31 July 2018


Yesterday evening we came home from swimming practice to discover there was no water pressure.

A 4" main had burst and all 763 people in my service area were without water from 8:15 pm to 5:00 am this morning.

Happily we have six 5-gallon jugs of water for our water-cooler in the garage we maintain for hurricane season.

One jug is good for two flushes if you MUST flush down a trout.  Otherwise it's "if it's yellow, let it mellow".  Yes, ick, but you save water by just flushing urine once a day.

But we also had plenty of potable water for such a short interruption.

It also underscores that you're not always going to get a notice that a service will be disrupted.

During The Freak Out

While the banners are freaking about 3D printing what amounts to zip-guns...

These are still out there.

And this ain't no zip gun.

The only computer involved was used to make artwork that was milled into the not-yet-a-firearm 80% lower.

30 July 2018

It's OK It's Not Scotch

You'd swear it's Scotch, but it's made in America, so it can't be.  It also means it's OK to put ice in it without causing The Vapors™ in booze-snobs.

It makes me want to find a Scottish not-Bourbon now.

Thank The Gods!

Classic has dropped the price on their Radom P-64 pistols to $179.99.

They're even C&R eligible.

A holster is like $8.

But you only get one magazine and nobody has extras.

The holster has a compartment for a spare magazine.

Can't buy one of these if I can't stuff a spare magazine in the holster's compartment.

Deal breaker!

That and I don't have any money...

But if you wanna see a review of one, and see it pictured next to a nice Tantal, that donation button is live!

I will suffer without spare magazines for you!

A Thought Occurs

The seller of the stock indicated that it was "wobbly".

When researching if you can mount a Beryl stock on a Tantal, I bumped into people talking about this issue.

Both the Tantal stock and the Beryl stock need that sheet-metal bracket that ties the stock to the pistol-grip nut or they wobble because otherwise it's just the tang coming off the rear trunnion doing all the work.

It's just 1mm sheet metal, it's going to flex a bit and feel wobbly with that much leverage on the trunnion.

I'm also guessing he didn't have the correct screws as well.

The Beryl tang isn't countersunk, it's counterbored, so if he tried to use Beryl screws on a Tantal (or other AK) they won't have near the purchase they should.  Also, most M5-0.8 screws around here are the 10mm long variety which would bottom out before they were torqued right.

We'll see!

Crucial Parts Not Included

That Beryl stock I mentioned?

Doesn't come with mounting screws or the front retainer bracket.

They sell the bracket, but not the M5-0.8x8 screws.

Bracket ordered, looking for screws now...

29 July 2018

And Another Thing

When I say I've reached the end of my skills...

I've replaced this sensor before.

Replacing the crank sensor requires the same amount of take-apart as the timing belt.

It's not an inability to replace the parts or knowing how to access them.

It's not because I don't know what they look like.  When I said, "dirt simple Hall effect" sensor, that's an indication that I know what we're looking at.  It's a freaking magnet.  With some power to it to create a field that gets interacted with a tooth on a spinning part.  For positional use, it counts the number of teeth going by with one or several of the teeth being larger or smaller to tell the computer a specific position had been passed.  Sometimes there's just a single tooth to note a particularly important place.

It's being at my wits end as to why everything checks out from what the service manual tells me, yet there's still the same P1361 and P1362 codes intermittently haunting me.

If I had some assurance that replacing these sensors, again, would cure the problem for years instead of weeks I'd crack the bitch open tomorrow and do the timing belt, oil seals and water pump while I was in there.

That Didn't Stay Fixed Long

Took Flossie (the Civic that used to be The Lovely Harvey's) to Lowe's today and she dropped hard into limp mode.

Codes P1361 and P1362.  That's crank position and top-dead-center sensor faults respectively.

Dirt simple hall effect sensors that aren't working.

I'm past where I can figure this out with my skills and diagnostic equipment.

That means hiring someone.


The donate button is still there if you wanna buy car parts and get guns/gaming and political content in return.

28 July 2018

Why I'm Not At The Big Damn Gun Rally

First, money.  I don't have much to spare.

Second, distance.  It's a long trip, and because of the money, some issues with the cars are apparent.

Third, solitude.  I can't even share the cost of going up there because I can't get anyone else to ride along.

Fourth (and largest), who are we rallying for up there?

The legislature has been gone since early May.  The 2018 session is over and the 2019 session won't start until after the elections.

SAF got a small donation in lieu of my attendance.

I'm not seeing any mention of the rally in the news (so far).  I know the choir likes to hear the sermon too, but...

What's That Silly Wrist Strap For Anyway

AKM bayonets have a wrist strap.

Being the person I am, I've even spent a small amount of money getting correct straps for my AKM bayonets which were missing theirs.

But what is it for?

It's placed on the wrong side for retention while using it as a knife.

It's got nothing to do with it being used as a bayonet.

I found a theory online (so it has to be true) that its to keep your hand from slipping when using the bayonet and scabbard as a wire-cutter.

That makes a degree of sense.  A small degree.

What I lack is any documentation from a Pact country about the bayonet's use.  There's a dearth of it because it's always in some Godless Commie Gibberish the native language of the issuing nation.

Does anyone reading have an OEM manual?


There's a collector's book on the topic of Kalashnikov bayonets.  Anyone feel like buying it for me?

27 July 2018

The Law Disagrees

With all the normal anti-gun chowderheads demanding the victim of assault who shot his assailant be charged with something, I have to say:

It's my opinion that, morally, once someone has done something like assault you, then their life is forfeit to you.

That's not legally true, I know it, and act accordingly.

I've heard varying opinions about this being a good shoot or not.

So far Andrew Branca's carries the most weight for me.

Something that gets drilled, over and over, is that 21' rule and how fast an assailant can close the gap.

Mr McGlockton was much closer than that when Mr Drejka shot him.

It doesn't look to me like McGlockton was retreating at all.

Playing With The Settings

Lots of pics below the cut.

I'm learning a lot.


Got my Romanian wrist strap today!

Cope's Distributing gives no indication that they've shipped, but it did arrive in the promised timeframe.


Finally found me a wz.96 Beryl-A stock for something south of too fucking much.

That's going to find its way to Tonya to make another variation on the T2K "what-if" Tantal build.

I'm going to need designations for these never made subvariations.

Kbk. wz.88A for the type-E wire stock (the only version actually issued in the real world).
Kbk. wz.88B for the wood stock.
Kbk. wz.88C for the 1996 stock.

That should work...


I remember reading about pilots in Vietnam thinking their survival vest was getting a tad heavy and cumbersome and trying to decide what to remove from it.

They ended up keeping every single item on their vest, including a whistle, because they'd heard a story that someone, somewhere, had used one of the items and THAT was what saved their lives.

I asked my Uncle Ben about it, him having flown F-8's in that conflict, and he remembered similar conversations.

"Did you ever use any of it?" I asked, knowing he'd jettisoned the aircraft twice.

"The inflatable vest (that isn't part of the survival vest) sure comes in handy when all that shit is conspiring with your chute to drown you."

I'm reminded of Ben's war stories when I see the piles and piles of stuff people are carrying for their everyday carry.

I'm reminded of other experiences when I watch demonstrations of some of this kit and how easy it is to use.  By a fit, sober, alert, unimpaired person with two functioning arms and all ten fingers.

Is there a gentle way to say, "it's not gonna be like that," when the shit starts flying?

They seem to be pushed by the same kind of people who don't even address the idea of FIND COVER! in a shooting course.

You've got to figure out if you can access and work this stuff under duress if you expect it to do you much good.

But you also have to consider the odds.  What good is all that stuff if all it does is try to drown you?

26 July 2018

I Like What If's

There's a whole series of videos on YouTube where a large number of Romans are pitted against a smaller number of much more modern troops in some sort of simulator program.

One which caught my eye was 10,000 WW2 US Soldiers vs 50,000 Romans.

Ten thousand WW2 US troops, that's a division by the way, are going to have a lot more than small arms at their disposal, and aren't all going to be armed with M1 Thompsons.

The mortars are going to put paid to the legions because of sheer terror.

They simply weren't as accustomed to such loud noises as we are today.  It's mentioned over and over in account after account the effect the sound of gunpowder weapons had on the enemy when they're first being developed and deployed.

Never mind that the mortar rounds the US would deploy aren't just making noise.

To a Roman it would be as if Jupiter Himself had sided with the strange men in green and lobbed thunderbolts at him.

Never mind the effect that belt-fed guns would have.

A US division should have some heavier guns, and tanks as well.

It would be a slaughter and rout for the Romans.


Romanian AKM Type I bayonets normally come with a leather frog.  A nylon webbing version is also common.

The scabbard is pretty conventional Type I otherwise.

You might think that because they only used the Russian hanger that everyone else used for a short time, that the scabbards wouldn't be set up for the hanger.

Surprisingly, you'd be wrong!

There's a loop for the hanger hidden under the wire-cutter insulator!

National Variation

The AKM bayonet scabbard hanger is the same, but different depending on what nation issued it (just like the bayonets and the scabbards themselves).

Top -> Bottom

Yugoslavian Type II.
Polish 6H4 Type II Transitional.
East German Type I.

All transitional means is they changed to the Type II style bayonet, but kept the old scabbard design.

In Poland's case they weren't unhappy with their Type I model 6H3, but the introduction of the Tantal required the smaller pommel introduced with the Type II.

Little Things

Since I took the frog that was on the Yugoslavian bayonet for my Romanian... it was left without a means to hang it from a belt.

I got a genuine Yugo hanger and wrist-strap for it!  To think, just a few weeks ago the Zastava M70B1N was suffering with a wholly incorrect East German Type I bayonet; now it's whole.  Night sights and everything.

Irony alert!  You can't mount the bayonet with the grenade launcher installed.
Go Team Thag!

25 July 2018

Dead For Good

It's worth noting that Thomas and Martha Wayne are among the very few comic characters to die and remain dead forever.

What drops them in the most recent movie?

A Colt Government Model in .45.

Just sayin'.

Circuit Split

With the 9th Circuit saying the 2nd Amendment means what it says allows for the open carrying of firearms by right, do we have a split?

My home 11th Circuit, if I recall correctly, has said that as long as there is some way for you to carry, you can be denied open carry.  Or was that just the state courts?

I've really lost count.

But if it survives an en banc hearing of the 9th, it's going to be appealed higher because it threatens so much gun control in California it's not even funny.

That Fighting Knife

The US Army developed the M3 fighting knife in 1943 because they felt the troops needed a combat knife.

The M4, M5, M6 and M7 bayonets are simply M3 fighting knives with attachments for their respective guns.

The troops broke them by the case-load.


Because the troops also needed utility knives.

The USMC acknowledged this by issuing the Ka-Bar.  It's kind of a mid-point between a utility and fighting knife.

The M9 bayonet appears to have dropped all pretense of being a fighting knife in favor of utility functions, even to the point of compromising its functionality as a fighting bayonet.  It's function as a pointy thing on the end of a rifle to prod prisoners is uncompromised.

The USMC OKC-3S is more optimized for fighting.  Kind of the philosophy of the ka-bar applied to a bayonet.  Good as a fighting knife, good as a fighting bayonet, good for utility.  That it was best at some of the categories is a plus, but not part of the goals.

I don't know if the Ka-bar is still issued alongside the bayonet or not.  I know I've seen lots of pictures of Jarheads toting both.

On Winning Me Over

Because I don't share your religion, you are forced to use non-religious arguments to convince me to agree with your position.

I've actually heard arguments from this direction and think that it has some merit.

Then I get called terminally stupid and think that, perhaps, if the position attracts such assholes then I'm better off supporting the other side.

Slow clap.

Way To Win Me Over

Lemme try your debating technique.

"Your religious position on abortion is irrelevant to me because I don't share your religion is a difficult idea for the terminally stupid."

I'll bet you've completely changed your mind and come over to the pro-choice camp now, haven't you?
Or were you insulted and got your mind closed a bit further and become more entrenched in your previous position than before?

Calling people terminally stupid because they don't share your dogmatic zealotry is exactly how the liberals debate too.

I'm not stupid (terminal or otherwise), it's just my Gods (or lack thereof) don't tell me to have a position.
Don't like that I don't adopt your religious position?  Tough shit, welcome to America.

I know you can grasp that Bill of Rights thing, I've seen you do it.  Now, which amendment covers using government to impose religious dogma on others?  Come on, you know this one!

24 July 2018

Missing M's

The knives and bayonets thing brings up more missing M numbers.

What were the M1 and M2 fighting knives?

What happened to the M8?

It seems like there should be a list somewhere, but it's not online as far as I've been able to find.


Top -> Bottom

M9 Bayonet
M7 Bayonet
The ubiquitous and storied Ka-Bar
1918 trench knife

In GURPS terms they are all small knives.

The trench knife is a combination weapon combining a small knife with a set of brass knuckles.

Seeing The Leech

Going to get blood drawn today to see if my critically low vitamin D and B12 have been corrected by the massive dosage weekly supplements.

Hearing the doctor tell you that you're dying of malnutrition while gaining weight was really odd.

Fingers crossed.

Oh You SJW Dancing Monkeys

Don't you ever change!

Scarlet Johannson can't play someone who's trans because she, herself, isn't trans.

I cannot WAIT for the protests for her next appearance as Black Widow.

She's not Russian or a spy either.

She's probably not a featureless black humanoid alien either.

I'll bet that time she was in Japan, she wasn't really married to Giovanni Ribisi.

23 July 2018

SEAL Shooters

Two guns that I semi-obsessed over when doing the GURPS: SEALs in Vietnam playtest.

An early version of the character I made for the playtest was even equipped with both guns.  The K15 got replaced with an OSS M3 sub-gun when it became apparent we needed some husha guns.

Plus, I just love taking pictures.  Someday I might even start learning composition better.

22 July 2018

Memory Hole

I mentioned a TTAG article a couple years ago...

This dead link in fact: http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2016/11/firearmconcierge/voted-hillary-clinton/

Other articles of his are still there, both before and after the date of posting.

If you search for that author and Clinton, you will find he's never mentioned her even once.

But he did.

According to the Wayback Machine, by November 19, 2016 the article was no longer there.

But the internet is forever...

And here's the article:

It seems that every time a gun writer talks about supporting something on the “other side” they’re banished to the fringes of the community. Look at Jerry Tsai. His crime? Supporting the status quo regarding the sale and purchase of machine guns. Mr. Tsai lost his job and became a disgraced former gun writer. Yesterday I made the decision to vote for Hillary Clinton. While that might sound like a “crime” worthy of the Jerry Tsai lynch mob, the logic behind it is as solid as any merchant of death could muster.
Let’s start here: no matter what Hillary might have wanted to do to the Second Amendment, in reality she needed both chambers of Congress to make anything happen. Without the support of the House and the Senate she would have been just as powerless as Barack Obama. With both of those chambers against her (as it turned out), any non-Executive Actions she would have taken against the Second Amendment would have been blocked by Congress.
So Hillary wasn’t that great a danger to gun rights. The next logical question: which candidate would make me the most money?
On a macro level, Hillary Clinton was the obvious choice. She might be more corrupt than a floppy disk in a magnet factory, but she’s a known quantity.  She would have kept the stock market happy and my retirement account growing — aside from the quarter million rounds of .22LR and stripped lowers in my diversified portfolio. Wall Street would have kept chugging along and hopefully that rising tide would have lifted all boats.
That’s all good, but the micro economic argument was the real reason I voted for Hillary Clinton.
My business is firearms, and business is booming. Over the last eight years, a large part of the rise in firearms ownership has been the constant fear that, one way or another, a government crackdown on guns is imminent. The buying spike after Sandy Hook and other events is proof of this “panic buying” mentality.
Simply put, those of us in the gun business are in the business of fear, whether founded in reality or not. Now that Republicans have control of Congress and the White House, the constant threat of a government crackdown has evaporated. Gun sales will slump, prices will drop, and I’ll have to start selling plasma to supplement my income.
Again. Post Sandy Hook 2013, we had a MASSIVE slump in the industry that killed off a lot of firearm retailers with marginal balance sheets and limited staying power.
If Hillary Clinton had won there would have been an immediate bump in firearms sales during the remainder of November and December, as people started panic buying before the inauguration in January. But that would have been just the tip of the iceberg.
Just as with Obama, Hillary would have perpetually demanded that “something must be done to prevent gun violence,” introducing new gun control legislation that she wouldn’t have the ability to implement. For a firearms dealer she couldn’t do a better job of bringing in new business if she was standing in front of my office and handing people hundred dollar bills.
Again, all the anti-gun rights political posturing wouldn’t have had any impact on our beloved Constitutionally-protected civil rights. The business is fear, and our stock in trade is political rhetoric.
Another benefit of a Democrat in the White House: the increasing number of gun owners. There’s a large proportion of people coming through my door who already own guns and want to get that one last AR-15 receiver before they’re banned. But a surprisingly large number are brand new shooters.
A perceived impending ban on firearms is an excellent driver to get people to try out firearms for the first time and start investing in my products. Their business not only provides an immediate cash infusion, it also gives me a larger pool of clients to market my wares to in the future. More gun owners are a good thing, and there’s no doubt that Obama has done a much better job of recruiting NRA members than either President Bush did.
Looking at how the election impacts me and my bottom line, there was only one logical thing to do: vote for Hillary Clinton. She was the candidate who would increase my personal bottom line, probably wouldn’t have done any lasting damage to my Constitutionally protected civil rights, and would have increased the number of gun owners in the United States.
Hillary Clinton would have been great for business — even while trying with every fiber of her being to put me out of a job. I’m with her. Well, I was.

Way to stand behind your position, Dude.

In Florida...

Statistically speaking, in a Florida Trader Joe's, there would have been four armed customers.

Four people who could have ended the hostage situation early by being their own first responder.

But it happened in California...

Statistically speaking, in California, there should have been 1/10th of an armed customer.  It appears that statistics are correct in this case.

A lot of hay is made from several prominent shootings here in The Sunshine State, but it needs to be repeatedly pointed out they all happen in gun free zones.  Airports, schools, bars... but not grocery stores.  Not even hipster chic grocery stores.

New Batts

When a laptop's battery only gives about an hour of use when it used to run for three...

This is what we, in the intelligence community, call an indicator.

Happily, my Lenovo T420S is a popular model and there's OEM and aftermarket batteries galore!

The aftermarket even promises more amp-hours for less money.

I am presently conducting that experiment.  If it proves to be so, I might grab a couple more.

I Don't Care

A TV show that I don't watch has made an SJW casting decision?

It might, theoretically, be possible for me to care less; but I don't see how.

The antics of homo simiansis dancerei don't generally get me too worked up since I stopped paying them as much as humanly possible.

I do, still, get worked up about comics.

I have a warning for CW on this character, and it applies to non SJW characters as well:

"Don't make up your own characters for a show based on an existing property."

Stick to what's in the books and make divergences only with great caution.

 If you want to make up new heroes, then make them all up, including the title character.

But who would have tuned into "Impressive Chick"?

Dear Busybody

As someone who's gotten the handicap placard and been confronted with someone without one parked in the handicapped spot...

There's a web page for reporting them.

The state mails them a ticket, which they can then get dismissed if they have a permit.

Getting into a pissing match with the driver isn't the way to go.

Dear Protestors.

I want "juctice" and arrests too!  But he dead.  Mr Testosterone is dead for assaulting an armed person.  On camera.  But he's already dead, so no point in arresting him for the attack.

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri is no friend of the second amendment or stand your ground.  If he's not bringing charges over this, it's bloody obvious to his staff and the prosecutors the shooting was justified.  Even if it's not "stand your ground" it's a clear case of normal self defense.

Dear Vultures Wanting To Sue.

A feature of Florida self defense law is that anyone who acted in self defense is held harmless in civil action related to the death.  More than a couple plaintiffs and potential plaintiffs have discovered themselves responsible for more legal bill than they thought they'd have for attempting to bring such a case to court.

21 July 2018

One Adam Twelve Calling One Adam Twelve

Willard couldn't stand the stocks that were on the K15.

Like all good people everywhere he's got a huge bin of old parts and cast-offs; so he had a set of grips that go well with the theme.

Suddenly It's Crystal Clear

The “Three Stupid” Rule
“Do not go to stupid places, with stupid people, and do stupid things”

People are avoiding me because of this!

Lift Off!

GURPS: Interstellar Wars on p. 170 mentions Interface Operations.

An airframe-hull ship can actually fly to or from orbit, its hull generating lift so that the ship’s drive doesn’t have to do all the work of overcoming gravity. This will work even if the ship’s space acceleration rating is lower than local gravity.

 If they were using contragravity, the acceleration of the drive wouldn't matter for liftoff.

This also means that we're going to need runways.

That got me to wondering about the take-off profile.

A ship with full zero-g, zero-atmosphere maneuvering systems is perfectly controllable at stupidly insane angles of attack.

If the ship is lighter than the thrust available, then it can maintain orientation even in a stall while the ship still accelerates upward.  It will also, eventually, get past stall speed with this profile.

So I can see airframe-hulled ships using just enough runway to get the nose pointed up then powering their way awkwardly skyward with the vernier thrusters keeping it pointed where you're wanting to go.

Overloaded airframe-hulls are just going to have to use the whole runway and claw their way up normal like.

Streamlined and unstreamlined hulls are going to be tail-landers.  If you can't overcome local gravity we call that landing a crash and we call the "take-off" a ground display.

Gaming Life Support

Over the [mutter mutter] decades I've been playing science fiction settings in RPGs, I've dealt with more than a couple ship design systems.

Life support, if it's mentioned at all, is handwaved as hard as the physics of a reactionless drive.

Some systems the life support is assumed with allocation of living space, like the bridge and staterooms.

Some systems purchase the system on a per-person-supported/per-time basis.

This is OK, but...

Most games also allow that cavernous hold to be habitable as well.

I've long thought that the life support system should be broken into two separate systems in the design chart.

The first is the volume of the system.  This covers the entire habitable volume of the ship and includes things like maintaining comfortable pressure, temperature and humidity.

The second is the capacity of the system.  This covers how many people's waste products can be filtered/scrubbed/recycled by the system.

For both we need to decide how efficient they are too.  Do I need to stock the pantry with food, or is the recycler so efficient that just adding some power changes all the outputs back into wholesome inputs.

Efficiency also has bearing on how often and how many consumables go with the system.

Does the food processor need tanks of goo every so often in addition to what it's recycling?

Does the air processor need new filters or scrubbers?  How often?

If I pack in too many people do I simply use more consumables at the same percentage increase?

Likewise, if I have fewer folks, do the consumables last longer?

It's a Gordian knot that I'm not going to untie by declaring numbers.


Because in LBB Traveller, life support is assumed.  The 4 dTon of a stateroom is actually 2.44 dTon of stateroom with the remaining 1.56 dTon being corridors, common space and life-support for two people.

Because in GURPS: Traveller, life support is bought erratically.  It comes with several berthing modules and can be bought separately.  Untangling the module system in GT to get back to the GURPS: Vehicles numbers it's based on is never simple or easy.  It's also divided into limited/full/total life support, and which comes with what berthing.  There's a reason I'm bald.

Because in GURPS: Interstellar Wars, life support comes with the berthing and 50% of the declared volume is the systems and access supporting the berthing.  Unlike GT, a partial slice of power plant isn't included so you have to add up power consumption then make sure you brought enough bottled sunshine.

I'm not entirely satisfied by how it's presented, but there's enough room for me as a GM to treat it like a distinct system and mess with the players about it.

PS: If you think this is eerily similar to Erin's post, it's because we were discussing it.


"[President Donald Trump] is the gravest threat to our Democracy" paraphrased from Adam Schiff (D-CA28).

Your Democracy, Representative, is the gravest threat to our Republic.

Lemme check here...
The Constitution mentions democracy not at all.  In fact there isn't even a work that starts with "demo" in the thing.

Article IV, Section 4, however:

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened), against domestic Violence.
This is also the single use of the word Republican in the whole document.

We're not guaranteed democracy.

If you bother to read the notes the people who drafted The Constitution left behind you'll note they were terrified of the idea of pure democracy, for many reasons.

20 July 2018

Installment Plan

At present I have $175 remaining on paying off my NRA Lifetime Membership.

I got an offer in the mail, from the actual NRA, that if I pay off the $225 remaining they'll send me a handsome $129 value backpack.

Since I've been paying $25 a month like clockwork that means the department doing the offer is using data that's at least a month and half stale.

I should see if there's a number to call and pay just what I owe to get the backpack.

Taking A Big Bite

Perhaps a bite too big to chew.

The Boy returned from another "evaluation" at the Mental Health Facility Local.

These trips are really just a day-spa adventure for him and don't do bleeding thing to get his behaviors under control.

What they have revealed is that he can remain calm in such an environment and he can turn it on or off as he wants.

Knowing that he's in control of whether he's going to have an episode and can stop at will means we can be conventional in dealing with the tantrums.

And that means telling him 'no' even when we know it's going to set him off.  It means denying him fun stuff when he hasn't done the gotta-do's.

It means kicking The Lovely Harvey out of the house so that he thinks she's off having fun without him.

It means planting my ass at home and weathering the storm from both The Boy, who wants to remain in control and for the no-consequences-he-cares-about situation to return; and from Harvey who just wants to have some damn peace when she gets home and hates to see me, in effect, setting him off to make my point to him.

Before, we were operating under the idea that he had no control over his outbursts and enduring was all can do.  Now that we know he's in control and being controlling, we've got to do something different.

This is gonna be tough!  Send prayers!

Missing: Small Strips Of Dead Cow

Left to Right:

Yugoslavian 6X4 copy (AKM Type II)
Polish 6H4 (AKM Type II Transitional)
Romanian 6X3 copy (AKM Type I)
East German 6X3 copy (AKM Type I)

Today I ordered a new hanger and wrist strap for the Yugo and a new wrist strap for the Romy.

I Kidde I Kidde

Thanks for reminding me Miguel!

Turns out my patio fire extinguisher is affected by the recall, but I'd been forgetting to call Kidde and get me a replacement.

Should have a new one in about a month considering it's a 15-20 business day wait.

Early Onset Panic

With the nomination of Kavanaugh the pro-choice people are in a panic.

His confirmation will lead to the banning of abortions?

What I keep hearing about him is he is pretty strict in adhering to the Constitution as written...

The panic makes me think that the pro-abortion people think that it's constitutional to ban abortions...


19 July 2018

Ignorant Of History

The people demanding that gun owners disarm are demanding disarmament in the wrong order.

The average citizen is, by far, the most trustworthy person to own a gun.

A government, by far, is the least trustworthy entity to own guns.

This is why I always say that someone advocating gun control, no matter what they say, is actually advocating for tyrannical government because they never EVER disarm the police or military.

They never mention the proliferation of firearms among government agencies whom don't have much law enforcement power.

They want the tyranny, they just don't think it's going to be what we're warning them it will be.

OCD Alert

Zombies is so different...

How Much Now?

At one of the local pawn shops we discovered that a bog standard Mosin-Nagant Model 91/30 with a hex receiver and laminated stock is $400.

The shocker was that a fairly nice Rifle Number 4 Mark 1 was $900!

Have surplus prices really gotten this out of hand?

Sticking Pigs

I bought a Romanian Type I AKM bayonet because the handle was close to the plum color I put on my PSAKM.

Sadly, the rivet for the retainer strap on the frog was broken.

Today I saw an AK bayonet at a pawn shop that had a leather Romanian frog that was fully intact.

The bayonet and scabbard turned out to be a Yugoslavian Type II AKM model, appropriate for a Zastava M70!

Now I have a spare East German Type I AKM bayonet, scabbard and hanger without a rifle to claim them.

The Polish 6H4 bayonet I bought is paired with Tonya the Kbk. wz.88.

Where'd all these Commie guns come from?

18 July 2018

All The IR

Using an IR850 filter I got this with my SX20IS!

Naked eye that looks orange-red through the filter.

It's A Masterpiece

Combat Masterpiece, that is!

I've been wanting to play with one of these since I did the playtest for GURPS: SEALs in Vietnam!

This particular revolver is a Model 15-3 and appears to have seen a lot of handling and just a bit of shooting.

A tale about how the SEALs came to have Model 15's in .38 Special instead of Model 19's in .357 Magnum is because some procurement officer loaded a Model 19 with .38 and since he couldn't tell the difference between the 15 and 19, there was no need to get the more expensive magnum guns.

The trigger is buttery.  And is it WIDE!

As is the hammer spur.

I can't wait to see how Willard's new toy shoots!

Got Wood

The stocks for the Challenger arrived today.

You can see from the half-moon cut-out on the passenger side that these grips are really for a Woodsman.

The driver's side needed some minor fitting to clear a screw on the gun and to clearance for the magazine follower button.  I have a good sharp chisel and files, no problem!

It's handsome wood, if a trifle dry.  The ziplock they came in was yellowed from age!  Who knows how long they've been sitting on them?

Yes, Mr Rollins (A Known Dancing Monkey), You Are Correct

The strong DON'T need a gun.

That's why muscle bound thugs prefer disarmed victims.

Using the same projection as Mr Rollins, that means that he intends to do harm to someone because of his muscles.

Thanks to my injuries, I am not fleet of foot and that keeps me from being very strong.

Happily, I'm armed.  So, bring it, HR!

I agree with you, yet you're the one who's wrong.

Ironic, don't you think?

17 July 2018

Shit Going On

Posting has been light because I've been dealing with personal shit.

When you're the stay-at-home Dad your life is unconventional, at best.

When the unconventional hits the conventional...

Parts fly off.

Bear with me, I'll be back in the swing soon.

RIAT 2018

Watching the footage from the Royal International Air Tattoo roll in on YouTube.

I think the naysayers of the F-35A need to offer some apologies.

The only other planes that came close to its display were the Eurofighter and a Finn F/A-18C.

The Sukhoi positively lumbered into the air by comparison.

That, by the way, is the plane to beat.

The sensor-fusion stuff is real.  Dismissing it is a mistake.

Being a C-DAT I might see this more clearly than aviation wonks.

The Abrams, in 1988, is another such leap in technology.  I remember crewing the thing and watching all manner of people saying what a boat-anchor the thing was.

Except I was CREWING one.

I knew what it could do and saw, personally, what happened to the OPFOR who'd not accepted the new paradigm of the thermal sighting system.

Them SAS guys was pissed at being lit up by a platoon of tanks on a moonless night.

That sensor shit the F-35 is bringing is more advanced than that F-22A's and I've been talking to fighter pilots who talk in terms of caveat about setting up a fight with one.

When you have to specify the distance, altitude, and airspeed of the start of the fight to win, you've lost.

I think that eventually we're going to be proud of the Lightning and happy to have them.

I also think that the Navy is going to have to go back and rearrange things to mount a gun internally on both the F-35B and F-35C.  It's just too useful a thing to have when you need to do air to ground on an ad-hoc basis.

I Can Quit Whenever I Want!

Besides, I needed that 125 ft-lb capacity 1/4 drive digital torque wrench!

16 July 2018

Sight Unseen

There's a company in Carol Stream, Illinois, who claims to make stocks for the Colt Challenger.

I made a couple of inquiries about them and got to a point where they needed information about my specific gun to decide if they actually stocked the stocks.

The Challenger is a variation of the Woodsman 2nd Series.

In theory, any grip stock that fits a 2nd Series Woodsman fits a Challenger.  That's the theory, but nobody who makes the damn things seems to know for sure.

One of the main differences between the grips stocks appears to be if there's a cut for the magazine release and if there's a thumb rest.  The Challenger had neither.

It's been months since I sent the requested information to the company in Illinois.  No response.

I've even fired off a couple of emails asking if they got the information they requested.  No response.

I guess they don't want my business.

Gunbroker to the rescue!

They're not going to be correct.  They're walnut.

The correct stocks for the gun are these hideous dark brown plastic monstrosities.  They genuinely look like something that the cheap Chinese knock-off company would sell when they farmed out the job to someone who doesn't care as much as they do about QC.

After all, you bought the Challenger instead of the Woodsman, you cheap bastard, what did you want, burled maple?

So, soon the Challenger will be sporting better grips than it ever had and the black plastic things what make the OEM stocks look good will be tossed into a hole which will be limed and salted and sealed for a 1,000 generations with eldritch enchantments to prevent them from being used again.

Hurray I'm Helping!

Someone on Arfcom is trying to restore their old Model 70.

I happened to have some of the parts they're missing.

Going in the mail today after I drop off The Boy at school.

I'm not gonna name-drop whom is doing the restoration, but I'd heard of them before.

All The T'rrible T'ings

Oh my Gods the things I've contemplated as a GM for various games.

When the players are the good guys, I am the bad guy, and oft' that means I must be evil.

VERY evil when running some of my settings.

Modred being a fine example where I had the gates of Hell being opened by the massive human sacrifice by Hitler's minions.  I even have notes why this didn't happen for Stalin earlier.

Gotta concentrate the murders, Joe.

I.  Have.  Notes.  On.  Why.  One.  Mass.  Murder.  Opens.  The.  Gates.  Of.  Hell.  And.  Another.  Doesn't.

There's times I think I've gazed too deep into the abyss.

There's time when I realize that I've only skimmed the depths of depravity.

But there's others... like making a comfortable chair a mandatory part of the enchantment for making a soul-burner engine.

I have had players go pale at some of the things I've presented to them.

15 July 2018

14 July 2018

Thag Lurn Two Day!

One of the fuses on the water heater pops every once and a while.

JT suggested that sediment had accumulated and that I needed to flush it.

He agreed to show me how.  Which I needed because I had the wrong end of the hose...

Hose hooked up, I opened the valve and started the flow.

I opened it some more, and the flow increased.

So I turned it some more.

And unscrewed the valve all the way out of the drain!

A 1" diameter column of sediment and water fired across the entire garage!

I was COVERED in flakes of sediment when it splashed off the valve I was no longer holding.

Luckily Harvey was standing on the other side of the column and outside the garage near the shut off valve.

"Welp," says I, "that's one way to do it."

I should do it more often too.  Without screwing the valve all the way out.

Here's A Blast From My Past

12 July 2018

It Shouldn't Be This Hard

Lost the keys to a set of padlocks.

Cut them off, go to get new locks.

Cannot find a decent lock in that teeny size for love or money at any brick and mortar store.

Tru-Value at least had an explanation.

The small lock I seek was commonly used on luggage.  TSA doesn't approve of good locks on luggage, so they've become rather scarce now.

Happily, they're still available from Amazon!

11 July 2018

Aim Low

Did you know that the sights on your gun assume firing at 1 g and in 1 atmosphere of pressure of an oxygen-nitrogen mix and in a temperature you can live in?

What if you fired outside this standard temperature and pressure environment?

You shots are going to go high in zero g.  They're going to go high in vacuum.

They're going to go low in higher gravity.  They're going to go low in higher pressure.

It could get very complex.

The sights of a spacefaring military are going to have adjustments for gravity and atmosphere.

AR Fatigue

A Podcast I didn't listen to, but whose title triggered this post.

It has been over two years since I assembled my last AR, an M16A2 clone named Andrea.

Before that was the, incomplete, purple plastic AR.

Then a four year gap...


The AR thing has slowed down.

I don't have the $300 or so to complete Lavender Linda Lovelace and I don't really have a desire for a new AR.

If money were no object, I'd snag the modernized AR-10 from Willard when his BRN-10 arrives.  Then (to his horror) modernize it.

I Cannot Speak For Anyone Else

Sarah Hoyt Asks!

Because if I didn't vent the pressure here; people would die.

No shit.  Murders.

But since I have this release, I can continue being a law abiding member of society who's just a bit grumpy rather than being someone who's depicted on the news as... well there will be lies.

I'd have this release even if it wasn't a blog, per se.  It was Weer'd who challenged me to bring it to Blogger.  I was venting pressure quite nicely at LiveJournal where it was just he, RavenclawEric and FuzzyGeff reading it.

If Google kills Blogger, I will vent on another platform.

Now That The Trap Is Baited

I keep circling back to a setting that's fascinated me since I first bought the GURPS book.

GURPS: Ice Age.


I can GM this.  I just need players.

I got JT snagged with Traveller.  FuzzyGeff is, doubtlessly, game.

I think I can put them together for a short campaign next time Becky heads North.

10 July 2018

Just A Pinch

Fusion power from late TL8 on in GURPS: Traveller uses the premature development of gravitics (normally TL11) to squish the hydrogen down to fusing.

The control of gravity allows the management of neutrons and all their problems.

Fusion plants in this technology are also breeder plants which start with primary Hydrogen fusion and ends with Boron fusion before "running out" of fuel.

You can press it farther, but once you get to iron, your plant will consume power rather than produce it.  Between boron and iron you get increasingly diminished output.

Nearly Everyone Seems To Misunderstand "Rights"

Ladies, if you didn't have reproductive rights then rape would be legal.

Additionally, you couldn't legally buy any form of contraceptive.

Since it's a crime to force you to become pregnant, you have reproductive rights.

Since you're the sole decider about whether you carry a child to term, you have more rights than the other genetic contributor.

It Will Be A Day Long Remembered

"Significantly, the government expressly acknowledges that non-automatic firearms up to .50-caliber – including modern semi-auto sporting rifles such as the popular AR-15 and similar firearms – are not inherently military."

That's big news indeed.

I join in speculating that the move to settle is to prevent it from having a chance at being granted certiorari with The Supreme Court.

Almost as if something has them nervous.

Speaking Of That Gender Thing

The vast majority of people's gender matches their sex which is apparent from birth.

I don't think that gets pointed out as often as it should.

A bit too often LBGT issues are expressed in ways that make it seem like everyone struggles with it like they do when most people don't.

The size of the group where the sex and gender don't align is not large at all.

Both sides of the issue think it's a much bigger deal than it really is.  Remember what I say about compassion?

It's not 1950 any more.

It's not even 1980 any more.

It's past time we started acting like it, because 1980 isn't coming back, let alone 1950.

I know too many well adjusted, happy, homosexuals to say that they're suffering from their condition.  But they do worry about the maladjusted, unhappy, heterosexuals... and they're outnumbered and surrounded and they know it.

We straights can make it easier for them.

If I Had A Magic Wand

I wonder what someone with gender dysphoria would choose.

To be the gender their genetics say or to become the gender they perceive themselves to be.

When you have a magic wand, you can offer that choice.

I wonder how many would refuse the wand.  I know of at least one person who's so vested in his identity as a transman that I doubt he would choose to become fully the woman he was born as or the man he sees himself as.

At least it would be a choice...

1st Amendment Objection Too

The First Amendment also comes into play when talking about abortion.

A great many, and I suspect the vast majority, of pro-life people have come to their position because of religious reasons.

To ban abortions on religious grounds is a violation of the 1st Amendment's prohibition on state religion and such.

Again, there's a lot of law that's in violation so it's understandable that religious folks think they can ban something they don't like or think is immoral.

I am constantly surprised to have to point this out on abortion to people who otherwise Grok The Constitution in its Fullness.  Especially about guns and the war on some drugs.


...in the summer sun!

I will repeat it so that everyone can hear.

Roe v Wade is correctly wrong.

The Supreme Court pulled an emanation from a penumbra and created a right to privacy that somehow makes abortion legal.

The emanating penumbra is the wrong part.

I am going to say that, yes, abortions should be legal under the US Constitution.

Why?  Don't I find the practice abhorrent?

I find I'm remarkably neutral on the topic and find abortions far better than its predecessor, abandonment and exposure.  Do the pro-life people think that before abortions every mother just gritted her teeth and raised an unwanted child?

But back to The Constitution.

Show me where the power to regulate such things is granted.

The Ninth and Tenth Amendments clearly state that if it's not specifically granted, then the feds can't do anything.  There's lots of law that violates the 9th and 10th, so the pro-life side can, somewhat, be forgiven in thinking that abortions can be banned.

It's really a state matter, not a Federal one.

PS: I also find I have much the same attitude towards many pro-life people as I do towards open-border people.  When YOU have taken the results of your position into YOUR home to care for, then maybe you've got some moral footing.

While I am sure that there are pro-life people who've adopted unwanted children, I've yet to meet one.  Yet I know three pro-choice couples who've adopted...  Figure that one out.

Could Have Saved Money

The SCOTUS nominee protestors could have saved some money by just printing,


posters and calling it good.

Instead, they printed signs for each of the likely candidates.

Come to think of it, that might pay off down the line if Ruth Bader-Ginsberg keels over in the next two years (or six).


YouTube has an algorithm which can detect the mere mention of guns and shut down the channel, but they can't master a means that puts the ad at a natural stopping point in a video?

A Theory

Willard is known to be somewhat skeptical about the AR in general.

I wonder if it's because the M16 originates from the same company that produced his "favorite" aircraft, the C-123J.

The love he expresses for the Provider is expansive enough to envelope Armalite by default.

Non Stop Fun And Games

A recurring "joy" of being The Boy's father is "Hulk Mode".

It's violent and abusive and I'm the target.

09 July 2018

Can't Tell A Knight's From A Fairchild Without A Program

Spot the differences between Brownell's new BRN-10 and the originals!

With a bonus of tormenting Mr Fleetwood.

08 July 2018

Stop That Leak

Use an emergency membrane gas barrier!

Remove the EMGB from its pouch.

Extend the frame to conform to the area to be sealed.

Activate the seal to adhere it to the surface to be sealed.

The EMGB can passed through, with some difficulty, with minimal loss of atmosphere.

Shut That Hatch

There's no iris valves in Interstellar Wars!

So there's hatches.

How does a swinging door hatch work?

It's not a simple hinged door.

There's gears.  And a motor.

Normally, you hit the button and the motor cranks the hatch open or closed.

Should there be a power failure, there's a hand crank.

Should there be a pressure loss, there's a diaphragm that disengages the gears in the transmission and a spring slams the hatch shut!  Even against the roaring of 3 atmospheres of pressure differential!

The diaphragm moves a plunger to extend into the vacuum side that gives a tactile and visual indication of pressure loss.  The movement of the plunger also breaks a chem-light giving some light even if there's a power failure.

If the pressure on both sides of the bulkhead equalizes, the diaphragm returns to center and reengages the transmission.

But what if the pressure isn't equalized and you NEED to open that hatch?

Press (or pull) the plunger back to the center position, rotate 90˚ and the transmission will be reengaged and the auto-matic close feature disabled.  A tell-tale in engineering and the bridge will light showing the disablement.  Once you have the transmission reengaged you can use the power buttons or the hand-wheel to open the hatch.


The word that a good many people on the LGBT spectrum are searching for is compassion.

I don't like that abnormal has grown synonymous with derogatory words to refer to their situation.

Rather than change the root meaning of abnormal, I think we'd be better served by delinking it as a synonym for sick, broken and unnatural.

We're only here because the medical profession wanted to sound officious and created "clinical" phrases as a barrier of entry to them hayseed practitioners.

We're also in some situations of the LGBT spectrum because there's things that cannot be fixed without mortally wounding the patient.

It literally cannot be fixed completely.

Want to know something else which is abnormal?  Being short a limb.  It cannot be cured, it must be endured and the things that let the person suffering from it mitigate their abnormality aren't full cures.

Do we look down on people who're missing an arm or leg?

Do we show compassion to their plight and do what we can to let them BE human?

Allowing them to be the human beings they are would go miles towards fixing many of the problems.

There's also things that the LGBT side could do to make it easier for the mundanes to cope.  That's a different topic.

Happy Wife Happy Life

The Lovely Harvey is loving the 'Nox.


I am thinking that the sale of Flossie will go towards making the Biscayne roadworthy again.

Tires being the lion's share of that.

Missing Person

A long-time friend of mine, Ray, has gone missing.

A few years ago, he did not take the loss of his job at all well.

That led to him losing his house and a divorce.

A very bitter divorce.

Self destructive depression and drinking.

Last I'd spoken to him, things appeared to be leveling off and getting better.

Then a long silence.

I left many messages and sent texts, even going so far as to contact his ex to make sure I had a good number.

He finally replied and seemed OK on June 24.

That was, apparently, the last anyone has heard from him.

His ex even went so far as to contact me because his two daughters are going frantic.

If you know where Ray is... lemme know if he's safe or not.

07 July 2018

Five Points

In my games, making a Minifig version of your character is worth 5 extra character points.

Don't forget your hex-stand!

The Crew Of The Northern Lights

The crew, so far of the UNMS Northern Lights, a 400 dTon Lightning class free-trader.

L-R  4th Officer (Cargo) William "Willie" Longbottom, 3rd Officer (Engineering) Jake Heke, 3rd Officer (Navigation) Musush Dahveeie, and Captain Matt Baker.

06 July 2018

Sign Here. No, Use The Blood.

The Lovely Harvey's new ride.

Special thanks to Marv for securing the loan.

For Sale!  2002 Civic EX sedan.  Catastrophic cooling system failure repaired thanks to generous contribution by FuzzyGeff!  She runs, but we just don't trust her old bones any more.

05 July 2018

McJob Again

The Civic grenaded today.

I'm officially in "fuck my life" territory.

04 July 2018

Check Valve

If you watch The Expanse you've seen a scene where a character, Prax, has his umbilical come unplugged from the ship's central air line and dumps his air.

This is a poor design.

There should be a check valve in the helmet that snaps shut when the air flow tries to reverse OUT of the suit.

There should also be a rate-check valve on the ship side.  That way when the flow rate indicates a puncture in the line, the valve closes and isolates that section from the rest of the system.

Worse Than Tide Pods

Tragedy strikes the 82nd Airborne Division as the "jump without a parachute" challenge arrives at Ft Bragg.

03 July 2018

Solution Set

If you figure out why the 100 diameter limit is based on gravity, but is related to the physical size of the object and not its mass...

You've also figured out dark matter!

Coincidentally, this also lets you cool your ship unnaturally well.

Traveller is a very internally consistent space opera, not a hard-science setting so just relax and let the meson hooks explode in your face.

My Marriage Is Now Old Enough To Vote

18 years ago The Lovely Harvey said she'd have me.

I'm far luckier than many people, and far more than I deserve.

Just Once

Just ONCE I want to see someone who works for the government get the charge, trial and sentence they deserve rather than being slapped on the wrist and set free.

The fact that the government is not accountable at all is one of the reasons we're where we are.

Gonna Change My Name To Angus McJob

The dryer decided it doesn't need to make heat anymore.

I've fixed it like three times prior to this.

The element has the correct resistance, both thermal fuses have continuity, the thermostat is closed and has continuity.  All the things with continuity have great zero resistance.

Something new to me has gone wrong this time and I'm sick of fixing on it.

02 July 2018

Dead Over A Misdemeanor

I have a dream where I will not be shot by the police unless I am committing a capitol offense.

The recent shooting where someone got dead for losing control of a poorly controlled firearm (it was sticking out of a pocket) while apparently helping the cops subdue a suspect.

The cops, on video, don't seem to care that he's helping with the subduing.

The cops, on video, don't seem to care that he's openly carrying a gun sticking out of his pocket.

But when the guy disappears from view, and appears to be falling down too, they start screaming GUN GUN GUN and shot him dead right there.

I've got some questions.

Is brandishing a capitol crime?  I suspect not since they've a statute in Oregon 166.190:

Any person over the age of 12 years who, with or without malice, purposely points or aims any loaded or empty pistol, gun, revolver or other firearm, at or toward any other person within range of the firearm, except in self-defense, shall be fined upon conviction in any sum not less than $10 nor more than $500, or be imprisoned in the county jail not less than 10 days nor more than six months, or both. Justice courts have jurisdiction concurrent with the circuit court of the trial of violations of this section. When any person is charged before a justice court with violation of this section, the court shall, upon motion of the district attorney, at any time before trial, act as a committing magistrate, and if probable cause be established, hold such person to the grand jury. 

 I've lived places where pointing a gun is assault with a deadly weapon.  In Oregon, it's a misdemeanor!

To run up a felony you've got to actually pull the trigger, and even then the results of the shot figure large into the charge that results.

The deceased losing control of his gun, while helping the cops, gets ventilated over a misdemeanor.

After the cowardice of Broward and knowing Warren v DC... The police are having it both ways.

They don't have to do anything.  They get to kill virtually anyone they want under the mantle of officer safety.

Cops, that mantle can only be assumed if you have a DUTY, to enter the fray.  Warren says you don't.

I don't care what your policies read on the subject, because when someone tries to sue you for not following those; your lawyers will be hiding behind Warren and you know it!

So, pick:  You either don't have to do anything and cannot be held liable, or you do have to do something and cannot be held liable.

Choose now, choose forever. 

Stand By For Explosive Decompression

Just as the visor helmet includes a bubble helmet...

The standard vacc-suit includes a skinsuit.

A skinsuit and bubble helmet are the base that all the other suits are built up from.  It's all modular!

But, let's say you're sitting there in your acceleration couch, in your skinsuit, helmet off and your ears pop and the cabin suddenly gets foggy.

Now what?

You reach behind you and grab the bubble helmet that's mounted on the head rest, put it on.

Then you connect the umbilical line from the seat's mini-tank to the fitting on your skinsuit.  That mini-tank is hooked to the ship's central umbilical feed so you're not limited by tank capacity until you actually leave your station.

Because the skinsuit and bubble are the core of the other suits, you don't have to remove them to get a suit with more DR and PF!  Everybody wins!

At higher TL the bubble helmet is replaced by a flexible space helmet in the headrest to save space.  It's the same form factor as the bubble, you just give up some DR while wearing it alone.

A change I make from the rules as written is the helmet neck-ring.

A real-life pressure suit has a ring with seals on it and the helmet clamps down to it.  Then the helmet doesn't rotate with the wearer's head.

TL9+ suits are counter-pressure rather than atmospheric pressurized.  So the "neck ring" is simply a higher collar and the helmet has a flexible skirt which mates with it.  This allows the helmet to be smaller and lets it move with the wearer's head.

The Visor Helmet Includes The Bubble Helmet

Bet you didn't know this!

¿Dos? ¡No! ¡Más!

01 July 2018

The NFA Process Is Simple And Clear

All it took to realize how easy it is to do a Form 1 or Form 4 was to see what California has come up with for registering your everyday, common use, modern sporting rifle what looks like something the Army bought.

Law Abiding Members Of The Confederation

There's so many things that are coming up making a GURPS: Traveller: Interstellar Wars campaign that just never came up when the party was a bunch of murder-hobos.

The characters are from The Terran Confederation operating a Lightning class light freighter.  The captain is in the employ of the ship's owners.

The first thing that came up, should status and stigmas be for The Confederation or for Ziru Sirka?  Or both?

The next thing that comes up is the settled/unsettled lifestyle question.

If you're settled then 80% of your starting wealth is tied up in hearth and home, 20% is available for adventuring stuff.

Unsettled means you can drop 100% at your portable adventure stuff.

The question matters since the starting wealth is $50,000 and a conventional civilian vacc suit (without helmet!) costs $10,000; or exactly 20% of the standard starting wealth.