20 July 2010

I Don't Care

Seems a private of the 1st Battalion, Royal Gurkha Rifles took the head of a dead Taliban commander when time was short so that they could prove they had, indeed, killed the right guy.

Local rabble rousers are all up in arms about how this is a great insult to Islam. Something about how the entire body has to be interred to have chance at heaven.

I don't care. C'est le Guerre! You want to be buried whole, stop shooting at Allied troops. Stop setting up IED. Stop making war on us and we'll stop making war on you. That's how we operate.

Because it is war, and I aim that you be dead because of it, I don't give two shits about how you feel about it. I don't care that you don't want to be dead. I don't care if you approve of the methods employed to kill you. I don't care. I could, perhaps, care if you showed any inclination at all to fight like men and follow the generous framework of the rules of war we follow while hunting you. You don't respect my beliefs about how to treat prisoners or their corpses; why the hell should I respect yours?

You're insulted by what this Gurkha did? I am insulted by Mogadishu and Fallujah. You showed me how you wanted your corpses to be treated then, I am just following your example. See how this works? You want me to follow your rules, you have to also follow mine.

19 July 2010

Evil Zionist Rifle Conspiracy

Kaylee and Jasmine together.

I can't explain the allure of the Izzy configurations for me.

As far back as high-school I wanted a Galil ARM. I never got one, kinda glad now, but the interest in what the IDF issues has remained.

I Use .380

I am going to attempt to prove [my LiveJournal] is really a blog.

The Firearm Blog, in association with Lucky Gunner is running a contest where a blogger posts about the contest and is put into a drawing for 1,000 rounds of .380. This is my entry.



If this is a blog, then I will be a contestant.

15 July 2010



Calling someone who is a bigot a racist tends to work because they know they are and are aware that society disapproves. You can get a bit of shame going on there and that gets them to change. If that shame thing doesn't work out, they tend to overcompensate and become obviously bigoted to others and then the changes are affected by outside pressure.

Calling someone who is not a bigot a racist, however, doesn't work. They know they are not a racist and that you are wrong. This doesn't have any incentive to pressure them to change; they know they are already embodying the ideal you are espousing. Enlisting outsiders to pressure them into "changing" doesn't work because they are already not racists and can't change into something they already are.

What this accusation really does is make them think (or realize) that your organization is not working for the ideal of racial equality at all, but rather have another agenda only tangentially related to racism (at best) or that your organization is just as racist as white power groups (at worst).

You should also take note that the people whom you are calling racists formed a group large enough to affect policy nearly spontaneously in a very short time frame. A group that is likely large enough to be able to ignore you because the sanctions you impose are readily and easily bypassed. Your one tool to influence the majority was guilt over slavery and "Jim Crow". When you abandon the high ground and make baseless accusations, that guilt evaporates as if it had never been; and honestly your tirades have been tiresome for some time, you're making this easy for us. But this is the hill you've chosen to die on, so be it.

14 July 2010

Izzyfication Of Jasmine

This is how she came.

Then I added a carrying handle and ditched the P-Rail for the sheet-metal dust cover. FALs really aren't tack-driving accurate enough to rate optics.

Then I added a set of Israeli heavy barrel handguards. The standard FN style are way too narrow and they cause unnecessary fatigue from gripping too hard.

Thanks to DSA making a lot more parts in the USA with the SA58 than they did with the StG58, this change does not affect the 922r compliance. Nor will changing the buttstock to a wooden one later because that part was never US made from DSA. Ironwood makes stocks here in the USA, so I should get one of those and my count will go up!

Thanks to Marv I now have a set of light barrel handguards and an Israeli buttstock. The wood sure is handsome!

The HB handguards were modified to fit and were just wrong. Marv heard my whining and volunteered to buy me a complete set of furniture. A loan, really, but still.

I have changed the charging handle and latch to the proper Israeli variations. The Izzy charging handle is unique in the FAL world in that it incorporates a forward assist. A real Romat has a groove cut in the rails of the bolt carrier; the knob of the charging handle can be pressed in, extending a stud into the groove allowing the bolt to be pushed forward. I have not bothered to cut that groove, so the charging handle just works like a normal one. I've also added a leather H&K G3 sling to be more period; the IDF used K.98k slings on their FALs.

11 July 2010


On the recent talk about the New Black Panthers getting away with voter intimidation.

Florida forbids firearms within polling places, but doesn't say how far away they must be kept.

Florida forbids "electioneering" within 50 yards of a polling place. It's a felony.

Voter intimidation is covered both under electioneering and assault.

It is legal for me to shoot someone to prevent a felony from taking place. Jurisprudence confirms that shooting someone to stop a violent felony is a rubber stamp item. Assault is a violent felony; especially since our New Black Panthers were armed with blunt instruments, making it assault with a deadly weapon.

So. Bring it; you racist hate mongers. I intend to vote and you will not stop me.

PS: I would not feel the need to point all of this out if the damned government had done a damn thing to prevent its future occurrences. Once again, it's up to the individual to do what needs be done.

PPS: I suspect that there will be no need for me to do anything since Florida is not Philadelphia.

06 July 2010

Observation On Racism

I'm watching BAT*21 on Encore.

Danny Glover does an excellent job, no complaints about his role.

To make a concise story about a real event you almost have to composite characters. There was not a single observation plane with just one pilot doing all the flying. There were many planes and crews associated with the rescue.

That is not what this observation is about.

Danny Glover's character represents a composite character of all those crews. He is also black. I notice that this doesn't bother me. I realized that if the story as shown had been 100% accurate and Capt. Clark had been black, but was played by a white actor the race baiters would have a conniption.

Because there were so many crews, it's unlikely they were all black. The composition of the forces in that time frame makes it unlikely that many were. But they hired Danny Glover to play the character representing them.

No problem for me! I think I know where the racism is here.

05 July 2010

OH! Him

I was reading this: http://armsandthelaw.com/archives/2010/06/lott_on_gun_law.php and the first comment gave me pause. I asked myself, "Who is this idiot?" Then I noticed the name and recognized it. It's Weer'd's bestest buddy!


He's Right This Is Ironic


Money quote: "We have conservative justices authoring opinions which squarely confront the tragic legacy of race and its impact on American Constitutional history, while we have liberal justices wanting to largely skip over that history. We have on the other hand liberal justices pleading for states’ rights and federalism while conservative justices make the case for the soundness of incorporating the Bill of Rights as a matter of original intent."

02 July 2010

Playing With Camera Now With BEER!

Sam Adam Imperial Stout is tasty.

And DARK! That's my 2009 Hot Rod Power Tour glass. Clear glass with a black logo. Can you see it?

I had the camera in its normal program mode without flash, set on the tripod with a 2 sec delay on the shutter to let the vibration from pushing the button settle. The second picture required the use of the manual focus, which is very clunky.

01 July 2010

Shaved Wookie?

I only got a 63% Mostly because war is the killer app of the state and anarchy is the most fragile form of government, it falls apart at a touch.


A Pleasant Thought Occurs

Heller referred to "weapons in common usage" several times when finding that the 2nd amendment really does protect and individual right.

Depending on how one defines common, that could mean anything the police are carrying. Perhaps especially so, since the police often state they carry firearms for self defense.

This line of reasoning could be an inroad to at least open up the registry to new MG applications. We should aim for repeal of the GCA 1934 while "compromising" and taking repeal of the Hughes amendment to the FOPA.

While we're there we should insist that since Title II firearms are "in common usage" that state bans on them should be nullified.

A possible outcome of my line of reasoning is that the police, being civilians, would have to abide by the same laws we do. I can accept that; for now. I don't think the cops will give up the MG's, so would go along with NFR registrations to keep from being included in the ban with the rest of us.