11 July 2018

Now That The Trap Is Baited

I keep circling back to a setting that's fascinated me since I first bought the GURPS book.

GURPS: Ice Age.


I can GM this.  I just need players.

I got JT snagged with Traveller.  FuzzyGeff is, doubtlessly, game.

I think I can put them together for a short campaign next time Becky heads North.

1 comment:

  1. When I was first introduced to GURPS back in 3eR, one of the possible scenarios used to describe the system's broad capability was Swashbuckling Space Cavemen, with absolutely no homebrew or houserules required to accommodate it. I even built Tarzan as a TL0 spearmaster for a one-shot. It's a very potentially interesting time to set a campaign in, and a good excuse to go hardcore with survival and craft skills


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