29 April 2006

Serious Lack Of Communication

I am fat because I eat too much and move around less than a pet rock.

That's my fault. Nobody else. Exercise pretty much tends to be a primary activity, and it is deadly dull.

Stress might be a factor, but dammit! It's not your fault you got skin cancer, it's genetics. You didn't ask to become a diabetic, genetics again. My worries are that you are going to die! Dammit, cancer and diabetes are serious shit!

The Boy might be a pain, but all 13 year olds are. He's just a different kind of pain from the norm. At least he's not going to parties and doing crack just to show us! And he has only come home in a police car once and he wasn't even charged! =)

I love you two. If I didn't I would be so gone. Without the love, there is no reason for staying. Luckily, there's a lot of love here for you guys. Never forget it, even if I'm moody because I hurt.

I'm here because I am with the two people I love the most in the whole world. Just because I cannot express it doesn't mean I don't feel it.

25 April 2006

Serious As A Shadow On A Chest X-Ray

I seem to have developed a mild case of pneumonia. YAAAY!
I also seem to be allergic to something too. This makes the pneumonia worse, or at least adds to the mucus problem.
And I have managed to go from 194 lbs in 2004 to 235 today. Yippie! I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the tree in the backyard is active by comparison to me.

24 April 2006

Repetition Is Fun

I have had a recurring thought.

Should the US decide that there will be no more Islam, we could do it. And unlike the Nazi vs Jew holocaust, the Moslems have made it clear publicly that they want all us Westerners dead or converted (except the Jews which get to just be dead).

My mind is skidding around this. Genocide, with the moral high-ground. It boggles! The complete eradication of a culture, and it would be self defence.

I have long thought our foreign policy should be based on what the other country says we act like. Iran says we murder babies in the street, OK. Dead babies on the menu. I am also convinced that we could develop a weapon that only killed babies that are actually in the streets, sparing those merely on the sidewalks or indoors.

Iran is currently trying real hard to get nukes and doing the nation-state equivalent to waving a loaded gun around a crowded room. If this was just a single nut in a gymnasium, there is no question the moral and legal thing to do is cap the whacko. Problem is, if we cap Iran, we're pretty much going to have to eliminate Islam. And given the choice between Islam and my culture, I pick my culture and will not weep if there are no more Moslems. Of course, their future is in their hands. They pop a nuke on us and our response is automatic. It will not be cycled through public opinion polls. We have enough to eliminate the much larger Soviet Union, their allies and China for good measure. Iran? Prepare to fire 2% of the missles, turn key to the right on my count, 3, 2, 1 TURN... And Iran should consider that we still have those subs with missles too. The commander of a boomer is not required to confirm a TACAMO generated fire mission.

This is a recurring thought.

And if we have to kill them all, there will be no reason not to make the middle east our own private gas supply too.

This is beginning to look like a win-win...

20 April 2006


Gunner, sabot, two tanks, left tank first.
On the way.
Target, right tank.
On the way.
Target, cease fire.

19 April 2006

Illegal Immigration Solution

Shoot them.

The basis of the castle doctrine if someone breaks into my home is that the corpse would not have been eligible to be shot had it just stayed out of my house.

Same same for the Mexicans. If they had stayed in Mexico, they would not have been in MY rifle's range.

And the solution for the illegals mass protests, it's an oldie, but a goodie: Maxim. Three Maxim guns in your choice of caliber could take out one demonsration in less than an hour. Lords know they can kill that many in an hour, WW1 proved it.

So, Mexicans, wanna live? Do it legal.

Education Spending

This is going to start with an analogy, so bear with me.

Lets say that I don't know how to perform a job. Let us also say that I am hired to do this job. Let us also suppose that my salary is $40k a year. Will raising my salary to $60k per year suddenly make me able to perform it?

If your argumentis that you cannot get people who know how to do the job for less than $60k a year, then the raise MUST include terminating the people who don't perform so that vacancies will be created to allow the qualified people be hired at the new rate.

What we tend to have in education spending is what I describe above. We are told that otherwise qualified applicants will not apply for teaching positions because the pay scales are too low. So, to attract better teachers, we much increase salaries. Fair enough, but this line of reasoning implies that the current employees are not qualified to do the job.

If giving teachers a raise came with firing all of the incompetent ones and included provisions for firing future bad teachers, I could get behind it. The problem really is that we cannot get rid of the deadwood in our system. Thanks teacher's unions!

17 April 2006

Things That Bother Kim Du Toit

Dead Link to Kim Du Toit's Defunct Site

1. People who are constantly talking on their cell phones.   I have to say, I agree with him here.  Anyone who can't NOT talk to someone for even a second really needs a book.

2. People who pronounce a “d” like it’s a “t”. "Every time I hear someone say “just a secont”, I want to beat them over the head with a baseball bat." Gotta disagree with him here.  My midwestern accent naturally does that.  But I DO know how to pronounce 'd'.  I don't say tipthoung or mitwestern.  I'm sure a linguist would tell us why.  And should someone from South Africa be telling me, a NATIVE AMERICAN-ENGLISH SPEAKER how to pronounce my MOTHER TONGUE??

3. Tattoos. He is so horrified by ink that he doesn't even want a waitress with a sleeve to serve him food.  Pussy.  He considers it self multilation.  I don't and I hope that he gets so creeped out by my tats that he barfs.  What kind of man can't look at a tattoo?

4. People who put their empty paper cups neatly on the ground outside their car doors, and then drive off.  I agree here.  Too many car shows have had to relocate because the people who attend leave the place looking like a dump, and/or don't patronize the business sponsoring the show.

5. Loud (c)rap music in cars. Double plus agree!  And it goes triple for houses making that much noise.  Your entertaining tunes should not emanate past your property.  They should especially not intrude into mine.

And a few of my own.

1. People with nothing better to do than to chew on fruit flavored vulcanized tree-sap.  I hate gum.  I hate the wet sucking sound of it pulling away from teeth.  I hate the smack of the lips coming apart and slapping together.  It is the ultimate in mindless activities.  For a sophont, any activity that doesn't require your brain should be shunned.

2. People with no experience with something I have experience with telling me all about how it is or was.  You have no frame of reference to correct me, so shut up.

3. People who have no idea how to change their own oil.  I don't care if you choose to take it to Jiffy-Lube or the dealer, but you should at least know how to and own the simple tools to perform the task.

4. Being ignored by the staff at a business.  There is nothing you are doing that you cannot drop to assist the customer, you know, the people who decide if your place of employment stays open.  And if you ARE so damn busy you can't help me right away, a simple, "We'll be right with you," will do.  A customer in the store takes priority over stocking the shelves.  A customer in the store trumps a customer on the phone.  A customer in the store is more important than standing around doing nothing.

5. People who don't patronize the sponsor of a free event, like a car show.  It's mostly restaurants that are footing the bill and sacrificing parking space for the show-cars, throw them a bone and buy a meal.  Most of them even give you 5-15% off the bill too!

12 April 2006

Something I Just Noticed

I am doing my insomnia thing and I just noticed something while watching "Air Force One".

When they shoot the pretty press secretary her pupils aren't dialated. The normal fear/anger/excitement response is to dialate the pupils.

Do we call this bad acting?

11 April 2006

Chevy Men Wear Kilts

On page 106 of the June 2006 issue of Chevy High Performance is MY CAR!!!

And except for small edits, the write up is what I wrote.

Happy Dance!

In your FACE Canniff.

PS, if you want your own copy it's the one with a purple Nova and "11 Tested Bolt-Ons For Under $899" headline.

09 April 2006

They've Gotten It Backwards Again


     "Rasheed sued in 2000 after the state signed a contract with a new food vendor that began providing lamb and fish to Muslim prisoners on two Islamic holidays, Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. Rasheed said the meals were inappropriate.
     On the first holiday, which marks the end of Ramadan, Rasheed’s faith requires that he eat the meat of cows, oxen, or camels. On the second holiday, which celebrates the pilgrimage to Mecca, he is required to eat specially slaughtered cattle."
     On the first holiday, which marks the end of Ramadan, Rasheed’s faith requires that he eat the meat of cows, oxen, or camels. On the second holiday, which celebrates the pilgrimage to Mecca, he is required to eat specially slaughtered cattle."

Please note that Rasheed is required by his faith to eat certain things on certain days.  Sounds like Rasheed's problem, not mine.  My faith does not require me to supply Moslems with special foods on special days.  The reason he cannot obtain said foods is becase he is in prison.  If he had JUST OBEYED THE LAW he would be free to run to the Piggly Wiggly and buy the foods required of him by his faith.  So screw him.  My respect for his faith's diet is restricted to not serving him foods that are always forbidden by it.  I'm not going to say, "Pork chops or starve, Rasheed," but if he had n
ot committed whatever crime in 1975 that landed him a life sentence, he would be free to eat anything he wanted.
If he has not yet completed his pilgramage to Mecca, are we required to release him so he can complete that important pillar of faith?

07 April 2006

This Is Getting Stupid, Dick

Ribbon meanings.

We need to pick colors for "National Stubbed Toe Awareness" and "International Lost Car Keys Awareness" ribbons.

Other ideas, "Crap, It's Monday Awareness" "I Lost My Virginity and Can't Find It Anywhere Awareness" "I've Fallen and Can't Get Up Awareness" "I Can't Afford A Springfield M1A National Match Rifle With A Stainless Steel Barrel and Leupold 6-18x40mm Scope Awareness" "Dude, Where's My Car? Awareness" Etc...

06 April 2006

I Have A Dream

I hear that there is a group of Islamists that wish to create a "seperate but equal" enclave here in the states where they can better follow the Sharia without the interference of our infidel laws.

If the Fuckweasels allow this, I want an enclave of my own. Imagine a place where the Constitution is followed without interference from the Fuckweasels.

I have an even better idea, lets scrap what we have now and make the whole damn nation a place where the Constitution is in force. As if it were the Supreme Law of the land. Imagine.

If Mexicans are so damn hot to be in the USA, I say lets take the USA to them! Annex the place. Make them all Americans. With some judicious slaughter of some our dumber anti-business laws, which are unconstitutional anyway, an annexation of Mexico would be good for both nations.

If Moslems are so hot to blow up our shit, we should blow their shit up right back. They hit something important to us, like say a World Trade Center, we should pop Mecca. Hit the fucks where they live. They wanna be medieval? Fine, I can support that. I don't think anyone has ever done a medieval invasion with modern weapons. Move over Ghengis, you will be remembered as a piker if we ever get pissed enough. And I am there NOW. I am not alone and the numbers are growing.

DC is increasing its irrelevance with the average American. How long before we notice that if we just start ignoring them and start a new Government without them we will be better off. I wonder if we will have to kill mountains of them of if we can just stop sending money.

Lest I come off as a racist, and I'm sure I do, let me explain.

I think the best way to end an US vs THEM mentality is to make a THEM an US. I'm an American, and I think that America should be for Americans. Black-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Scottish-Americans (me), German-Americans, Jewish-Americans, Catholic-Americans, Moslem-Americans (if its possible), Chinese-Americans, N-Americans. Those are all AMERICANS with a different flavor. That's the stuff that made America great. The stuff that allowed us to go from a backwater colony to the leader of the free world in less than 200 years. A united Germany is about the same age and they didn't mangage to become much more than another European nation, and they still aren't.

What did we do different? First, we allowed just about anyone from somewhere else to move here. Second, through some impressive intolerance and bigotry we demanded that the newbies became Americans, and this insured that their kids would be Americans. Third, we dismantled the culture they brought with them, filed off the serial numbers and added the parts we liked to our own culture. That's the "Melting Pot" in a nutshell.

We did not allow permanent enclaves of "others", let alone allow them to expand.

I am not saying that it was implemented perfectly. The problems of Blacks come right to mind. Racism prevented them from assimilating fully, and now many don't want to be a part of what they see as a "white" culture. The racism is mostly cured, but the scars remain.

I don't advocate completely abandoning your native culture to come here. St Paddy's day is fun. Cinco de Mayo is fun. Mardis Gras is fun. I cite the Jews as a good example of living by their own rules but still being Americans.

Mexico, African and Islam might have some cultural components that would be really nice to add to our own, but they have to be melted in the crucible and the slag must be skimmed off and discarded. Just like everyone else who moved here to become an American, no matter how long ago.

At the end of it all if you wish to remain a THEM, stay home.

02 April 2006

Some Implications Of The Immigration Thing

Fuckweasels in Congress: WE THE PEOPLE understand the meaning of illegal. Maybe you don't because you are so damn insulated from the laws you pass with the clauses that add up to, "Except us." We would be perfectly happy with summary executions of illegals at this point.

Fuckball in the Whitehouse: We want the fucking Army to do the main thing that we have armies for; DEFEND THE MOTHERFUCKING BORDERS! We would be perfectly happy with summary executions of illegals at this point.

Read that again: We would be perfectly happy with summary executions of illegals at this point.

And how did it get to this point? Not sure. But the US has a culture of its own. It was assembled from the parts of cultures of all the people who emigrated here to be sure, but it is a functioning culture. We expected people who moved here to adopt it, or not bother moving.

Why is that so hard for you? Why are you so supportive of the colonization of the US by a foreign nation? In an earlier times that would be called treason.

English became the common language because the majority of our immigrants for years were from England and Ireland. Then came Swedes and Germans. Then the Italians. Then Asians. The choice was not between two languages, it was between fifteen. Common culture requires common language. The English speakers were the established natives by then. It was also the language the first Congress consciously chose to be our national language, German was a contender for a while.

The common culture issue is also why there tends to be more crime around the illegal alien enclaves, they are not part of the local culture, so it is easier to rationalize the crimes. And this has played out time and time again in American history, Mexicans are really no different than the Irish, Italian and Chinese when they were very new to the country and had no roadmap to bridge the gap between their old culture and the local one. The difference here is that we have allowed the Mexican aliens to create a stable enclave where they are not expected to assimilate and become members of the larger US culture. They are and remain Mexicans. There are similar issues with Puerto Rican and Cubans, who do not identify themselves as Americans and thus are not part of the culture around them. At best the people in these communities can called expatriates. Perhaps we should hand the Cubans guns and send them back to fix their own problem with Castro. Perhaps we should educate the Puerto Ricans that if you were born in Newark, New Jersey, you are not really a Puerto Rican, PR-American perhaps.

There are elephants in the living room that, because of Political Correctness, Americans are not supposed to talk about. It has gotten to the point where nobody cares who is offended when we defend our culture over yours. Especially since there is an entire nation where that culture is the norm and there are no emigration restrictions on moving from the US to Mexico.

PC speak is the core of the problem, it prevents one side of the debate from being able to talk about the issues rationally. The other side is gaming that to their advantage. The issue is almost at critical mass. Continuing to play the injured party when you are the one doing the most harm is not going to fly much longer. You may wish to start speaking calmly and rationally before all tolerance of you is gone.