06 July 2018

Sign Here. No, Use The Blood.

The Lovely Harvey's new ride.

Special thanks to Marv for securing the loan.

For Sale!  2002 Civic EX sedan.  Catastrophic cooling system failure repaired thanks to generous contribution by FuzzyGeff!  She runs, but we just don't trust her old bones any more.


  1. Hey Angus;

    Nice ride, I have heard good things about those cars. BTW did they ask for your first born or just a testicle?

  2. In my youth my father once stated that if you can count your true friends on one hand, you are a wealthy man. Now that I am at official SocSec age, I understand what he meant. You have some true friends McThag, wealthy in deed.

  3. Nice ride!

    (Crossing fingers) I've probably bought my last new car. That was in '05 and the replacement in '12 was bought as used. And at the rate I'm adding miles to it (about 6k/year) it will probably run until the rubber and plastic dissolve away.


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