18 September 2019

Oh Never Mind

What I want to say will not be read by anyone who will read it and understand.

The people who do read it have already made up their minds and my disagreeing with them serves no purpose.

Their minds were made up before there was any real controversy and we're in the "See?  I was right!" portion of justification.

17 September 2019

Enjoying Your Strike UAW?


Having just taking apart the fruits of your labors and noting how much of it is VERY easy to assemble even if it's a bear to get back apart...

Cars are definitely designed to be clicked together by someone with little to no upper body strength and little more than positive body temperature differential vs ambient.

What that means is $10 an hour will get the job done from any mouth-breathing high-school graduate.

I've seen the tooling at several plants too.  Many of the fixtures are robots with a handle and deadman switch that a "highly skilled" union employee hangs onto while the program runs.  A strip of tape can do that job.

It wasn't always this way.  My dad used to work at Electromotive in the '70's and the skilled labor then was actually skilled and necessary to build those herking big engines.

But I love how the union guy cites the bankruptcy and how things haven't gotten back to the way they were...

No shit Sherlock!

Ain't ever going to be either.

The market changed and you guys are the last ones who can't accept it.

So, enjoy your $250 a week and COBRA coverage.

Maybe GM will hire some engineers who understand the words "tool clearance" and "make wear items accessible," with the money they're saving during the strike.


Come November, if I'm lucky, I will have a coyote tan AR500 Tetsudo.

I will not have any ammo pouches.

I wanna carry 6x 30 round AR and 2x pistol pouches for it.

Who makes a good set?

Dry Heat My Ass

87˚ in the bright ass sun is still fookin' hot, even if we're getting a break from our normal humidity.

'Tis nice to be driving The Precious with the top off again, though!

The Boy agrees.  He's king shit riding shotgun.

Thank You President Trump

I need to find a fracker to hug too.

Prior to the Trump administration, an attack on Saudi production which caused this level of disruption would have spiked gasoline prices at the local pumps the very instant it hit the news.

Thanks to our near self sufficiency in oil production, the price at the local station went down three cents from Friday.

Consistent But Intermittent

I've noticed that whenever the US Supreme Court rules on the 2nd Amendment, it rules in our favor.

I've also noticed that they will move Heaven and Earth to avoid making those rulings.

Thanks to gun blogs and Teh Intarwebtubes most of us pro-gun people are gaining the ability to read these rulings in their original Legalese.

Which brings me to the "anti-gun"  Miller vs US ruling.

We should be hammering Miller.

I know we've been avoiding it because it doesn't say what we want about paying the NFA taxes.

But it DOES say something we should be slamming home on "let's all ban assault weapons" which might also help us with NFA and the hated Hughes Amendment:

The government argued and the court agreed that non-military weapons weren't protected; thus it was A-OK to tax short barreled shotguns.

They didn't consider that machine guns, also taxed under the NFA, were definitely military weapons.

The Court keeps refusing to see cases which clarify this.

But we have a ruling, we just need to start pounding it.

If for no other reason than to drink Liberal tears from agreeing that an AR and AK are military weapons and The Supreme Court has ruled they're protected by The Constitution via Miller v US!

16 September 2019

On The Positive Side

WOW does the new clutch and shifter feel wonderful!

I'm 100 miles into the 500 miles of stop and go now and I can feel it getting smoother as it wears in.

That's a nice feeling.

Fill Neck

Did you know that if you have the rubber hose that connects the gas tank to the filler neck twisted 30˚ and not all the way over the lip of the neck...

It leaks?

At least leaks enough for there to be smells.

The kink caused by the twisting also trips the shut-off at the gas pump making it hard to get gas.

I discovered that I didn't have the hose all the way up the metal by shining a light down the filler neck.  Seeing it bulged in at about 5:30 was what we in the shade-tree mechanic community call "an indicator."

When I took the fender liner off, got a lot of gas smell and it has not returned so far...

I think I was very punchy dropping the tank the second time from the heat and just messed it up.

Fingers crossed!

While I was there, I felt around the top of the tank where the hose attaches and tried to wiggle it.  Sometimes this smell is associated with cracking the pipe stub at the inlet to the tank.  No wiggle, no wetness.

15 September 2019

Another Thing That's Harder Than Necessary

Getting the damn tether for the gas cap separated from the gas door.


The green rubber-like substance on the original cap is a full 1/8" shorter than the new cap's.

I guess it was time.

Et Tu Gas Cap?

Noticed the smell of gasoline around The Precious last night after I pulled her in after her bath.

Much fainter than when the pump was spraying the top of the tank, but definite.

Smell is centered around the gas cap.

Amazon to the rescue.  Ordered an AC-Delco replacement at 9:19 last night and it's out for delivery now; for less than $12.

If it's leaking enough to smell, I'm surprised that the evap hasn't set off the check engine light.

14 September 2019

Outside Is Clean

Washed and waxed the exterior.

The inside is better done with some light.  With the top off so you can reach everything.


Here was what was causing the buzzing!

 This was sitting on the cowl by the windshield wipers.

I used it to get the spring clip off the clutch master to slave connector and promptly forgot it.

Then I overlooked it policing up the tools.

Find all the tools and put them away needs to be on every punch list.

13 September 2019

Obviously A Damnyankee

Whomever invented the cell phone mount that clips to your vents in the car clearly is not from a state that uses the AC much.

Blocking 1/4 of the air-flow is a bad plan.

All Abuzz

Guess what this noise was?

I took this vid to mollify Miguel and prove the car runs.

And got this nasty buzz.

Post your theories in the comments.

Sorry But You HAVE To Freak The Mundanes

If you don't freak the mundanes, they can ignore you and the status quo never changes.

I suggest you read up on Rosa Parks.

Did you know she was not the first person get into legal trouble by refusing to give up their seat?  She stands out as the first person that was squeaky clean enough for civil rights people to go to the mat to defend against the racist bus seating paradigm.

I repeatedly point out that gay pride marches, which freaked mundanes right the fuck out, have secured gay rights beyond the wildest dreams of even the most optimistic LGBT advocate in the early 1990's.

I sometimes think, reading pro-gun sites, that the real problem is Y'all ARE mundanes.

Don't rock the boat, stay in your lane, don't scare the white people...  This is the mundane mantra.

You can't let your freak flag fly because you're not freaks.  You're mundanes, you wanna belong, your membership depends on not freaking your fellow mundanes out.

Us freaks aren't members and cannot be further kicked out of mundane society; so we don't care if we're worrisome to your status quo.

Being a freak isn't easy.  Nonconformity always carries a price.

Ostracism is common.

Violence against us isn't quite common, but it's also not quite rare.

Society has shifted so much since I was a full on freak that it might just be hard for the fully mundane to appreciate the perspective.

You're a little different because you own a gun; but not much because there's 100 million others owning a gun too.  It's pretty dang mundane, in fact.

Yes, there's a lot that can go wrong freaking the mundanes.  But if you don't freak them, threaten their comfort zones, and make them aware of you...  Nothing happens.

Nothing?  That's not true.  Nothing happening in the pursuit of a civil rights is defacto losing rights because stagnation is a gigantic threat.  Without awareness, you can be forgotten, neglected and ignored.  "Why not ban 'assault weapons' it's not like anyone owns one."

Hiding from the scrutiny of the mundane will not save you.

You Did Actually Say It

Saying, "N-Word" instead of CENSORED is a lot like claiming you didn't pay the bill because you paid with cash instead of a card.

Not being offended when someone uses "N-Word" instead of CENSORED is akin to a waitress being fine that she has to make change but furious if she has to run your card.

The "N-Word" is the same as CENSORED, and proves that people being offended have something else going on; especially since they use CENSORED among themselves freely.

As near as I can tell, this is just about the only racial slur we use a proxy to talk about.

It's the only one with any real power.

12 September 2019

Mission Accomplished

Took lots of breaks to prevent heat stroke.

It's been around the block.

New clutch feels good.

New shifter... WOW.  You just don't realize how sloppy a worn one is when you're the one wearing it out every day.

New shifter in:

Thanks to JT for the loaned tools and cool, level head.

Next item on the punch list is to wash, wash and clean.

Updated to add some shifter pics!

Getting There

Transmission filled with three fresh quarts of Royal Purple Synchromesh.

Exhaust has been returned to its rightful place and torque to spec.

Something interesting about the C6.  The exhaust doesn't really hang from the body except at the very back of the mufflers, and then from rubber hangers.

The cats come off the manifolds and the intermediate pipe is hanging from springs that are hanging from the bottom of the torque tube.

Trans Filled

Something I am totally not used to in this car is the manual transmission uses ATF for fluid.

There's something unnatural about that to me.

I use the slightly less expensive than tritium Royal Purple Synchromax fluid.

From a previous drain and fill, I had a quart leftover.

A full fill is three and change quarts; so I bought three more. ($$KA-CHING$$)

I have a handy pump that lets me fill up transmissions and differentials at awkward angles and spaces; but it can't pump an entire quart.

I pumped all four quarts as far as the pump would take things and now I have 1 quart left over.

11 September 2019

'Nam Mentality

My mother was born 8 days after Pearl Harbor.  She didn't even make grade school before we'd developed nuclear fucking weapons to defeat Japan.

Someone born on September 19, 2001 is getting ready to graduate high school.  We're still fighting in the same places against the same people.

What the fuck?

I think it boils down to two things.

The US Army has a very German form.  We're super professional, lavishly equipped and supported.

There's a problem with the German model.  It's a loser's model.  This model lost WW2.  This model lost WW1.  It wasn't in place for Korea.  It didn't win in Vietnam.  It hasn't prevailed in any situation that's lasted longer than a week.

Desert Storm might have been counted as a win if we hadn't handed the ground back to the assholes that caused the problem in the first place.  Folks, that's not a win, that's a draw.

We're terrified of getting into another Vietnam.

Guess what, kids, we're already back in one.

We don't take and hold ground.  We keep trying to rely on unreliable "allies".

We're not winning.

What's worse is we're way more worried about people we, as a people, don't give two shits about; but for some reason how they feel about us killing them matters more than killing them.

I propose we stop precision targeting and begin just iron enrichment of the entire place via dumb bombs dropped from your friendly neighborhood BUFF until we have a Hindu-Kush steppe.

Every single weapon system we've agreed to reduce the numbers of should be used on these assholes rather than simply destroyed safely.

I am just fed up with expending blood and treasure for nothing.

Part of the problem is here at home.

On the 12th of September 2001 America was united, pissed, and willing to make Arabic a language only spoken by scholars and in Hell.

But we let a certain faction of our "leadership" talk us down.

Well, here we are, in Namistan with no end in sight...


Punch list:

Put the parking brake cables back in place on the rear cradle and A-arms and connect them.

Put the rear ABS leads back in place on the rear cradle and A-arms and connect them.

Reattach the rear A-arms.

Reattach the rear shocks.

Reinstall trans tunnel plate.

Reinstall exhaust.  12SEP19 1736

Refill transmission.  12SEP19 1122

Put rear wheels back on.  12SEP19 1820

Torque all four wheels.  12SEP19 1930

Ooops forgot update!

Install new shifter.  12SEP19 2010

Reassemble interior. 12SEP19 2022

10 September 2019

Och Me Poor Hands

Almost, but not quite, to busted knuckles.

I don't remember my fingers ever swelling like this wrenching before.

Cuts, scrapes bruises and blisters.

Muscles ache where I'd forgotten I had muscles.

No Steps Back Today

Dunno what tomorrow will bring, but...

Got the brakes bled.

Drivers side front fender liner is back in.

Front wheels back on, but not torqued on.

Remaining punch list:

Put the parking brake cables back in place on the rear cradle and A-arms and connect them.

Put the rear ABS leads back in place on the rear cradle and A-arms and connect them.

Reattach the rear A-arms.

Reattach the rear shocks.

Reinstall trans tunnel plate.

Reinstall exhaust.

Refill transmission.

Put rear wheels back on.

Torque all four wheels.

Two easy days, I think.  But prolly three hard ones as hot as it's been in the garage.

Coming Soon

Notice:    Your vehicle does not need an elaborate break-in. But it will perform better in the long run if you follow these guidelines:
• Keep your speed at 55 mph (88 km/h) or less for the first 500 miles (805 km).
• Do not drive at any one constant speed, fast or slow, for the first 500 miles (805 km).  Do not make full-throttle starts. Avoid downshifting to brake or slow the vehicle.
• Avoid making hard stops for the first 200 miles (322 km) or so. During this time the new brake linings are not yet broken in. Hard stops with new linings can mean premature wear and earlier replacement. Follow this breaking-in guideline every time you get new brake linings.
Following break-in, engine speed and load can be gradually increased.

Been a while since this section of the owner's manual applied to me.

I think the section on brakes isn't relevant to a clutch swap though.

How Can I Tell It's Not Hunting Season?

Deer interrupts wedding photo.

This Feels Familiar

I am pretty much where I was yesterday now!

Brakes are reconnected.

Trans cooler lines are reattached.

Torque tube is torqued.

Rear cradle is torqued.

Mufflers are hung.


The clutch line is connected.

The clutch is bled.

09 September 2019

Three Foward Two Back


Got everything all buttoned up forward of the doors except the clutch line.

That quick-connect fitting kicked my ass.

Turns out that if you pull the driver's side front wheel and the rear fender liner you can get both hands on it.  JT managed to get it together after removing the spring clip and slathering the mating surfaces with a coat of DOT 4.  Then, by Braille, got the clip in and it's locked!

So we decided to bleed it while we had two people.

We were getting fluid out of the spiffy new remote bleeder line... but the pedal kept falling to the floor and not coming back up.

JT looks under the car and...  puddle of DOT 4 coming out the bellhousing.

It appears that in the process of getting the driveline back in over lunch, we managed to tag the elbow fitting in a lefty-loosy manner and loosened it enough for it to leak.


So we disconnected the trans cooling lines and brakes again and dropped the rear again.

This time we only pulled it back just far enough to get at the slave assembly and tighten the bleeder line.

Fingers crossed!

We have the driveline lined back up with just one bolt holding it to the bellhousing and we're going to try bleeding it again tomorrow and see if it leaks.

It's verra frustrating!

With A Rusty Ice-Pick

If I ever find the GM engineer who designed the "quick detach" fitting for the clutch hydraulic line...

I am stabbing them in the balls.

If it turns out to be a female engineer, I am getting her gender reassignment surgery so I can stab HIM in the balls!

Both sides of the connection are flexible.

There is no room to grab both ends and press them against each other.  The fittings are shaped so that even if you could get a pair of channel locks in there, they'd just slide right off the fitting.

Not from the top, not from the bottom.

So this ends up being a Chinese fire-drill situation where someone has to be in the wheel well pressing the master side of the line and someone else needs to be leaning over the fender and pressing the slave side of the line.

Italian Sporty Car

First time I've seen one of these Alfa's in the wild.

Driveline Reattached!

All 8 bolts in the bellhousing now torqued to 37 ft-lb.

All 5 bolts in the torque tube now torqued to 37 ft-lb.

Transmission electrical connections reconnected!

Hey!  You can't see the floor anymore!

Rear cradle nuts torqued to 81 ft-lb.

Brake lines reconnected.  I hate brake lines and line wrenches, they're so fiddly to get started.

If we get some cooling off this evening I'm going to reconnect the trans cooler lines and route the parking brake cables and the ABS sensor leads.  If I feel real ambitious, reattach the shocks and rear-upper A-arms.

As JT says; I'm at the stage where I can finish it alone.

It feels good to be here.

08 September 2019

Wally World

They have an automated response!

What I sent:

Due to your company's recent political grandstanding over the sale of ammunition my family and I will be shopping elsewhere.

While this may limit our choices and cost us slightly more money; we've become fed up with businesses pushing a political agenda with a thin veneer of "this was our plan all along because of profits."

If it were merely a business decision removal of the product would have happened quietly and without a press release to curry favor from one side of the political aisle.

It did not take us very long at all to find a means to get our shopping done without darkening the doors of a Wal Mart.

The shareholders of Winn Dixie, Publix, Target and Amazon appreciate your decision to cease ammunition sales and your politically motivated method of announcing it to the world.
What replied in less than a minute (on a Sunday):

Hi Angus,

Thank you for contacting Walmart.com.

I appreciate you for bringing this up to us and we do understand your concerns. We value you as a customer and thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback. We will definitely report your concerns .

I understand that you want to know why Walmart will stop selling guns on our store. Please be advised that Walmart is barring shoppers from openly carrying guns in its stores and ending the sale of some types of ammunition in response to two deadly shootings at our stores. This helps our shopper and associate feel secured every time they shop at Walmart.

For your reference, you can visit this link to know more about this:
click here https://corporate.walmart.com/newsroom/2019/09/03/mcmillon-to-associates-our-next-steps-in-response-to-the-tragedies-in-el-paso-and-southaven


Corine Nicole A.
Walmart.com Customer Care
 Don't bother with the link, it's their press release about banning ammo sales.

OK, Corine, welcome to "more but harder" land and making the gun-free zone larger and more enticing!

I don't want to FEEL more secure, Corine, I want to BE more secure.

Fewer guns has never made anyone safer, especially when there's only ONE gun present in the hands of a nutcase.

Wrote The Wal Mart

Wal Mart has joined the political fray by discontinuing handgun and (they don't say it this way) semi-auto rifle ammunition sales.

I detest these virtue signals.

So I looked at what we buy from Wal Mart, found it for the same price at (at least) three other vendors and suggested them to Harvey.

Guess what I found.

The $200 a week we've been spending at "the low cost leader" is $150 if we spread the shopping across four stores.

We've been paying a 33% convenience fee for one stop shopping!

So I wrote them, thanking them for making me check pricing and product availability.

07 September 2019


TV Dinner wrapper repaired with some foil tape!

While I was down there I caught a fun perspective.  Looking up through the shifter hole!

I am officially ready to get the driveline back in the car!

Perhaps as soon as lunchtime Monday, depending on JT's schedule.

My AR Is Useless Against The Might Of The US Military

Two words:  Warsaw Ghetto.

A very small group of people with nothing left to lose took a handful of handguns and held off the most powerful military in the world.

The method was as old as war.

Use the inferior weapon to get a better one from an enemy soldier, hand the inferior weapon to the next guy on your side.

Warsaw was only taken when the National Socialists gave up on capturing it intact and leveled the place.

That going to fly here?

The Germans had nobody they knew or cared about living in Poland.  Their only reason for wanting Warsaw somewhat intact was spoils.  Loot.

It's a refrain that repeats over and over.

A tiny group of determined resistors can pin down gigantic militaries.

Something that hasn't happened yet is a resistance spawning from a place were guns were present in one of three households before the shooting started.

If a handful of handguns can hold off Nazi Germany, how will millions of AR's fare?

If around 700 IRA terrorists can stop The Royal Army for decades, how will millions of gun owners fare?

Militaries hate counterinsurgency.  The US military, by the way, isn't good at it.  Our endgame is always to give up and go home.

A domestic insurgency will not have that option.  They're already home.

Their supply lines are very dispersed thanks to pork-barrel spending policies.  How long does that whiz-bang drone keep flying when there's no transportation out of Wichita for a few days and a widget becomes unavailable?  Then, when they solve that outage, another component is delayed from Titusville?

Never mind the antenna farms that allow those things to work are fixed installations HERE and are WAY more accessible to an American resistance fighter than around the planet like in Afghanistan.

The really sad thing is its not necessary.

"Don't start none, won't be none," is actually in place.  The American gun owner isn't committing crime and wishes to be left alone.

But keep poking at them and eventually there's going to be a violent reaction.  Remember what I said about the Polish Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, "nothing left to lose."

NEVER back someone with nothing left to lose into a corner.

White Supremacy

Quick!  Someone tell Colion Noir he's a white supremacist for advocating for gun rights!

David Hogg thinks the recent spate of mass shootings is because of white supremacy and whatever a post-genocidal society is.

Dave...  Dave, Dave, Dave.

You wanna see what post-genocide looks like.

Go.  To.  Poland.

Now that you're in Silesia, find some Jews.

C'mon Dave.

Now, come back to America.

Who did White America® wipe out so thoroughly as the National Socialists eradicated Jews from Poland?

Blacks?  There's plenty around and their population is pretty steady as a percentage of the total census.

Indians?  Still lots of them around, actually more as a percentage than when we were actively at war with them.

Whom did we commit genocide on?

Well, we did make a game attempt at eliminating Southern Democrats...  but despite killing almost three hundred thousand of them; they persist to this day.

Just like decimate, I don't think people know what genocide means.

06 September 2019

I Am About Ready To Reset My Tech Clock

An dial it back to 1983.

I am fed up with planned and mandatory obsolescence.

The printer died.

Any new printer I get will not work with my old Mac because OSX 10.6.

My Win7 laptop has decided, all on its own, to no longer connect to the old Mac, which pisses me off because there's a Drobo attached to it whose sole purpose is to store the 16tb of files for remote use.

I don't want to move files around to use them on the laptop.

Oddly, the old Mac can see the laptop and read and write to it.

I'm still not done being pissed off at The Precious and it's high tech fuel system.

Some Good News For A Change

Robert Mugabe is in Hell this fine day.

05 September 2019

You Can Sometimes Tell When Somone Doesn't Have Kids

If a child is doing something irritating (but harmless) to get your attention, the fastest way to get it to stop forever is to ignore it.

Paying attention to them is what they desire, so paying attention to them is the last thing you should do.

There's lots of "adult" examples too.

Open carrying AT people is such a thing.  If you ignore them, they either go away or rise to the level of harm where you can do something with the legal system.

The people who hate guns do not hate us more because someone is lugging around an AK strapped across their chest.

The people who hate guns most certainly DO point to pro-gun sites bitching about the people carrying at people.  They're saying, "look, even the pro-gun kooks condemn this!" and divisions are sown among us.

Kids, I can remember when merely buying and owning something like an AR was condemned by the "normal" gun people.  How my friends and I were looked at by the population of the range when the Mini-14's with folding stocks, pistol-grips and pinned on flash-hiders came out and it is a very similar reaction to the open-toting riflemen.

I lost count of the number of ranges that restricted the rate of fire to no faster than a trapdoor Springfield and someone shooting a semi-auto had to slow to that rate.  Ranges where a magazine that wasn't legal to hunt with wasn't allowed on the range.

How common is that today?

The truth is "what's normal" moves around.

An AR is just another hunting rifle now.

The Fudd ranges that didn't allow for the most popular gun in America aren't seeing much shooting.  Their clientele have dried up.

This same sort of freak-out about methods has cost us before.

Florida lost campus carry from "you're not doing it the way I want!"

We lost the hearing protection act because people can't read.

We're losing open carry in businesses because we're providing cover to the gun grabbers.

Complaining about if it's foolish from three states away isn't how to reach the people who need to have it explained to them because there's hundreds of gun-grabbers using that condemnation against us on sensible open carry.

Because all the Bloombots report is, "even gun rights advocates oppose open carry."

PS:  I don't have to look very hard to find a pro-gun blogger who will condemn ALL open carry for them to parrot either.

Out With The Old

In with the new!

There's quite a bit of play in the old throw-out bearing.  I guess it was time to replace it.

Of note, there's two reliefs cut into the side of the bell of the torque tube.  One lines up perfectly with the bleeder.  The other...  Nope, nothing.

This got a moment of panic and took it off and compared it to the original part, the lines are in the same place.  All is well, I guess.

That Is Not Right

I put the little clippy things back in the trans cooler lines.

They're the same little clippy things that were the bane of my existence on the radiator removal.

I know them now and have their measure.

Installed the remote bleeder to the hydraulic throw-out bearing.

I looked up the torque specs for the bolts that hold it to the torque tube...

106 ft-lb!

For those tiny things?

Nope, misread that.  INCH pounds.

Just barely over 8 ft-lb. or as we say in The Cavalry, "snug."  Marv refers to this as "just barely finger tight."


This was not a restoration.

This is a new build car with a vintage VIN plate.


Bellhousing back in and seven of eight bolts torqued to spec!  It went in like it came out, wouldn't move, wouldn't move, wouldn't move, glorious musical bell tone and it was in!

The last bolt gets torqued after the driveline is back in because it holds the clutch hydraulic line.

Front cradle is back where it's supposed to be and the nuts cranked down to 81 ft-lb.  That's sure fun under the car!  Good thing I'm fat!  Skinny guy would skid across the floor.

I forgot about the front stabilizer sway bar yesterday, but remembered it when torquing the cradle.

I still have to address the insulation issue.

04 September 2019

Bad Leg And Wrenching

One nice thing about working on jackstands is I don't have to stand.

I can sit or lay under the car to do what I need to do.

A furniture dolly is great for moving heavy things under car too, it's like a creeper for parts!

Tomorrow's punch list:

Address the tattered insulation.
Get the bellhousing bolted in.
Lower the body back down on the front cradle.
Torque those bolts.

A Day Devoured By Locusts

For not getting shit done, I sure got a lot accomplished!

One side of the sliding glass door up and died on us.  The rounded part of the track is seperated from the riser it was extruded with lo-fifty years ago when the house was new and the Earth still young.

The other side works flawlessly.

That meant rearranging the entire dining area and porch.

Anticipating this was going to cause a lot more disruption than it actually did, I binned up most of the books in the garage shelves and started to take those down to make space for things displaced.

The shelves were already doing a slow-motion collapse due to humidity's effect on particle board, so this just moved up the timeline summat.

Harvey is happy with the new fung shui.


Making yourself as a GURPS character is not for the faint hearted.

Well, not if you're making an honest version of yourself.

You've got to take out all the parts and look at them to assign advantages, disadvantages and skills.

I probably over-stat myself and over disadvantage.

You have to read the descriptions carefully.

Being a bit unmotivated isn't Laziness according to the rules.  Nor are you lazy if you procrastinate a lot, but really bust ass completing a project once you've started.

The Technomancer version of me raised some interesting items.

I definitely have a settled lifestyle.  With that rule in place, I can only spend 20% of my starting wealth on "adventuring equipment".   Considering that all the guns fall into that category, I had to take some serious wealth to cover the guns and home ownership.  I even got a free point of status from it because our society values home ownership.

I don't feel wealthy.  But wealth is more of an accountant's ledger than liquidity.  I have a positive balance sheet with little cash.

Something I spent a lot of time on was figuring out why Coyote Me, uncrippled from his fall from the tank thanks to magical healing, didn't end up differently than I am today.  This is the part of being introspective that can hurt your self-worth.  I can live with my character flaws.  Identifying them this way might even give me a hook to fix them.  We'll see.

Then there's The Boy...  That's staggering.  Fewer than 25% starting point value, loved one, around almost all the time...  Negative sixty points!

03 September 2019

Great News For LuckyGunner

WalMart is going to stop selling "handgun" ammunition.

They're going to focus on long-gun hunting ammo.

I know people with lever actions in .357 and .44 Magnum who hunt with them.

That's long gun ammo!

I know, I know... they don't mean it like that.

Just remember, you cannot get 5.45x45mm 7N6 surplus ammo from Russia anymore because it's armor-piercing pistol ammo.

Hey!  Another example of someone else defining the terms for us and when we tried to correct them we got screamed at for being pedantic.

I am really wracking my brain to come up with something that WalMart sells that I cannot get from Winn Dixie or Target once they stop selling ammo.

I Think I Got It Easy

The pilot bearing that goes on an LS1 Camaro & Firebird, LS1 & LS6 Corvette, and LS1 & LS2 GTO looks like this:

The bearing that goes on every other LSx engine looks like this:

I can see why JT was fighting his tooth and nail.  The bearing puller was pulling on the bearing cage in the center and not on the outer race.

I think this is because the LS1 was designed with a bushing in mind and not a bearing.  The other LS type motors in GM's line-up don't often even have a manual option, so no pilot bearing/bushing is needed.

Today's Punchlist Done!

The clutch is installed.

I gotta replace some of that insulation with a bit of Dynamat before I go wrestling with the bellhousing.

The Sepulchral Voice Of My Grandfather

"Should I spend another $75 to $300 on a rear main seal and add another fucking week to this already-taking-too-damn-long job?"

Grandfather's voice from beyond the grave, "If you're not sure something is leaking, it's not leaking.  Don't borrow trouble."

Sage advice that comes back to me now.

 Holding the flywheel for the final 74 ft-lb pass was fun!  The 15 and 37 ft-lb passes were less than compression so I didn't need to awkwardly hold two tools.


Well past the 50% mark on this project.

The fuel pump remove and replace is long done.

New pilot bearing is in place.

Staring at the rear main seal, which is presently not leaking...  Wondering if I should fix something which isn't broken.  I didn't replace an oil seal on the Civic way back and it promptly started leaking about a year later.

It seems like, from reading reviews of the part, that it's a coin flip about if the new part will actually seal and it doesn't seem to matter what brand.

Getting a new one means work stops for near a week.

02 September 2019

And Then It Hit Me

I'm making myself as a character in GURPS: Technomancer, as a coyote chimera.

I just realized that in a world with such pervasive magic as this one has, I would not be permanently injured by my fall from the tank!

I certainly wouldn't have pursued a career in The Army.  I didn't really care for it much, to be honest.

But what I have to consider now is whom would I be had I not been disabled.

It's mind blowing.

Read First?

Read the instructions before I start working on it and turn in my Man Card?

Might as well ask for directions when I'm lost.

Well, I read the instructions after the fact and they don't really offer guidance.

When you remove the pressure plate, it tells you to mark the relationship between the plate and the flywheel.

When you remove the flywheel, it tells you to mark the relationship between the crank and the flywheel.

This is so you can put them back in the same relative position as before so as to not disturb the balance.

I have zero guidance from the instructions for when I am throwing the old parts away.

The flywheel is easy to figure out, the old one was lined up as if there was an index pin in the holes, so that's how the new one will go on.

I've got no guidance from the pressure plate.  Near as I've been able to find, it doesn't matter at all and the warning in the manual is a legacy from when it did.

In other news:  a 32mm socket I got for The 'Nox's oil filter cover looks to be perfect to pound in the pilot bearing.

Ban Boats!

Boats are even more deadly than disgruntled Texans with AR's!

Then Why

"The flywheel does not use an alignment pin..."

Two things, GM.

First: If you don't use that pin, why are both the crank and the flywheel drilled for it?

Second: I noticed that those holes were lined up when I took the old one off.  Might as well of had a pin, huh?

01 September 2019

Tarnished Halo

St. JT has somewhat tarnished his halo with his response to the ease with which I got my pilot bearing out.

He said, very quietly, "fuck you!"

That said, he's one of the reasons it took me so much time to get motivated to get that bearing out.

He'd tried both the slide hammer and the screw-type pullers and ended up getting the bearing out in pieces.  Pieces which fought every inch of the way out.

Sorry, JT.

Texas Shooting

Banning guns from this occurrence makes exactly as much sense as banning traffic stops.


Once I figured out you have to put the jaws in staggered so they will fit through the inner race...

Tightened up the jaw expander, gave it a gentle tap with the slide hammer...  Nothing.

Gave it a medium tap...  Movement.

Two more taps just like that...  Out.

The cavity behind the bearing was nearly full of clutch dust.  It's amazing how that shit infiltrates through even the tiniest gaps and clearances.

I'd girded my loins to fight this thing all afternoon and here I am:  Officially no more parts need to be removed.

Everything from here on out is reassembly.

I believe I will have me a spot of rum to celebrate.

31 August 2019

No Smokes, No Guns...

Beer is next folks.

I was an avid follower of The Winston Cup.  It became increasingly difficult to watch the races when it became The Sprint Cup and the rules changed, and changed and changed...

I didn't care that a tobacco company sponsored the races.

NHRA about died when Winston was forced out.  It became almost impossible to find the damned races on the TV.

NASCAR is much the same deal.  What channel is it on?  What DAY is it on?

Pretty soon I stopped bothering to try finding the race.

That was when I stopped being a fan.

The tracks have been taking seating out for the past few years to make the remaining stands appear full to the cameras.  Attendance is down.

For years they've been chasing "fans" who will tune in or go to a race for the novelty, but aren't the sort of folks who become vested in attendance or viewing.

FFS!  I used Penzoil in my car for years because Eddie Hill was sponsored by them.  I'm willing to support the sponsors of the teams I like.

I don't particularly care for Budweiser, but I'd buy a 12 pack occasionally to toss a bone at Jr.

But now...

I stopped caring a long time ago.

It's the increasing catering to a market that isn't going to support the sport until it's dead.

A death it deserves.

Guess What Doesn't Fit The Hole

I test fit the puller against the hole in the pilot bearing.

It doesn't go in.

That's a problem.

I am inching ever closer to getting a dowel and grease.  I am not happy about that, it's a pain in the ass way to do this.

UPDATE:  I goofed around with the puller and the new bearing and figured out how to get both jaws through the hole.  DUR moment.

I, For One, Am Shocked

The Army lowered standards to allow females to pass Ranger training.

It's one thing to allow women to make the attempt using the same standards as have existed for a long time.

It's quite another to change the standard for the women to keep them from failing.

After a certain date, the Ranger tab is meaningless.

I suspect that they will have an increasingly difficult time attracting the kind of people you WANT to be a Ranger in the future if heads don't roll so hard they bounce.

GURPS vs Reality

In-Range has been comparing the battle rifles.

The have three targets at 10? yards.  1 shot into target A, 2 shots into target B, 3 shots into target C; magazine is empty, reload; 4 shots into target B, 5 shots into target A.

At timestamp 17:09 there's the table showing the results.

If you can read these weapons' tables, you'll see that there's not that much difference between all the guns.

10 yards is -4 to hit.  The fastest this can be run in GURPS, without special talents and techniques, is 1 turn for each target for the first three targets, 3 turns for the reload and 2 turns each for the last two targets.

10 seconds.  The M4 they used as a baseline does it in 10.48 seconds.

But watching the video, there's some stuff going on that deserves mention.

Several shooters are taking more than one second on the third target.  With a Rcl of 3 you need to make your roll by 6 to get all three rounds on target, but only make it by 3 to get two.  Two rounds then one round gives a lot better odds of making that shot.  The Rcl 4 of the M4 and AK74 mean you only have to make it by 4 to get all three on target.

Everyone appears to be making the hits, so a skill of at least 15 is at work.  Nobody appears to be taking the time to get the Acc bonus.

The reload time of (3) for all of these guns appears to be just wrong.  They state that the difference in time between the M4 and the AK74 was the magazine change time.  The AR has an excellent magazine well for dropping the old and inserting the new and the AK doesn't lock open.

They showed fumbles with reloading the FAL and the G3.  With the G3 obviously needing an extra second, or more, of ready action to work the charging handle because it doesn't lock open when empty.

I could see changing the reload time on a rock-n-lock magazine to (4) if it locks open and (5) if it doesn't.  Then adding a "bad magazine well" penalty of an additional turn as well, but allowing for someone who takes the time to become intimately familiar "buy" that penalty off; because I've experienced being unable to get the magazine into my FAL until I practiced a LOT with it.  Willard even gives me shit about it when I've let this skill lapse.

I also noticed that nobody seemed aware of the bolt release on the FAL.  That would have sped things up a bit too.

Outside Looking In

Dorian has shifted enough that where I live is outside the cone of probability.

While it could shift back, that's increasingly unlikely.

Harvey reports that the stores and gas stations are still swamped with people buying their preps.

It's like they didn't even check the latest reports before continuing to panic.

30 August 2019

Wrong Thread Sir

JT, in an ongoing series of generosity, stopped by to loan me his slide hammer.

How can you tell it's my project?

The threads on the puller don't match his hammer.


AutoZone likely has the matching hammer, because that's where I got the puller.

I'm just so entirely unmotivated today.

My Cooked Clutch

I cannot blame anyone but myself.

I bought the car new, I'm the one who broke it in and have done all but (maybe) 25 miles on the odometer.

I think the problem was two-fold.

First, this was my first manual in over ten years.  I had to relearn how to drive one.

Second, the underpowered cars I was accustomed to, and where I learned to drive stick, probably taught me some bad habits.

I've noticed that, over the years, my shifting had gotten smoother and I was anticipating the correct gear for my speed better...

Alas, I fear the damage was done early on and nothing about glazing the clutch gets better with more driving it.

Live and learn.

At least I am spared the lecture from the mechanic, while I'm forking over $3,500, about how I baked the thing.

One thing about fixing what you broke yourself is you get to be as recriminating as you'd like while spinning the wrenches.

I Fucking Hate Liars

Remember this post?

Finally got the package today.

Parcel select ground is not priority mail.

Cultrag lies.  Do not do business with them.

40 Years

Forty years ago today, the most powerful man in the world was laid low by a moist leporid.


The tool I bought/rented from Autozone to remove the pilot bearing is merely an attachment for a slide hammer.

I don't have a slide hammer.


29 August 2019

Only One Part Left To Remove

The roller pilot bushing is all that remains to be removed.

Here's the surfaces which have been squeezing the clutch disc...

There's still a bunch of friction material left on the clutch disc.  I'm not going to reuse it, mind you, but it appears to have had lots of life left.

News From The Lucky Coast

Both the Euro and GFS models pretty much agree that Dorian is going to skip North once it hits Florida's spine; sparing the Gulfcoast from most of the wind.

Fingers crossed!

I Will Beat You Like The Red Headed Step-Child You Are!

Got the bell housing off!

I had to drop the front sway bar to get access to the front bolts of the engine cradle.  Then had to raise the engine a bit to get one bolt.

Anybody know what all this writing is?

I notice that the yellow springs have a mark on the body of the pressure plate and a tab the same color.  The tabs have moved about 1/4" from that mark.  I don't know how much wear that corresponds to.

No signs of leakage from the slave or rear main.

JT brought over his scissor jacks instead of the $50 a pop bottle jacks neither of us has.

Proof of JT:

I feel ever so much better now that this part of the tear down is done.

Resentment And Gratitude

First off, I am getting sick of buying tools for this job that I've never needed before and will, more than likely never need or use again.

I hate that.

Second, I am getting sick of the one step forward two steps back nature of how this car is put together.  Oh, you wanted to get at that screw?  Remove the entire (name of giant assembly)... but first! remove two more giant assemblies to get that one out.

While I'm happy that I'm saving like $2,200 in labor, it's cost me two weeks of time.

While tools pay for themselves, that's only true if you get a second use from them.

Third:  JT is a fucking SAINT and his voice of reason and assistance is saving both my sanity, car and the garage.  I think if I was truly on my own with this I'd be up on arson charges.

28 August 2019

Took A Stress Day

My plate is full and it's not getting cleared.

Waiting on a part.

Figuring out how I wanna lift the car.

Waiting on a helper for when I lift it.

Watching Dorian.

And the lawn needs mowed.

27 August 2019

If You Want Excuses

Then Cultrag Performance is the company you want to buy from on ebay!

Notice the guaranteed delivery date.

When it didn't show up yesterday, I asked them, "Well... your listing says, "Guaranteed delivery Mon, Aug 26".  The tracking says it may or may not actually be at the post office in Lenhartsville, PA.  The mail just arrived here, and no shifter.  How do you intend to resolve this?"

They replied, "Good morning, We do not offer guaranteed shipping through usps as it is not a guaranteed service.? That is some ebay thing where they give you a coupon or something, it has nothing to do with us?"

Except, they're the one who set up the sale on Ebay and selected the guaranteed delivery date option THEN decided to use USPS as their shipper.  In fact their ad still shows a guarantee!

It does have something to do with you Cultrag.

Especially since their current ad for the part includes a guaranteed shipping time!

26 August 2019

Procrastinating Or Giving Up

There's a strong temptation to just put the driveline back in and put off the clutch for a later day...

It's a stupid temptation to avoid struggling with two or three screws.

Also, to every automotive show and magazine who did a video on how to do a clutch swap:

You did it on a C5, not a C6; you simply decided it was similar enough and marked the vid C5/C6.

Well, Skippy, the bell housing on the C6 has to come off where the C5 just needs the inspection cover removed.

That's enough of a difference that a "this is how we got to all 8 bolts" would be very helpful to us C6 owners.

The service manual's "lower the engine cradle 25mm or about an inch" doesn't really inspire optimism.  Though I am willing to give it a shot.

That'd require a second jack and resetting the car on all four jack points so the cradle can come down.

It'd be a huge bother and definitely need a second person.

A couple of write ups don't mention lowering the engine, and do mention it being a pain from the wiring harness blocking the topmost screw.

Just Can't Face It

Assessed the bolt locations of the bell housing earlier.

Two of them look like a real pain, so I'm procrastinating.

25 August 2019


On occasion I use the line, "I, alone, and with only one spur..."

It's from Mage: The Hero Discovered by Matt Wagner.


On Unions

This is related to my battle with The Precious...

Everything on the car is clearly meant to be easily assembled.

Getting it apart?

Not so easy.

Why might this be?

Union labor.

WHAT? you ask?

Say you're GM and the UAW goes on strike for a 20% raise.  While they're striking you're not manufacturing.  No building the cars, no cars to sell.

So you agree to give them their raise and now you've got to figure out how to get, at least, 20% more productivity out of them to make it worth paying them 20% more.

So you hire engineers, whom you will reward with layoffs when the unions notice you haven't been funding the pension plan fully, to design parts which require very little time to assemble.

These parts you have made off-shore, where there aren't unions but there are skilled craftsmen to to the tedious subassemblies.

So you end up with a car that snaps together and can use just about anyone who can remember to breathe and can stand unassisted for a whole shift.

But that comes at a price.

Simplifying the assembly means that it can likely be automated.  Go ahead and strike.

00011010001 is a machine.  It doesn't get pissed off.  It doesn't get happy, it doesn't get sad, it doesn't laugh at your jokes.  It just runs programs.  It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, it just runs programs.


I, alone, and with just one spur...

More than one write up thought to mention to make sure the return of the jet-hose terminated in the cup at the bottom of the pump housing.

I was pretty sure I had not.

So I dropped the tank again.

Did it in record time.  51 minutes from start to finish!  I barely even cussed!

Sure enough, I'd had it outside dumping into the tank itself.

I'm not sure it would have done any harm out there, but...

The Tank Is In

Driver's side tank is returned to its comfy abode in the fender.

The tank-crossover pipe put up one hell of a fight that turned out to be me missing something minor.

There's a snap connector for the evap system that can fall down on top of the tank connector and keep the collar lock from getting all the way flush.

We taped the offending line up out of the way and got it to where we could turn the collar and lock it down.

What we were worried was happening was I'd gotten one or more of the FOUR o-rings in the wrong order or something.

For the record:  Install them in this order.  Dark green, yellow, small black plastic retainer.  The large black plastic retainer goes on the snout of the crossover and seats when the collar locks.

Pic from this thread https://www.corvetteforum.com/how-tos/a/c6-c7-corvette-how-to-replace-the-fuel-filter-368703

In over 20 videos of someone doing this job not one person has recorded doing it where you can see what's going on.

I am not a videographer.

I am worried about things that I cannot readily check.

Is the jet line from the passenger side to the driver's side going where it's supposed to?  You can't really see what your doing when routing this.

24 August 2019

The Tank Is Out

It was completely full of gas, thank goodness JT was here to help.

We transferred the gas to Harvey's car.

Slimy varnish coated tank flange...  Evidence of fuel pooling in the support tray.

Crack in the exit elbow.

This is the absolute worst fuel pump swap I've ever had to deal with.

First, the opening is exactly the same diameter as the pump.

No allowance for flexing at all, which meant that we had to literally destroy the assembly to get the damn thing out of the tank.  There's a cup encompassing the bottom of the assembly which is held by three tabs and clips.  These tabs tend to catch on the tank opening and unclip.  This makes the assembly the wrong shape to get out the hole.  This came up later with the NEW pump too.

The siphon line that runs from the drivers side tank (this tank) to the passenger side tank has to be removed from the pump assembly while you've got it about half-way out.

The siphon line is what runs the venturi pump on the passenger tank.  Pressurized gas is run from the line that attaches to a fitting on the pump over to the passenger side.  The other line just dumps back into the driver's side tank from the effects of the venturi pump.

These lines need to be attached to the pump assembly when you have it about halfway back into the tank.  Remember those tabs?  While maneuvering the assembly around to get the lines attached they tend to disconnect.  UGH.  Luckily, you can get them snapped back on by dropping the lines and shoving the assembly down to the bottom of the tank.

Oh, to get the lines up to their locations on the pump assembly?  You need to attach a wire or something to fish them up into the open center of the assembly and do a LOT of fiddling around to get them lined up and connected.

All of this without tangling them up in the wire for the level sender.

This is a stupid design.  The engineer who designed this should be forced to do R&R's of their design in Hell.

But we have the tank back together and we should be able to get it back in the car tomorrow.

Thanks to GM putting a priority on assembly, most of the frustrations from today should be simply clicking things together.

It's Out!

What's the hardest part of getting this done?

The fucking parking brake cables!

They have a clip system that requires it to be compressed 360˚ around the clip, but only gives access to like 48˚.  So you end up taking the cables off at the calipers instead of the body.

Stupid design decision.  AGAIN.

I am so sick of modern cars.

I am seriously wondering if I can sell the Vette for something like a 72 Chevelle or Nova and swapping in an LS3.  Ditching all of the design decisions which center around ease of assembly at the factory has a great deal of appeal.

23 August 2019

It's Beer! Hurray BEER!!

2017 Hunahpu's from Cigar City.

Innocence Lost

Reading Mr Garabaldi.

To everyone who tells me it doesn't matter when I get pedantic about a word here and phrase there:

When you let someone else define the words, you lose the ability to say what you mean.

We're rapidly moving to a point where there's going to be no way to innocently express many things.

There will be no way to express pride about being an American because "nationalist" will mean racism.

There will be no way to be white because to be so is to be forever tainted by people whom you've never met because they have been dead for over 100 years.  Likewise, the people they wronged have been dead just as long.

It's guilt transmitted by conditions beyond the control of the person being shamed.

I am an American by happenstance of birth.

I am white by happenstance of birth.

I am guilty of being a racist, not through action or inaction, but because I was born as I am.

I hate to break it to the people selling this shit, but that's racist.  Actual, bonafide racism.  I know who the bigots are in this conversation, and it's not me.

Always remember:

If you cannot say what you mean.  You cannot mean what you say.

Getting There

Get rear of car about 6" higher.  That means getting some scrap 6x6.

Disconnect clutch master from slave.
Disconnect all three harnesses from the transmission.
Disconnect both transmission cooler lines.
Disconnect rear brakes.  I just discovered that I don't have metric line wrenches.  1524 update: Done!
Remove upper rear shock mounting screws.
Remover rear upper a-arm bolts.
Remove torque tube to bellhousing bolts.  1524 update: Done!

Disconnect parking brake.
Disconnect body to cradle ground strap(s).  1524 update: Done!

Included With Amazon Prime

Willard and I recalled a TV show yesterday.

Crime Story.

You can watch it on Amazon Prime for no additional cost.

It's wonderful Michael Mann stylized cop show, plus Dennis Farina (RIP) is rarely a bad thing.

Keep On Lifting Me

Yellow jack-stand at previous lift.  Black jack-stand at new lift.  Thanks for the loaners, JT!

This took a ton longer than it was supposed because I had to wrestle an 8' section of 6x6 into The 'Nox, then unload it, then cut it into the sizes I need.

It's currently 89˚F, 67% humidity for a RealFeel® of 101˚F.

I'm gonna take me a break.

Yeah, incentives are important. I learned that in rehab.

Tomorrow's punch list:

Get rear of car about 6" higher.  That means getting some scrap 6x6.

Disconnect clutch master from slave.
Disconnect all three harnesses from the transmission.
Disconnect both transmission cooler lines.
Disconnect rear brakes.
Remove upper rear shock mounting screws.
Remover rear upper a-arm bolts.
Remove torque tube to bellhousing bolts.

That should have me ready for JT to come over and drop this thing out of the way!

Today I gathered parts.

I now own a creeper.  I can't believe how many years I've been wrenching without one.

Oh, and I managed to get the lawn mowed and the door to the shed fixed!

22 August 2019


You know a part is expensive when the price manages to shock the parts counter guy at the stealership.

$23 per exhaust gaskets that go between the manifold and the cats.

No Two Alike

The only thing they all have in common is being centerfire and lever action.

They don't all share magazine configuration.

They don't have a common cartridge.

They all three lock differently.

The oldest designed is the newest made.  Despite the nearly five decade span from the oldest gun to the newest gun, the designs aren't even 30 years apart.

The oldest design is the 1873, which dates from 1999.
Next oldest is the 30AS... sort of.  The 30 is derivative of the 336 which dates from 1936, but it is derived from the 1893.  Mine was made in 1985.
The "newest" design, dating from 1899, is the Savage 99EG, made in 1951.

The '73 locks with a toggle joint, the Marlin with a rising block the Savage with a tilting bolt.


And variety.

21 August 2019

Some Good News For A Change

Good Guy with gun returns fire and kills domestic abuse suspect.

He was carrying while mowing his own lawn.

It never happens when you expect trouble.

Being Frugal

My shifter is going to fail soon.

The rear bushing has lost its seal.

The boot is disintegrating.

The replacement has turned out to be something of a quest.

I found two part numbers that seem to correspond to my car.

25827727 and 24279574.

Depending on what site you go you will find that either number is correct or incorrect.


So I went to the stealership and asked them to look it up, they use my VIN to get a match.

25827727 is correct.  It's the part that my car came with.  It has been discontinued.

24279574 is also correct!  It's the latest version of the shifter.

Now the fun really begins.

Searching for the first part number got me a hit on ebay for the second part number.  It says that it fits 2005 to 2019; that's both C6 and C7.  I notice that the seller is a dealer I've bought parts from before; so I go to their site.

24279574 is listed as fitting just 2014-2018 there (C7).

Even MORE fun!  The prices are different.  Buying from ebay is $169.99 with free shipping.  Buying direct from them is $181.41 plus $12.04 shipping.

You might ask, "why not aftermarket?"

Hinson ($329.00) Hurst ($281.64) and B&M ($288.30) both have replacements for the shift lever, this addresses the failing boot.  They do not address the failing rear bushing.

MGW ($369.00) addresses both the rear bushing and the failing boot.

All the choices let me keep my spiffy white shift-ball.

The thing is, I'm not unhappy with the stock shifter.  They really did make it light-years better than the 2007 and earlier versions.  And it's $200 cheaper than the aftermarket that addresses the same problems.

20 August 2019

PB Blaster FTMFW!

The PB Blaster broke up whatever was causing it to stick just enough to get a little bit of a wiggle on the pipes and that let them walk off the muffler pipes.  This is with me laying flat under the car with the front end of the x-pipe supported on my toe-tips and pushing on the flanges for the cats.

Now to get the tunnel plate out...


Got the X-pipe separated from the cats at the front end.

Loosened the clamps to the mufflers at the back end.

Yup.  Them things is stuck.

I can't get enough wiggle on them by my lonesome to get them to start walking off.

It's little things like this which are the most frustrating.

I've soaked the joint with PB Blaster in the hopes that it will work its magic and loosen them.

19 August 2019

Fly Be Free!

Every step is a step closer.

She's in the air!

Exhaust bolts are soaking up some PB Blaster to prevent stud breakage like when I had to do the starter.  That sucked!