05 June 2023

How Long

The idiot 20-something neighbors have been yelling at each other for, no shit, 20 hours straight now.

Harvey and I have had screaming matches ourselves, but for Fuck's sake!

If you can't articulate what's pissing you off and at least get to a agree to disagree point in two hours, you're not going to ever stop having this fight and it's time to cut-bait.

I am certain the man in this is only staying with her because he was stupid enough to get her pregnant three times and she's the kind of vindictive that will take every penny in child support while also getting every dime of welfare there is.


  1. Are they tweakers or something? How are they staying up 20 hours arguing? Are they taking breaks to eat? T
    hat's generally an activity that requires a lot of energy.

  2. I might have forgotten to sign that one again... -swj


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