29 July 2018

That Didn't Stay Fixed Long

Took Flossie (the Civic that used to be The Lovely Harvey's) to Lowe's today and she dropped hard into limp mode.

Codes P1361 and P1362.  That's crank position and top-dead-center sensor faults respectively.

Dirt simple hall effect sensors that aren't working.

I'm past where I can figure this out with my skills and diagnostic equipment.

That means hiring someone.


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  1. Angus, don't throw in the towel so easily. Google the videos on "replacing crank position sensor" for that model/year and see what pops up. They are usually either on the bell housing using the flywheel gear or on the front of the engine, using a ring by the harmonic balancer or crankshaft/timing pulley/gear or camshaft. One sensor can give both fault readings as the same sensor can be used for TDC as well as CPS. A 15 dollar part or bad wire to said part will do this. Happy wrenching.




    1. I've replaced the TDC once already. The amount of shit you have to remove to gain access to the "simple" replacement is astonishing. Never mind the anti-lock brake manifold being an afterthought and bolted to the fender right in the way of seeing what you're doing.

      I don't think it's actually a bad sensor. Car gets hot, limp mode with codes. Car cools down, clear code, fine for a week or two.

    2. You might notice that nearly all the videos showing the replacement are on 2001 or older cars of this generation, before Honda rearranged where the anti-lock goes and moved a couple other things.

      Never mind the belt tensioning system that's pure retard. Wing nuts where you've got to get like 40-ft-lb on the thing.


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