30 September 2009

McDonald vs Chicago Has Been Granted Cert

SCOTUS is poised to hear a second amendment case based on 14th amendment grounds.

I'm all tingly.

29 September 2009

Kim Du Toit Is Back?

Oh joy.

I do not understand the fans. He said some things that I agreed with, and said it very well. But when I didn't agree, he was 180 off. That was running at about an 80% disagree ratio at the end when he "retired".

I speculated that he would not be gone long; and look, he's coming back.

Pardon me if I don't get all giddy, but except for the guns he just doesn't speak for me.

Weer'd Beard commented thusly at 1423 29Sep09:

I stopped reading him a few months before his last "retirement". So much blather about hanging journalists and politicians and all that just gets me rolling my eyes.
He reminds me of the Threepers saying "If you infringe on our rights we will start a revolution"....but happily waiting for the NICS transfer of their 14" BBL M4Gery with the ATF approved pinned flash hider to make that BBL the required 16"....and looking idly by as I'm not allowed to buy that gun because Mass still has the AWB among other shitty laws.
look either you're going to start a revolution or your all talk. Kim is a well spoken and wise man, and has also written many a great post that I enjoyed....but frankly when a fat man sitting in his home with his gout foot put up prattling on about "revolution" OVER and OVER again, I get a little sick of the shit.
And that's before he starts talking down to the women shooters!
Yeah I won't bother with him anymore, but I wish him and Connie the best of luck.

28 September 2009

On The Murdered US Census Worker

I am afraid I have the same callous response to this as to the police complaining that their job is dangerous.

Bill Sparkman was not murdered for any of the laundry list of exemplary things he'd done before accepting the job with the Census.

Ponder on that for a moment.

The stain of participation in administering the census ERASED the good works he'd done to that point and he was murdered for that association.

The questions being put forth in the current census are beyond the scope intended by the Constitution. Since it's a crime to refuse to answer the questions, you've backed some people into a corner about breaking the law. Murder is breaking the law and there's a good chance of not getting caught; refusing to answer the census taker's questions has 100% of being caught since the agent of the state is at your house and talking to you.

Unintended consequences indeed.

I am sorry you were murdered Mr. Sparkman. I am even more sorry that the people who murdered you were not angry at you in particular, but some faceless government official in a distant office.

Just like a police officer, the anger is fomented by the legislatures and aimed at the executive branch's lowest rungs. Just like a police officer, you need to appraise yourself of this situation and weigh the risk. If you accept the job, you do not get to use the "following orders" defense.

There may well come a time when the bottom level functionaries, the people who have to deal with the common citizen, will have to refuse to carry out the orders of their superiors or be killed with them. It may even come to pass that the functionaries will have to have resigned long before the shooting starts to be spared.

It would be far better for the people responsible for this mess to fix things while there is still time to stop it. I desperately hope the soap and ballot boxes have the power left in them.

Or he's just another victim of our war on some drugs and refusal to secure the damn border with Mexico and was in the wrong place at the wrong time. In which case, the motives for killing him were entirely different and my position is less valid about this case.

Notice that this post is not gone down memory hole when new facts are presented. Truth is there is not a lot of solid evidence about this case in the public yet and the speculation that some right wing group did it to avoid participating in the census had great traction. I need to find my hook-remover...



John F. Kennedy was the first President of the United States who was also Catholic. A great deal was made of it at the time.

John F. Kennedy is also the last Catholic to hold that office.

Barack H. Obama is the first President of the United States who is also black. A great deal is being made of it.

Will history repeat in other interesting ways?

This One's For You Robb

I am officiating a friend's wedding.

By only renting the tuxedo top, shirt, vest and tie I am saving $50 over other members of the wedding who have chosen to wear pants.

27 September 2009

Gun Pr0n? You Want Gun Pr0n?

12" Seacoast Mortar: Model 1890 M-1 at Ft Desoto.

The guns were made in the Watervleit Arsenal in Watervleit, New York and the mounts were made by the American Hoist and Derrick Company of St. Paul, Minnesota. 

Here's the breech end. The recoil mechanisms on all four guns have been removed and the gun is being held up by the recuperation springs. Minimum depression is 45˚ and maximum is 75˚, the gun recoiled down into a pit under the mount (which has been covered in deck-plate).

The breech blocks are also missing.

These are not small guns.

At one point there were 8 of these mortars at Ft Desoto. In 1917 4 of them were moved to Ft Rosecrans in California. The four at Ft Desoto are now the only ones remaining in the United States. There are four others on the island of Corregidor in the Philippines.

http://ww2panorama.org/panos/1fung_mortars.html (Quicktime panorama)

25 September 2009

Hey Truthers

Or at least Rosie O'Donnell...

Fire can't melt or bend steel?

Two words: Sherman's Necktie. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sherman's_neckties

Just wood fire too. Not near as hot as jet fuel and without the chimney effect to help concentrate the heat.

23 September 2009


I've been watching, and reading, about some companies in the AR world and noticing a trend.

Company makes something that's really a niche item.

Customers like the niche item and then discover the company also sells mainstream items.

Customers tell friends because of their positive experience.

Friends, who are not interested in the niche, buy lots of mainstream items.

Company decides that there's no money in the niche, drops it.

People who liked the niche item complain.

Company explains how much money they are missing out on by supporting the niche.

Customers remind company that the niche is what put them in the position to sell so much mainstream.

Company says, "oh well, we're making money on mainstream so we don't need to support you niche buyers."

Customers take that as, "thanks for making this possible, now fuck off!" and stop buying anything from the company.

They tell their friends.

Friends join the boycott. Company begins to lose business and market share.

Company ignores problem.

New company opens to fill the niche.

Customers like the niche item and then discover the new company also sells mainstream items.

Old company goes away.


After location, I would say the next most important rule here is "dance with the one that brung yah." The AR market is fickle and capricious enough without the companies actively pissing it off.


Del-Ton. Del-Ton made their niche in selling complete AR kits, less the lower receiver. The kits were good quality, the shipping was relatively fast, communication was good, no order was too small and the customer service was friendly. In the fall of 2008 the decided to become an FFL and offer their own brand of lower receiver and complete rifles. Shortly after that the election rush began. Customers ordering parts were told, "We are a rifle company now, not a parts company." Shipping slowed to a halt and customer service stopped being friendly. People who were on back order got to watch people who had ordered after them receive their goods before them.

The internet allows the customers a place to compare their experiences in the form of forums! A pattern emerged about the order priority. Complete guns were taking priority over parts. Parts that were found in the complete rifle models shipped before parts for other configurations. Larger orders were filled before smaller ones. Threads on their industry page on ARFCOM used to read like, "OMG! My parts are here, THANKS!" now they read, "It's been eight months, when do you think you'll get around to filling my order?"


CMMG is at the beginning of this cycle. They are a barrel maker. Their niche was making barrels in configurations not supported by the other companies. Because of BRD (black rifle disease) the niche customers would often order a mainstream configuration to make it a "one stop shop". Their friends noticed the quality and ordered their own mainstream barrels. Notice the trend following the form?

Yes, the niche is a small part of your business. Yes, down time changing the tooling is like losing money.

Without the niche product, how are you better than the three other companies who make barrels yours? It's called competitive advantage. It keeps the doors open.

22 September 2009

Idle Hands Are STILL The Devil's Gunsmithy

Brunhilda, except for the upper is very much like the kit-bashing the Israeli Defense Force makes and calls a Menusar (Mekutz'rar).

I took the A1 style upper I had ear-marked for Sabrina and put it on Brunhilda.

The R604 upper is now going to be on Sabrina. This makes her a GAU-5A (R630) instead of an XM177E2 (R629). It's a noble heritage, 48 GAU-5A's were used by the forces involved in Operation Ivory Coast rescue attempt at Son Tay. The GAU-5A is an Air Force designation, but most of the troops using them there were Green Berets.


21 September 2009

I Just Noticed Something

Kaylee started out to be as close as I could get to an XM177E2 as I could get legally. Ignorance of what was legal and what parts were available led to her not being all that close, really.

Sabrina will be almost impossible to tell apart from a real XM177E2 when I am done.

Sabrina is made with a lot of surplus parts made by Colt, notably the stock, grip and hand-guard.

Kaylee now has a Colt stock, grip and hand-guard.


I sure hope that Pat gets done with Sabrina's barrel soon. It's been months!

19 September 2009

Today Is International Talk Like A Pirate Day

But I don't speak Somali...

A Note To Current And Future US Presidents

All of you have paid lip service to supporting the 2nd Amendment.

Want to make us gun owners feel better without even confronting Congress about changing the laws to something we like?

It's simple.

Appoint one of us to be head of ATF. Don't know any of us? We will be happy to provide you a list of candidates we'd be perfectly pleased to have running the place.

18 September 2009

Six Reasons

...I will not live in California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, or New York.

And one (not yet finished, but registered) reason to not live in Alabama, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, or Minnesota.

Feminine Firearms

The Lovely Harvey's collection. Not a single one of mine in there, even if I own some of the same stuff.


16 September 2009

No Soliciting Really

Monday, The Lovely Harvey answers the door bell.

There is a young man selling steaks door to door. She tries the polite brush-off, "Our freezer is full." He insists that he can rearrange the freezer so that it all will fit. She tells him, simply, "we're not interested." He keeps on pitching. Harvey changes tack, "What part of no aren't you getting? See the 'no soliciting' sign?" He protests that he's just trying to make a living and has a right to sell. Harvey says, "I have the right to shoot you now that you are starting to scare me. Boy, get mommy her gun..."

The Boy brings Harvey her purse, which has her carry gun in it.

Sales guy beats feet.

15 September 2009

Coltification Of Kaylee

I have acquired a set of Colt furniture from a model 6920. I have put it on Kaylee.

The M4 style handguards are now literally M4 handguards. They are better than the aftermarket handguards I had on because these are double heat shield.

The M4 style stock is now literally an M4 stock. It fits better than the mil-spec unit I got from Bravo Company. No slam on BCM, just luck that the tube and the stock are the same.

The A2 style grip is no better, or worse, than any other A2 grip I have encountered, but I put the Colt one on just for completeness.

Here she is now:

And how she was with the third party furniture:

Plus! Brunhilda gets an upgrade to a more comfortable stock. This is the Bravo Company USA mil-spec Gen 2 stock that I took off of Kaylee.

14 September 2009

I Most Certainly Do Know What I Am Protesting About

There will be no "healing" until I am left alone to make my own decisions about my own damn life.

You will continue to get "hostility" for as long as you force your decisions about my life on me.

Being angry about being forced to do things that I don't want to do and are not in my interest anyway is not, and will never be, racist.

Self Defense Handguns

Two things about conceal carry that are intertwined; bring a gun and have enough gun.

On the bring a gun side, it's got to be small and light enough that you will actually carry the damn thing.

This trends towards being not enough gun.

Guns that are enough and that are small and light also tend to be miserable to shoot. Remember, more powerful cartridges in lighter guns means more recoil. A bit more mass makes the gun more controllable and allows faster follow-up shots.

The Smith & Wesson ultralight weight J-frames in .357 are in this category. Gobs and gobs of recoil and a long heavy trigger. Definitely enough cartridge for self defense.

.380 ACP is about the minimum for serious self defense. Some .32 ACP can do the job, but not normally ball. There are .380's on the market that are getting to be too light and edging into that miserable to shoot category. P3AT and LCP, I am looking in your general direction...

Make sure your choice can take repeated use of the round. Beretta's Tomcat in .32 ACP is notorious for cracking the frame when you use proper self-defense hollow-points. The aluminum framed J-Frames in .38 Special are also known for a lack of longevity; as are the titanium and scandium framed .357's.

Plus, obligatory gun Pr0n:

11 September 2009

I Don't Think Anyone Reads This Anymore

Except like three of my friends; who basically already know how I feel about everything.

I am considering abandoning this and limiting my online presence to taking quizzes on Facebook.

It doesn't seem like MS Messenger or Yahoo! Instant Messenger are valid communication devices any more either.

It also seems that I joined several of these online communities at the behest of someone else, who immediately left for the next shinier thing the moment I arrived and basically ended the friendship the moment I stopped following them to the next shinier place.

Count Me In

I support Government run health care.

Because the "War on Poverty" eliminated poor people.

Because the "War on Drugs" ended the use of and trade in illegal narcotics.

Because the RICO statute eliminated organized crime.

Because Federal control of the education system has eliminated illiteracy. OMG! SRSLY. LOL.

Because FEMA works so much faster and better than Civil Defense did.

With such an unending successful record, why would anyone ever want to avoid the government controlling it?

10 September 2009

A Comment

Read this: http://sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot.com/2009/09/casus-belli-meaning-of-not-one-more.html

Mr Vanderboegh is a leading spokesman for what has been called the three-percenters.

I am not sure if I fall within the 3% or am what he derogatorily calls a "prag".

What I am sure of is if the 3% gets pushed to the point where they start shooting, all of us gun owners are "all-in". At that point, we'd better join or we will lose, lose big. We may lose big even if we fight, but we should at least contest the point.

I think a lot of the folks that he calls "prags" are people who object to him declaring "if x happens, we shoot" and making the decision for the rest of us to go "all-in". He does not seem to realize that he can be maneuvered onto ground not of his choosing by our (yes our) enemies.

I also think that we should have started shooting in 1968. That we didn't in 1994 as well says that we never will. I weep.

A Recurring Worry

Presidential candidate Barak Obama said, "Lawful gun owners have nothing to fear... I think people can take me at my word."

Some have said he's lying. I don't think so. The problem with the statement here is "lawful".

From September 13, 1994 to September 13, 2004 it was not lawful to assemble a rifle with more than two of five listed cosmetic features; a pistol with more than two of five listed features or a shotgun with more than two of four listed features. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Assault_Weapons_Ban

Guess what? For the ten years of that ban lawful gun owners also had nothing to fear. The worrisome thing is the law was different then than before, and now. With me so far?

Let's say that Congress passes a registration law tomorrow. All firearms must be registered by midnight, January 1, 2010. Everyone on New Year's Day who has not registered all of their firearms is no longer a lawful gun owner! But his statement is still correct, he's still not lying, he still hasn't lied. Lawful gun owners can still take him at his word, they will not be arrested.

What he has not said, or promised, is that everything that I have now that is legal will remain legal as long as he is president. He has not promised to veto any gun control bill that hits his desk. He has said, with what sounded like regret in his voice, that he did not have the votes in Congress for a new assault weapon ban.

While he didn't lie, I think he was being disingenuous.

06 September 2009

Slow Of Mind

During the election I had a rather heated debate with Anglave about Bill Ayers.

He said something like Mr Ayers was following his strong convictions in doing the stuff that I would call terrorism.

Something sat wrong about that. Today I figured out what bugged me about it.

If Bill Ayers was following the courage of his convictions and that he did what he truly saw was necessary to save us from the evil that he saw, why then is he not proud of it? Well, he was until it started to hurt his buddy at the polls. Then all that pride and courage evaporated. We stopped hearing "Guilty as Hell/Free as a Bird".

Want a terrorist who really was following his convictions and remained convinced that what he did was required? Timothy McVeigh.

I don't condone what McVeigh did, but he didn't change his story about why or even if; nor did any conservative associate their campaign with him.

I think that's important.

04 September 2009

Starship Weaponry

Something that I have not seen mentioned about ship's weapons is that it is almost imperative that they be aimed independently from the attitude of the ship.

A weapon that it fixed to the axis of the ship can only fire where the ship is pointed, and that means you may not be able to maneuver the way you need to in a fight. It would be a definite constraint to have to choose between thrusting to avoid a hit and aiming the gun.

Last Day To Buy A Ticket


Only $10, it's for a good cause.

She Has A Question

Facebook Meme She Copy-Pasted: "no one should die because they cant afford healthcare, no one should go broke because they get sick. if u agree post this as your status for the rest of the day."

UPDATE: It's not even her thoughts! It's something she's repeating that someone else started. It's been rebutted here too: http://geekwitha45.blogspot.com/2009_09_01_archive.html#3051685272899701539  Dead Link!

On Facebook, I have been correcting her grammar, like I said I would.

These corrections, and the explanation why I am doing it, prompted her to ask, "How is that political? Did i ask u to support anything? No. I simply made a statement that i think no one should die or go broke because they cant aford health care. Simple statement that should not make a person grumpy lol"

Gee, Ma'am, how is your statement political? Because you are echoing a socialist mantra? Because that question is the first step to justifying taking money from me to pay for someone else's health care? Is it because the main reason people go broke from getting sick is because the government's laws, regulations, rules and policies have steadily ratcheted up the price on those of us who are actually paying?

You asked me to support this when you copied, "if u agree post this as your status for the rest of the day." Did you even read it before you pasted?

What health care I have, I have paid for. All I am asking is that everyone else do the same.


03 September 2009


I see this thread: http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=10&f=9&t=627307

And think, hmmm, vitals hit, instant kill with this round.

A 300 lb pig has a ST of 12 and DR 1. Vitals hit with a pi round does 3x damage. Both the Barnes TTSX and Nosler Accubond are expanding rounds, so they bump to pi+ (which doesn't seem to increase the damage at all since we're hitting vitals).

So, to get instant death we need to do 72 points of damage to our 12 HP pig. 24 points of basic damage. I list 6.8 as a 6d pi attack.

Hollow points make the DR 2. So I need a basic roll of 26 to do this. Average hit of 6d is 21. That gives 57 points of damage. That puts piggy at -45 HP. That's 1 consciousness roll and 3 death rolls, it's also a major wound requiring a roll to avoid being knocked down (at -5). It's possible for that to be a kill.

I am McThag, I am a Gaming Geek.

Even better! According to the 4e GURPS Update, ST = 2 x (cube root of weight in pounds) round down. The 222 lb. boar would have a ST of 12 and the 208 lb. boar would have a ST of 11.

ST 12 piggy with an average 3.5 pts per die is as above. ST 11 piggy is at -46 points, but takes an extra death roll.


Being a Constitutional Originalist and supporter of the Standard Model, I support Honduras' right to follow their own constitution and laws regarding their former president without interference from my government.

Their president broke the law and violated their constitution by attempting to create a path to re-election. Their supreme court and military took action as required by their laws and constitution and ousted him.

The thing that makes me most sad about it is the people in my government advocating the ousted president's return don't realize that they are just demonstrating the contempt they have for the rule of law. I don't think they understand what constitutions are and what they mean.