26 August 2006

Now This SUCKS

The Lovely Harvey broke a tooth!

I cannot imagine how bad this must hurt. But she's mentioning that it does hurt, so it must be a lot.

You know when the doctor asks you to describe the hurt on a scale of one to ten? For most of us, her three is a ten. She has an amazing tolerance.

So, lets all give a prayer to the higher powers for her hurt tooth until she can get into a dentist to get it fixed.

18 August 2006

Oh I Almost Forgot

The miserable piece of shit that GM calls the M30 4L60E transmission bit the big one in the wee hours Sunday morning.

Gods fucking damn it all!

This is the fourth time for those of you scoring at home.

This leaves me with a number of choices:

A. Another rebuild.
Pro: Relatively cheap and has a one year, 12,000 mile warranty.
Con: $1000 a year is getting old doing option A.
B. Junkyard tranny.
Pro: Cheapest option, about $600.
Con: Crap-shoot on the thing living and only a 30 day warranty.
C. Remanufactured GM Certified Replacement.
Pro: Three year, 36k mile warranty.
Con: $1,350 plus a $350 core deposit. If the dead tranny is too messed up, I don't get the deposit back.
D. GM Performance Parts 4L65E.
Pro: Much tougher version of the 4L60E. Three year, 36k mile warranty.
Con: Not a direct replacement, some mods required. $2,290.
E. Convert to a manual transmission.
Pro: Strongest option. Very cool. Better mileage. What I plan on doing eventually anyway.
Con: VERY Expensive, $3,900 in just parts alone, more in tools and fabrication prolly $5,000 all said and done.
F. Third Part Remanufactured Unit.
Pro: Relatively affordable, $750 plus $350 core deposit.
Con: One year, 12,000 mile warranty. Too many remanufacturers are the bee's knees today and scum tomorrow. If the dead tranny is too messed up, I don't get the deposit back.
G. Hope that the rotating parts are OK and it's just the valve body and replace it.
Pro: Even cheaper than the junkyard tranny.
Con: Can't buy a new valve body, so would have to get one from a junkyard. Crap-shoot on the thing living and only a 30 day warranty.

And a MAJOR fuck you to Grady, whose incompetence with creating a shift kit has caused all the problems.

The really sad part of this is the engine is a bone stock '96 LT1 running a '95 PCM. The only things not stock on the motor are the intake and ignition coil. Those changes should not have created tranny killing power (and in fact they do not). I went way out of my way to get a reliable package when I set the car up, and I have been awarded constant pain from the gods be damned tranny.

Option C is in the lead. Not least of which, when I can afford option E, this tranny bolts right into Harvey's car.

17 August 2006


Lemme try to explain this to the ACLU again...

Our laws and constitutional protections stop at our borders, with one exception. Citizens of the United States of America still retain their constitutionally guaranteed and protected rights when abroad.

Foreigners and aliens only receive such when they are legally inside our borders.

What this means:
It is 100% constitutional and legal for the USA government to listen to every single word spoken or to read every letter and e-mail written by a foreign national in another nation. If said national doesn't like it, it is up to that nation to do something about it, not the US. If our tapping is illegal there, then we are breaking their laws. But there is nothing in the Constitution forbidding Congress from passing laws which violate the laws and sovereignty of other nations and their citizens.

14 August 2006

What If

What if the protesters convinced a woman, after going through all the pain of an abortion, that she was a murderer and her soul was indeed irredeemable?

What if she decided to just start shooting said protesters, she's crossed the moral rubicon, she cannot undo her abortion, why not just keep killing?

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04 August 2006


From the Day By Day archives.  Copyright 2006 by Chris Muir.

This one sparked a comment thread worth retaining...

03 August 2006

Some Pondering

In the grand scheme of things, it is actions and not words that matter.

I do not care what a politician says, it is how they vote that defines who they really are.

An Occasional Sense Of Melancholy

A toast to heroism!

Here is to the people who run into burning buildings instead of out.

Here is to the soldiers who run to the sound of the guns instead of away.

Remember, a hero is someone who does something that could them killed in order to save others. Being a hero is not the same as being determined, or being brave. Without the risk, there is no heroism.

So, to the heroes! Too many died.