09 June 2023

Wrong Tense

Elon Musk says, "Very important that the justice system rebut what appears to be differential enforcement or they will lose public trust."

I think he's an optimist about this and that the public has long since stopped trusting federal law enforcement, most especially the FBI.

The more I read about the fibs, the more it seems like they were never an impartial organization; it's just they were very consistent when J Edgar was running the show.


  1. Dictatorships are usually as consistent as the dictator is. J Edgar had his own agenda. Some other glorious leaders are volitile nuts. Where they are the same is rule by fear, which works either way, whether people are afraid to question due to knowledge of exactly what will happen or from not knowing what crazy thing might happen doesn't usually matter.

    People like Musk are largely insulated from the brutal truths of the corruption of agencies like the FBI. They're above it and largely untouchable... up to a point. Musk's now pushing that. But he's always either been brilliant at brinksmanship or stupid lucky. Either one can work. Of course sometimes neither will save you.

  2. I guess I was pretty naive about the Fucking Bunch of Idiots until Trump. I couldn’t believe they were trying to take down a sitting President. What really showed me how far gone they are was the testimony of an ex-FBI whistleblower. He was told to stop working on his cases and join a J6 arrest. He was working on child trafficking. He quit the FBI instead.


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