08 July 2018


The word that a good many people on the LGBT spectrum are searching for is compassion.

I don't like that abnormal has grown synonymous with derogatory words to refer to their situation.

Rather than change the root meaning of abnormal, I think we'd be better served by delinking it as a synonym for sick, broken and unnatural.

We're only here because the medical profession wanted to sound officious and created "clinical" phrases as a barrier of entry to them hayseed practitioners.

We're also in some situations of the LGBT spectrum because there's things that cannot be fixed without mortally wounding the patient.

It literally cannot be fixed completely.

Want to know something else which is abnormal?  Being short a limb.  It cannot be cured, it must be endured and the things that let the person suffering from it mitigate their abnormality aren't full cures.

Do we look down on people who're missing an arm or leg?

Do we show compassion to their plight and do what we can to let them BE human?

Allowing them to be the human beings they are would go miles towards fixing many of the problems.

There's also things that the LGBT side could do to make it easier for the mundanes to cope.  That's a different topic.

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