29 July 2006

Heirlooms Aplenty

My mom is cleaning out her house in preparation for the big move to Colorado and the ACLF.

The only shing she had that I really wanted was the drafting table that my dad gave me.

To ship it, she would have been charged the "one room" rate from any mover, so she filled up the load with the rest of a room!

The Boy gets a new bed.

We have a huge desk that is now a table-like entertainment center sort of deal in the bedroom.

We have piles of antique glassware and china.

I have a huge assortment of Dremel attachments and two new Dremel tools.

We have basic wood working tools! Something that was sorely missing from my box.

Thanks Mom!

27 July 2006

Dwarf Again

GimliGimli Gloin's son
If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Gimli, Dwarf, handy with an axe when orcs are about.
In the movie, I am played by John Rhys-Davies.
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25 July 2006

Mrs Hillary Clinton

I resented her acting like she had won the presidential election instead of her husband. She's anti-gun. She does seem to get the war though, that's a plus to me.

The thing I cannot stand about her as a senator has very little to do with HER. Considering that she votes a lot like the other senator from NY, I have to believe that this is what NY wants in a senator, that's cool as far as it goes.


There were other Democrats that fit the ideology, why not vote for someone from New York?

This is why I am so damn conflicted about 9/11. Three thousand some odd people were killed, but that means three thousand some odd LESS New Yorkers voting. No, there is no conflict, if they needed killin' then it was OUR job to do it, not some third party. I don't think they needed killin', even if I think they were morons for living and working in NYC.

Sick Of Defending Bush

How can anyone who knows me think that I like him?

Perhaps because I was VERY anti-Clinton? News flash, I am opposed to all the damn idiots that have discarded our constitutional republic for, whatever what we have now is.

Clinton was merely the first politician on the radar once I had learned enough to have a political opinion. My contempt backdates to FDR (PS that includes Ford and Nixon), but I cannot do anything to prevent the past, so I must focus on the present and hope to reverse the wrongs done then.

I know why I disliked Clinton so strongly, do the people who hate Bush know why they don't like him? Other than he is not Al Gore or John Kerry?

Gun control is unconstitutional, it's plainly stated in the second amendment and my position is backed by the author's notes, the Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers, Mr Clinton signed Brady and the AWB.

Mrs Clinton wasn't an elected or appointed official, but she swept in like she was the entire cabinet. I'm not really sure I can blame Bill for this one, but at some time he really should have said something to the effect of, "Honey, you have no official capacity, so stop having press conferences." Mrs Clinton is a topic of a whole other rant really.

And of course, the Lewinsky thing. And I only started caring when someone pointed out this, "Would he have kept his job, or would we have said, 'that's A-OK,' if he had been the CEO of a Fortune 500 company?" Huh? Why, no. Last time I delved into the sexual harassment laws, there was no exemption for the President.

Bush the Younger:

Um, close the border, use troops, shoot them if you have to.

Quit acting like Dad is going to walk in at any moment and take the car keys away! You ran a successful business once, you were a popular Governor, you really did get elected, start acting like you have the brain that you demonstrated you had before late 2000!

Oh yes, another thing: The economy pretty much runs on its own. There is damn little the government can do about it, so taking credit for good times or blame for bad times is more a function of timing than talent. I believe that subsidies hurt business because it prevents the market from sending feedback. I believe that low taxes spur growth because people will want to make more money when they get to keep more of it. And if the president is really responsible for the economy, why don't we worship Dwight Eisenhower like a GOD?

23 July 2006


Pam, wife of Skeezer passed on this morning about 5am CDT.  Cancer.

She was a very nice person and Skeezer is, of course, devastated.

19 July 2006

Middle East Peace Trip

What Condi would be tasked with telling the Israelis if I were President.

"It has become obvious that there will not be peace until one side or the other is eradicated. Since we get along with you Israelis better than we get along with Palestinians, eradicate away."

THAT is how State should support an ally. If we don't, then why call them allies?

How Some Things Work By Dr Thag

CO2! Global warming, yadda yadda yadda.

Guess what? It doesn't work the way the news says.

CO2 absorbs a certain wavelengths of light. That makes the molecule heat up, and that heat is released as longer wavelengths or by transferring it to adjacent molecules. What this means for temperature is that it is transparent to frequencies transmitted by the sun and opaque to the re-emission from earth. That keeps heat from escaping back into space, or at least slows it.

The thing the media screws up is how much light the CO2 is stopping.

Lets say, for simplicity, that a given concentration of CO2 stops 50% of the light from escaping back into space. If we double the concentration how much light is stopped? It's not 100%. It's 75%. Triple it, you'd get 87.5%, quadruple gives 93.75%, five times gives 96.875% and so on. Notice the diminishing return?

The CO2 argument also ignores water. Lots of water up there. And water tends to absorb the same wavelengths as CO2.

Read more about it here!

18 July 2006

Quote Of The Random Interval

"Basically, I figure guns are like gays: They seem a lot more sinister and threatening until you get to know a few; and once you have one in the house, you can get downright defensive about them." -- Teresa Nielsen Hayden

13 July 2006

Kill Them All

There is no room on the planet for Western Civilization and Islam. Since I am a member of Western Civilization, I would rather see Islam go away. Since they behave like this, I see no need to let them live.

Be forewarned, that link has links to the heathen barbarians mutilating PFC Tucker and PFC Menchaca.

I am finished with the belief that we can ever coexist peacefully with these idiots and am coming to the conclusion that anyone who thinks otherwise should be killed and that the killing be considered self defence on my part.

07 July 2006


If I were a NetHack monster, I would be a dwarf. I enjoy using expensive, high-quality equipment, and I'm not afraid to work hard to get it.
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05 July 2006

By Jingo

From here

Next time you look at the moon, challenge yourself to think of something: there are footprints up there. Footprints, and tire tracks. Also three used cars, and one golf ball.

Why are they there? Because we decided to go to the moon, that's why. What a typically arrogant, unilateral, American conceit! Damn right it was, and that footprint - you know the picture - will still be there, unchanged, a million years from now. In ten million years, it might begin to soften a little around the edges. But in a billion years - a thousand million summers from this one - it will still be there, next to glistening pyramids of gold and aluminum junk decaying under the steady cosmic drizzle of micrometeorite hits.

03 July 2006

Holy Stinking Snot Batman

In my ever continuing quest to convert all of my 3e GURPS characters to 4e standards I have to recreate the racial statistics of some non-human races.  Tonight was the Centaur from Fantasy Folk.

Because of the differences in how the various editions handle ST, the Centaur goes from a ST 13 with a split ST Advantage to get a horse body with a ST of 26.  With all the other things added on, a 3e Centaur was 55 points.

The new ST rules you buy a ST of 26 and take "Weak Arms" to get that ST 13 in the torso.  When I was finished it comes to 143 points!  OUCH!

Centaur, Fantasy Folk
143 Points
Attribute Modifiers: ST+16 (Size -10%) [144]; IQ-1 [-20]; HT+2 [20].
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Per+1 [5]; Basic Move+3 [15]; SM+1 (3 hexes).
Advantages: Claws (Hooves) [3]; Damage Resistance 1 (Tough Skin -40%) [2]; Enhanced Move 1 (Ground Speed 16) [20]; Extra Legs (4 Legs) [5].
Disadvantages: Low TL -1 [-5]; Overconfidence (12) [-5];  Phobia (Enclosed Spaces) (12) [-15]; Stubbornness [-5]; Weak Arms [-6].
Features: Short Fur on body; Tail.