23 March 2019

In The Red Corner

Marv brought up his SIG P365 to compare with the S&W M&P9 Shield.

As you can see, they're of a size.  The Shield barely peeks past if you line up the triggers.

We have no problems to report with either gun with any ammunition we've tried so far.

With aluminum cased Remington Federal Champion 115gr FMJ I shot like this:

P365 on left.  Shield on right.
Marv shot like this.

Brass cased Remington 115gr FMJ from me:

From Marv:

With a 10+1 capacity, the average raw damage from the SIG is 88.  With 12+1 it jumps to 104.


  1. What is this "aluminum cased Remington", I know not this thing.

    ASFAIK aluminum cased small arms ammo is a CCI/Speer invention.

    1. Willard finds it at Wal Mart.

    2. Correction made to post. It's Federal Champion brand aluminum case ball. Sorry about that, but you made me recheck it; well spotted!


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