12 November 2019

D&D Milspec

These are funny as Hell!

Now that they've covered training, they're going to tackle deployments next.

11 November 2019


I've read a couple of times that the M&P pistol is similar to a Glock 19 in form.

I think it's closer to the Glock 45.

The M&P is heavier with heavier magazines but the extra 1/4" of barrel keeps the damage and range at 2d+2 pi 160/1,800 instead of 2d+1 pi 140/1,600.

Glock 45 Blue Label

$425 plus tax, title, license and background.

Normal price at Old Time Gun Shop in Hudson, $599.

I wasn't supposed to have noticed that.

I vacillated between a 17 Gen 5 and a 19 Gen 5 and finally settled on a compromise!

I put on the "medium" frame without a beaver-tail, it feels about right.

Glock 45 vs .45 Glock!

Glock 45 vs Glock 17.

It comes apart like every other Glock:

But there's a LOT more springs in the recoil spring!

Because everything is about GURPS:

The Glock 45 gives up a point of damage vs the 17 and some range with the same everything else.

It's 0.1 lb. heavier with 0.1 lb. heavier magazines which hold two more rounds vs the Glock 19.


That tiny and indistinct dot near the center of the sun is Mercury!

I have also discovered that I cannot set manual focus and expect to play with the shutter speed with my SX20, so it was guess the exposure then set focus to infinity, then take the pic...

Then hope because the phone's display can't show me what the camera can actually resolve.
My new years resolution is to lay hands on a real camera and a couple of lenses.
The leader in my dreams is a Canon M50 mirrorless.  Of course, that will require an EF-M to EF/EF-S mount adapter because the best glass for this work doesn't come in the EF-M format yet.
An interesting trivia item for the M series cameras.  They use the same APS-C sensor as the pentaprism cameras, they just mount the ocular end of the lens closer to it.  With no mechanical mirror box, you can; and the lens is a bit more compact too.  The adapter to EF/EF-S puts those lenses at the same distance from the sensor as they'd be with a mirrored camera; getting the same performance from them!  Kudos to Canon!

Veteran's Day

In the US, it's Veteran's Day!

Thanks to the generosity of many restaurants, it's no longer necessary to buy them dinner!

But you can still buy your favorite veteran a drink!

You can still get them laid.

You can say, "Thanks!"

I'm old enough and been out long enough to remember when Veteran's Day was merely a day without mail where the banks were closed.

That was wrong.

10 November 2019

That's A Whopper!

Applying an insulting and derogatory label to someone you disagree with is a form of "othering".

Beware of anyone who's go-to method of debating is to resort to "othering."

Once someone is "othered" it's far too easy to justify doing horrible things to them, after all, an "other" isn't a person are they?

If you find yourself using the phrase "Open Carry Idiot", congratulations you're in some "savory" company.

Company that rounded people up and systematically murdered them.

It didn't start with murders, it eased into it slowly and over time.

If someone is othering you, they're also saying that they're OK if you're dead.  They might even be willing to make it happen if you give them enough time to work up to it.

Othering is something to both avoid and be terrified of.

Simple Pleasures

First cold front means either potato soup or chili.

The inlaws have chosen potato soup.

Comfort food is the best.

30 Years

It hardly seems possible.

I'd lived my whole life with the Cold War and to be just down the road as it ended seemed so very strange.

Our first news about what was going on was the activation of the phone chain and for everyone to get their butts back on post.

It was like an alert, but no alert was actually declared.

We mostly sat in our rooms watching on TV.  Fred and I, who'd been to East Berlin in '88, kept marveling at what we were seeing.

It was very tense though.

I was an avid player of Twilight: 2000 and the reunification of Germany is the trigger for WW3 there.  It seemed plausible that this was some sort of Soviet trick to get us off guard.

When nothing happened...

We were as surprised as anyone.


When talking about 2nd Amendment rights being civil rights we often attempt to use analogies to illustrate the similarities to other civil rights.

Almost by definition an analogy is not identical to either situation being compared.  It's a bridge that's supposed to make the relationship between the two situations clearer.

There's the problem with many people.

They've decided that if the two situations are not identical then the comparison is invalid, and you're an idiot for suggesting any similarity.

I would like to note that "identical" and "similar" are not synonyms.

Rosa Parks gets mentioned from time to time with regards to gun rights protestors getting arrested.

Ms Parks was not armed, openly or otherwise.  She broke the law.  She's black.

This is not identical to an open carrier being held at gunpoint during an open carry fishing event.

The open carrier was white.  They were openly armed.  They were obeying the law.

Where are they similar?

Both did what they did to try to raise awareness about the civil rights issue at hand and hoped that would lead to positive change.

In Montgomery, Alabama the immediate response was a huge portion of the bus-riding population refusing to use the buses.  Ms Parks fellow blacks supported her protest and hit the bus company's bottom line.  For nearly a year.

The immediate response to the open carrier being held at gun point was the condemnation of the practice.  It was stated that being openly armed is stupid and that anyone who did not join them in condemnation was likewise mentally deficient.

Clearly one portion of the gun owning population is quite happy with the status quo.

Happily(?) we have an analogous group during the civil rights movement.  It was the topic of many sermons that blacks needed to keep their heads down and not draw attention to themselves because, as bad as it was, it most certainly could get worse.  Being "uppity" was going to bring the whole world down on them!

Good thing, for them, that the activists kept up with their protesting.

Another analogy between civil rights is gun owning and being gay.

There's a lot more similarity between gun ownership and homosexuality because it's not a racial thing.  Literally anyone you look at could be gay or a gun owner or both!

For an unrecorded amount of time a homosexual had to hide who they were and live a secret life.  To reveal their secret could result in lots of unpleasant things; including being killed for it.  Beatings were not uncommon.  Being fired and ostracized was routine.

It was made illegal.  That it was morally wrong was taught unquestioningly.  Unjustified parallels between homosexual sex and child molestation were accepted without consideration of whether they were true or not.

Gun owners in many places have to hide who they are and be very careful about whom they reveal themselves to.  It can lead to termination of employment.  In our modern age of red-flag laws and SWATting, it can lead to ruinous financial burdens and even death.  An extra level of harassment from law enforcement is still routine in many jurisdictions no matter how legal the owner is.

Owning guns has been made illegal, both by type and completely.  Owning a gun has been subject to laws requiring onerous burdens to obtain licenses and permits to own or carry them.

The moral and practical value of gun ownership has been condemned without question.  Unjustified parallels between the mental acuity of some gun owners has been made because they don't wish to own the right kind of gun, or wish to carry it differently.

The rights of both blacks and LGBT were not advanced by accepting the status quo.

Rocking the boat carries risks.  But the rewards are worth the risks.

If we could only convince some of the people who're supposedly on our side to actually be on our side.

When an open carrier was held, illegally and in violation of their rights, at gunpoint by the police: they condemned the open carrier and not the police.

They ignored this violation of civil rights under color law to attack and demean the actual victim.

These are people who are not on our side.

They are ignoring that no laws were broken by the protestors then or in the flamboyantly over the top response the following month.  They are ignoring that the police department learned to behave from legal actions taken in response to their illegal detention of a law abiding citizen.

They equate other protests with this one, regardless of similarity, claim they're identical.

The goal posts shift constantly and they do not argue in good faith.

I say again, these people are not on our side.

They risk nothing, and wish to gain nothing.

They demand others take risks on their behalf when opportunity arises and condemn others for not doing work that they, themselves, do not do.  You cannot complain that nobody showed up when you were invited and did not show up yourself.

It's easy to complain, harder to act.

I wonder, sometimes, if it's guilt that makes them respond so strongly to others attempting to advance freedoms that they will surely avail themselves of.

09 November 2019


The solution to the mystery of why so many Special Operators are super geniuses is simple.

The Special Ops campaign is a 250 point one in 4e.

The high stats save points on buying skills, nothing more.

Massaging the point costs to come under budget is sometimes known as min-maxing.

In this case it makes unrealistic characters made to a cinematic ideal.

These are the Rangers, Green Berets and SEALs of Hollywood, not those of real life.

Secret Intel

I endeavored to find out what, exactly, the Blue Label price would be.

This is from Shooter's World in Tampa.  They mark-up $24.99 from the MAP Retail for guns on the shelf.

So, in theory, a Blue Label Gen 5 model 19 would be $404.99.  If they actually had one in stock.

They've a store in Orlando too they claim has more in stock.  It's very tempting.

I have until close of business Monday to make up my mind a search the couch cushions.

For Courage And Strength

Happy Birthday Lex!

Stat Bias

The more I look at the templates in GURPS: Special Ops 3e the more I see a suspension of disbelief killing flaw.

Skill levels in GURPS are based on DX and IQ for the most part, especially in GURPS 3e.

From what I've read and conversed about with regards to the special operator types the high skill levels displayed by these men is from spending many hours practicing; not from natural aptitude.

Points in skills represents hard work and training.

Points in stats represents talent and aptitude.

It is not helped that an IQ of 13 or 14 is often specified.

To lend some scope to the problem:  A GURPS IQ of 6 corresponds to the intelligence level of an average Chimpanzee, which has a functional (real world) IQ of approximately 40.

This puts the bottom range of the human bell-curve (IQ 40) at GURPS IQ 6.  That essentially puts the top of the curve (IQ 160) at GURPS IQ 14.

The center of the bell-curve and "normal" IQ is 90-109 and that's GURPS IQ 10.

If the templates are to be believed, the entirety of the world's special forces is populated by super geniuses.

I am not buying it.  Bumping the stats is a game mechanism to get higher skills for fewer points.

Another reason I am not buying it is how thin the population of these super geniuses with an IQ over 145 is.  1/10 of 1%.  The pool of people in this range, in the US, is 329,716.

There's approximately 3,500 Rangers in the 75th, 4,500 Green Berets, 2,500 SEALs and about 1,000 in Delta.  11,500 people.

That's 3.5% of the available super geniuses in the country.

The military is about 2.5 million people strong, 0.76% of the population.

Because the military typically does have the same distributions as the population at large, then we should expect that there are only 2,500 super geniuses in the entire military.

According to Special Ops 3e, there's almost four times that many in the special forces alone (and I didn't even include the numbers for USAF combat controllers or USMC Force Recon; whose templates are given).

I think I am going to have to revise these templates ruthlessly.

Especially since the bell curve is shifted in other nations compared to the US curve used here.

08 November 2019

Of Course It's A Gun Free Zone

Rode with my father-in-law to get his truck registered here in Florida.

I was kicked out for having a gatorade by the most arrogant employee I've ever encountered.

An arrogance that thrives in DMV's across the nation.

I noticed that, while I cannot eat or drink anything while inside the county's precious building, nothing is stopping the employees from chewing gum so that it sounds like a march of sopping wet vaginas in a poorly sound balanced porn film.

Remember when you didn't chew gum at work because it was unprofessional?

While I was outside, waiting for FiL, I noticed the looks on my fellow citizen's faces.  The mood was grim on entry and angry on exit.

It seems the arrogance runs deep.

The customer service is such that I think that if someone were to grab their, "Armalite AR-10 carbine gas-powered semi-automatic weapon," and went to town on the employees that the customers would react with, "there's one hiding under the desk there," and, "one ran out the back, if you hurry you can still catch them!"

I think I might just remind my county tax collector that he's an elected official in an office that's very easily primaried (ask him how HE got the job) and if he can't make the process more customer centric, then, perhaps, someone else should hold the office.

As an aside, I notice that while there is a teeny little decal saying "No outside food or drink please" the only mention of smoking is the "No smoking within 50' of entrance".

I think I am going to measure 50' from the door inside the place and have me a cigar next visit.  Not posted, stand alone structure.  That, at least, is actually against the law and not because some petty apparatchik likes to lord their power over you.

Additional aside: am I the only person who wonders at the demographics of the DMV?  My county is 96% white, yet the Tax Collector's office employs around 75% blacks.  That seems racist to have disproportionate racial representation in the government.


People have begun to break their Galaxy's Edge/Savi's Workshop lightsabers and started selling them on ebay for a pittance.

Electronics geeks have started complete tear downs!

We now know the blade is a plastic strip of domed RGB LED's spaced about 1/2" apart.

So the three blades will (should) have:

26" should have 48 LED
31" should have 58 LED
35" should have 66 LED

That's a lot fewer than a 2815 or 2813 running 258 LED on my 35" blade, about 4x as many as the Disney system.  I think this also explains why they're getting such good battery life from 3x AA's!

Marv has been running out of memory to run the LED's and was wondering if we could run them in groups of 3 giving an effective 86 LED as far as the Arduino is concerned.

07 November 2019


GURPS 3e: Special Ops provided a template to create your very own Airborne Ranger.

Specifically someone assigned to 1/75, 2/75 or 3/75.

I happen to know someone who was assigned to 2/75... (cue name drop) Willard!

I mentioned to him, that in GURPS terms, his younger self was a pretty high point character.

At least 150 in 3e points and more than 200 in 4e.

The bulk of the 4e points are dumped into the stats, 140 of them in fact.

ST: 11
DX: 13
IQ: 13 <-- He disputes this one by saying that Ranger School is not an intelligence test, but a filtration system to find stubborn knot-heads who refuse to quit despite every signal in the universe demanding they give up.  A high Will score would really be more appropriate.
HT: 11

I think these stat levels were more to keep the point totals under control than an actual assessment that the average Ragnar is a certified MENSA candidate.  Making this call is not aided in the slightest by Willard actually being smart.

Then they get 68 points in skills that EVERY Ranger who goes to the battalions should have.
Armoury/TL8 (Small Arms)
Artillery/TL8 (Guided Missile)
Artillery/TL8 (Mortar)
Driving/TL8 (Automobile)
Electronics Operation/TL8 (Comm)
Explosives/TL8 (Demolition)
First Aid/TL8
Forward Observer/TL8
Gunner/TL8 (MG)
Guns/TL8 – GL
Guns/TL8 – LAW
Guns/TL8 – LMG
Guns/TL8 – Pistol
Guns/TL8 – Rifle
Melee Weapon (Knife)
Melee Weapon (Spear) -- This is for using a bayonet!
Navigation/TL8 (Land)
Savior-Faire (Military)
Survival (Jungle)
Survival (Mountain)
Survival (Woodland)
The guided missile could be a TOW or a Dragon and Willard indicated that there might be a couple of guys who knew the Dragon, but not everyone.

Oafickers spend some more points on Military Rank, extra on Leadership and add Administration to the total.

Schools, like SERE, increase and add more skills as well.

I think I need to revisit the templates for 4e.

The Will vs IQ thing stands out.  In 3e IQ IS your will roll (modified by Strong Will or Weak Will).  4e made it a separate stat based on IQ but made it simpler to modify it, allowed a stone stupid person with a very strong Will.

Shoulda Listened

I should have listened to my first instinct and gone back to The Wily Heidi's to buy that Smith-Corona in the wee morning hours Saturday.

It was sold Saturday afternoon.

I am disappointed and relieved.

06 November 2019

It's Fate I Tells You

I was reading this site.

Looking at this:

That there is a Smith-Corona type handguard retainer cut.

The rifle we hope to revive is a Smith-Corona!

Eyes crossed that it didn't sell on Saturday.

Silly Armor

Wore the Testudo II around for about an hour.

It hurts my legs.

It does occur that if I lost about 100 lb. then put the armor on, I'd be about 80 lb. easier on my legs than I am now without armor.

As is typical with body armor, it interferes with getting the stock mounted and the sights aligned.  Even the stylish squared up stance which puts the armor where it does the most good.

That might just mean I need to figure out how to mount the gun, but it's irritating.

At present it looks like the armor will have the ammo, because it's an ammo carrier first like most chest rigs, on the vest and the sundries will keep living in the 5.11 Tactical Purse where they can actually be reached.

That is, when I am going to wear the armor, otherwise the ammo will stay in the purse as the this is still the grab bag.

It boils down to "how much time do I have to get ready to repel boarders/looters?"

An alternative to the purse that works with the armor is a "battle belt" but I am skeptical of a belt carrying all that loot without suspenders.  There might be a way to tie the belt to the vest, but I'm not seeing it from a cursory search.

I can easily see a situation where I have more than one set of "go-gear" depending on how much time presents itself.  I kind of have this going on already.

The home defense rifle has a single mag in it and that's what gets grabbed in the least amount of prep time scenarios.  Grabbing the purse would require a couple minutes.  Grabbing and donning the vest even longer.

The idea of static vs dynamic defense was mentioned in comments.

I'm old, fat and crippled.  Static is kind of the default.  Notice what I said up top about weight, I HAVE 100 lb. of lard that could be lost.  That should be lost.  The crippled part of the equation makes that very hard.

I also have to keep reminding myself that the main reason for getting this was because Charles Schumer said it needed to be regulated or banned.  It's the same reason that I want banned features on as many guns as I can reasonably get and am eternally disappointed that not every one of them possesses ALL of the verboten features.

05 November 2019

Long Drink

1x tonic water
4x gin
3x Fresca

Advanced Body Armor

My medium coyote brown Tetsudo II and 10x12 Level III plates arrived today!

21.2 lb. as shown.  It's only going to get heavier from here as I add pouches, magazines, holsters, blades and sundries.

As feared, the bottom edge is really too high to hang many things from and have them be even remotely handy.

It needs a belt below if it's going to replace the 5.11 Tactical Purse.

DeBubbafication Stage One

Willard found the scant M1903A3 stock he thought he had in his office.

It was also where he thought it would be.

That's a double miracle.  Normally such things have long since disappeared never to be seen again by mortal man.

Like most stocks of its day, it's inletted for both the M1903 rear sight and the M1903A3 handguard ring.

Having the buttplate and rear swivel saves us some time, money ($49) and effort!

At the time of this posting, Numrich has all the parts I think we're missing.

Lower Band Spring (524240) $3.00
Upper Band Screw (524660) $3.75
Handguard Ring (524920) $6.75
Upper Band (524220) $16.50
Stacking Swivel Assembly (1502520) $22.00
Lower Band Assembly (1502540) $20.75
Walnut Handguard, with Clips (853140) $43.75

Total, including shipping/handling $116.50

We think we've got The Wily Heidi locked into $250 for the rifle itself.

04 November 2019

We're Off And Running

The local Fox affiliate reports on the assault weapon complete rifle ban that BAWN is attempting to add to our stupid Constitutional Amendment process here in Florida.

Ben Pollara is correct; the effects of his proposal are very simple.

He's dissembling about what those effects really are.

Dissembling is a nice way to say, "lying through your fucking teeth".

I'm hoping that they manage to keep it off the ballot, because I'd be very worried about it going to a vote.  There are a lot of people who don't bother to actually look up these amendments before voting.


I just realized that buying the printer for my old Mac is something I've done for a long time.

I bought a NIB part to keep an obsolete, but still functional machine running.

There's legions of us hot-rodders out there!


Replaced the dead HP C4280 with a live HP C4280 because it still works with my obsolete OS.

And newer OS's.

I made sure the ebay sourced "sealed" unit would print.

It did, but the ink cartridges that had been sealed in the box since... probably 2007... didn't work well.

New ink cartridges and voila!

The C4280 is also my SD card reader:

It works!

It's a scanner:

It works!

Nailed It

4chan predicted this:

The president of a Connecticut university said hate-filled flyers were randomly distributed throughout campus on Thursday night.

Harmless message will cause media backlash.

You will notice that no images of the "hate-filled" flyer are included with the article.

The media has showered itself in so much glory that I no longer automatically believe them when they make a hate claim.

They've repeatedly proven they cannot be trusted, so I don't.

Unmentioned here is that both Western Connecticut State University and the reporter feel that being white is NOT OK.  Otherwise, why would it matter and be newsworthy?

For the record, it's OK to be whatever race you are.









That content of character, that matters.

I can see the content of the character of the president of WCSU and Ms. Naples.


Ruining an otherwise feel-good article about a homeowner using an AR-15 for home defense...

...is the phrase, "an AR-15 that was legally inside their house," as if having an AR is normally illegal but these upstanding folks had gone the extra mile to get theirs made legitimate.

It's subtle points of language like this, that permeate the press, that make the fight for our rights harder than they should be.

By mentioning the unremarkable, they make it stand out.

They'd certainly never say, "a car that was legally inside their garage."

Using their cell phone, that was legally inside their pocket, they called the police.

The implication is that it's normally illegal to have it when you point out that it was legal in this instance.

A Deal A Steal

I'd heard about this months ago, but forgot to say anything.


If you're in the market for a new Glock, and you have a DD214 with an honorable characterization on it...

Glock is offering to sell to you Blue Label guns at Blue Label prices!

And you have until Veteran's Day to get to a Blue Label dealer and get your new piece of relentless functionality.

Blue Label prices are about $100 to $150 off normal retail and normally come with three magazines instead of the more normal two, so it's like getting another $30 off!

03 November 2019

Roasted Cent

What happens to a new penny when you drop it in a fire?

02 November 2019

Comment Moderation

Since I turned on "allow anonymous" and "moderate all"...

It seems like there have been more comments than before.

There's been hardly any spam.

The few jerks whose comments I had to routinely delete after they were raging pricks in the comments have stopped trying.

That's the up side.

The down side is a couple of people I've been trying to engage and debate also gave up.  Perhaps they felt they would not be allowed past moderation?

If you're being polite and staying on topic, your comment is going to be allowed.

If I tire of the debate on a given post, I'll just just shut off all comments rather than memory holing the comments I disagree with.  Not too different, but you'll be able to tell going in that we're done talking about it for now.

Debating with people I disagree with is a form of learning.  You might even convince me I'm wrong, you might not.  I might convince you that you are wrong, I might not.

We might even convince others to come to our side, we might not.

One thing is for certain: call me an idiot (or other insult) for taking an opposing view guarantees that you have no voice here.  Opening with insults and derogatory names is an admission that your position has no validity and should be ignored.

In short, calling me an idiot is a concession that I've won because you can't advance your argument on its merits.

Scant Information

Willard thinks he has an M1903 stock in his office...


Maybe even where he thinks it is.

I use the same system of organization and "where I think it is" often isn't.

The doubt I introduced last night is the question of, "is it an M1903 or an M1903A3 stock?"

They're different.  The A3 is inletted for the handguard ring, the A-nada isn't.

I found out that many (most?) A3 stocks are inletted to be used on any 03 action so the odds might be in our favor should Willard be able to locate his spare stock.

That would also knock almost $200 off the price of putting the Smith-Corona back to rights.  Even more if the stock has the butt plate and sling swivels!

Eyes crossed!

Also sitting here wondering if Willard will emerge from his righteous slumber to hit Heidi's and get the rifle.

HB723 Heading To Committee

This is Constitutional Carry for Florida.

It's been referred to (links show memberships, light 'em up!):

The Criminal Justice Subcommittee.

The Agriculture and Natural Resources Appropriation Subcommittee.

The Judiciary Committee.

It's possible to bring a win from this, but we have to let them know we support this bill, and bills like it, and the congress creatures who vote for it.

They have to know we know who they are and will remember them come voting time, especially if they have eyes on a higher office when they term-limit out.

By the way, if you're not going to help: Why don't you shut up and get out of our way?

What that means:

If you're not going to bother to write, call or visit your congress creature's local office: don't complain that others don't.

If you're not going to bother to write, call or visit your congress creature's Tallahassee office: don't complain that others don't.

If you're not going to bother to go to the rally: don't complain that others don't.

If you're not going to bother to attend the committee meetings: don't complain that others don't.

If you're a do-nothing complainer, then you don't get to complain that others are following your example.


Oklahoma going to constitutional carry marks nearly 1/3 of the US dispensing with the false comfort of unconstitutional restrictions on carry.

They carried their AR's openly too.  Pictures from linked Fox News article.

Wait, that can't be right, I am assured that openly packing an AR leads to nothing but laws banning open carry.

Nope, that's really Fox News, not Babylon Bee...

And Oklahoma is mentioned in the Wikipedia entry on Constitutional Carry too.


It's like we should be bold and not cowardly about asserting our rights.

I feel sometimes that some are fervently hoping for these kind of laws to fail so they can cluck that they were, by God, right and the rest of us are "idiots".

But, then, you kind of know when someone doesn't really have a point to make when they start with insults rather than actually making and defending their position.

01 November 2019

Potential Bargain...

Question mark...

The wily Heidi has a Smith Corona M1903A3 which has been lightly sporterized with a replacement stock.

It'd take about $350 from Numrich and North Ridge to put it back to mil configuration.

Heidi doesn't even want a lot for it...

We're tormented souls here.

We can save it.

Should we?

Just In Case I'm Moderated

Hate is still the norm at GunFreeZone.

Miguel is concerned that people from Florida, for the first time ever, will break the law by open carrying AR-15's strapped to their chests at the November 2nd Second Amendment Rally.

I commented (and expect the comment to be deleted):

I used to think you had a brain, Miguel.

But now I am not so sure.

Because the people you despise so much have never broken the law to make their point.

You're not on the pro-gun side any more, because you fight against expansion of freedom.

I know it's terrifying that someone might be out there, somewhere, doing something you don't like and not hurting anyone; but that's how liberty works.

And you clearly don't understand it and oppose any freedom past what you're comfortable with.

He's clearly fighting against someone, but they're not named.  Or he's lost it and he's fighting demons only he can see.

If he wasn't such a great resource for spotting and tracking all the gun bills up in Tallahassee, and this is where his blog really shines, I'd stop darkening the door of the place.

Honestly, as long as you stay out of his three or four blind spots, he's a pretty decent fellow.  But he's entrenched into those spots like a tick and not only unwilling to have his mind changed, but unable to see that anyone has a point outside of his righteousness.

On open carry, I wish I could say he's Abe Simpson, yelling at the cloud.

What he is really accomplishing is providing the anti-gun, anti-liberty people a published example of a "pro-gun" voice who vehemently dislikes open carry, therefore emboldening them.  His voice of support for the anti-freedom side also cows the politicians who would support expanding our rights.

"I'm not sticking my political neck out if even the pro-gun people don't want it."

Thus Miguel has become what he despises.  A voice on the internet that's opposed to gun rights.

Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

31 October 2019

Willard Wisdom

"Can you really say it's 9mm Luger if a Luger won't feed it?"

We're going to be trying the Federal Syntech in a Luger!

It's So Tiny

Baa Baa Blacksheep has an episode where VMF-214 is competing with an Army Air Corps squadron for who gets to shoot down Admiral Yamato (not, you will note Yamamoto).

They're using real planes and suddenly I'm hit with a sense of scale.

They Blacksheep are trying to sabotage the compass on a P-15D and these familiar actors are standing next to the plane and it's so much smaller than the F4U's we're accustomed to seeing them next to.

I think I never noticed before because I've never had a model of a P-51D next to one for an F4U-4.

I am pretty sure I only built the one Mustang and it was in 1/32.

The numerous F4U's were the 1/48 Monogram kit, and that was a Korean War F4U-5N with 4x 20mm and the radar set.

Modern Cowboy

Having fun shopping for a hat...

GURPS stats!

The 4-3/4" barreled single action Army's and clones thereof...

.357 Magnum does 3d pi to 190/2,100 yards with a recoil of 3.
.44 Magnum does 3d+1 pi+ to 210/2,300 yards with a recoil of 4.
.45 Colt does 2d+1 pi+ to 120/1,300 yards with a recoil of 4.

Average damages to an unarmored torso are:

10 for .357 Magnum
17 for .44 Magnum
12 for .45 Colt

Lever guns!

.357 Magnum from a 20" or 16" barrel does 4d+2 pi to 560/3,400 yards.
.44 Magnum from a 16" barrel does 4d+1 pi+ to 410/2,800 yards.
.45 Colt from a 20" barrel does 3d pi+ to 320/2,500 yards.

Average damages to an unarmored torso are:

16 for .357 Magnum
22 for .44 Magnum
15 for .45 Colt

The more modern rounds do better than the old one?

Color me shocked... NOT!

Happy Halloween!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year!

Just to toot my own horn, my house is a "must" on beggar's night.

We stopped buying candy because The Boy can't have it; so we changed over to giving out cute little toys.

The toys are, and have been, a huge hit.

30 October 2019

Confidence Returning

Been driving The Precious in the afternoon.

The Boy is loving having "his" car back.

The fuel system doesn't make smells any more.

The clutch holds, and even chirps the tires.

I forgot how nice the 0-60 was until I had to watch perfectly usable gaps in traffic go while driving Moxie.


I've occasionally wondered about transgender and science fiction.

The science fiction world where I do most of musing is Traveller.

Little Black Book Traveller is silent on such matters.

But I don't use LBB Traveller for much more than setting notes any more.

GURPS 4e, on the other hand does have something to say.

Biotechnology in Interstellar Wars is at TL9 from about 2100 AD to the end of the period.

GURPS: Biotech p. 170 lists Complete Sex Change (TL9):

This is a total sex change, with full capacity for reproduction being possible. This requires tissue-engineering organs and transplanting them into the recipient’s body, although at TL11+, proteus nanoviruses can design working reproductive organs and cells within the patient’s own body.

A complete sex change is $30,000 (and three weeks) for a male-to-female change, or $100,000 (and four weeks) for a female-to-male, the latter requiring the creation of an artificial Y chromosome, which is trickier. There is often a requirement for psychological counseling prior to any sex change operation. LC3.

It appears that technology makes the matter moot when you can change the plumbing to match the wiring so completely that even the DNA says so.

But is the matter moot?

That depends a great deal on the social acceptance of such procedures.  I think that the existence of the procedure kind of says that it's socially acceptable, otherwise it wouldn't have been perfected.

Also implied by the technology is the ability to make the wiring match the plumbing.

So if a man wakes up and finds that they are looking at a stranger in the mirror and wonders where the woman they know themselves to be went...  They can go either way.

By way of comparison, today's TL8 gets:

Superficial Sex Change (TL7/8): Masculinization or feminization of facial and body features, but without genital reconstruction. The subject retains his/her own sex, but when fully dressed appears to be a member of the opposite sex.
Gender Reassignment (TL7/8): The subject completely resembles his/her new gender. Only a medical examination would reveal that a sex change had taken place. To all exterior appearances and for all social interactions, the change is total, except that reproduction is impossible.
Genital Reassignment (TL7/8): As above, but without any masculinization or feminization of features (though this may be added later via a superficial change).
A superficial sex change is $2,000 (one week recovery). A gender reassignment is $10,000 (and two weeks). A genital reassignment is $8,000 (and two weeks). 
 The advance of technology inevitably alters society.

Upcoming Content

Widner's was kind enough to send me 100 rounds of Federal Syntech 9x19mm 138gr SJHP ammo to review.

Federal has a video:

We've a variety of 9mm firearms to test the stuff out with.

No ballistics gel though.

Should be fun!

But They LOOK Cool

I've hardly heard a good report about AK drum magazines.

I've come to realize that it doesn't matter if an accessory works if the only reason you own it is to cause Feinstein and Schumer the vapors.

Historically Unsafe?

The venerable, and multi-named, Colt Single-Action Army, Peacemaker, M1873 has a safety flaw.

It's common to nearly all revolvers of its era, so it's completely forgivable.

The firing pin is attached to the hammer in a manner that makes it unsafe to carry with six rounds in the cylinder.

Kind of makes calling it a "six-shooter" something of a lie when you can only load five and have the hammer down on an empty cylinder.

Armi San Marco and Pietta went with an extended cylinder pin with two detents in it.

You push the cylinder pin release and then press the cylinder pin to the rear where it will intrude into the hammer recess and prevent the hammer from falling all the way to the primer.

Cylinder pin intruding...
...No firing pin intruding.

No cylinder pin intruding...
...Firing pin intruding.
It's awkward and irritating to use.  Especially so with the Pietta version where there's just a single groove in the cylinder pin which must be perfectly aligned with the cylinder pin release.  The Armi San Marco version has the groove running 360° around the cylinder pin.

It's not realistic to expect someone to use this as a means to carry six rounds safely and most likely exists only to allow importation from Italy with a historically correct firing pin.  This system also retains period correct guts which has the proper 4-clicks.

Uberti has taken a different path.

Their firing pin floats.

Firing pin to the rear.
Firing pin foward.
Uberti has a linkage up inside the hammer which presses the firing pin forward when the trigger is being held.

Holding the trigger.
Trigger released.
It's not spring loaded, so it will not retract unless you press the firing pin's nose or let gravity pull it down.

This is a lot more practical, but...  The lockwork isn't normal SAA and it only has THREE clicks!


29 October 2019


I will admit to taking very poor care of my teeth.

Not that long ago I got inspired to actually do what I was supposed with regards to flossing and brushing.

Also in here, my heartburn and fluttery esophagus stopped needing acid reducers.

I slipped into old, neglectful, habits and my heartburn is back with a vengeance.

It's making me think my heartburn is the nasty stuff from my mouth attacking my throat and not acid from my stomach.  This is somewhat reinforced by the heartburn not being relieved by changing diet.

I'm going to get back in the habit of brushing and see what happens.

28 October 2019

Whrrrrrr Whrrrrrr whrrrrrrr vroom

The Lovely Harvey's Equinox, The Mighty Nox, consumed a battery.

Florida is hard on batteries and this one had come with the car when we bought it used.

Three year old Autocraft.  That's about average for our weather, unfortunately.


Oh, GM...

First!  Remove plastic cover over the PCM.

Second!  Remove screw holding PCM to the battery tie-down.

Third!  Slide PCM off battery tie-down and discard fold over out of the way.

Fourth!  Grab the 9mm deepwell socket thinking it's a 10mm and try to unbolt the visible nut for the tie-down.  Too small.  Grab the 11mm, thinking "nothing is 11mm on a GM".  Too big.  Check inch sizes.  Nope.  Use crescent wrench.

Fifth!  Discover strap is still bolted to something and undo the push-me-pull-you pins to fold decorative plastic cover out of the way.  Find the offending screw, discover it's the same size as the nut and use the crescent wrench again.

Sixth!  Disconnect battery and discard.

Seventh!  Install and connect new battery.

Eighth!  Discover your mistake with the 10mm socket and use correct sized tools to reinstall the tie-down strap.

Ninth!  Resecure decorative cover.

Tenth!  Slide PCM back in place on tie-down and secure with screw.

Eleventh!  Slide PCM cover back over PCM!

Twelfth!  Take dead battery back to parts store to recover core charge.

Thirteenth!  Baffle the staff that it took you their quoted "30 minutes" to change out the battery including travel time.


Actually It's Your Fault

While you're smugly blaming people protesting for their rights in a manner you disapprove of for a bill being submitted to Congress...

I want you to look hard at the idea that if you'd actually supported liberty rather then grant succor to our opponents...  Wait.  Did I say "our"?

Let me start over.

I want you to look hard at the idea that you don't support freedom or liberty at all.

The only people you've ever aligned yourself with are the same people whose goal is to ban everything, not just the open ownership of it.

If you'd aligned yourself with Freedom and supported open carry all along, perhaps a pervasive feeling of desperation wouldn't make people feel that open carrying AT someone is the only political voice they have left.

Just 'cause you don't understand what's going on
Don't mean it don't make no sense
And just 'cause you don't like it
Don't mean it ain't no good
--M Muir 

Desperation leads to people doing stupid, and sometimes counterproductive, things.

But they got desperate because they turned to you, supposed pro-gun and pro-freedom bloggers and pundits and got told that, "Oh, we're perfectly fine with most gun control as long as our narrow, and happy, little rut remains undisturbed."

You, and people like you, are the proximate cause of the protests you condemn so vociferously.

You abandoned them.  You betrayed them.

You made common cause with the enemies of freedom.

You can stop pretending to be an advocate of liberty, because you are not.

100 Years

Today, 100 years ago, Congress passed The Volstead Act.

This also marks the last time that Congress banned something for our own good in accordance with The Constitution.

That they are still banning things for our own good shows that Congress, collectively, learned nothing from the experience.

That there are people who claim to be pro-liberty who are perfectly fine with these bans says a great deal about how much liberty they really support.

27 October 2019

Cowboy Action

Took the Uberti "Winchester" '73, EMF New Dakota, Marv's Rossi '92 and his Uberti SAA to the range.

With "Cowboy Action" .45 Colt loads the '73 is rear recoiless.
It shoots to point of aim but...  hated buckhorns!  Off-hand I found myself doing a pilot induced oscillation left-right for some reason and it scattered my group.  I need to work on that.

I got a solid minute of bad-guy at 25 yards, and got 6 of 10 rounds nearly in the same hole at 7 yards.  Damn wagging left and right ruined a great group.

I discovered that you have to take care to make sure the rounds are past a detent in the magazine or the next round in the magazine is trying to join the round in the cartridge elevator.

The gate on the '73 is much nicer on the thumb than the '92, but that could be because Uberti deburrs things better than Rossi.

Speaking of Rossi...


We didn't have a single instance of loading it where the round at the gate didn't get stuck.  You could get it back out but you couldn't get the rim into the hole.  Once you did pull it out, it would generally feed into the magazine just fine.


It did not want to feed Federal 158gr jacketed-soft-points.  They would present off the elevator and the bolt wouldn't push them in.  If you flicked them forward with your finger, they'd go right in, then you could close the bolt.  I theorize that it's a combination of not liking the flat nose and not being broken in.  The last five rounds Marv tried were feeding, but coarsely.

It liked the 110gr Winchester jacketed-hollow-point a lot better.

On the plus side, the rifle was grouping well at 12 and 7 yards for Marv and was feeling smoother and smoother as he levered more rounds.

His Uberti SAA in .357 gave zero problems and is a sweetie.  Marv was a bit taken aback by the recoil, but since an SAA flips vertical, it doesn't hit his delicate recoil adverse wrists very hard.

My SAA clone in .45 continues to delight!  My old eyes, one handed and 7 yards still gives a smaller than fist sized group where I want it.  The Captain Vulnerable anatomy target I was using had a well ventilated heart!

I have to confess to an oopsie.  I thumbed a round rather than cocked it.  Happily I was already pointing at the target when I did so, but the gun sure climbed with my grip that loose.  Marv asked if that was a ceiling shot, and I replied, "no, but it was close!"

Single actions you can fan and thumb have a bit of a learning curve and a heavy dose of "remember where you are".

26 October 2019


Finally moving my essentials from the ancient OSX 10.6.8 machine to the Windows laptop.

There are solid reasons to keep the 10.6.8 machine as is, but just as solid reasons to stop using it to get on the internet.

The Windows laptop will soon be migrating to Win10.  Ick.  Don't wanna.

But support is going away for Win7 and Win10 is the least worst supported option unless I wanna go all insane and run Linux.  Because I still have a substantial investment in iTunes, Linux is presently  not an option.

Soon, though, it will be worth it to strip the DRM from the iTunes files so that I can play the products I have paid for without using the soon to be going away iTunes software.

Just For Fun

The cowboy and Indian guns are a pure delight.

This is not to say they are purely delightful guns in function and design.  They're brutally obsolete.

But they're still enjoyable.

They're fun!

I read so many places in the gunblogosphere where everything is dour need and reduced to efficient functionality that I think many of the writers have forgotten that "new shooter smile" they once wore and fallen prey to thinking that a firearm must have a useful purpose to justify ownership.

I tend to agree, if that's your only firearm.

Don't get so wrapped up in this that you forget to enjoy yourself.

Honestly, nobody is paying most of us to go shooting, so it'd better be fun or you'll stop doing it regular.

My collecting of web gear and LBE to put with guns from the same period is a dual bit of fun.  I like playing with cameras and doing, shallow, research into the equipment.

Aside: Have you noticed how expensive helmets of all damn things have gotten to be when trying to get a good issue equipment pic together?  M1 steel pots used to cost less than a candy bar.  Look at them now!

One Of Us

Marv has joined the ranks of having a lever gun and single action revolver in the same chambering.

He and Harvey have selected 20" Winchester '92 clones and 4-3/4" Single Action Army's in .357 Magnum.

I'm rocking a 20" Winchester '73 and a 4-3/4" SAA in .45 Colt.

Willard is rolling with a 16" Winchester '92 and a Ruger Vaquero in .44 Magnum.

JT, you're next!

At the time of posting, only Harvey and I have gone the extra mile and gotten gun belts and hats.

Disaster And A Miracle

ZM Łucznik P-64's have been appearing in the local gun shops lately.

All of them have a smoother safety than mine.

So I set out to find out why.

The safety/decocker has a detent, and that detent isn't playing nice.

So I read up on how to take apart the slide and had no problems doing so.

The disaster happens with a pair of forceps holding the firing pin so I can get the safety in far enough so I can press the detent into its hole.

The forceps slipped and the firing pin and its spring flew up and over my monitor and behind the desk!

"FUCK!" I exclaimed.

Miraculously, I found the firing pin on the floor and the spring under one of the monitors.

"What's wrong with the safety?" you might ask.

The detent spring is way too long and puts too much pressure on the detent which makes it hard to rotate the safety.  I clipped a couple coils and it's much better now.

Honestly, it could use a couple more off, but the disassembly and reassembly are just too fiddly.

24 October 2019

Proof Of Possesson

Bayou Renaissance Man informs us of an insurance fraud where the serial number is taken from a posted photo of a firearm and claimed to be stolen.

The posted pic has an upload date and many of them have metadata which show when the photo was taken.  The original file definitely does.  These will predate the fraudulent insurance claim.

If you're still in possession of the firearm in question then it's pretty darned obvious you didn't sell it to the criminal in question.

A pain in the ass when it comes up, but straightforward.

The thing is, you don't even need a photo of a gun to make this claim.

Search for the model you want to make a fraudulent claim of with the search term "manufacture date" and you will be rewarded with many partial serial numbers with the last two or three numbers replaced with x's.

Fill in the x's with numbers and pepper your angus for your trial date when you get busted.

The second half of his post is a warning that Google and Facebook are cataloging your gun by serial number and that can be searched for...

Obscuring the serial number isn't really going to save you from them.  Especially since they only care if you have a gun, not if you have particular example of that gun.

I admit I've posted a lot of gun pics with little worry about the serial being visible.  It seems that Google and Facebook missed me in their catalog because the only serial that comes up is my M16A2 clone I made from an 80% lower and had engraved with a Brony Colt logo, and it's by no means the first hit.

I think this isn't as big a deal as the TFB article makes it out to be.

Just A Note

I've bought a lot of stuff from ebay and when I say "there's no real recourse" that means there's no option to make me whole where the juice is worth the squeeze.

Been to this rodeo before from cheap books to expensive car parts.

If your experience is different, then you've been exceedingly lucky in always finding a seller who's willing to stand behind their sale.

For the most part, I've shared that luck.  Also, for the most part I've avoided the "all sales final, no returns" auctions; but occasionally have made such a purchase because that's the only seller for the item I want.  You roll the dice sometimes.

There's very few things that set me off worse than someone bragging about how great their luck is when I express disappointment that I had a bad turn.  Well aren't you special?  You going to actually HELP?  No?  Thought so.

I Am Sure I Checked It More Recently

When I had The Precious down with Joe, he mentioned that the whole left side of the trans and diff were covered in oil.

I countered that it was from the spray from the broken fuel exit elbow.

He said it was definitely differential fluid and asked when I'd last checked the level.

"Not that long ago..." is what I said.

While I'm certain I'd checked it when I put the trans back in, I forgot to record it.

The last record is from two years and 30k miles ago.

Being a paranoid worrier, I managed to work up a panic attack last night thinking about it.


This morning I put the car up in the air and checked it.

It's still full.

I also gave the oily coating a good looking at.

There's no tell-tale smell of sulfur in the oily stuff clinging to the case.  It also doesn't really smell like gas residue.

The CV boot on that side is intact and not leaking.

There's no fresh petroleum product anywhere, just saturated dust sticking to the side of the case.

Smell wise, it's most similar to transmission fluid and there's a vent on top of the transmission and it's possible I overfilled it two years ago and it's puked out the vent a couple times, but not recently.

I Am Disappoint

I bought the Baa Baa Black Sheep (Squadron) DVDs.

Season 1 played (with one dead disc).  The dead disc was replaced with one from the second half of season 1 I'd accidentally purchased.

Season 2, all three discs are dead.


I am very upset, but there's no real recourse.

I Think I Just Dodged Spending A Lot Of Money

The game, despite how good the GOOD is, the bad is very BAD.

Not worth the money for the new machine, new HOTAS, VR rig and then the expensive modules.

It makes me sad.

23 October 2019


For the first time in two months, The Precious is bathed and waxed.

When it's not running, keeping it pretty kinda falls by the wayside.

I really REALLY need to hit the interior too.

It's not that hot out tonight, but it's that perfect level of humidity where your sweat doesn't help cool you off at all.

Unrelated to The Precious, my soccer bowling-dad car, Moxie, has gotten an oil change.

I'm not sure how I feel about the cartridge style filters on top of the engine that both Equinox' have, but I am starting to warm to them.

Whomever was doing the oil changes for my mother in law before she sold Moxie to us hadn't changed the o-ring on the filter cap and torqued it down WAY too far.  This kind of quality work is what keeps me wrenching rather than paying.

22 October 2019

This Could Go Horribly Wrong

I am finally firing up the InstaPot Duo and seeing what I can come up with.

Some boneless pork country ribs and our classic soy sauce and garlic getting some heat and pressure.

Fingers crossed!

If this is a disaster, then there's always frozen pizza.

It's only been going for 15 minutes but it already smells great!


Frozen to fork tender in an hour.

Unmitigated success!

Open Carry Or Not

I was looking at a holster for a Luger.

When the lid is closed on this gun valise there is absolutely no pistol visible.

If I wear the holster openly, am I concealed or open carrying?

I notice that Florida law is light on definitions about this.

A cell phone and a decent sized snack fits in a Luger holster, I am curious to see if I'd even be asked about the "gun" if I used it as a cell phone carrier.

Oil Monitoring

Yesterday's flush, drain and fill of the oil netted some good results.

Pressure is up about 5 psi from prior.

Oil temperature is down 10° from before.

The high rpm run and the flush might have cleaned out the oil cooler some.

I'm happy with that.


It's been a contentious topic, but I think I've managed to create a concise way to state "don't blame the victim."

The person responsible for a crime is the first person in the chain of events who breaks the law.

It can also be rephrased for morality.

If the victim has done nothing illegal or immoral then they're not responsible for the crime.

The main reason to be absolutist about this is you can keep expanding the victim selection process upstream forever.

"If the victim had not been a woman, or never been born, she would not have been raped."

"If the victim didn't even own a car, it would not have been broken into and the gun stolen out of the glove box."

"If the victim didn't own a gun, there wouldn't have been a gun to steal."

"If private ownership of firearms was illegal then thieves couldn't steal guns."

See where this illogical line of thinking goes?

Owning property causes theft when you don't blame the thieves.

You cannot sanitize the world enough to stop all crime.

21 October 2019

The Internet Rocks Sometimes

Someone took the time to track down the planes used in the old Baa Baa Blacksheep show!

Clicky the linky.

They're quite a variety of variations.

We Need A New Term

What should we call someone who is afraid that someone will open carry wrong, but writes masturbatory fantasies of armed revolution?

Not For Beginners?

Every once and a while I pine for the fjords owning a scoot and watch a couple vids on YouTube...

I caught myself thinking, "I've put thousands of miles on all kinds of bikes!  I'm not a beginner!"

But I am.


It's literally been 20 years since I had my butt on a bike, and that was a pretty pedestrian Suzuki GS550L.

I no longer know in my bones what I think I know in my mind.


But... I bet it would come back pretty quick and my learning curve will be faster than someone without any experience; but the fact remains that my skills have probably atrophied to nothing.

New Oil

Today was oil change day!

Added a bottle of Seafoam to the warmed up engine and ran it up to 2,500 slowly and drop to idle for about 10 minutes.

Drained the oil.

Got the same small amount of metallic sludge on the drainplug that's been there every change except the first three.  The first three had little trees of metal on the magnet from break-in.

Oil was dark brown as befits 8,390 miles of putt putting.

New Mobil 1 M1-113A filter.

5 qt. Mobil 1 5W-30 Extended Performance and 1 qt. Rislone Engine Treatment added.

I think I will change the oil and filter again 3,000 miles from now, just for spite.

Still In Production?

Every once and a while Marv and I look to see if someone in the aftermarket has picked up the torch and started making tire pressure sensors for his '96 Corvette.

Today I encountered this page.

Of note: "If your 1996 Chevrolet Corvette is made after 2007..."



That'd Be Me

Reading about Old NFO's 50th graduation reunion and his mention that at least a few people had expressed a desire to never see anyone they graduated with again.

I'm someone who's said much the same thing.

I've reconnected with a few people here and there, because I like them as individuals.

I attempted to reconnect with a couple and discovered that the years had simply created too much of a divide.

The vast majority were nameless members of the mob of flesh.  I didn't know them then, and they didn't know me.

The common bond of matriculation isn't enough for me to want to see them.

There's few that treated me so awfully that I'd simply WANT to have the fight that's there from my simmering rage.

Nothing constructive would come of it.

The hilarious thing about this is I've been to one of the reunions.

I was under most if their radar in high school, and flew right under it at the reunion.

Nobody who bothered to ask who I was remembered me.

20 October 2019

Forgot To Mention

The new shifter, in addition to being much more precise, is also about half a gate to the passenger side than it was.

This suits me, I feel less crowded.

But the odd thing is I didn't really notice until I hadn't driven the car for such a long spell.

When I picked it up from the shop I got in and thought it was in 3rd not 1st at first.

I Don't Even Want THIS America


I think we need to sit down and talk.  You can relay to Horseteeth.

I don't want a New America.

I agree that Present America isn't all that wonderful, but the problem isn't solved by "more but harder" which is exactly what you and Horseteeth are advocating.

I want Old America back.

Besides:  Nobody who's played Twilight: 2000 thinks New America is a good plan.

Politics Ball

Judging from some of the pictures:

The National Basketball League should be supporting the Tibet and Hong Kong protestors.


Because the protesters are actually paying for seats.

I've seen several images where the only people in the stands are the people holding up signs and being angry at China.

Ponder This

While I am somewhat sympathetic to the Kurds, because they've gotten a pretty raw deal since before the Ottomans rolled over their patch...

I am not blinded to the idea that they're only friendly to us because we're shouldering a large part of the burden in the form of air support.

When they realize that we're not paving the way to an independent Kurdistan, they will turn on us like snakes.

Which brings us to the point to ponder:

OK, we stay in Syria.

What if we win?

What's the plan for that?

Because I don't like shedding blood for a place to hand it back to the same idiots who fucked it up so bad we had to come in and shed blood for it.  That was and is the plan in Iraq and Afghanistan.  That was the the plan for Vietnam.

We didn't use this plan for Japan.

19 October 2019

Lovely Harvey Marinade

The Lovely Harvey is a great experimenter with cooking.

Which is odd, because she's not very experimentive about eating new things.

A standard marinade for her is soy-sauce and garlic.

So far it's worked on every land animal we've tried it with.

Dirt simple.

Fill a pan or bag with soy sauce so it comes halfway up the meat.
Add about 6 tablespoons of minced garlic per pound of meat (we use the stuff packed in olive oil).
Add about 3 tablespoons of olive oil.

Flip (or shake if you used a bag) frequently for about an hour or two.

Toss on the grill until meat is at desired temperature.


Burning Off The Carbon

Put a few miles on The Precious today.

Got on the toll road east of here, put her in 4th and set the cruise at 70.

Runs at about 3k rpm like this.

Ran the oil temp up to 221˚ F, but the pressure was running at 50 psi the whole time.

Exited and tooled around the back roads a bit and cruising the speed limit in 6th.  Oil temps dropped back to 196˚ or so and the pressure was running about 40 psi down around 1,500 rpm.

It barely dropped at stop lights, where it'd been dropping to 30-35 depending on oil temps before.

I think I melted something with the higher rpm and oil temps that was blocking an oil passage slightly!

Oil change is coming tomorrow.

Also of note: The new clutch is definitely gripping better than the old one.  A spirited punch to get ahead of traffic with a bit of wet on the road had the traction control intervening.  Last time I tried this, there was enough slip in the clutch that the tires held.

I call that winning!

I'm totally unconcerned about that lifter because the ticking/clanging hasn't repeated since I picked up the car.  It's a bleed-down from lack of use.  Yes, something is wrong; no it's not a huge worry if I just drive it frequently (gee darn).

18 October 2019

Why Didn't I Think Of This Sooner

We use soy sauce for a lot of things.

$2.99 for 15oz.  19.9¢ per ounce.

A gallon is $22.21.  17.4¢ per ounce.

It adds up!

How To Make Radioactive M1911's

This procedure also works on M1 rifles, M1 carbines, M1919 machine guns, M1918 BARs...

Boots, trucks, tanks, artillery...

Blip Blip

Since the clutch is broken in and the fuel system appears to be sorted...

Pulled out onto the local 3-lane and punched it.

Shift to 2nd...
Going 70....

Drop it in neutral and end up braking all the way to the stoplight because of the traffic I'd caught up with.

The Boy whooping all the way.

If the lifter that was bleeding down was all that weak, we'd have seen something going wrong with this.

Doing It Wrong?

Melling lifter set - $125.12
Ultra-Power engine gasket set - $102.79
8x Spark plugs - $17.20
Spark plug wires - $33.79
ARP head bolt kit - $131.46

Grand total $410.36.

This, of course, skips doing the heads and valves while I have them off the car.

I suspect that the $600 would be the same since Joe farms this work out.

Springs are $44.48
Valve stem seals are $50.88 They're included in the engine gasket set.

That brings the DIY to $1,105.72.  $1,054.84

Harvey will not be pleased to have to spend more, but I have a hard estimate in hand to show her what listening to me cuss saves.

I think, though, that the $410.36 plus s/h is what I'd do.

One can take prophylactic repair too far.

17 October 2019

Comments Policy Clarificaion

If you don't sign your name, a name, ANY name to your anonymous comment it'll sit in moderation forever!


"What you’ve just written is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on the internet is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."

There's been a couple good comments that I want to release, but...  One must have standards.

Fuel System Detailed After Action

The original reason for dropping the gas tank was because the pipe at the flange had cracked and was spraying fuel on top of the tank.

Drop one got the new pump in.

Drop two got the jet line return routed correctly.

Then I did the clutch.

Then I noticed a stronger gas smell than before.

This appears to be because I had the o-rings at the tank for the crossover in the wrong order.

Drop three was to fix that.

During the third reinstallation of the cross-over we (meaning JT who is being blamed) the brittle hard plastic tabs that hold the brittle nylon jet and return lines decided that three times was the charm and BOTH broke off.  That caused the fuel pump to just dump into the crossover.

This is despite the in-tank side of this was brand new.

Joe put a new crossover in and a new in-tank jet/return and buttoned her back up.

There's a new problem though.  Long crank time, like the fuel system check valve isn't holding.  If I prime it a couple times it cranks faster.  We're keeping an eye on it and if it's not better by a tank full or a week, take it back down.

Joe told me, over and over, that these parts just fail for no reason during installation and I'd been lucky to get it back in and working the second time.

Doing It Right?

The cold start tapping of a lifter had the owner of the shop impress upon me the need to do the job right...

Here's a list of what he'd charge to for the whole thing:

His labor - $1,417. (13.5 hours at $105).
LS7 lifter set - $179.99
2x LS3 head gaskets - $88.72
2x valve cover gaskets - $39.76
8x spark plugs - $31.92
Plug wire set - $49.99
ARP head bolt kit - $124.63
Valve stem seal kit - $46.00
2x Exhaust manifold gasket - $15.98
Intake manifold gasket set - $64.34
Beehive spring kit - $200
2 gal DexCool - $33.90
Amsoil oil change and filter - $99.95

Getting the following done to the heads is $600
Surface the heads
Valve job
Install valve stem seal kit

Grand total with tax, title and license: $3,223.67.

There's a huge part of me that's thinking that it can be done in my garage for a lot less.

Like Retired Wrench says, it's easier than that clutch.  Hell, it's easier than dropping the gas tank and I did that three times!

Bad luck got me on the tank.

I prolly won't get the parts deals he's getting, but...  I think I can do the lifters for about $500.

I don't really WANNA, but I can.  It'll be kinda nice to work on TOP of the car for a change.

The real danger is an attack of the stupids and putting in a new cam...  The car makes enough power now, I don't need more because I don't use it.

Once A Always A

I'm going out on a weak limb and speculating that the real reason that ATF is dropping charges in cases like Roh is how this upsets the apple cart with regards to other rulings they've pulled out of their asses.

26 USC § 5845 says:

The term “machinegun” means any weapon which shoots, is designed to shoot, or can be readily restored to shoot, automatically more than one shot, without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger. The term shall also include the frame or receiver of any such weapon, any part designed and intended solely and exclusively, or combination of parts designed and intended, for use in converting a weapon into a machinegun, and any combination of parts from which a machinegun can be assembled if such parts are in the possession or under the control of a person.

That seems pretty clear that a machine gun receiver is a machine gun, no?

Well...  There's only a tiny difference between a full-auto upper receiver on an AR and a "semi-auto"; a small relief cut for the auto-sear.  Wait!  Did I say difference?

There's hardly an AR made today that doesn't have that relief near the rear lug.

As near as I can tell, only Colt bothered to make an upper without them, and most of those also have the ginormous hole in the front lug for screws instead of a pin.

And people wonder why Colt lost the AR market?

But!  Should the AR's upper be ruled to be the serialized part, and that relief makes it "designed to shoot" automatically...  Also, since it's the work of seconds to plug in a lower with all the fun parts, they're also readily restored...  H&K had to redesign their upper on the Model 91 because full-auto trigger packs plopped right in.

There are a METRIC fuck-tonne of unregistered machineguns out there.  A large enough number that it's far more reasonable to do an amnesty than to attempt to get them all on the registry.

Another ruling that's out of their ass is the once a machinegun, always a machinegun.

For some guns, it's really difficult to undo the receiver so that it's can't be readily restored to automatic fire.  For most, though, it's not rocket science.

Take, for instance, the M14.  What really sets the receiver off from an M1A is the lug towards the rear of the body which houses the selector and where the automatic connector's rear rides.  Cut off this lug and it's no different from an M1A and is no more readily restored to than an M1A can be converted to.

Another thing pulled from their asses is what, exactly, constitutes "readily restored".

Spreading The Word

Police Should Not Be Able To Use 'Split Second Decision' Defense

h/t Bacon Time and 357 Magnum


I just found out a friend has passed on.

He'd been fighting a heart condition and cancer for years.

Cancer finally got him.


His preferred beer was Yeungling.  Toast in his honor tonight!

Open roads, Garry.

It's Back Hurray I Guess

The owner of the shop informs me that I have a lifter that's bleeding down.


That could entail another trip down there and over $3k.

Dick, resin, ground glass, my ass.

Fuck me running.

There's a part of me that thinks a set of lifters and DIY might be a better crutch.

But I'm so sick of it being broken.

I'm so sick of not getting a moment to enjoy the last repair before the next thing breaks.

16 October 2019

Not As Expected

I look at my empty garage and rather than a sense of loss...

I feel a sense of relief.

I feel apathy about the status of The Shitbox Precious.

I might really be over owning this car.

I'll never be able to afford anything like it again, and I'm not sure I want to.

Paper Of Record

The Babylon Bee is, I think, the official paper of record of the US; despite being satirical.

Oppressed Chinese Citizens Apologize To NBA

15 October 2019

The M1911 And CMP

"As of September 2018, the Department of Army retained 90,016 surplus M1911/M1911A1s, not including the 8,000 already transferred to CMP or a prior cache of firearms that had been disposed of through the 1033 Program of the Law Enforcement Support Office within the DLA.7 The conditions and histories of the individual items vary considerably, as shown in Table 6.1. The DLA, which is tasked with storing the surplus items, defines supply condition codes, ranging from A to H, to describe that status of the items. In January 2018, the 8,000 M1911/M1911A1s were transferred to CMP. A large majority of the transferred items had the best condition codes, A (29.6 percent) or B (54.6 percent), while the remainder of the transfers were directly from the Army

Museum and TACOM and did not have documented DLA supply condition codes.

Most of the pistols remaining in possession by DLA/TACOM are in Condition F (84.2 percent) and require repair, overhaul, or reconditioning. About a tenth of the remaining inventory is condemned (Condition H, 9.5 percent). If future transfers are authorized and no new inventory is found, CMP will receive Condition B pistols or worse, and mostly Condition F pistols. This will have implications for the profitability of CMP sales of M1911/M1911A1s in the future and for whether 2018 is a representative year for the analysis."
1,242 guns from the museum system were shipped to CMP.

22 guns from TACOM were shipped to CMP

2,367 condition A were shipped to CMP, 0 remain in inventory.

4,369 condition B were shipped to CMP, 3,240 remain in inventory.

0 condition C were shipped to CMP, 0 remain in inventory.

0 condition D were shipped to CMP, 12 remain in inventory.

0 condition E were shipped to CMP, 2,407 remain in inventory.

0 condition F were shipped to CMP, 75,755 remain in inventory.

0 condition G were shipped to CMP, 14 remain in inventory.

0 condition H were shipped to CMP, 8,588 remain in inventory.

Condition A = New, used, repaired, or reconditioned material that is serviceable and issuable to all customers without limitation or restrictions. Includes material with more than six months of shelf life remaining.

Condition B = New, used, repaired, or reconditioned material that is serviceable and issuable for its intended purpose but is restricted from issue to specific units, activities, or geographical areas by reason of its limited usefulness or short service life expectancy. Includes material with three to six months’ shelf life.

Condition C = Items that are serviceable and issuable to selected customers but that must be issued before Condition A and B material to avoid loss as a usable asset. Includes material with less than three months’ shelf life.

Condition D = Serviceable material that requires test, alteration, modification, conversion, or disassembly.  This does not include items that must be inspected or tested immediately prior to issue.

Condition E = Material that involves only limited expense or effort to restore to serviceable condition and that is accomplished in the storage activity where the stock is located.

Condition F = Economically reparable material that requires repair, overhaul, or reconditioning. Includes reparable items that are radioactivity-contaminated.

Condition G = Material requiring additional parts or components to complete the end item prior to issue.

Condition H = Material that has been determined to be unserviceable and that does not meet repair criteria; includes condemned items that are radioactively-contaminated, Type I shelf life material that has passed the expiration date, and Type II shelf life material that has passed the expiration date and cannot be extended.

Taken from "An Evaluation of the Corporation for the Promotion of Rifle Practice and Firearms Safety."

In a nutshell, if you didn't get yours in the first batch, you're very unlikely to get one at all.

They make an analysis of the cost to get those condition F's ready for sale and conclude that it's not viable at the rack grade price, which those pistols will most certainly be.