17 March 2019

The Decision Isn't Hurting Us

In addition to the 35 stores which aren't selling anything at all due to being closed forever; Dick's Sporting Goods says they're going to stop selling firearms at 125 more locations.

So what?

They make it sound like it hurts us for them to stop selling guns, but I think there's another explanation.

We stopped buying things from them.

It makes sense to stop carrying stock which doesn't sell because the customers refuse to buy it from you.

The first sensible decision I've even heard rumored about them.


  1. Don't forget to stop buying stuff at the Field & Stream stores which are owned by Dicks........

  2. Dick's was a lousy place to buy a firearm anyway. Unless something was on some kind of uber sale their prices were not usually competitive, even with other sporting goods stores. And those in general are not usually the best places to shop. And Dick's customer service wasn't usually great either. Their staff typically knew little about what they were selling and at least around here none of the stores did any kind of service work, not even simple stuff like scope mounting or bore sighting. Sp really, no big loss. While I hate to see any retailer forced out of the gun business, that isn't what happened here -- Dick's left on their own.

  3. Personally, I prefer to do whatever firearms shopping I do at gun shows, or in dedicated firearms stores like Jacobsen's in Story City. A lot of "sporting goods" stores are mainly about stuff like skiing equipment, ball game supplies, and overpriced "sporting" clothes. The times I've been in them, the employees knew less than I did about whatever guns were there.


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