24 July 2018


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M9 Bayonet
M7 Bayonet
The ubiquitous and storied Ka-Bar
1918 trench knife

In GURPS terms they are all small knives.

The trench knife is a combination weapon combining a small knife with a set of brass knuckles.


  1. Hey Angus;

    Nice collection of "stabby" things, LOL

    1. I need an M3 Fighting Knife and a USMC bayonet to round it out.

      But that would lead down the rat hole of needing an M4 bayonet for the carbine I don't have and an M5 bayonet for the Garand I don't have and an M6 bayonet for the M14 I don't have.

    2. Well, work harder, duh. Nice thing about blades is unless you're going for actual period pieces in excellent condition, the used but good or the new reproductions are within your price range. The bang-sticks that go with them? Not so much.

    3. I've watched bayonets get cheap, then expensive, then cheap again more than once.

      M7's are getting stupid money right now, for example.

      At one point I recall M6's being near unobtainium, now they're not too bad.


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