30 June 2023

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is a delightful card game that 3+ players can enjoy.

We use the Imploding Kittens expansion set and are having great fun!

73 Plus 5

The Korean War has, officially, been raging for 73 years (and five days) today.

That's got to be some sort of record.

Gun Cleaning

I know that with modern primers and powders coupled with modern materials passivation that cleaning after every range trip is not necessary.

But I clean Harvey's carry gun every time so that it doesn't make the inside of her rig dirty.

I also tend to clean the guns that don't have modern passivation right away so that they get a light sheen of oil on them to block the air.  This also holds for the occasional use guns that get stored way more than shot.

I am sure there's some drill sergeant shaped scars influencing my decision, but I am also not near as aggressive about getting the guns clean as when I was in the military.

Perfect being the mortal enemy of good-enough, I stop before I add wear from cleaning.

Proper solvents makes the job so much easier than using Break-Free CLP for everything.

Suboptimal Day

Shooting was very irksome today.

Because it's, unbeknownst to us, it's "Frat-Boy with Daddy's Credit Card Day" at the range.

Five hyper brahs rented three lanes and crowded into the lane adjacent to ours and did... Brah stuff.

Harvey did not get to try some of the shooting things she wanted to try because they were being...  Brahs.

She did get to shoot her first Luger!  Thanks Willard!  Shot it well too.

The Colt New Service shoots really well too!  Better than a 111 year old revolver should, to be honest.  Nearly recoilless with cowboy action loads.  $1.20 each cowboy action loads!

Harvey did try shooting with non-prescription glasses and her groups centered up.  She says that she can actually see the front sight naked-eye where she cannot see it clearly with her normal glasses.  Decently tight groups too!  She's learning and finding the things she didn't know she didn't know every trip.

We even got Willard to come out of his curmudgeonly lair and shoot a couple of new pistols.

Crybullies Lose

CADA violates the 1st Amendment.

6-3 decision along party lines.

The Obama/Biden judges taking their normal position of free speech only matters when it's THEIR speech. 

This, by the say, is the same law that tried to force a baker to make wedding cakes for gay marriages.

It's the second time the Supreme Court has ruled on it.

It's also a situation we gun owners are familiar with.

Narrow rulings that chip away at the violations of our rights that force the victims to keep going through the process over and over until it's finally done away with.

The CADA law is also a shining example of how you cannot legislate people into liking you.

Discrimination from bigotry is real.  How do you stop it?

Laws forbidding discrimination fuel the bigotry, and are readily weaponized by the crybullies.

See the recent rulings on Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. President and Fellows of Harvard College, and Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. University of North Carolina on how that worked.  Also a loss for the crybullies!

Diet And Exercise

Only a highly educated person like an MD could come up with this.

My handicapped parking permit application was not signed by my doc because, when she told me to exercise, I said I was going to try riding a bike.

Not that I was successfully riding a bike, that I was going to try.

Apparently, if you can ride a bicycle, it doesn't matter how far you can walk.

I'm going take a picture of her face when I ask, "So I should ditch the cane and use the bike to get around?"

Because if the bike counts as my mobility now, I'm getting a tax-payer funded van to haul it around in... which will come with a handicapped license plate.

Bullshit like this infuriates me to no end.

Especially sitting here at the bottom of the service-connected food chain with a 10% rating.  A rating that needs to be increased, but the government is EXCELLENT at avoiding their own rules for doing.

If I had a 100% rating for something psychological I could get a "Disabled Veteran" license plate for every car and it's a handicapped permit.  Oh, and I wouldn't have to get my eligibility checked every three years.  That disabled veteran plate is for life.

So in the twisted world of government, PTSD can park in the handicapped spot of the gym; but someone with busted up legs can walk a mile because they can ride a bike.

Off Site Storage

There's a couple of guns here that don't belong to me, but I've grown rather fond of.

One of them is Willard's Mauser-made Luger.

That gun bears the marks of East German police from the same district as Checkpoint Charlie.

Unlike Willard, I passed through Checkpoint Charlie before The Wall came down.

It captures my nostalgia.

I was likely in this pistol's presence in 1989 when I noticed the holsters had to be Luger holsters and even nudged my buddy, Fred about it.

The nostalgia is enhanced by Fred getting murdered before I could really reconnect with him post-service.

It's not my pistol.  It's Willard's.  But I like hanging on to it for him because I miss my other friend.

Emotions and shit, I know.


There was a day when I stopped calling my dad.

I realized that I was the one doing all the work staying in contact.

Since then he has only initiated contact one time.

He called me to tell me his mom had died... a month after the funeral.

He figured that I wouldn't show up, so didn't think I needed to be informed BEFORE the funeral.

That's the last time we've communicated.

That was 15 years ago.

I did send him a birthday card for his 80th birthday.

No reply.

I feel like I was the one written off in this "relationship" and not me writing him off.


But it's odd that the moment I stopped putting in any effort, communication stopped.  It's not like he didn't know my phone number.

But I'm familiar with this.

My sister doesn't speak to me anymore either.  She's got more justification.  I was not a good brother and she got to hear all the horror stories from Mom when I was trying to process my PTSD.

Mom didn't get to live long enough to see me on the other side of that.

I don't wonder about my sister at all, and I hope she is happy and successful without me.  She would have been far happier if I'd never been in her life, to be honest.

C'est la vie.

No Condemnation

The guy who drove his sub to destruction isn't going to get much condemnation from me.

Although the flaws in his idea are obvious... So were the flaws in everything associated with flight.

How many people died trying to figure out powered flight?

How many people died trying to figure out helicopters?

How many people died trying to figure out tilt-rotors?

Fewer each time.

Figuring shit out will kill people.

Advancing new things kills people while breaking the obvious rules.

Yes, most of the time, the obvious rules are absolutely correct.

Occasionally, the rules are wrong.

Lots of people die trying to find those occasional instances.

It's the price of advancing the state of the art.

Deal with it or stay in your cocoon.

29 June 2023


I am curious if the passengers of Flight 1549 ever got their luggage back.

I'm Cured

The VA mailed back my application to renew my disabled parking permit.

Florida does it strange.

"Permanent" means 3 years.  This is their solution to relatives using forever permits of dead people.  Gods forbid you just send a cop to compare the number on the placard to the ID of everyone in the car from time to time.

So every three years you have to get your doctor to sign the form saying "permanent."

Three years ago, I had a different doc than now.

As with most doctors, the default answer is no.

So I drove down to remind them that this is my second renewal and if I've gotten better in the past nine years, they need to show me some proof.

Because I don't fucking feel any better.

28 June 2023


The Lovely Harvey's schedule at work suddenly cleared and she could take The Boy to the county level Special Olympics!

That relieves me of the job.

I can easily handle practices, but events are triple stupid endurance events for me.

They make five minute tasks last an hour and stretch other things to hours just because they can't organize themselves.

I'm on-call to come watch his actual performance.

27 June 2023

Did You Know?

Apparently, if you clean your windshield, you can see better.

Marv shamed me into finally applying some window cleaner to the glass.

He was, of course, correct, and I can see where I'm going again.


A strong analogy, I've found, in trying to express my philosophical positions is a lot like using an allen head screw to put something back together instead of the Torx head that came out.

It does not matter that the something is back together and working just fine.

I used the wrong screw and we're going to fucking obsess over that until the end of time.

Even if, perhaps especially if, I admit that I knew it was the wrong screw, but didn't worry because interchangeable.

But these things aren't interchangeable if the original was a different drive than what I used and is working fine.  Apparently.

Run Do Not Walk

Harvey and I watched "Sisu" last night.

It.  Is.  Hilariously fun!

Rent, buy or steal a copy; shut off your brain, enjoy.

26 June 2023

Yes It Is A Tank

The M10 Booker is not a main battle tank.

It's a light tank.

We stopped making tanks of differing weights as The Cold War got into full swing.

Unless we were dropping it with the 82nd, all tanks were main battle tanks which is really a niche between medium and heavy tanks.

The M551 Sheridan, M8 Buford and M10 Booker aren't main battle tanks, are a bit too beefy to be light tanks...  Too light to be medium tanks...  Armed like heavier tanks, but...

So the Army isn't calling it a light tank, they've got a new term for this light tank with a too-big gun.

Mobile Protected Firepower.  This replaces the previous light tank with a too-big gun term, "Armored Gun System" used on the Buford.

They've been stressing that light tanks were primarily recon vehicles when avoiding the term.

The non-recon role is precisely why the gun is too-big.

It amuses me a lot that its protection and firepower sure looks like a "Gun Motor Carriage" also known as a "Tank Destroyer".

Gun Motor Carriages are emphatically NOT tanks...

No Explanation Forthcoming

There's going to be times when you read my rants and wonder what the fuck has set me off.

The purpose of the rants is to keep me sane, not to inform you to the cause.

Sorry if that's unsatisfying.

But explaining the rant reverses the beneficial effects.


Maybe It's The Science Fiction

I sometimes wonder if the friction I have with so many people is because science-fiction taught me that someone could be radically different from me and still be a person.

It really stems from Traveller.

Vargr are people.

Droyne are people.

Aslan are people.

Hiver are people.

Even fucking K'Kree are people.

But it started earlier.

Kzinti and Pierson's Puppeteers are people.

They don't look like me, they don't act like me, but they are still people.

It makes it easy to consider someone is a person when they look a lot like me, but only differ in skin color, hair color, what they wear or who they wanna fuck.

I don't even care Who they call God.

As long as what they do doesn't hurt anyone, I'm content.

Especially if it doesn't hurt me or mine.

There's a list of things that DO hurt others that I'm opposed to and would be perfectly willing to mete out punishments for.

Like wanting to fuck kids.  Like convincing kids that it's OK for people to fuck them.

But I just can't get upset about someone wearing the "wrong" clothes using the "wrong" shitter if all they're doing is shitting.  Let he who has never used the single hole women's room at a gas station when the men's was occupied cast the first stone.

If they're up to something else, I will buy the gas for the wood-chipper.

But you've got to prove it was nefarious first.

25 June 2023


I'm noticing a strong correlation between someone rejecting LGBT as a psychosis they will not indulge in and having an invisible friend that we must all indulge in...

Believing in invisible beings and pretending these imaginary entities can write books is every bit as delusional as what you're refusing to "indulge in."

Except with less proof it's happening.

Look how upset you get when I tell you that God is an imaginary friend and I won't participate in your delusion.

Notice how you try to explain to me how I'm going to Hell for not believing as you believe.

I'm glad I noticed this correlation and can now treat you like the mental patient you patently are!

You showed me the way to handle people with delusions!


PS: The people whom I'm lashing out at here decided they NEEDED to be dicks about it and simply refuse to be polite about it at all.

If you're religious and haven't been a dick about it to me, then you're not included in the lashing.

Looking It Up

My insanely brief "career" at Electric Boat...

I looked up the dates for the boats and was surprised to see that they'd actually made #3.

USS Jimmy Carter.

He did wear the dolphins, so I guess it's fair.  Bad luck to be named after a living person, though...

But the dates.

When there were going to be 29 Seawolfs the production schedule had 3-year intervals.

SSN-23 should have been laid down 1995, launched 2000 and commissioned 2001; not 1998, 2004 and 2005.

SSN-24 should have been laid down 1998 and I would have been in the yard and gone on sea trials documenting where parts had actually been installed instead of just where they'd planned on them being.  The job should have run until 2004...  Hey!  That's exactly when Jimmah! got made.

Going from three years to six upended a lot of lives.

It's All About How You Get There

If you walk to the battle and fight on foot, you're infantry.

Infantry that lobs grenades are grenadiers.

Infantry with smooth-bores are musketeers.

Infantry with rifles are fusiliers.

If you ride to the battle and fight on food, you're dragoons.

If you ride to the battle and fight from your mount, you're cavalry.

Cavalry that uses a long, pointy stick are lancers.

Cavalry that wears armor are cuirassiers.

This is all so very confused in US history.

During the Indian Wars, both the infantry and the cavalry rode to the battle and dismounted to fight.  Making both dragoons.

Infantry rode donkeys or mules.  Cavalry rode horses.

Both eagerly chowed down on their mounts when supply didn't keep up with the march.

Kind Of An Expert

Something I did, once upon a time, was drawing tank designs for a company that made water treatment equipment.

One product line was super high pressure tanks.

I remember when the idea of using carbon fiber or fiberglass came up.

Fine for HOLDING pressure inside, not so great for keeping pressure OUT.

At the time, the steel tanks were viable and making carbon fiber tanks that big wasn't possible.  It's been 30 years...

The main issue was how to make the ends.  There simply wasn't anything that'd hold a metal end on the cylindrical carbon fiber body.

That might not be true today, but it was a complicated issue that kept steel in production as long as we could keep the three guys who knew how to weld happy enough to not head back to Electric Boat and return to making submarines.

Which is where I become "kinda" an expert.  From talking to the engineers and welders.

The welders, when asked if our pressure vessels would do as a submarine hull, all indicated that it would not.  The structures were different and what will hold in, doesn't really hold out.

It's interesting stuff.

My "expertise" sure as shit doesn't mean my opinion is worth anything, but it's been interesting seeing that keeping carbon fiber from collapsing is still something.

PS: I was actually hired by Electric Boat and fired before I even managed to find a place to live in Connecticut.  I was going to do as-built drawings on SSN-24 Scorpion...  The fourth Seawolf boat...  You might notice that there is no fourth Seawolf.  The loss of this job indirectly leads to the suicide run to Florida...  A suicide that The Lovely Harvey stopped.

I Think It Applies To Russians Too

Rule one, page one, book one of the Book of War says, "Do not march on Moscow, it is no good."

Just because Prigozhin is Russian doesn't change that.

As much as I'd like to see Putin removed and someone less Staliny take over...

I don't think Wagner Group is going to do it, and it appears they've already made a deal to not.

This Thing IS Still On

I've been busy.

Said goodbye to a favorite restaurant.  They say they're relocating, but how much will change is still getting conflicting information.

Helped JT fix his car and didn't even spend any time in the hospital after he decided to body-slam the ladder from the top of the lift.  You'd have to ask him why he thought that was a good idea, but nothing seems broken.

Getting the differential out of a 2008 CTS is super simple and easy.  He reports that it's much smoother driving when both the ring and pinon gears have all their teeth.

23 June 2023

Hello Nightmares

Having nightmares again.

I don't care for them even a whit.

Even more fun is being exhausted and dealing with the joys of anxiety while I contemplate sleeping.

Most of the time I can fake being normal...  Then there's weeks like this.

Insurance Racket

I have insured the same three cars to the same level for a year.

$2,100 for the first six months.

$3,000 for the next six months.

$3,500 for the six months starting in a month.

No tickets.

No claims.

But a 2/3 increase in premiums.

And I am required, by law, to pay for this shit.

That's not precisely true.  I am pay for more coverage than is required, but the minimum requirement is useless to replace anything.

I am starting to think that if I just paid the premium to a savings account I could replace a Ferrari in cash based on how often I make a claim on the insurance.

Coincidentally, the full coverage I'd paid on The Precious did not replace Her.

Paying the premiums into a savings account would have.

Hey, Mr Elected Official, why am I required to pay someone to profit off me and not make me whole?

No Sir I Don't Like It

Despite enjoying "Quartered Safe Out Here" I am not a Flashman fan.

I have attempted "Flashman's Lady" and "Flashman and the Redskins" and have found myself, both times, screaming, "GET THE FUCK ON WITH IT!"

These books are 200 pages crammed into over 500, each.

So I never finished "Flashman and the Fine Points of Cricket" or "Flashman Has Sex with A New Orleans Whore." because I kept wondering when The Lady or Redskins would actually fucking appear.

That he wrote 12 books to this pattern and people enjoyed them baffles me.

22 June 2023

That's It Then

The news reports they've found fresh debris at the Titanic wreck site.

This points to the loss of Titan being an implosion rather than one of several other, slower, deaths.

The worst scenario being to suffocate in the dark after four days.

An implosion happens so fast you don't even know it happened until you're standing in front of Osiris thinking, "I thought the Jews were right!"

21 June 2023

Too Bad So Sad

Attorney claims gun owners are making it hard to file murder charges.

Nothing to add.  Mr Edwards wrote a good one.

Summer Summer Summer

Today sure seems like a LOOOOONG day.

This is the exact moment of the solstice if you see this the instant it posts.

20 June 2023

Is This Something

This guy posts so often I wonder if he just likes hearing his own voice, but...

Finding the 4473 unconstitutional would be epic!

Especially since there's nothing in the actual law requiring it.


According to the Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play 1st Edition main rule book...

Dwarfs are noteworthy miners, but no notes about being technologically superior to any of the other four player races other than mentioning they're experts at metalworking.

Here's the racial description:

Dwarfs are short, burly creatures, immediately recognisable by their long hair and thick beards. They have a natural affinity with the mountains, where they live in caverns and mines hewn from the rock. Dwarfs are expert stone-workers, and generally adept at all manner of industrial crafts, such as ironworking, the making of fine swords and the manufacture of superb jewellery. Some Dwarfs live amongst Humans as metal-workers or craftsmen of some kind, and their work is highly prized. Physically they are resilient, quite strong and rather ugly. They are somewhat greedy, gruff, unfriendly, short-tempered and antisocial. They tolerate Humans because they have so many business dealings with them, but dislike Elves, who they find arrogant and irritating, and with whom they have little in common. They favour axes as weapons of war, and make very sturdy Warriors. They are not very magical, however, and their disposition tends to make them rather poor Academics.

West Pondish spellings in the original.

I get that they do more industrial stuff and are on the cutting edge, but nothing that says they're ahead of the other races.


Tomorrow, in 2018, fully accredited scientist uneducated teenager Greta Thunberg said that the world would end in five years if we didn't stop using fossil fuels.

Well, it's been five years.

Gentlebeings.  It has been a pleasure being daring with all y'all!

Unless, of course, she's wrong.

Like all these climate alarmists have been since the mid 1970's; from Mann to Gore.

19 June 2023


The two firearms listed in Warhammer are a pistol and a blunderbuss.

The illustrations and presence of fencing weapons makes me think that it's TL4 from 1550 to 1650 for tech.

Blunderbusses don't happen until flintlocks become available, and that doesn't really happen until the late 17th century and the blunderbuss wasn't a separate gun until the 18th century...

A fantasy setting that doesn't adhere to history?  What's next, elves?  Oh... right!

I'm going to pick 1650 for my benchmark technology date.  It feels right.

Technomad, chime in if you think otherwise!

This date allows for the fusil de chasse which is a lot lighter and handier than a Elizabethan musket; 6.5 lb. vs 21 lb and a rest!

It does a lot less damage, 2d+2 pi+ but at about the same sucky ranges.  DR 9 is actually proof against its average hit too!

The more martial fusil ordinaire is larger caliber and does 3d pi++.  DR 11 is needed to stop the average hit, but that's a lot more attainable than DR 16!


Heavy plate corselet with full Lighten and 2 castings of Fortify: DR 11, $23,000, 16 lb.

Heavy plate duplex and fluted with full Lighten and 1 casing of Fortify: DR 11, $68,525, 12.8 lb.

Medium plate with full Lighten and 5 castings of Fortify: DR 11, $150,200, 10 lb.

Medium plate duplex and fluted with full Lighten and 4 castings of Fortify: DR 11, $97,700, 8 lb.


The disappearance of body armor from the battlefield was from guns getting ever better and causing protection to get ungainly.

WFRP has guns in it, so I decided to see what I could get...

An Elizabethan musket is a BIG gun.  TL4 .80 Caliber smoothbore.

It'll do 4d+2 pi++.  Out to what we think of as pistol ranges today.

That will score an average hit of 16 and anything that penetrates gets doubled.

You need DR 26 to be immune.

Let's start with a TL4 heavy plate corselet with DR 9.  $4,000 and 32 lb.

The average hit penetrates.

But we can upgrade!

For $36,000 we can get our corselet to DR 10 and reduce it's weight to just 29.7 lb! using the duplex armor rules.  Fluting drops the weight to a mere 25.6 lb. for $52,000.

We can get to DR16 just by making the normal plate thicker.  $18,000 and 56.5 lb.  Using duplex armoring we can get to DR 16 for $162,000 and a "mere" 50.9 lb.  Fluting it as well drops the weight to 45.2 lb. but cranks the price to $234,000!

And that's just proof against average die roll.

DR 26 will weigh 272 lb. and cost $38,000.  Duplex and fluting to get the weight down is $494,000 but only gets it to 217.6 lb.


WFRP is a fantasy setting and that means magic!

For a "mere" $131,200 we can cast Fortify on it five times for +5 to the DR.  That's DR 15 for our duplex and fluted heavy plate corselet.  DR 15, $183,200, 25.6 lb.  Starting with a thicker DR 10 corselet gets us DR 16 with enchantment, duplex and fluting for $209,200 and 38.4 lb.

For an extra $16,500 we can cut the weight of the armor in half with Lighten.

DR 15, $199,700, 12.8 lb.

DR 16, $225,700, 19.2 lb.

DR 26, $485,700, 83.2 lb.

Notice that enchantment is most cost effective than more steel!

Be cautious, that enchanted stuff doesn't work in low or no mana areas.

Getting the to work in low mana ups the prices to $240,012; $266,012 and $526,012 respectively.  Well worth it if you stumble into low mana areas.

But It's Just You

YouTube has been very flakey lately.

Lots of long loading circles...

There's a little pop up asking if I'm experiencing slow load times and interruptions.

I click on it.

Google, patiently, explains that it's my provider experiencing higher demand this time of day.


Amazon Prime streams smoothly.

Sling streams smoothly.

Roku streams smoothly.

Playeur streams smoothly.

Gee, Google, it sure doesn't seem like it's my provider.

Or my operating system, because that's where you're heading next.  Win7, Win11 and Ubuntu all behave the same.

Or my browser.

All three Chromium browsers, (Chrome, Chromium and Edge) and Firefox all do it too.

Just Another Paid Day Off

The day we should be celebrating is December 6.

June 19, 1865 was simply when the news of the January 1, 1863 Emancipation Proclamation finally reached the ears of slaves in Texas.

A proclamation with no legal teeth at the time it was given.

December 6, 1865 is the real red-letter date.

But there's already a bunch of holidays around that time of year, and a long gap between Memorial Day and Independence Day...

So Juneteenth it is!


FuzzyGeff has begun to sort out the magic items from WFRP and noticed that they don't have any monetary value assigned.

He's confident he can create the GURPS effects of the item from using the advantages and disadvantages lists...

But this leaves us someplace I loathe in GURPS.

I didn't care for it in Champions either.

It reared its ugly head in GURPS: Cyberpunk most loudly.

When I go to get my meat arm lopped off and replaced with a shiny metal one, do I pay with money or points?

If I paid with money, do I change the point values on my character sheet to reflect the change?

If I paid with points, do I have to pay the money too?

I made a command decision with cyberwear to charge points only during character generation and cash after play had begun.  If you paid cash, you changed the points on your sheet.  It also required that I paid attention to the clever players and made sure they didn't take a gob of wealth just to spend on cyberwear after play began because wealth was cheaper.

It took a lot of subjective effort to referee.

WFRP items have no cash value.  That can't be true, such things will have a cash value, there's no OFFICIAL value.

So, we're going to have to go with...  Found is found.  Change your points to reflect ownership, or the disposal of such things.

It will mean that someone can start a campaign with a magic item by blowing the points.  But it also allows for the generation of more experienced characters and NPCs in a format that readily shows the relative power levels.

That might just reduce the surprise when you total-party-kill because you didn't realize what that staff did to your bad-guy's efficiency.

Then Why Do You Trust This Survey

If you don't trust John Lott, then why do you trust the National Firearms Survey?

Surveys depend on extrapolation from a small population and applying that to a larger population.

485 million guns still seems critically low, especially when 25 million guns are added every year.

Our dear, departed, Weaponsman came up with 412-660 million guns back in 2016!

So it's prolly 587 to 935 million by now.

The 48% have owned a 10 round or bigger magazine seems sus too.

I'm a collector of old guns, they're the ones what have the smaller magazines.

New guns with smaller magazines are the exception, not the rule.

The percentage of AR ownership seems unlikely too.

According to MY observation, every gun owner has a 10+ magazine.  90% of rifle shooters have an AR.

That's just looking at what the lanes around me at the range have.

I think that the survey respondents are skewing the numbers FUDDwise because we're very reluctant to reply to "anonymous" surveys when there's a political movement to ban normal capacity magazines and modern sporting rifles still being taken seriously.

How many times have you gotten an ad for something you'd been chatting about, but had never entered into your computer?

It's kind of tinfoil hat territory, but I don't think the actual cross section of gun ownership has been or can be polled honestly.

Especially not when formerly pro-gun states like Colorado, Oregon and Washington collapsed into anti-gun states in a shockingly short span of time.

Admission of ownership now could lead to arrest and confiscation tomorrow.

Not all of us are willing to post photos on their blog and be the chirping canary.

18 June 2023

Garbage Tier

Facebook keeps showing me this link.

It's a ACOG clone for the princely sum of $140.

It's got one thing going for it that the real deal doesn't: Adjustable diopter.

That means you don't need to have 20/15 vision to use it.

Who wants to get me one for testing?

Heavy Police Presence

As I was tucking in The Lovely Harvey I did my normal "Gladys mode" look out the front window only to see at least four cop cars in front of the neighbor's across the street.

Sticking my nose further into other people's business, I went to the end of my driveway and saw six more cars parked up the street.

Two K-9's were part of this response.

We have no other facts, just speculation.

Speculation that I'm not putting here.

Argo Doesn't Want Us Anymore

And we're banned from Argo, every one
Banned from Argo just for having a little fun
We spent a jolly shore leave there for just three days or four
But Argo doesn't want us anymore

Hand Cannon

.357 SIG is about as identical to .38 Super, ballistically, as you can get.

The gigantic difference is the pistol.

My .38 Super 1911 Gov't Model shoots a 5" group centered around the point of aim at 25 yards.

Harvey's .357 SIG Sigma shoots a 6" tall, 3" wide group 4" below the point of aim at 7 yards.

I can shoot that Colt all day and am done with the Smith after 20 rounds.

Oh, don't get on my bad side when I'm carrying that Colt because my splits are insanely small.  I have been asked to stop bringing it to two bowling pin events.

16 June 2023

More On That Drag Show

Gateway Pundit has picked up the story.

While they don't mention it, choosing to quote the venues general policies:

 "All persons entering a venue, including babies in arms, must have a ticket."


"Attendance of children under 2 years of age may not be recommended for some performances."

The actual link to tickets says, "This show is 18+."

So I don't give a fuck that Yuengling is sponsoring it.

What consenting adults do is up to them. 

What pisses me off here is Gateway Pundit being just like the mainstream media and selectively quoting the venue to make it appear as if children were welcome at the event.

In the Royal Navy we call that a lie.

This is also why I am not a real live red-state conservative.


Scraped the massive accumulation of a whopping 50 rounds each from mine and Harvey's pistols after our recoil therapy session.

While not necessary for function, it does help to keep the inside of her carry purse clean.

We also put some rounds through the pipe of her very first pistola, a S&W Sigma SW357V in .357 SIG.  Its recoil is snappy with a loud bark.

It still shoots about 5" low at 7 yards.  SIGH.

But it's her first love and we'll never part with it.

15 June 2023

OK Groomer

There's a Tim Pool video where he says that Yuengling beer has sponsored a drag show for kids in a deleted Tweet.

So far he's the only source of this information.

Yuengling is opening a restaurant here in Tampa and I expressed, on Facebook, that I wouldn't get too excited until I knew if they'd really sponsored a kids drag show, or not.

I got replied to that I could stay in my mom's basement and would be safe there.

Which brings up, for me, again: Why is it so fucking important that children be at drag shows?

Why is it paramount that anyone who questions the wisdom of doing so be attacked?

The responses don't make one naturally come to the conclusion that it's innocent fun, but something nefarious.

Innocent fun doesn't need that kind of defense.


So, I await more information from Yuengling and I'll just keep ignoring the groomers.

I'd remind Yuengling that, just like Bud Light, there's LOTS of other beers that don't do anything sus with kids.

Not Like Lucy

The conservative "relationship" with the Republican party isn't that of Lucy and the football.

It's constantly wiping jizz off their chins after being promised they won't cum in their mouth.


Giving Up

I deleted a few of the webcomics I've been reading from my bookmarks today.

I realized that I had no idea whom half the characters were, their relationship to the other characters and that whatever was going on that got me interested in reading them was no longer happening.

I'd only been reading them out of habit rather than interest.

Never mind that a couple of them appear to be veering into a, "let's talk about transgender without talking about transgender and not talk about anything else," narrative.  It's just not something I'm interested in reading about OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

Are You Shitting Me?

“Scotland has recorded its hottest day of the year so far, with Threave in Dumfries and Galloway reaching 30.7C on Monday. . . . A number of weather stations across the country have reached 25C or above for three days in a row.”

Scotland can't handle weather that's cooler than what I have my air conditioner set at? 

30.7°C is 87.3°F and 25°C is 77°F.

So they've gotten to just below what I keep my AC at for three whole days in a row?

My AC is set at 78°F (25.6°C).  That's because I live in Florida and it's gotten above 90°F (32.2°C) about half the days since April and will be over that mark until September from now on.  When it doesn't get below 85° at night, we often bump the AC to 80°.

87.3°?  Shit, I did this in Iowa living in a mobile-home with nothing but a box-fan to keep cool.

Fucking pussies.

14 June 2023

National Bourbon Day

Toasting the Army's birthday with Bulleit bourbon on national bourbon day!


Today's flag day AND the Army's 248th birthday!


Gas Prices

I want to remind everyone that gas is cheaper now than it was under Obama.

I want to point out that much of the reason that gas was even cheaper under Trump was Wu Ping Cough driving demand through the floor with an asteroid going a significant percentage of c.  Plus an increase in domestic production, but that had less effect than the demand side.

Considering the appalling inflation numbers, gas might actually be the same price as during Trump...  That's fucking terrifying with its implications.

It's A Gas

Comparing Apples to Apples as much as I can...

In 1972 you could get a Chevelle SS with a 402 cubic inch big-block, 4-speed manual, that made 240 SAE-net horsepower.

It got 9/11 mpg (11 combined) and curbed at 3,397 lb.  With gas being $0.36 a gallon it cost $6.84 to fill the 19 gallon fuel tank.  With the combined mileage you could go 209 miles.  Best mileage gets the same range!

In 1972 you could get a Chevelle Malibu with a 350 cubic inch small-block, 3-speed automatic, that made 165 SAE-net horsepower.

It got 9/14 mpg (12 combined) and curbed at 3,479 lb.  With gas being $0.36 a gallon it cost $6.84 to fill the 19 gallon fuel tank.  With the combined mileage you could go 228 miles.  Best mileage gets 266 miles.

But Chevelle's are mid-sized...

In 1972 could get a Caprice Sport Sedan with a 400 cubic inch small-block, 3-speed automatic, that made 170 SAE-net horsepower.

It got 8/13 mpg (11 combined) and curbed at 4,321 lb.  With gas being $0.36 a gallon it cost $8.28 to fill the 23 gallon fuel tank.  With the combined mileage you could go 253 miles.  Best mileage gets 299 miles.

In 1991 you could get a Caprice Classic with a 305 cubic inch small-block, 4-speed automatic, that made 170 SAE-net horsepower.

It got 17/26 mpg (20 combined) and curbed at 3,951 lb.  With gas being $1,20 a gallon it cost $27.83 to fill the 23 gallon fuel tank.  With the combined mileage you could go 460 miles.  Best mileage gets 598 miles.

In 1995 you could get an Impala SS with a 350 cubic inch LT small-block, 4-speed automatic, that made 260 SAE-net horsepower.

It got 15/23 mpg (18 combined) and curbed at 4,037 lb.  With gas being $1,21 a gallon it cost $27.60 to fill the 23 gallon fuel tank.  With the combined mileage you could go 414 miles.  Best mileage gets 529 miles.

In 2012 you could get a Caprice PPV with a 364 cubic inch LS small-block, 6-speed automatic, that made 355 SAE-net horsepower.

It got 15/24 mpg (18 combined) and curbed at 4,162 lb.  With gas being $3.70 a gallon it cost $70.30 to fill the 19 gallon fuel tank.  With the combined mileage you could go 342 miles.  Best mileage gets you 456 miles.

With today's gas prices...  $3.589 per gallon (US Average) to go the 2,776 scenic miles from Los Angeles to New York Fucking City it would cost $905.73 in a Chevelle SS, $711.65 in a Malibu, $766.39 in a Caprice Sport Sedan, $383.19 in a Caprice Classic, $433.18 in an Impala SS and $398.52 in a Caprice PPV.

Assholes, I AM doing my part to save the fucking environment.

Even better, I am more comfortable and the car has more power and better manners.

Fought To The End

The Las Vegas Knights are the 2023 Stanley Cup Champs.

They do have some solid talent on the team and I don't want to take anything away from that.


The Panthers were beat to shit and just didn't put up a real fight.

The biggest but, though, was the horrendous refereeing.

Far too many penalties by the Knights were flat ignored.

It's a tainted win because of it, and I believe that they would probably have won without the bad officiating.

The Lovely Harvey asserts that The Panthers would have won it easily had they employed the unstoppable "Flying-V!"

13 June 2023

Gurneys Leave With People Come Back Empty

They do the preliminaries with you in a gurney and then wheel you into the procedure room, then wheel you to a recovery area.

While you're waiting for your turn though...  A gurney with a person leaves and an empty one is put in their spot.

Having both read and seen "All Quiet on the Western Front" it's funny the way they do things at the GI clinic.

It's like the dying room scene!

I, however, did not die.

Typical getting old results.  They took some biopsies from my esophagus, found no polyps in my rear, so back to the 5-year schedule.

12 June 2023

$5 Each Or Three For $20

Armax is doing a reprint of the original journals from the '80's!

They're running a Kickstarter campaign (ends on Friday 16Jun23).

$98 gets you all the information in a 2-volume set.

$220 gets you the information in a 9-volume set, the same number as the original journals.

If you have a subscription to Armax, they will upgrade you from the 2-volume to the 9-volume set...

Which is a great deal if you're already a subscriber!

It's just $22 off if you subscribe now.

Still something of a deal because the subscription includes two new issues of Armax!

After the plumbing adventures, and new gates on the perimeter, I'm not able to either right now.

But, don't say that I didn't let you know!


Something that I have noticed about the news lately is a refusal to actually quote someone when they say something "bigoted."

They merely indicate that the person in question has made bigoted remarks, then condemns them for doing so.

Why does this matter?

Because they've already made the judgement that what was said is bigoted for you.

You are being prevented from making up your own mind if the statement is bigoted.

It's how propaganda works, kids.


I am sure there's a reason.

I just can't figure out what it is.

The heater hoses on The Beast come in four pieces.  Two coming from the water pump, two returning.

One section is long, running from the firewall a union just short of the water pump and a shorter section running from that coupler to the pump.

All I can think of is the couplers are flow restrictors.  I will be finding out when I change all the coolant hoses soon.

Preventative maintenance.


The upper radiator hose is in two sections.  This one makes more sense.  The line for the oil-cooler Tee's into it.

This method of getting oil to water heat transfer has caused the birthing of many cats.

For some reason, it is believed that the little metal loop in the oil-cooler line that terminates in the radiator hose has a greater chance of leaking into the coolant than a metal pipe in the tank of the radiator.

I can't remember ever having the line in the tank break.  I have had the fitting on the tank leak coolant, requiring replacement of the radiator.

The only time I've ever managed to mix oil and coolant was blowing a head gasket.  <-- And that was my fault for not even looking to see if there were torque specifications.

Clear Liquids

Being a soup person means I'm not averse to broth.

Broth is NOT filling and doesn't substitute well for food while one is on clear liquids.

Mutter mutter mutter.


I'm on clear liquids in anticipation to taking the liquid Taco Bell.

Because there's an endoscopy attached to this exercise, I keep thinking of absolutely awful ass-to-mouth jokes. 

The department nurse called to confirm my appointment and to check that I'm already on clear liquids.

She said goodbye by saying, "have a great day!"

She has to know.  How can she not?

That was just mean.

11 June 2023

10 June 2023

It's A Forgotten War So...

When having a discussion of Whites vs Indians it's important to go all the way back to the beginnings.

But two places that, conveniently, get left off the ledger when cataloging the crimes of the white man are the French and Indian War and The War of 1812.

In both cases Indians were hired or enticed to pick a side in the war.

In both cases, the Indians were not enticed by the winners.

Leaving their fate to be decided by the winners (or the side that still held the ground).

In both cases, they could have sat it out and escaped retribution.


Wars have consequences after all.

Say Hi To Pat

Ted "The Unabomber" Kaczynski has joined the ranks in Hell.

Fucking prick never did get what he deserved, but is now a good terrorist.

Also a good leftist.

He's batting a thousand now!

As much as the left approves of terrorism to advance their side these days, I wonder if he'd have been charged or convicted in today's political climate.

Well, he's white, so...

09 June 2023

Little Victories

The average mileage this last tank in The Beast was 18 mpg.

Previously the average was 16.5 mpg.

It's amazing what a small exhaust leak will do to your mileage.

My average would be even better if I didn't spend so much time sitting at idle...

Drive-throughs and driving people to appointments are banes to my mileage.

Wrong Tense

Elon Musk says, "Very important that the justice system rebut what appears to be differential enforcement or they will lose public trust."

I think he's an optimist about this and that the public has long since stopped trusting federal law enforcement, most especially the FBI.

The more I read about the fibs, the more it seems like they were never an impartial organization; it's just they were very consistent when J Edgar was running the show.


It amuses me to watch "Enemy At The Gates" back to back with "Death of Stalin".

Bob Hoskins portrayal of Khrushchev contrasts wonderfully with Steve Buscemi's.

Always Missing The Point

They want to crack down on aggressive driving.

Local news article.

Dear law enforcement officers;

You really want aggressive driving to disappear?  Honest?

Start writing obstruction of traffic tickets on the plethora of idiots who can't get up to speed, can't maintain speed and think that three wide is A-OK.

What makes people aggressive is the people going five to ten under and using all three lanes in formation.

Start enforcing the laws that are already on the books and I expect that the problem will clear up.

I am constantly amazed that I cannot set the cruise at the speed limit and just be able to drive.  I will constantly catch up with a block of traffic going 10 under and once I clear the lead three cars blocking all three lanes, I can go as fast as I want until I catch the next rolling roadblock.

There's laws about minimum speed.

There's laws about running in the passing lane when you're not passing.

There's laws about obstructing traffic.

But it's always the person trying to get around the people violating the above who're targeted for tickets.

I am starting to think that having an AARP card means you should lose your license.  And any license from North of the Mason-Dixon line should have a special endorsement before being allowed on Florida roads.

08 June 2023


The Iron Sheik has passed.

I'd met him once.  The AWA wrestlers had a cabin adjacent to a friend of my Dad's up in Northern Minnesota.

07 June 2023

New Analysis

Did you know that Russia intercepted every single Patriot fired the other day with their hypersonic missiles?

I'm impressed.

Speaking Of Race

That graduation shooter sure dropped off the front page fast.

19 year old suspect whose name isn't mentioned by Yahoo! or FoxNews?

They don't even mention the name of the school that was graduating.


Perhaps because a certain demographic is over-represented?

I, for one, am sick of this tendency to cover for the "doesn't fit the narrative" shooters by the media.

You Know It's A War Right?

Reading the articles about how someone (I'm guessing Russians at this point) blew up a dam in Ukraine.

The tone is universally horror that someone would do such a thing.

Yeah, war is pretty horrible, your point?

Bridges, dams and power plants are legitimate military targets.  The only reason to not blow them up is if you expect to use them soon or keep them after the war.

Yes, it's a humanitarian disaster.  Because, you know, so is war.

So far, nobody's come up with a sure-fire 100% certain method of preventing war.

Perhaps it's because we've gone so long without experiencing one, personally, at home that we're unfamiliar with what war means.


The shooter was arrested upon completion of the investigation!

I'm actually shocked.

Not that she was arrested.  Shooting through the door is hard to justify.

I am shocked that the likes of Ben Crump were angry at someone worth being angry with for a change!

Side note to Sheriff Woods: She had called you.  Repeatedly.  You did nothing, and when law enforcement checks out, the people start to take matters into their own hands.  Dwell on your failure, Sheriff.

06 June 2023

Things You Didn't Know You NEEDED For 1000

That'll keep the neighbor's kids on their toes!

Airsoft CIWS

Couple this with that guy who made that tracker for paintball and it would be sporty in the backyard for the squirrels!

Cue The Racebaiters

Mom shot dead during long running dispute.


I try to be neutral about this, but...

The people who are responding and demanding things about the shooter make me think that the deceased is not a pillar of the community whose loss will be deeply felt for generations.  They have not backed an innocent person yet.

However: If you can't keep your kids from screwing with the neighbors, you don't get to be mad at the neighbors for acting out against your crotch fruit.

Then, when you didn't take the hint from all the complaints and cops being involved...

Make note of that, there's a history here. 

You should NOT angrily charge up to the neighbor's house and pound on the door yelling!

You might just get shot.

Oh, wait...

D+ 28,852

Today is the 79th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

It's not far from being gone from living memory, so it's up to us to remember.

05 June 2023

Whats To Do

Warhammer has its own magic system.

I think I can make it work with GURPS.

Magery levels become your Wizard levels.

Sanctity levels become your Cleric and Druid levels.

Magic Points will come with the levels and I think the cost structure is already proportionate to the original game.

Then I'll have to go through all the spells and give a write up of each in GURPS terms.  Tedious, but not too hard.

Probably simpler than trying to get the GURPS spell list to work in WFRP.

Well...  It would be simplest just to ignore the WFRP spells and use the GURPS: Magic book.

But the Warhammer spells have a distinct flavor to them and the specialized wizard classes are worth keeping.

How Long

The idiot 20-something neighbors have been yelling at each other for, no shit, 20 hours straight now.

Harvey and I have had screaming matches ourselves, but for Fuck's sake!

If you can't articulate what's pissing you off and at least get to a agree to disagree point in two hours, you're not going to ever stop having this fight and it's time to cut-bait.

I am certain the man in this is only staying with her because he was stupid enough to get her pregnant three times and she's the kind of vindictive that will take every penny in child support while also getting every dime of welfare there is.

Skilled Conversion

Went through the list of skills in Warhammer and figured out their nearest GURPS equivalent.

I am coming to the conclusion that the WFRP writers were theater people.

Lots of specific kinds of theatrical performance are given their own skill.

GURPS just says, "Performance".

Many of the "skills" turn out to be advantages in GURPS.  One is even a disadvantage.

04 June 2023

Second Pass

It's not that hard to translate.  10 or less on 3d is a 50% chance, for example.  So a 50 Dex would be DX 10.  A 5 S would become ST 10.  And so on.  The average human in WFRP has lower stats than the average human in GURPS.  ST, DX and IQ would be 8 or 9.  HT would be 10 or 11 though!

It's not just a shifted mean, the average human in WFRP really isn't as good as the average human in GURPS.

The average range of stats for WFRP 1e comes close enough to the base stats in GURPS to say "close enough" for new character generation and just use the standard base 10.

I am uncertain that I need conversions for existing characters, but I think I can come up with them.

GURPS is a 3d6 system and you roll target or less.

WFRP is a percentile system, rolling target or less.

I suppose I'll have to make a chart or something.

This applies to skills as well, and turns out to be easier than feared.  Most "tests" are applied against the governing stat with a modifier for having an appropriate skill.  Since GURPS skills are stat-based, I'm 2/3 the way there!

Definitely going to need a table of WFRP Skill = GURPS Skill.  Same for spells...

03 June 2023

First Dive

Warhammer Fantasy Role Play 1e to GURPS 4e:  Stats.

Obviously, we're going to toss the old system's number in favor of the new, but we have to select values that reflect those in the old system.

WFRP has many more stats that GURPS.

14 vs 4 primary, 4 derived.

WFRP gambles for stats and GURPS spends points.  So we see what the dice will give and see if there's a basis for comparison with GURPS.

Strength, Wounds, Dexterity and Intelligence equate to ST, HT, DX and IQ.  Will Power equates to Will.

Movement equates to Basic Speed.

The standard human will come in at just under the default GURPS starting level.  8 or 9 compared to 10 based on the chance of a check against that stat succeeding.

The career classes add to the stats give suggestions to add to the stats, so most character templates will get more than GURPS 10's.

The WFRP encumbrance system is a weight and bulk composite model, GURPS is pure weight.

Some rough calculations makes me think that just using the GURPS Basic Lift will come out close enough at the end of the day so we can ignore the WFRP numbers entirely.  Between the Basic Set and Low Tech, we have all the equipment listed in WFRP, so just use the GURPS numbers.

I'm going to use Low Tech to generate the armor listed already, so...

Happy Come And Take It Day

The pistol brace amnesty has expired and the numbers are in.

Around 250k people did the Form 1 to make an SBR out of their pistol with a brace.

Out of approximately 40 million of those braces in the wild.

That is epic noncompliance.

The kind of "fuck off government man" stuff the nation was founded on.

It will be interesting if the suits are successful and SCOTUS rules on it before someone lights the candle on more kinetic resistance than passive noncompliance.

I'd love to see a ruling that agrees with ATF that a brace makes a pistol a short barreled rifle BUT the Constitution doesn't give the government any power to regulate barrel length or overall length of any firearm because 2nd Amendment.

484 Years!

484 years ago Hernando De Soto landed in what's now Sarasota.

Florida has changed hands so many times, but it was part of Spain longer than it's been part of the US.

Thanks For The Update

My NAS box decided to delete write privileges for everyone but Admin during one of its firmware updates.


This led to a running battle with Harvey and several phone calls to JT to find a solution.

I stumbled on the loss of rights on my own when everything else we could think of had failed.

Not least of which was her machine logging into the other wifi network that didn't have the NAS on it.

02 June 2023

Cool! Now Do Civil Forfeiture

Unanimous ruling that takings be takings.

It's long seemed to me that civil forfeiture was a taking.

It's also an excessive fine.

So we have the 5th and 8th amendments in play here.

Just like the linked case, victims of State theft have been denied standing.

Why Is It Wet In Here

The other day, Harvey noticed there was some wetness under one of the floor mats in the rear of The Beast.

I had no idea where it could have come from, and promptly forgot it.

Today, while goofing with The Boy, I turned around and saw water dripping from the rear dome light.

Turns out, one of the rubber plugs in the holes from police service decided to start leaking.

I'd planned for this!

I'd gotten an XM "shark-fin" in the hopes that my Aussie radio was Sirius/XM capable.  It wasn't, so the antenna sat on a shelf.

Thanks to the hole being lined up with the dome light, I could remove the light from the headliner and get direct access from below.

Now there's an antenna in that hole and no more leak.  It's non-functional, but it will suffice.

I'll probably have to get the other plug hole filled with the GPS canoe antenna I've got laying around soon or suffer more leakage.

On a humorous note: I forgot the child locks were engaged and managed to lock myself in the back until Harvey sent The Boy to come rescue me.  Yes, he mocked me!

01 June 2023

Big And Round

If people are making fun of you because you're fat when you are, in fact, fat:

You can lose weight.

You can stop going where they make fun of you.

You can ignore them.

And that's pretty much it.

I say this as someone who is possessed of extra gravitational pull.

I could lose weight, but I'm not really serious about it, so I just ignore the jokes.  Even better, make the joke BEFORE the other person can.

I'm fat, I know it, and it doesn't really bug me too much.

Celebrities and YouTubers should get thicker skins.

A List Of Criminal Accomplices

Some Latino businesses are going on strike today to show what a day without immigrants looks like.

As always, they're trying to muddy the water.

Florida's shiny new immigration law isn't about legal immigrants, it's about illegal immigrants.

If you have the requisite identification, your being an immigrant doesn't matter to this law.

The article makes a big deal about there being more Hispanics in the Tampa area than ever before!

Then makes note that those numbers don't include illegals.

Huzzah to the 100,000 new Hispanic residents of the Tampa area whom are here completely legally!

I have no problems with y'all.  Or the millions of others in the area.

But those people, my legit neighbors, aren't the people this law is about.

The press and the accomplices of illegal immigration keep trying to make this about all immigration and not about the distinction between legal and illegal immigrants.

Why Did You Buy It?

If you purchased your home for any other reason than a place to keep your ass warm and dry, you are a fucking moron.


Don't like that?

Tough shit.

If you accept that the reason you bought a house was to stay warm and dry, then the fluctuations of the real estate market stop mattering so much.

Your house triples in value?  Are you warm and dry?  Win!

That value suddenly drops back to what you originally paid for it?


If yes, you win!

A house is a box to keep you and your stuff out of the elements and nothing more.

If you're thinking it's a vehicle to become rich, you're stupid.

Do I really need to cite the years where the market proves me right about this?

Home TL

When a stone-age asshole in a cave in Afghanistan has a smart phone, one has to wonder what's going on with the tech-level.

They can't make smart phones in Kandahar.  Kandahar is, tops, TL5.  Smart phones are TL8.

This makes me wonder at what's available in "lower" TL's in Traveller.

All kinds of stuff, I imagine.

They can't make it, but many things are simple enough to operate that a TL skill isn't needed.


For just under $60 I am licensed to conceal carry weapons in the state of Florida!

In just over a month, I will not need the license to carry.

It comes with other benefits, like skipping the waiting period when I buy a gun.

Also, it keeps my Utah non-resident permit active and lets me carry in such tourist destinations such as Milwaukee and Seattle.