening up what looks so very much like a concentration camp says volumes about it.

OK, internment camp.

But I recall that until Wu Ping Cough, the left condemned the internment camps their own party put into place.

I also notice that the average Australian citizen has been as effectively disarmed as a late 1930's European.

I don't think we should emulate them.

Need I mention China or the Uyghurs?


  1. Just remember that the Rittenhouse persecution made it clear that there could be no claim of "selfdefense" against the Democratic/neoBolshevik/Progressive Storm Troopers as they burn,loot, and murder.

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