01 June 2023

Big And Round

If people are making fun of you because you're fat when you are, in fact, fat:

You can lose weight.

You can stop going where they make fun of you.

You can ignore them.

And that's pretty much it.

I say this as someone who is possessed of extra gravitational pull.

I could lose weight, but I'm not really serious about it, so I just ignore the jokes.  Even better, make the joke BEFORE the other person can.

I'm fat, I know it, and it doesn't really bug me too much.

Celebrities and YouTubers should get thicker skins.


  1. As I am known to say, "I'm in shape. Round is a shape."

  2. I've gotten a little tired of the Santa Claus jokes... Someone asked me the other day if I was Santa on the DL... I said "no, I'm just a fat old German guy with a beard". Ah $#!+. When did I turn into Santa? -swj

    1. Tell them you're actually the Krampus in disguise and retribution will arrive on 12/25.


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