31 March 2019

Excellent Flick

Netflix's The Highwaymen is excellent!

Check it out.

Third Time's The Charm

Things you have to remember and check when replacing the radiator on a 1996 Corvette.

When you've pulled the lower radiator hose to flush it after the first run to temp... tighten the hose clamp.  The hose will not stay on by friction alone.  At 190˚ it will pop off.

When you tighten that clamp...  Make sure it's actually tightening on the nipple of the radiator... or it will pop at 190˚...

Mistakes like this will cost you a gallon of pre-mixed DexCool® coolant per pop.

I guess the good thing is we got two extra flushes to make sure all the tap-water was out and replaced with the 50/50 mix.

All's well that ends well...

30 March 2019

Because We Said So

Over and over in the Duncan v Becerra decision Judge Benitez mentions, then dismisses, California's argument.

What argument?

California essentially asserts, repeatedly, "because we said so" as the reason for the magazine ban.

Judge Benitez spends pages explaining why this just isn't so from every angle.

It's exhilarating!

It's also laying the groundwork to survive first California's appeal to the 9th Circuit and then the inevitable en banc hearing of the 9th.

Knowing the bone-heads at the 9th when all combined en banc, we'll be awaiting The Supreme Court to deny certiorari and continue to ignore the 2nd.


Well, California is shitting all over both Heller rulings and MacDonald.  The USSC doesn't like it when lower courts shit on their rulings.  Never have.

One of the surest ways to get a case cert is where their rulings are being blatantly ignored.

Judge Benitez is doing a great job of showing that.

California is in a rough place.  If they appeal to 9th Circuit there's a good chance that it will go to SCOTUS and then see all magazine restrictions killed nationally...  or let it stand in the Southern District of California.

Letting it stand would pretty much kill magazine bans for the rest of the state because nothing spreads in US jurisprudence like precedent.

29 March 2019

Is This Something

This looks like it could be something.

Duncan v Becerra

This could unban normal cap magazines!

Well Dammit

Hoser has gone.

I didn't actually meet him, but saw him in person once.

My "uncle" Ben pointed him out and said, "That's the guy from that book you were reading."

28 March 2019

A Reminder

If you're a veteran, S&W is giving you a rebate if you bought new between Jan 1, 2019 and April 30, 2019 on select models.

Click here to see the details.

The already discounted M&P-9 Shield was worth $40 back on a pre-paid card.

The Constant Pecking Might Have Done Some Good

Florida HB 7093 was advanced on 3-21 by the Education Committee and my representative voted for it.

She might just be learning.

Old Flame

Unrequited love of an old flame.

ATI mentioned they were getting into the Galil game at SHOT.

Brownell's is stocking them.

I've a long running lust for a Galil.

It runs back to 7th grade and getting my first copy of TSR's Top Secret where it's listed as ".22 Galil semi-automatic (Israel)" and only holds 10 shots.

That led me to grab the correct volume of my Weapons and Warfare books and look up this mystery gun.  Damn it looked cool!

When I got out of the Army I started looking to buy one.

Prices were always just out of reach, and kept climbing ahead of my income where the price of a Mini-14 stayed steady.  I learned that you cannot make a Galil from a Mini-14.

And this was just with the effects of Bush Sr's "assault weapon" import ban.

The Clinton AWB changed the price inflation to either logarithmic or exponential progression on the fixed supply and dramatically increased demand.

There prices have remained, so it's amazing to see a Galil for a "just" over a grand!

That's Century Golani Sporter territory!

With Mosin 91/30s running $300, maybe it's time to start selling some of the old guns?

Busy And Unproductive

Been harping at the staffers of my state congress creatures.

My state senator's staff is definitely saying the right things.

My rep...  Her staff seems to be confused about some things and clear on others.

They're really baffled that I am against changes to the gun laws that don't actually affect me.

"Why do you care if you're over 21 and have a carry permit?" they ask.

"You represent people under 21 who don't have permits, why don't you care?" I reply.

The dance continues...

I need to check to see how they're voting in committee.

If I'd But Known

This being in constant pain from the lingering effects of my military service...

Well it sucks.

It's exhausting, in fact.

I zoned out and crashed very early only to be wakened by my screaming hips.

I busted my shins, but apparently the effect on my gait has killed my hips too.

I have a wonderful topical pain med that works fast, but doesn't last very long.

Hopefully I will stay down now.

I am hating how slow the appeal to the VA for an increase in my disability runs.  While it won't make me physically any better, more money would make it easier to bear.

A high enough percentage might even save money in other areas if I cross certain thresholds for care that's not service connected.

27 March 2019

Still Going

Palmetto has extended their sale on the 9mm Shield again, and have been doing so literally daily since I notice the sale.

If you want a damn good pocket 9mm, for a great price; I'd hit it while you still can.

26 March 2019

Service Life

Another consideration for the fun factor of an F-8 would be when it was available.

The F-8A entered service in 1957 and by 1966 it was deemed that there weren't enough to be remanufactured into F-8M.

The F-8B entered service in 1958.  Beginning in 1965, 63 were rebuilt to F-8L standard and remained in service until 1976.

The F-8C entered service in 1959.  Beginning in 1965, 87 were rebuilt to F-8K standard and remained in service until 1976.

The F-8D entered service in 1961.  Beginning in 1967, 89 were rebuilt to F-8H standard and remained in US service until 1973.  35 F-8H were transferred to the Philippines as F-8P in 1977 and served until 1991.

The F-8E entered service in 1962.  Beginning in 1968, 136 were rebuilt to F-8J standard and remained in service until 1976.

The French F-8E(FN) entered service in 1964.  Starting in 1982 the remaining 17 planes were upgraded to a different F-8P standard than the Philippines, with the 'P' meaning Prolonge.  These planes held on to 1999, but had not been used operationally since 1991.

I'm thinking since the F-8E, F-8J and French Crusaders are all closely related that a 4 variant pack might work best if one were to make an F8U module.


It turns out I have the NATOPS manual for the F-8D and F-8E.

A tidbit that turned out to be amazingly hard to find was if the F-8E's post-SHOEHORN chaff dispenser was actually an AN/ALE-29.

It is.

In the cockpit you get a narrow little panel on the right, just under the hook control and a friendly red anodized button on the left wall at the canopy rail, just outboard of the landing checklist placard.

These are what you use to fire off chaff.  Theoretically, you could fire flares too, but...

The friendly red button pops a single cartridge from one of the two 30-shot dispensers, using the FWD/AFT/OFF switch on the other panel to choose which dispenser.  If you run one dry, it will start using the other automatically.

The narrow panel, in addition to having the FWD/AFT/OFF switch has the counters for how many cartridges are left and an AUTOFIRE button.

This is where it gets fun and complicated.

In the starboard wheel well is a panel where you can select how many bursts will be fired per stab of the AUTOFIRE button, how long between bursts and if each burst is a single or double shot.  Notice that you really cannot change these settings in flight, what with the landing gear being retracted and all that wind and all.

You can select 6 to 36 bursts with a delay of 1 to 10 seconds between them.

It starts with the forward dispenser and when that one runs out, uses the aft.

Since you only have 60 total shots, you can run out very fast with autofire.

My manual says you can load them with Mk. 46 or MJU-8/B flares or RR-129 or RR-144 chaff.

Mk. 46 flares are magnesium-teflon and burn real good!  Safety hazard good because they use a lanyard to light.
MJU-8/B flares are identical to the Mk. 46 but have a different burn time.
RR-129 covers 2-18 GHz.
RR-144 is a training chaff round that doesn't fuck with the FAA.

Now about using flares...  In 1966 when this was added to the plane, IR missiles weren't really a threat.  They were much more concerned with radar guided missiles over charming vacations spots like Hanoi.

The thing is, flares were developed for the AN/ALE-29.

The simple way to have both is to fill one with flares and the other with chaff and select the dispenser loaded with the one you want to use.

Again, in theory, you could load the dispenser bucket in any order you want, including alternating the types.

Thag Want Lurn

Been reading about DCS World.

That sure is neat.  I do love a good flight sim.

I also love me the F-8 Crusader.

Since the game is modular, in theory one could make their own plane module and offer it up for sale.

I don't know how, but I might have enough friends to bootstrap it.

But which version to get stupid detailed about?  The most numerous version?

218 F8U-1 were made, redesignated to F-8A in 1962.
130 F8U-1E were made, redesignated to F-8B in 1962.  63 were rebuilt into F-8L
187 F8U-2 were made, redesignated to F-8C in 1962.  87 were rebuilt into F-8K.
152 F8U-2N were made, redesignated to F-8D in 1962.  89 were rebuilt into F-8H.
286 F8U-2NE were made, redesignated to F-8E in 1962.  136 were rebuilt into F-8J.

I think the F-8E is the winner here.  Bigger radar than earlier version, more air-to-ground capability thanks to the wing pylons, approach power compensator to make landing easier...

The "big" question is whether to make it the post-66 Project SHOEHORN model with the AN/ALQ-51 ECM and AN/ALE-29 chaff dispensers.  Lose some cannon ammo though.

Daylight Gun

The M1909 Benét-Mercié was known as a "daylight gun" because the feed strip needs to be "just-so" to be successfully inserted into the feedway.

GURPS gives this a reload time of (5), or five seconds to insert a new feed strip of 30 rounds into the gun.

Gun stats in GURPS are an odd mix of best case and worst case assumptions.

Accuracy and skill assume the worst conditions.

Reloading appears to assume optimal conditions.

Gate loaded revolvers is someplace this shows clearly.  The Single Action Army has a reload time of 5i, or five seconds per shot.  This is putting it at half-cock, opening the gate, dumping the empties, putting in fresh cartridges and closing the gate.  Try it!  Now try it with your ammo in a gun-belt.

How to simulate the reality?

The rules have footnotes in them that have more detailed loading times that account for obtaining each round individually and how many actions it takes.

But not for strip or belt feed nor does it account for difficult actions, like the Hotchkiss.

Again, we have a rule in the main skill section.  Gunner/TL is a DX based skill normally.  The rules mention rolling against a different stat as circumstances might require.  So, rolling against your Gunner/TL skill against IQ might be what we want here.  My potential house rule would be:  A failure adds 1d-1 seconds to your reload time.  A crit fail adds 5d seconds to the reload.

The detail and realism oriented GM will have to learn about individual guns and make notes available to the players about this.

Most of us just use the numbers in the table.

24 March 2019


I noticed, but forgot to mention, that the M&P-9 and the M&P-9 Shield have identical geometry between the trigger and grip.

Same reach, same angles, same trigger guard.  The Shield is, obviously, narrower, but it feels very similar to my hand.

It made transitioning to the smaller gun a lot easier.

I Am Not A Lawyer

Reading this post at The Firearm Blog:

It occurs to me that the plaintiff's case is invalid because the murderer didn't purchase the gun in question.

His mother, who killed no one and was murdered for the weapon used, is the person whom the marketing affected.

The perpetrator used his mother's guns because those were the guns available to him, not because Bushmaster was marketing them as the perfect kid killer.

Teachers Get Wrong Take-Away

To demonstrate what "cowering and hoping" would get them in an active shooter situation, the deputies sprayed the teachers down with airsoft guns.

The teachers learned nothing.

They're currently complaining about how it hurt and traumatized them.

To the point that the sheriff is going to stop the shooting part of the active shooter drills.

Hey, teacher, did you feel powerless?  Did it hurt?

Good.  That was supposed to teach you to do something other than cower in fear and the pain is supposed to reinforce the lesson.

Much like the gas chamber in basic.  Better to learn to use and trust your gear with CS than VX.

Better to get shot with an airsoft pellet and get a welt than to end up dead.

I want to see one of these exercises where a teacher is given an airsoft pistol the cops don't know about and see how the exercise changes.  It might change some minds.

23 March 2019

In The Red Corner

Marv brought up his SIG P365 to compare with the S&W M&P9 Shield.

As you can see, they're of a size.  The Shield barely peeks past if you line up the triggers.

We have no problems to report with either gun with any ammunition we've tried so far.

With aluminum cased Remington Federal Champion 115gr FMJ I shot like this:

P365 on left.  Shield on right.
Marv shot like this.

Brass cased Remington 115gr FMJ from me:

From Marv:

With a 10+1 capacity, the average raw damage from the SIG is 88.  With 12+1 it jumps to 104.

Rage Quit

There was a YouTuber called CarniKcon.

He made shooting videos which were frenetic and humorous, but devoid of any meat in the content.

His videos were also one-note things.  Once you figured out the shtick on one, you had the fullness of it.

I was happy when he went away and people stopped linking to the silliness.

InRange, on the other hand, appears to have found him endlessly amusing and has partnered with him more than once.

Because I was paying them a small amount on Patreon, I thought that I'd offer my thoughts about not-liking that kind of content and it not being what I was paying for.  On Facebook.

The rabid fanbois told me I had no right to complain and since my contribution was insignificant, I wasn't really paying for anything.

Since I am not really paying for anything, why waste the money?

When I cancelled my Patreon support, I said why.  Karl, from InRange, commented in the Facebook thread, cited that thread was why I'd cancelled my support, thanked me for the support and LITERALLY shrugged.  He doesn't care.  The fanbois were correct, I didn't matter.

Ian from Forgotten Weapons is also Ian from InRange.  I cannot in good conscience support him at Forgotten Weapons for fear that the all-too-fungible money I donate finds its way into InRange's coffers.

But I don't matter, so this will have no effect.  On them.  Not unless a lot of people read this and say, "let the CarniKcon fanbois support them, I'm out!"  But since my total readership is not "a lot of people" I doubt they're even going to notice.  Not any more than McDonalds has noticed that I don't eat there any more.

McDonalds is an apt comparison, though.  Individually, we don't matter.  Collectively, we do.  If we vote with our feet and wallets, we can effect change.

I've voted.  And just like in every election I've participated in, I've had no effect on the outcome.

It makes me sad.

But there's a happy kernel.  Look at all the time I'm getting back to myself!

While I was hitting unsubscribe on the respective YouTube channels, I realized that I hadn't actually watched the videos I'd been paying for for a while.  Sure, I played them, but I had stopped actively watching them a long time ago.

Inertia had kept me clicking on them long after they'd stopped holding much interest for me.

That's led me to notice that I'm doing the same thing with C&Rsenal's vids.  The video is playing, but I'm not really paying attention to it.  This one bothers me because the content they put out is excellent and informative.

Before Anyone Comments On It

I know that my small contributions won't be missed and this petulant rage quit just makes me a laughing stock.

It's us folks who matter least who complain loudest about the littlest things, after all.

22 March 2019

A New Standard

It occurs to me that we can skip a whole lot of shooting if we simply use the same techniques to measure reliability as The Mainstream Media uses for polls.

Two shots must be just as good as 2,000 because cherry picked respondents measured in the hundreds somehow are representative of hundreds of millions of citizens.

See?  No need to actually measure anything.

We can skip actually getting the gun dirty for a mud-test since simply firing the gun in the presence of mud is sufficient.

The Market Might Be Ripe

If half the ingenuity and effort that's gone into making carry options for women was applied to making comfortable carry options for fat old fucks (like me)...

Not that I resent that women are getting options, it's just that it seems like it'd be easier to figure out totin' for tubbies.

What About Democracy?

Democrat secretary of state denies voter referendum on gun law.

Democrat democracy: Make the voters vote until they get the "right" answer then NEVER VOTE AGAIN.

21 March 2019

Dear Smith And Wesson

I am writing today to complain about having nothing to complain about with regards to your M&P9 Shield pistol.

Without a hiccup, it fired ball and hollow points; brass case and steel case.

I am sure it's more my shooting than the gun that gave the groups I got at 7-yards.

I had no difficulty with the 7-round magazines, but prefer the 8-rounders.  Willard also preferred the 8-rounder and said that his shooting was much easier with the extra length to hang onto.

The trigger proved to be just fine, unlike its larger stable-mate the M&P 9.  Sorry, Apex, I think I'll stay with the OEM trigger.

It was not hard to control at all.

So far the only down side is that it's not for lefties at all.  Being a proper dextrous person and not at all sinister, this is not an issue for me.  Your mileage may vary.

I'm quite happy with it and glad to have it!

I think the Shield compares favorably with the SIG P365.  The Shield groups are a little looser and you give up four rounds of ammo with the extended magazines; but for $250 less...  Well!  The sale continues at Palmetto State Armory...  Get one!  Midway still has the 8-round and 7-round magazines on sale for near half off!  This is nearly a no-brainer.

Today I've been carrying it cross-draw and that's simply more comfortable and practical for me.  I noticed, while taking The Boy to school this morning, that when I'm all strapped into the car, there's no getting to the pistol with strong-side IWB carry.  It's under my shirt and then under the seatbelt buckle.

Weer'd GURPS

It's surprising that .45 doesn't give up a lot of velocity in short barrels as compared to the 5" barreled 1911.  It does give up some Acc and Range though.

There's no official GURPS stats for the PM45, but since they use real units, it's easy to create stats for unlisted guns.


The average raw damage contained in 5+1 shots is 63.

19 March 2019

Armed With Hip Waders And A Giant Orange Iguana

Wander over to Miguel's where he's waded into the muck and compiled a listing of emails by committee membership so we can demand the ratfuck bastards we elected actually do our bidding.

For a change.

Thank him while you're over there because he's doing this without being paid $300,000 a year like Marion or going on armed fishing expeditions.

Honestly, the people and organizations that claim to be doing this professionally sure as heck don't seem to be keeping ahead of an unpaid one-man-show.

Speaking Of The Future

My garage/shop space has been lacking a decent source of music for a while.

Marv and The Lovely Harvey conspired to get me a set of Ryobi 18v One+ battery powered tools.

They sure are handy!

One of the local pawn shops had a radio that uses those batteries and I bought it on a whim.

It's Bluetooth enabled, so I paired it with my phone.

Tunes from my phone via the big speaker!

It's also got a USB port for charging things like the phone from that big-ass lithium battery.

Taste Of Hate

Chick-Fil-A continues to impress me.

The food is tasty.

The service is amazingly fast for how busy they are.

That service has always been friendly and smiling; like they are genuinely happy.

Their app is easy to navigate and simple to use.

Tonight I used the app to order my meal from my table.  Select the location, punch in what you want, pay online, tell the app what number is on your table and they bring it right to you.

You can also use this for the drive-thru and carry-out.

Living in the future is kinda neat.

That Appeared To Work

Got the insurance company to accept our demand to cancel the policy.

All it took was a new, notarized, signature and including a lawyer's business card in the envelope.

Like A Semi-Auto J-Frame

The Shield is very similar in size to my oft-carried J-Frame.

The Shield is MUCH thinner, especially when you include the holster.

The holsters also place the guns in different locations, but that could be because of difference in brand rather than in the guns themselves.

There's not a lot of difference, in GURPS terms, between my various attempts to find a great summer gun either.

In terms of average raw damage per load:
M&P 9 Shield - 64.  72 with optional magazine.
Model 640-3 - 45.  30 with .38 Special.
P232 - 48.
P238 - 42.  48 with optional magazine.

It's a no-brainer for GURPS!

Shields Up

The M&P 9 Shield arrived today.

Ain't it cute?

The trigger is a relatively crisp 6-1/2 pounds.  Much nicer than the stock trigger on my M&P 9.

It's much smaller and narrower than the M&P too.

It's bigger than the SIG P238.

Surprisingly, it can be worn tolerably strong-side IWB in The Precious!

18 March 2019


Muslims blow things up and murder people: Nobody says boo to them, they get massive concessions.

Occupy ???, riot and break shit: don't really get confronted.

Antifa, riot, break shit and assault folks:  Nobody says boo, they tend to get their way.

Ratfuck in New Zealand shoots up a mosque and says we need gun control: Governments do his bidding.

I think I see the lesson here.

You want to get your political agenda to advance, you gotta kill people.

Is this really the lesson that they want to teach over 100 million gun owners?

That our only chance is to start shooting?

That's not where I want to take this, but is that the only thing that will work?

17 March 2019

The Decision Isn't Hurting Us

In addition to the 35 stores which aren't selling anything at all due to being closed forever; Dick's Sporting Goods says they're going to stop selling firearms at 125 more locations.

So what?

They make it sound like it hurts us for them to stop selling guns, but I think there's another explanation.

We stopped buying things from them.

It makes sense to stop carrying stock which doesn't sell because the customers refuse to buy it from you.

The first sensible decision I've even heard rumored about them.

Not Really Single Stack

Because Midway is faster than Palmetto State Armory, the magazines for the Shield got here first.

They're definitely shorter and narrower than the full-size 17-rounders for the M&P 9.

But they're much wider than a normal single-stack magazine, like this Beretta M1951 for example.

Interestingly, the increased width doesn't seem to have bought them much advantage in length.

These are both 8-round magazines.

The 7-rounder isn't even any shorter than a 7-round SIG P238 magazine.

It's Crap!

St Patrick's Day, being Irish is by its very definition NOT Scottish, therefore it's crap.

Seeing as how I am neither Irish or Catholic, I don't wear the green today.

A nice shade of orange suffices.

Fair Warning: Don't pinch me, I have a pair of vice grips in my pocket for your nipples.

Mild Security Upgrade

My bedroom closet now locks.  This will add approximately three seconds to the time it takes a thief to break into it.

One Thing After Another

The closet doors free swinging ways finally got the best of me.

The guide on the floor had long since disappeared.

These guides all seem to be designed with the idea that they're going on carpet, which I no longer have.

So it needed to be above the terrazzo floor.  By about 5/8".

The block needed to look decent too, so it got stained.

Everything was made of wait with this.  The stain needed to dry, the epoxy we set the block to the floor with needed to set...

Now I can do what I'd intended to do.  Put in a lock for the closet.

Since we were waiting around for things to dry: Let's eat!  Put the brats on the grill and... only a brief flame.  Like I was out of propane.  Except this was a brand new bottle.

To Lowe's!

New regulator fixed the grill issue and sausages were cooked in celebration.

16 March 2019

Happy Birthday!

Happy (early) Birthday to Willard!

He'd never buy one for himself because they are a tad spendy.

Premeditated Self Defense

Shot home intruder.  Charged with murder.

Read the whole thing.

This is a great lesson in how your behavior before the shooting can affect the outcome.

Pearl Harbor - Into The Arizona

Prime had the PBS documentary Pearl Harbor - Into The Arizona for free so I watched it.

When Don Stratton, a survivor of Dec 7th on Arizona, walked onto the memorial...  Damn but it got dusty in here.  His pain is still fresh.

Speaking Of Lack Of Assimilation

Checking to see if one of your soldier's hair is in regs is now rape.

Of note is her being transferred around because her MOS as a culinary specialist conflicted with her religion with regards to handling pork.

I wasn't an NCO for long, but I did learn how to spot a problem soldier (having been one myself).

This Shows Some Stones To Publish

Me thinks it's going to get sporty down-under real soon.

Not Too Shocking

There's always some kernels of truth to racism.

The "logic" is more akin to "If A = 1 and B = 2 then A + B = fish" though.

The kernel, in an over compressed nutshell.

Moslem immigrants, by and large, do not assimilate into the culture of the nation they've emigrated to.

Moslem immigrants are not quiet about this.

Islam is responsible for a lot of death in recent times.

That's just about it for truth.

Another truth we avoid talking about, because of the accusation of racism, is citizens of the host nation and members of that culture are offended and angered at the lack of assimilation and the arrogant refusal to do so.

They're not good guests and we're sick of being good hosts.  We're also at a loss as to what to do about it, because we ARE good hosts and don't want to be too rude about it (again because of those bigotry accusations).

The racists, on the other hand, don't care how rude they are about it, don't care if you don't like them and know exactly what to do about it.

That some of them did in New Zealand shouldn't have been a surprise.

Something else that won't be a surprise, because it happens a lot in history, is the ham-fisted government response is going to cause otherwise rational people to side with the racist because the government and media will actively sweep under the rug any discussion about the kernel of truth that set the racists to murdering.

Moslems come pre-othered, and their refusal to join the society they're living in makes it much easier to single out and be nasty to.  This will be aided by the fact that an alarming number of them are just the kind of asshole you feel good about being nasty to.  Thanks Representative Omar! you're making the racist's point for them.

15 March 2019

It Doesn't Add Up

I'd read about this situation, first at Arfcom; then Miguel's.

The story is repeated at The Truth About Guns.

Here's my problem.

The person who says they had their permit revoked says they've had their permit since 2007.

The first problem is the supposed domestic violence injunction from 2003 should have popped up when he first applied for the permit.

Next he says he renewed his permit in 2017.

Quoting from Miguel:

Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm Licenses that were issued on or after June 11, 2008, are valid for seven years. Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm Licenses that were issued before June 11, 2008, are only valid for five years. You can find the expiration date on the front of your license.

 If his initial permit was issued in 2007, then his first renewal would be in 2012.  His next renewal should be this year, not 2017 because 2012 + 7 = 2019.

The renewal forms are mailed to you, you can't just decide to renew early.

I've asked directly about this discrepancy and been ignored.

Essentially Identical

Looking at YouTube reviews of the Shield and a couple stand out.

They are both addressing the top-5 upgrades and have nearly identical lists.

It makes me wonder if the upgrades are simply so good that two independent reviewers agree.


I'm cynical enough to suspect product was exchanged for a good review.  Especially since they're both using VERY similar verbiage to describe the effects of the upgrades.

It makes me want to try some of these upgrades out and offer my own opinion.

Hard To Find Sympathy

A whacko shoots up a mosque in New Zealand because it's a mosque and because the victims were Moslem.

After enduring all the hate and murder from Islam these past 17 and change years...

Rather than feeling sympathy I'm thinking, "well did they think it would never happen to them?"

The manifesto is typical white supremacy.

Like most racists he's latched onto some kernels of truth and beaten them to fit his narrative.

Evil rather than sick.

I Disagree

"I would have rather seen him steal stuff and get out than die like that."

I find the punishment appropriate to the crime.

There Was A War

There was a war while there was a war.

Even back before the dark ages, the mundane were strong enough to eradicate the scattered and unorganized mages and magi.

So they hid themselves and organized.  The Users of Mana, Order of Mages and Society of Magi, or Guild, was founded.

Eventually coming to live in a parallel society under their own rules, but presenting a front that conformed to societies expectations when they had to be part of society at all.

Then The Great War happened.

Though being a mage meant being a member of supranational organization, the members were still citizens of their respective nations and human.

There were so many simple spells which could, if nothing else, alleviate the suffering and prevent death and dismemberment in the trenches.  There were even spells which could make men whole should they be disfigured.

The decision to come out into the open again was not made lightly, and not without conflict.

A war was literally fought among the mages and magi about it.  Secretly.  The mundanes weren't even aware of it.

Their aid did not change the course of the war, but it did mean that many soldiers came home who otherwise would not have.  Even magical measures have countermeasures.

At the end of the war, the politicians and rulers tried to assert control over The Guild and its members.  It didn't take much of a demonstration of power to show that wouldn't work.  The countermeasures that would stop a powerful mage simply wouldn't be deployed to stop someone under Guild orders.

The Guild presented its rules to the world.  The world acquiesced.

Now they live among us.

Guild law is enforced by The Guild.  Mundane laws will be enforced on Guild members by the mundane courts, and may employ members as specialists.

Harsh but fair.

Call Me Stella

Because I always rely on the kindness of strangers.

I have an M&P Shield 9, a couple of spare magazines and a holster coming for my review.

There will be pictures and initial impressions once it gets to the FFL and I can get a pic or two.

14 March 2019

All Crime Solved

Just as the Miami area has no crime, so does Pasco!

We're no longer on Live PD, reflecting the reduction in crime rate.

13 March 2019

Lets Pick An Age

Let us draw a line that establishes, once and for all time, at what age a person becomes an adult.

What does an adult get to do?

Enter into contracts.

Join the military.



Have sex.

Be free of their parent's financial situation with regards to student financial aid.

Be required to foot their own bill for health insurance.

18 works for me and coincides with that whole military age thing.


17 year old shoots herself in school auditorium.

Making schools gun free zones should have kept the gun from entering the grounds.

Making unlicensed conceal carry illegal should have prevented her from concealing the gun on her person.

Making it illegal for someone under 21 to possess a firearm without parental supervision should have prevented her from obtaining the weapon.

Thank God for gun-control!  Another suicide prevented!


Facebook Is Tits Up



They can't see me any more!

12 March 2019

Identifying The Market

There's been several movies of late that aggressively missed their market.

I say aggressively because it seemed like they were actively alienating the people who would naturally want to see the film.

A good way to spot it will be the director or star talking about whom they made the movie for, and it's not the people who want to see it.

It's often in response to the natural audience expressing reservations about it having something they want to see.

The first inklings of this was centered around Fury Road and the hiring of Eve Ensler and what that would mean about the content of the film.  Rather than tell the damn truth, they inflated her importance to the project and lent strength to the rumors that it'd be all intersectional feminism all the time.  It wasn't.  Thankfully.

Ghostbusters (2016) was the first movie I noticed where the rumors about the content from the natural audience were spot on.  The natural audience for the kind of comedy that the original Ghostbusters was, is not really a woman.

It's male geeks.

Action comedy is a male market.

Add the supernatural element and it becomes a geek market.

Those are the people waiting to pay you to see the film.

Women don't line up to see this kind of movie.  Even if you make a movie like this for them.

Even worse, the women who would be naturally inclined to go to see it, are going to agree with what the boys wanted; so they're not going to like what you've made.

The people the film makers claim to have made the movie for, want a different kind of comedy.

The failure to find an audience willing to pay to see it is not a failure of the audience.  It's a failure of the studio, screenwriter(s), director and actors.

But the studio, screenwriter(s), director and actors sure did blame the audience for its lack of interest, didn't they?  They even assigned motive to the disinterest.  It wasn't that they'd made a movie for a phenomenally small niche; it was that the people whose money they wanted were all sexists.

Dude, if we pasty white male geeks were sexist, explain Wonder Woman.  Explain why Fury Road did well despite the controversy.  There's lots of examples that prove the charge of sexism false.

We're also not racist.  Remember how I said we're the natural audience?  Black Panther's huge numbers wouldn't have happened without us.

What we're being condemned for is knowing what we like, knowing what we don't and not buying what we don't.

We also don't care to be falsely accused of being 'ists.  That will move us from ambivalent to negative in a heartbeat.

Clear Collusion

I've been noticing that the Gen 1.0 S&W M&P 9 Shield has been going for cheap at a couple of vendors.

Palmetto State has the best price at $250 and the "sale ends" date keeps shifting.  It ends tomorrow and has been scheduled to end tomorrow for a couple weeks.

So what?  They're on sale.  Rumor has it that a distributor, expecting a Hillary win, bought a shit-ton of these things from S&W to sell in what would have been a white-hot gun market.

Hillary didn't win (I love typing that)!

The collusion comes from Midway selling the magazines for about half off too.

I wonder if they laid in magazines with the same election result in mind.

Still, it makes the thing really attractive.  I'm not finding many complaints about them not working or a fundamental flaw.  The changes from Gen 1.0 to 2.0 was also very small, nearly cosmetic.

A solid performer for a bargain price?

I do not need one.  I do not have the money for one.

But YOU might.

11 March 2019

I See Him Head In Hands

I can just imagine Willard watching this spectacle.

10 March 2019

Good For Florida I Think

New York is squeezing people who're taking their rich asses to The Sunshine State.

That won't make them bitter or change their political leanings.


They're already upset at some liberal "back home" enough to move; then once they think they've escaped!

BAM!  Pay again.

This bodes to be interesting.

I propose Florida pass a law that forbids arrest and extradition for failure to pay out of state taxes if the person is a resident of Florida.

09 March 2019

The Magic Of Cinema

A non-Facebook version for Miguel's readers.

Yet More On Stellite

And a admonition to myself about making assumptions.

It would have been simple to check, and in fact it was simple to check, once I doubted my assumptions on what "Stellite lined" meant.

The Stellite liner on a US machinegun is the chamber and part of the barrel, not the entire barrel.

It's main purpose is to prevent throat erosion.  That's a bigger concern with machine guns than rifles because of the sustained rate of fire.

Stellite is tough stuff.  So tough that there's a procedure for recovering the Stellite liner from shot out barrels for recycling into new barrels!

Never Again

I will never again allow an insurance company to automatically withdrawal the premium from my account.

It was good for 10% off the premiums and saved money for the past 15 years on the life insurance policy...

But they decided that since The Lovely Harvey is a smoker that the premium needs to be cranked up 1500% we've decided that we will cancel the policy.

We asked how, they demanded a wet signature.

We sent that.

Now they say that the signature doesn't match.

What do you do to get them to accept the cancellation?

We're going to resend with a notarized signature and see if that works.

Stellite Liner

Thanks to Ratus, I have a "how they did 5.56" version of Stellite lining.

It's mentioned as being similar to 7.62.

Make a normal 24" chromoly-vanadium steel barrel, rifled a bit overbore to allow for chrome lining.

Hog out the chamber end 6" deep.

Heat that bitch up.

Shove in your 6" long chambered and pre-rifled (also overbore) stellite liner; which is still an interference fit with the heated barrel.

Let cool.

Chrome plate the bore 0.005" to 0.0015" thick.


There's a fixture to make sure the rifling in the liner aligns with the rifling in the rest of the barrel blank.

The 5.56 experiment didn't do well.  Accuracy fell to the rejection standard after just 990 rounds fired.

08 March 2019

Sarcasm Reigns Supreme

The Lovely Harvey, upon being informed that today is International Women's Day...

Stripped off her shoes (in the kitchen) and made me a baloney sandwich.

"These are the traditions of my gender, Master!"

She's going to kill me with shocks like this.

Good sammich though.


Guinness (FOR STRENGTH!) and Jameson (FOR COURAGE!)!

Tschüß! Lex.


Electroplating is using an electric current to apply a plating of a metal to a surface from a solution that contains the plating material.

We're most familiar with this from chrome.

Chrome plating used to be everywhere.

There used to be a chrome shop nearby virtually any place people lived.


Not so much.


The chemicals used and the chemicals left over are kind of nasty stuff.  The traditional method of disposing of them, ie dump it out back, became illegal and the legal method of disposing of it is expensive.

Plating of any kind started getting expensive and less common as the margins narrowed.

New processes and chemicals were developed, but demand was reduced because chrome became anathema in car styling (low speed impact standards played a key role here too).

Some processes and plating took longer than others.

Stellite is one of them.

M60 machine guns had Stellite lined barrels and were known for their resistance to wear.  But that lining became impossible for a number of years because the EPA regulations concerning the plating chemicals killed any profitability from doing it.

Like so many things, a new way of doing it was figured out and it's now being used again in the M240!

The exact chemicals and process is proprietary and guarded.

I love how technological need is usually met, despite regulation that should prevent it.

It Bears Repeating

How I became a gunner.

I'm slowly accumulating people's stories and I am still amazed at how many of us start as flaming-liberals; but end up being gun owner and reject modern liberalism.

We remain liberal, but in the Jeffersonian sense.

That's shellbacked conservatism nowadays.

Like many people I am constantly amazed at how so many folks ignore history.

It's because of history I look askance at any political movement or party which seeks to restrict gun ownership and takes an even remotely anti-Semitic stance.

While the Holocaust mostly murdered Jews, it also murdered millions of others too.

The Soviet Union and China murdered in wholesale lots as well.

Communism, Fascism and Marxism are all just Socialism of different flavors.  Being a student of history also makes me reject anarchists claiming to be libertarians because anarchist was a label of one of the flavors of Socialism back before WW1.

Gun control doesn't cause holocausts and mass murder by the state.  It enables it.

Without gun control the state cannot exert the requisite control over the citizenry needed to round them all up and kill them.

Antisemitism is kind of a canary in the coal mine for a coming totalitarian movement.  I can't think of a single Socialist take-over that didn't include it.

Fighting it while it's still nascent and mostly theoretical is a dreary slog and tiring.

I only just realized I've been fighting it, with varying degrees of success, for half my life.

Analysis True


The more I look at it, the more convinced I am that it's not the guns.  It's a cultural thing.

We gun people are from gun cultures and we're not the problem at all.  The people who're problems are the people from outside the gun culture who have guns.

How do we keep these people from getting guns?

Wrong question.

How do we get everyone with a gun to join the, very safe for society, gun culture?

Now look at gun control and the advancing age to own a firearm.

Here in FL you've got to be 21 to buy a gun.  Well past the age where your cultural norms are ossified and difficult to change.  By making it ever more difficult to impart the safe gun culture to children at an age where it will do the most good, we end up with people who aren't part of this safe culture who are, nonetheless, armed.

I think I have a new tack to bore my congress creatures with.

Almost A Month Gone

Jan-Michael Vincent apparently died last month and it's only just now being reported.

How's that for being a successful post-fame recluse?

Airwolf was a staple of my childhood, but I also remember him from Damnation Alley.

Landmark Moment

The daughter of a friend of ours is going to be graduating college soon.

The seldom used "Guns for Girl Grads" program is going to be going active again, I think.

I wonder what kind of pistol she wants.

It's exciting.  She's been talking about getting her CCW since she was 16.

07 March 2019


The garage door isn't supposed to go klonk.

My fiberglass door with an aluminum frame has reached its fatigue limit where the opener spreader attaches to the door.

So I put a piece of steel angle behind it, drilled a couple of holes, nuts, bolts...


I'd had to back the vertical strip with steel before.  Flimsy thing.

06 March 2019

Seven Years

My response consisted on one word.


We've not forgotten you Lex.

I cannot toast because of my cold.

Sick Of Being Sick

Between The Boy's school and The Lovely Harvey's workplace, we've gotten a cold three months running.

Thank goodness for over the counter medicine that nukes the symptoms and makes life just barely livable while the virus works its way on me.

05 March 2019

Old vs New

Since the Marines have apparently retired the old KaBar, it seemed fitting to put them next to each other.

I found a forum (and lost it) where a poster was complaining that you cannot disassemble the OKC 3S and thus it's vulnerable to the tang rusting away.

Looking at the KaBar, I am wondering if the same complaints apply to it.  The leather washers are far more permeable to water than the rubbery grip of the bayonet, and you can't take the KaBar apart either.

I have read complaints about the leather washers rotting away, but don't recall any stories about the tang corroding away where the rest of the knife wasn't in equally sorry condition.

04 March 2019

A Philosophical Question

If I am assaulted while wearing a MAGA hat...

...and I shoot my assailant in self defense...

Will I be charged with hunting over bait?


I am thinking that, should some cop show up at your door pursuant to a, so called, red flag confiscation that you make them aware of their liability under 18 USC § 242; especially the part about "if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon".

Take my guns for a year, Officer, I think it's a fair trade for you to be in jail for ten.

The partial 14th Amendment incorporation of the 2nd makes 18 USC § 242 applicable today, when it wasn't under Clinton.


Sauce For The Goose

Turnabout is fair play.

Slavery Repatriations

We're not actually talking about making reparations about slavery.

In reality slavery was paid, in full, in blood by about 360,000 Union soldiers.  Soldiers whom were predominantly white and nearly exclusively male.

I've done the math about what the weregild would be for them.  Every black person in America would owe about $331k to pay that debt at the current average wrongful death settlement rate.

In addition to fighting and dying to end slavery, it was codified by the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments.  Amendments which made the former slaves citizens in addition to making them free.

What reparations are talking about is Jim Crow.

Once again, I find that I'm not to blame.

Jim Crow Laws were the creation of one party, and it's not the Party of Lincoln.

There's rafts of laws from the 1960's that have addressed those laws.

But the race baiters want a cash settlement instead?


We'll just roll back all those laws and amendments and cut y'all checks.

Better spend it quick.  You're not voting next election.  Not that you could afford it or pass the tests that are re-implemented.

Civil rights?  Oh, those aren't part of the constitution for you anymore.  Missing the 14th yet?

03 March 2019

Broken Down

The 5.11 Tactical Bailout Bag with empty pouches and scabbard is 3.5 lb.

6x 30-round PMAG M3 magazines (loaded): 6.9 lb.
1x OKC 3S Bayonet: 0.9 lb.
1x Camelbak® Chute-Mag insulated water bottle: 1.1 lb. (empty) 3.1 lb. (full)
1x S&W M&P-9 (loaded): 2.2 lb.
2x 17-round M&P-9 magazines (loaded): 1.4 lb.
1x IFAK: 1.5 lb.

Grand Total: 19.5 lb.

This is with an almost empty main compartment.

Adding a couple MRE's would add a couple of pounds.

This is a day-pack at best.

Zero Accomplished

The M16A1 clone has not been zeroed since I put a Brownell's retro upper on her.

25m battlesight zero, and confirmation in the upper right at 50 yards.

The new scope mount for the Savage 93F put the rounds basically centered, but way high.  Easily remedied.

I definitely need to get more longer range trigger time though.  The group opens up a lot at 100 yards.

Shooting very carefully and slowly.
Shooting as soon as I had a sight picture.  Odd that I shoot better going a bit faster.
Marv took Brown Betty out just to get a recording of the echo from the sonic boom of the round that's normally drowned out by the muzzle report.

02 March 2019


When setting up my bail-out-bag I put everything mirrored from where I really wanted it...


I also swapped out my Israeli canteen and carrier for a Camelbak® pouch and 1l insulated bottle.

17.3 lb. as shown, plus the carbine (8.9 as shown).

Must Be Doing Something Right

A year ago my blood pressure was running in the area of 138/86 with a rest heart rate in the 90's.

Lately I've been reading in the area of 107/73 with a rest heart rate around 66.

The huge change in that year?

One cup of coffee in the morning instead of three.

A maximum of one soda a day, and a non-caffeinated soda at that.  Crush instead of Mountain Dew.

I also cut out non-sugar sweeteners.

This, surprisingly, has led to me getting fuller on less food; so I eat less each meal and I don't feel ravenous all day.  It's also meant that if I have eaten, I don't WANT to eat again for hours which puts a damper on impromptu "let's grab lunch!" calls.

I've never had much of a sweet-tooth, so the amount of sugar in my life has dropped dramatically.

I wonder if I will lose weight next?

Full Auto Martini-Henry

It's actually a lot simpler in there than I thought it would be.

It seems more complex because everything is all separate and not integrated like later guns are.

Procurement Shouldn't Be This Hard

Nice to see that the US isn't the only place with problems selecting a new pistol.

Contrast this with New Zealand; who essentially said, "Glock's are time tested, affordable and available; order some."

Canada's situation also kind of underscores the true military value of handguns.  If they were absolutely essential, the worn out guns would have proven to be "must replace NOW" liability by now.

Honestly, the same sort of thing applied to the US hanging on to the M1911A1 instead of changing to the NATO standard 9x19mm in the 1950's.  From some of the documents I looked at, some felt that the only real reason to change to the M9 was because of NATO standardization and not because we absolutely needed new handguns.

Shiny Parkerization

The CMP gun has an odd finish.

It's a strangely lustrous silver gray.  Not what I am accustomed to in something parkerized.

Five Guns, Two Cartridges, One Caliber

All .45, all the time!  If the chambers spin, it's .45 Colt.  If the magazine falls out the bottom, it's .45 ACP.

01 March 2019



Check out how much yaw the round has at the muzzle too!

Eye Relief

Bought a one-piece scope mount for my Savage 93F.

This is to move the scope forward so that the eye-relief of the scope matches where I want to put my face on the rifle.

With the Weaver mounts from way back...

Grab Bag

Part of our hurricane preps is for the unlikely event of looters.

Ammo, water, snacks, first-aid and firearms.

I'd hate to haul this set-up very far, but for my property it's fine.

Jar Opener

The Marines didn't take to the M9 bayonet.

There were also complaints about carrying both a bayonet and a Ka-Bar.

It's definitely more knife like than the M9.  The grip feels good in the hand.

It's lighter than the M9.  1 lb. 4.9 oz. with scabbard, 13.9 oz. bare.  The M9 is 1 lb. 13.7 oz. with scabbard and 14.6 oz. bare.  Both are heavier than the ancient M7; 15.3 oz with M8A1 scabbard and 10.4 oz. drawn.

They don't let you forget that it's born in Parris Island: