27 July 2018

Playing With The Settings

Lots of pics below the cut.

I'm learning a lot.

First I played with the flash intensity.

Then I played with the exposure.

This is the camera in Auto mode.


  1. Having a remote flash or off-set light source helps a lot, too. The more off-set the flash, the less direct flash-back you'll get.

    I like Photo #3, not a lot of flash-back or whatever the photo-people call it. #2 and #5 of the Exposure-settings are pretty darned good, too. Auto-Focus surprisingly did a darned good job.

    1. My Canon SX20 IS has excellent auto-focus! It was a feature I demanded.

    2. Smart man. Wish the Evidence Tech at my last job had the same determination you are showing. With her, it was "Oh, look, yet another overly flared picture of something plasticky or metallicky."

      You are definitely improving your art by practicing and fiddling.


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