30 May 2009

Ever Read Lyrics?

I've just read the lyrics to the Foo Fighters song DOA.

I think I am a bit creeped out.

Don't you love when a song doesn't come out and say what it means?

The Dazzling Parental Success Story That Is Shitheel

Dumbass Fuckwad Shitheel's second son, Ratfuck, has been convicted of beating his kid severely. He's landed five years in prison for it.

I cannot help but think that if Dumbass' father had been a better father and/or that if Dumbass' had broken from that mold then Rat would have not followed the same pattern.


I can't lay this all on Dumbass' lap though: The younger two kids from wife 1 were given to the custody of the mother's parents when the mother (wife 1) consistently failed to pass numerous drug tests. Dumbass never effectively mounted a campaign to gain custody himself.

Watching from the sidelines, I saw that both of these families were abusive and I watched the State take no interest until now.

What did Eric say about the wheels of justice grinding slow and fine? Maybe this will jar them into fixing their crap before another one becomes a felon. More likely, denial will be the mode of operation.

29 May 2009


I've been reading some fascinating things about race lately.

The recent Supreme Court pick says things about being a hispanic female that a white man cannot say about being themselves in the same context.

A government case against a group of black men engaged in voter intimidation in Philadelphia is dropped even though their behavior, seen on video, exceeds that of 1960's white racists in Mississippi.

Even if it's not a white person saying it, it's still racist!

I predict the unintended consequences of this will be when the majority finally remembers that it outnumbers the minorities will be to suppress them again and no amount of whining will ever let them back up again. "We tried to be fair about it and look what we got." If I happen to be around in 2020, remind me of this and we'll see.

By the way, I also predict the trigger event of the backlash will be from illegal Mexicans.

28 May 2009

Seat Covers

And it only took a year and a half to install them!  The apparent stains are just sweat from my brow.

26 May 2009

Wildlife In The Backyard

Empty nest!

Today they were flying!

By the time we'd noticed, only three were still on the porch.  I had to catch them and take them outside to be inspected by Mom and Dad.  I assume that post-inspection they were on their own.

This one hopped into my hand after I chased it around the porch for a few minutes.  It rested on my finger for a few minutes before flying off.  It even allowed me to stroke it's breast for a bit.

I have removed the empty nest.  I am surprised at how large the hole it was sitting in was.

25 May 2009

A Tradition

On Memorial Day, the President lays a wreath on The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

President Obama is the second president that I have seen get no salute. President Clinton is the other.

I wonder if they even know they are being insulted.

Wildlife In The Back Yard

Our chicks are almost ready to fledge!

The Noble Shiba is very interested in the birds too!

24 May 2009

New Sheriff In Town

Playing with the lighting settings on the camera.

This is kinda turning into a photo-blog isn't it?


These started off just like each other at the Remington factory

Both have been modified.

Quotes Of The Day

>BillyBiscuits: Is it just me, or is Skynet taking the Half Ass route to global supremacy?

T4 is a good movie if you leave your brain at home.

And thirded on the YHMs.

>> sweatpants: Not all AI are smart enough to culture humans for bio electricity while trapping their minds in an alternate simulated reality.


Veteran's Day: Live, former soldiers.
Armed Force's Day: Live, current soldiers.
Memorial Day: Dead soldiers.

Second Attempt

More contrast with the drink.

Ashtray is not on top of the gloves.

This is The Lovely Harvey's simpler version.  It's a lot more spontaneous than the one I took.


22 May 2009

Manly Pursuits


Scotch, .44 Magnum, cigars...


Wildlife In Our Back Yard

Our baby Carolina Wrens are growing. There are four in there, but they are camera shy. You can only see the one here, it's beak is almost touching the white ball of poop.

I get soundly scolded by the parents when I stick my lens in their nest too.

21 May 2009

A Dee Lightful Tale

This is Dee, The Lovely Harvey's 10/22 International.

I added my ancient Aimpoint 1000 to her because the iron sights suck, hard.

The tale of Dee is bittersweet. Harvey originally bought her to give to Orca Shitheel for his 14th birthday. It was given to his dad, Dumbass Fuckwad Shitheel, in trust until Orca Shitheel was old enough to take it for himself. Before Orca Shitheel turned 18, Dumbass Fuckwad Shitheel was convicted of the first of several felonies. So Dumbass Fuckwad Shitheel sold his guns and we insisted that Dee come back to us because it was not Dumbass Fuckwad Shitheel's to sell. He agreed.

We put some conditions on Orca Shitheel to take possession. First he had to take some sort of firearms safety class. Second he had to purchase some sort of locking cabinet if he was going to keep it at home with his kids.

Orca Shitheel completed step one by finishing Basic Training. That's the class I took, so I can't insist he take more. Harvey took the Florida mandated concealed carry class; which is more. Not asking for anything we don't do ourselves. Orca Shitheel never completed the second. Again, we am not asking him to do anything we are not.

Right after Orca Shitheel got out of the Army he got in our faces about his gun. "Got that cabinet?" we asked.
"No! Why should I need one? It's MY gun!"
"Sorry, but it's our gun and we said that we'd give it to you if you met certain, small, requirements before we gave it to you. You have not completed the second, small, requirement, so the gun is not yet yours. Since you are being so petulant about it (Harvey really said petulant!) we withdraw our offer to give it to you."

So we kept it. Harvey named her Dee in honor of Orca Shitheel who has named each of his five (5!) children with a name beginning with 'D'.

The Aimpoint has a happier story. I bought it in 1990 just because something like that was cool! I mounted it on my Mini-14 in a B-Square mount. When I dumped the Mini, I kept the scope and put it on my Entreprise L1A1, when I sold that to Anglave, I sold the scope to FuzzyGeff to mount on his Bushmaster M17S. There it sat on the Bushmaster for years until FuzztGeff sold the rifle. I suggested he sell the scope to Marv and Marv mounted it on his AR-15. It didn't suit Marv, so he replaced it with some cheap Chinese Airsoft clone of a EOTech 553. I offered to buy it back from him and it is now on Harvey's 10/22, a Ruger like the Mini-14. It's also on a B-Square mount. Almost like it's gone full circle.


I find it interesting that we're hearing about how linked, then, candidate Obama is with ACORN now that he's securely president.

Allegations that were made before the election, but the media sat on the story because it was a "game changer".

Interestingly when Mr Kerry was running they printed a completely fabricated story on Mr Bush's service record that was very nearly a "game changer".

But there's no bias. None at all. Nothing to see here, move along.

The Sky Gods Are Angry

This was taken about 1930 yesterday going west on the Courtney Campbell Causeway.

The LG Voyager is not primarily a camera...

18 May 2009

Zombie Training Sir

100 yards. 115 gr OTM Match King, mil-spec load. 6.8x43mm Cardinal Arms barrel. Aimpoint Comp M4s.

Dead zombie.

Zombie Targets are hilarious!

It seems especially appropriate to kill zombies with what is called a "franken AR", or a rifle assembled by the owner. Take that Colt!, except that Colt doesn't make a 6.8.

Muzzle Brake is a Medieval by Troy.
Barrel is by Cardinal Arms.
Frontsight/Gas Block is by Yankee Hill Machine.
Handguard is an LT15-9 by LaRue.
Rail Covers, Pistol Grip and Stock are by Magpul.
Upper Receiver, Bolt Group, Buffer Assembly and Receiver Extension are by Stag Arms.
Scope is by Aimpoint.
Rearsight is by Knight's Armament Company.
Lower Parts Kit is by Del Ton.
Lower Receiver by Anvil Arms.

15 May 2009

Dottie's On A Diet

I replaced the Yankee Hill Machine YHM-9634 4-rail with a LaRue Tactical LT15-9 4-rail. The new rail is much slimmer, thus easier to grip and just a hair lighter.



14 May 2009

Kevina Is Going Medieval

Troy Medieval flash suppressor that is. Also added a KNS sling mount until the Troy single point mount arrives.

I filled in the text on the lens covers for her too!

12 May 2009

Unilateral? Lack Of Debate?

Here's a history lesson.

How many days after the attack on Pearl Harbor (a navy base in a US territory) did it take Congress to declare war on Japan?


How many days after the attack on the World Trade Center did it take Congress to pass anything authorizing the use of military force against Afghanistan and Iraq?

3 days for Afghanistan and 400 for Iraq. One year, 35 days is a far cry from not taking the time to debate the issue.

As far as a hasty, unilateral move to war? President McThag would have attacked Mecca on 12Sep01. Islam is at war with us? OK. We're at war with you right back. Those terrorists didn't represent Islam at large? Oh, well, then this will be a short war while you surrender the real people responsible, but until you do, we keep shooting.

Europe is worried about this? OK. Tell them that they have three choices: 1 join in. 2 stand back and let us work. 3 be counted among the enemy. They have until 15Sep01 to decide.

I have a feeling that going all in would have ended this by now.

But I was not and am not the president.

By the way, Iraq had chemical weaponry as late as 1995. We know they used them against Iran and we have credible reports of them using them on their Kurds. The Russians also kindly supplied us with the sales records for the 152mm shells they sold Iraq. Hardly any of those rounds are accounted for. Just because none were found after we invaded it does not mean that none existed.

I also reject the Democratic retcon about this debate. They cited the same erroneous reports then as they decry today.

I reject the current attempt at retcon about their knowledge of what was going on at Gitmo. They got detailed briefings and did nothing to stop it. In fact they continued to fund it. I am sick of the lies and I am sick of them all coming from one party.

Trip To Iowa

I had planned on coming up in July.

I am losing, or have lost, all the enthusiasm for the trip.

11 May 2009

Wildlife In The Backyard

Those Carolina Wrens have set up a nest in one of the hanging plants and there are babies.

The camera doesn't like to focus through the leaves into the nest.


Here's a pic from my backyard of the Atlantis launch to go service the Hubble.

08 May 2009

Customer Service

Remember this?

I called Bushmaster for an update.

Andrew was much better informed this time. They can be taught, I guess.

This time he told me that they really DON'T stock the post-ban barrels and that they are, and always have been, special order items. They don't change over the production machinery until a minimum number of orders accumulate. He said he didn't know what that minimum was, but the 22 on back-order now was not enough.

I changed my order to the pre-ban version because those are in constant production.

What this means is that the barrel will now have threads on the section that's being thrown away and the front sight base will have a bayonet lug that will have to be cut off and the front sight base will have to be reparked.

Progress of sorts.


Tim's comment brought out the following reply, which I decided really deserved to be part of the main post.

Bushmaster makes just about the best barrel on the market. They know it, we know it, we suck it up if we want that quality.

I have refrained from posting a long diatribe about their attitude on the AR 15 forums because I know they have someone who reads there.

The barrel they make at all times is the 16" M4 profile. They make large quantities of the 20" Heavy, 20" A2 Gov't profile, and 16" heavy. They reliably make enough of the heavy profile short barrels and the pre-ban 16" lightweight that the waits are short. Anything else on this page; Link rendered 404 by Bushmaster being bought by The Freedom Group and their reorganizing the web page. is really a special order now.

Before the Obama Panic™ they'd make a run of 100 or so of the low volume barrels and that would last a year or two. Now demand is "what do you have?" and the machines are normally set up to make M4 profile...

I can accept that. It's capitalism, and I am fine with capitalism. What I am sick of is them not admitting what was going on!

Five months of being told, "end of the month". One call that gets close to the issue, that the service people don't have the information to answer the question. Then finally, admission that they are ignoring the orders that they are not already tooled up for because they really don't need them to keep the doors open with people buying all they can make of the stuff I didn't order.

Like Colt, they are going to discover that the people keeping the doors open when the demand was normal was people like me. And we remember shit like this. Colt has done chapter 11 twice because they keep telling people like me to "piss off! we have Government orders!" then when those contracts expired...

The Comment