04 June 2023

Second Pass

It's not that hard to translate.  10 or less on 3d is a 50% chance, for example.  So a 50 Dex would be DX 10.  A 5 S would become ST 10.  And so on.  The average human in WFRP has lower stats than the average human in GURPS.  ST, DX and IQ would be 8 or 9.  HT would be 10 or 11 though!

It's not just a shifted mean, the average human in WFRP really isn't as good as the average human in GURPS.

The average range of stats for WFRP 1e comes close enough to the base stats in GURPS to say "close enough" for new character generation and just use the standard base 10.

I am uncertain that I need conversions for existing characters, but I think I can come up with them.

GURPS is a 3d6 system and you roll target or less.

WFRP is a percentile system, rolling target or less.

I suppose I'll have to make a chart or something.

This applies to skills as well, and turns out to be easier than feared.  Most "tests" are applied against the governing stat with a modifier for having an appropriate skill.  Since GURPS skills are stat-based, I'm 2/3 the way there!

Definitely going to need a table of WFRP Skill = GURPS Skill.  Same for spells...


  1. A 12 or less gets you about 74% (https://www.thedarkfortress.co.uk/tech_reports/3_dice_rolls.php), etc...

    1. Skill level 12 is very common on my character sheets because getting the extra 9ish percent chance of 13 or less (83.79% v 74.07%) is often not cost effective. That extra point of skill is frequently double the price.


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